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 This article will show you the best shops where you can find SR9009 for sale, but we won’t be doing just that. We’ll also dabble in the results you can get with Stenabolic, its benefits, dosages, a comparison with another SARM and we’ll explore the possible side effects of using SR9009.

We’ve got a lot on our bucket list today so let’s get started with this SR9009 review!

What is SR9009 SARM or Stenabolic and How Does it Work?

Usually referred to as a SARM, which is not entirely correct, SR9009 is a chemical that affects the Rev-ErbA proteins in our body by binding to them. These proteins are produced by the body itself but when SR9009 is introduced, it forces the body to produce more of them. As we all know, more protein in the muscle means more gains as protein builds muscle.

Because it binds directly to the protein itself, it’s a bit more effective than your traditional SARM.

So what are Rev-Erba proteins responsible for? They help our body digest and process sugar, reduce cholesterol levels, overwatch the storing of fat and monitor our day and night cycle.

This means that when there’s more of them present in the body with the help of Stenabolic, you’ll experience a boost in endurance and strength – perfect for those wanting to go on a bulk.

Benefits of Using SR9009

There are numerous benefits to using SR9009 and we’ll name just some of the main ones.

  1. It Can Help You Lose Weight: Because it increases energy expenditure in the body, you’re bound to lose weight while on it. It also boosts the rate of your metabolism, even while you’re rested.
  2. It Can Help You Lower Your Blood Cholesterol: Stenabolic has been proven to lower bad cholesterol time and time again. It does so by getting rid of excess glucose in your muscles. It also decreases overall fat throughout the body and with that, your blood cholesterol sinks to normal levels, where it should be.
  3. It Can Help You Boost Endurance: This is where SR9009 really shines. The aforementioned study on rats showed massively improve endurance during their trials. Some users report increased endurance in bed.
  4. It Can Help You Decrease Inflammation: SR9009 completely decreases tissue damage and inflammation caused by harsh training. It does so by acting on the mitochondrial cells which have to be replaced with new ones in order for the inflammation to stop.
  5. It Can Prevent Atherosclerosis: The narrowing of blood flow due to fat is a common problem nowadays. Luckily, Stenabolic decreases triglycerides associated with causing atherosclerosis so you’re in good hands if you have problems or if you’re at risk with this disease.
  6. It Can Increase Your Wakefulness: Not only does it boost endurance, but it also boosts the overall energy levels felt by the end-user. You’ll wake up feeling more rested and ready to take on the day.
  7. It Can Help With Your Anxiety: Because it improves the general mood of the user, it has similar effects to a benzodiazepine. It’s well known for its anti-anxiety effects and some people use it solely for this purpose.

SR9009 Human Trials

Insofar, no actual research has been conducted on humans under the influence of SR9009. There have been studies done on mice that showed increased endurance, fat loss, easier recovery from both injuries and training, a decrease in bad cholesterol and so on.

Although there have been no human trials conducted by professional researchers, bodybuilders all around the world have tried the substance and here’s what they had to say about it.

They have reported increased energy and endurance during their workouts. One subject had a PR of 315lbs on the bench press, with Stenabolic, he could do three reps instead of just one in just one week of using SR9009.

Other users also reported feeling more rested and energetic in the morning, with some of them experiencing vivid dreams during the night. A small minority of users reported little to no change in their energy or endurance during the use of SR9009.

What’s important to note is that no one, despite them feeling the effects of the compound or not, didn’t report any side effects at all!

SR9009 human trials

SR9009 Dosage, Cycle, and Half-Life

What’s important to note about SR9009 SARM is that it has a very short half-life, it only stays active in the body for four hours. That’s why bodybuilders take the compound multiple times per day, to stay on top of their game for the entire duration of the day.

Stenabolic is best used four times a day and each time you should dose 5mgs which makes the total amount consumed 20mgs per day. That should be plenty enough to experience all the benefits without any potential side effects at all.

An SR9009 cycle shouldn’t last more than 10 weeks at a time and although it doesn’t suppress testosterone as steroids do, it does introduce an external source of protein. If your body gets used to it, it could stop producing any of its own which is not something we want to happen.

If you follow our guidelines, you won’t have to worry about that happening during your SR9009 cycle.

SR9009 Results You Can Expect

The SR9009 results you can expect are nothing short of mesmerizing, but as with any compound, you’ll have to have patience when it comes to actual results. Don’t expect to come out as Hulk after your first cycle. Stenabolic is supposed to support you during your journey, you’ll still have to do the hard work, including dieting.

With that being said, as for the immediate results you can expect, for one you will be able to run a lot faster and a lot longer than before. You will take your cardio to the next level. A colleague of ours, that usually got winded after a mile on the treadmill reported running 5 miles while on Stenabolic,

Also, while you might not break any personal records on your first cycle, you will definitely be able to do more reps than before. One user reported a three times increase when it came to the number of repetitions after starting a cycle with SR9009.

Lastly, your overall sense of well being will improve: Your bad cholesterol will fall, your depression and anxiety will improve, you’ll feel more energetic and awake during the day and you’ll most likely lose a ton of weight – Not just water weight but the problematic fat around your waist!

With this being a given, we can see that these SR9009 results are indeed great, but do they come with any side effects? Read the next chapter to find out!

SR9009 results

Possible Side Effects Of Using SR9009

During studies on mice, there were no side effects reported by the researchers and what’s really interesting is, in that study, they were INJECTING the compound directly into the body. This promises higher bioavailability which means that more of the chemical is absorbed in the bloodstream.

Also, since SR9009 is not targeting androgens in the body nor does it increase the level of estrogen, it is safe to say that no hormonal disbalances occur from using this compound.

Be that as it may, some users did report side effects at very high doses, we’re talking about 50mg a day or more. That mostly happened to athletes that were trying to push themselves to inhumane levels with Stenabolic.

If you stick to our recommended SR9009 dosage and cycle, you should experience exactly zero side effects. With that being said, let’s look at some of the reported side effects.

The one major side effect that was reported by those athletes was mild suppression. What that means is that they experienced a lack of natural production of protein in the body after their cycle since that is what SR9009 targets, the Rev-ErbA proteins.

Another side effect was pain throughout the body, but this is quite normal since they are a) taking an abnormal amount of the compound b) their body can’t support the new muscle being built so quickly and so you get structural problems.

Stenabolic VS Cardarine

Many like to compare these two compounds and put them in the same boat but that’s not quite right.

Stenabolic has a much shorter half-life than Cardarine, six times shorter to be frank (4 vs 24 hours) and so you’ll want to use Stenabolic every few hours to keep up the effects.

They also target different groups in the body: Stenabolic directly targets protein synthesis while Cardarine binds to the PPAR delta receptors in our body, thereby burning fat inside of our muscles.

Besides these two differences, they are mostly used for the same effect: To boost endurance during a workout.

They are usually stacked together and that is done in the following way:

You take 20mgs of Cardarine once a day during your breakfast and proceed to take Stenabolic four times a day, each time taking 5mgs amounting to a total of 20mgs.

The cycle should last eight weeks and you won’t be needing any PCT after that. The reason these two are stacked together is because of the massive weight loss and gains in lean muscle one can expect after the cycle.

The last thing we have to do in this SR9009 review shows you where to find the best and purest SR9009 for sale!

stenabolic vs cardarine

The Best and Purest SR9009 For Sale – Where To Buy It

There are many online shops selling SR9009 but only two shops out of these meet our rigorous quality standards. These standards come from years of experience in dealing with many vendors, most of whom sold bunk products.

That is why we’re always looking for these three factors when it comes to buying not only SARMs but other supplements as well. These are Recent lab results, online reviews in forums and communities and a money-back guarantee.

If a company has these three factors in check, you can be sure that what they are selling is actually legit. With that being the case, let’s reveal the two stores with the best SR9009 for sale!

  1. Science.Bio

Science.Bio is a US-based company that always posts recent lab results in their product descriptions. They also offer free shipping and are quite fast when it comes to delivery (it took our package three days to arrive and we are based in the US)

They price Stenabolic at $49.99 and for that amount of money you get 600mg of product. This is all contained in a 30ml bottle with each ml containing 20mg of product.

Their recent lab results showed a whopping 100% purity of their SR9009!

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is quite versatile when it comes to their product selection, they offer Stenabolic in three different vial sizes:

  • 15ml = $45
  • 30ml = $75
  • 60ml = $140

Each ml contains 20mgs of the product in question. At first glance, one might think that Umbrella Labs is a bit cheaper than Proven Peptides but there is something called Peptide Points that turn the tides for this company.

You see, for every dollar purchased, you get one point and that one point equals to 10 cents. That means that you get an additional 10% off on your order.

With that in mind, this would bring down the total price of their Stenabolic to $67.50, two and a half dollars cheaper than the shop by Umbrella Labs. There is one caveat and that is that you have to have purchased something already to accumulate the Peptide Points.

Their shipping times are also really fast (three to five days if you’re from the US) and they have a great refund policy if you’re unsatisfied with your product.

That would be it for our SR9009 review. We hope that you have learned something new and that you now have the knowledge to go your own way and make an educated decision based on facts and logic.

Stay safe, good luck and have fun!