Clear Choice Sub Solution Review: Pass A Drug Test Guaranteed

In this five-minute Sub Solution review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to decide whether this is the best synthetic urine on the market, or not.

When you open the Sub Solution powdered urine kit you might be a bit underwhelmed, but if you understand the power of what you’ve bought, then you’ll be filled with confidence about passing a urine sample drug test.

You’re going to learn why Sub Solution is so good, get proper instructions for using it, and we will explain why the heat activator powder is better than using a heating pad. Also, you’ll also get a comparison between Sub Solution and Quick Fix, the number one and number two selling best brands of fake urine on the market.

How Clear Choice Sub Solution Works

Let’s quickly talk you through the options you have to pass a drug test when you know that you would fail because you have drug metabolites in your body:

  1. You can use a detox drink to mask the toxins for a few hours. The best brands out there really do work, but it’s only a small window of opportunity for you to pass before toxins start leaking back into your urine.
  2. The second option is to use detox pills to accelerate natural detox. But even the best pills for someone like a chronic cannabis smoker will only get the time down to about seven days, maybe a day or two less.
  3. The third option is synthetic urine. Forget using other people’s urine, only high-quality synthetic urine is capable of fooling a drug test lab successfully with almost zero risks.

The reason that fake urine like Sub Solution works so well is that there is less risk. As long as the formula is advanced enough to pass validity checks, and as long as you submit it within the temperature range that’s legal (between 90°F 100°F) then it’s 99% guaranteed to pass.

Sub Solution heat activator powder

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Ingredients

The problem is that people think all fake urine is the same. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are awful brands out there like Magnum and UPass which don’t contain even the basics found in real urine that you need in the product to pass a drug test.

When you submit your sample it also has to be within the correct temperature range. If it passes that check then it’s tested to make sure it’s valid. It has to contain certain ingredients found in real human urine.

Some labs now even test to make sure it doesn’t contain an artificial preservative called biocide. They realized a couple of years back that most brands did contain it, and they now mostly check for it. That rules a lot of the fake urine out there, but Sub Solution and a handful of other brands definitely don’t contain biocide (Clear Choice, the company who make Sub Solution, have verified this).

Sub Solution has the following characteristics to help you pass those validity checks:

  • Contains urea
  • Sub Solution also contains uric acid
  • Contains creatinine (don’t get this confused creatine which is what gets converted into creatinine)
  • Is within the correct specific gravity range for actual human urine
  • Sub Solution falls within the correct pH range for human urine
  • It looks, smells, even froths like real human urine

So Sub Solution, almost unique amongst fake urine products, is as close to as human urine as you will get. It will pass any level of scrutiny, and is pretty much the only way to pass a drug test guaranteed.

Sub Solution Instructions

As well as being the most complex formula on the market that most closely mimics human urine, Clear Choice Sub Solution also has the most simple instructions.

When you get your get hold of your box of Sub Solution, you’ll find that it only contains a small vial of powdered urine, a similar vial of heat activator powder, and the mixing container.

But don’t worry, instructions for using it are incredibly simple and what you have in your hands is the most potent fake urine kit on the market:

  1. Pour the powdered urine into the mixing container.
  2. Fill the mixing container up to the required level with filtered water. I’d recommend filtered water over bottled water or tap water because it won’t contain minerals that aren’t found in human urine (rare you would be caught out on this, but a possibility).
  3. Gently agitate the bottle until the powder has completely dissolved. You will then be left a sample container full of the closest thing to real human urine as you can get your hands on.
  4. There’s no need to heat the sample before you go and submit it. I’ll talk about heatpads and other brands of fake urine in a moment. Just tuck it into your underwear (between two pairs of underwear is ideal) and head off to the place you have to submit your sample.
  5. Just before you go in, check the temperature. If you kept it close to your skin in the crotch area then it should be pretty close to the temperature range it needs to be anyway, although it will probably not register on the temperature strip, which only registers temperatures between 90°F and 100°F.
  6. Out of sight, tap in a little heat activator powder. About ¼ will do. Shake it until it dissolves and then check the temperature strip over the next minute. If it doesn’t register then simply add more heat activator powder, another quarter usually, and then shake it. You want to get it as close to 100°F possible without it going over.
  7. Then pop the sample container back into your underwear and go in and submit your sample. You’ll have about 20 minutes to do that.
  8. Just make sure that you check the sample before you squeeze the liquid into the sample container. Don’t worry, you will be out of sight because it will be an unsupervised drug test (you would be nuts to use fake urine for supervised one). In an absolute emergency, rather than failing, if it’s cooled, simply tap in a little more heat activator powder.

Clear Choice urine

Heatpads Vs Sub Solution Heat Activator Powder

So hopefully you can see why the Sub Solution powdered urine kit is the most flexible option out there. Not only is it the most complex formula which gives you the best chance of passing the tests the lab will do, but it uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad.

The Sub Solution heat activator powder is unique, no other brand uses it other than Clear Choice urine products.

With a heatpad, you have to activate it by unsealing it, because they are air activated. If you don’t have a microwave to hand, they take about 15 minutes to warm up to the correct temperature. If you have to warm the sample only using a heatpad then it can take up to an hour to get the right temperature and maintain it.

So with a heatpad-based fake urine product you’re going to need a microwave or hot water hand to speed to things up otherwise it can take an age to prepare the sample. Plus, the heatpad can fail. Even the highest quality heatpad can fail to get up to temperature, could pump out its heat too quickly, or the heat could be variable.

On top of all that, a heatpad adds bulk the package that you have to hide when you go to the testing lab. So I hope you can see that’s why unique heat activator powder in Clear Choice Sub Solution on its own puts it head and shoulders above any other brand out there.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

I used Quick Fix once to pass a drug test a couple of years ago. It was a pre-employment drug test for a horrendous minimum wage retail job. I knew it would be a poor quality test, so Quick Fix would do.

I passed that test. But I wouldn’t use it now except in an emergency. Testing has moved on, and the validity checks they do tend to be more rigorous. You might get away with it using Quick Fix, but if you’ve got $80, then Sub Solution is by far the better option.

It’s more complex, it looks more like real urine, and as you now know, incredible heat activator powder takes away the variable that can fail you, that heatpad problem that can mean you submit a sample that isn’t within the correct temperature range.

Sub Solution vs Quick fix

Where To Buy Sub Solution Urine

So I hope this five minute Sub Solution review has been useful to you. I really wouldn’t recommend any other brand out there right now, apart from the newer Clear Choice urine products called “Quick Luck”.

That’s an even more complex formula, premixed, and you get the bonus of two high quality heatpads included alongside the heat activator powder (although I don’t think you would really use them). Quick Luck is ideal for on the spot drug testing. Keep it in your locker, and you can then prepare a sample there without water or heat in about one minute.

But Quick Luck is more expensive than Sub Solution. If you know you’re facing a drug test, but it won’t be on the spot, and it’s unsupervised, then for $80 Sub Solution is absolutely incredible. It’s the best guarantee of passing a urine sample drug test.

So please don’t bother with those Internet searches on your phone in desperation for “Clear Choice Sub Solution near me” because you can’t buy it near you. The only place you can buy Sub Solution (any Clear Choice products) is from the official website. Click here to take a look and order right now so that it’s ready for when you need it.