Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review: Better Than Mega Clean?

Ultra Eliminex reviews are everywhere, and they are mostly saying that it is the most powerful and formidable detox drink that you can buy. But how true is that? In this review of Ultra Eliminex, I’m going to tell you about my own experiences using it.

I’ve tested this stuff using home drug test kits. I’m a heavy smoker, and I decided that I wanted to see if it is worth the money and if it’s more powerful and likely to cover your backside through a drug test than the other trusted brands I’ve used in the past.

So I will tell you about what ultra Eliminex detox is, instructions for using it successfully, give you a few top tips that could really help you to pass, and also answer that key question: does Ultra Eliminex work?

What Is Ultra Eliminex Detox?

Ultra Eliminex detox is a drink. You drink it and it will help you to pass a drug test. I’ll explain how a detox drink works in a moment, but that’s the basics.

It’s made by a company called Herbal Clean. They actually don’t have that great a track record, to be honest. The best-known product they have is called Qcarbo32, and it’s another detox drink. It’s popular and well-known because it’s heavily marketed and sold in Walmart.

But it’s reputation amongst people who have used it, and people in the know isn’t that great. It’s not a very good formula, and not good enough for modern drug testing. It’s a bit like tossing a coin, and you can wait for that tossing of the coin a bit by doing a detox beforehand, as it’s not trustworthy. It’s been living on its reputation for a few years now, which is why the company has released a new formula and product.

That’s exactly why Ultra Eliminex is a completely different animal. It’s a completely different formula, and I have to say it’s also within a completely different price bracket, costing $80, compared to the average of around $30-40 you will pay for Qcarbo32.

Qcarbo detox

How A Detox Drink Works

A detox drink works by masking the toxins in your body for a few hours. That doesn’t sound that impressive, and compared to a lot of people’s preconceptions of how a detox drink works, that’s probably true.

A lot of people think that a detox drink flushes out the toxins permanently. They believe that when you drink the drink it’s powerful enough to somehow flush all the toxins out of your bloodstream, your organs, the cells the metabolites get attached to, and your stools and urine.

The bad news is it doesn’t do anything other than mask the toxins in your urine for a few hours. Let me explain how it does that because it’s actually pretty impressive.

When you smoke a joint (or take any type of drug), the active ingredient that gets you high is converted into a waste product cells called metabolites. These metabolites travel around the bloodstream, then work their way out through your body filtering system (liver and kidneys) into your stools and urine.

When you drink a detox drink it has a strong formula that flushes out your bladder and urinary tract. But the liquid that is then in your bladder is not just weak urine that has been filtered through your kidneys.

Because the detox drink contains a huge hit of nutrients that are found in natural urine, some of these don’t get processed, they are just passed straight through into your bladder as a waste product as well. So the end result of drinking the detox drink is a few hours where water in your bladder appears natural.

So a detox drink works through clever dual action. The liquid flushes you out and then sits in your bladder as diluted, but clean, urine. Then it’s rejoined by the nutrients that are rejected by the body, which then give your urine a natural balance for when it’s tested to see if it’s a valid sample by the lab.

But this effect only lasts for a few hours. It doesn’t matter how strong the detox drink is, even if it’s something like Ultra Eliminex detox after a few hours toxins in your body will start to work their way into your urine and be detectable again.

Ultra Eliminex Review: Instructions

Detox drink instructions are usually quite straightforward, and ultra Eliminex instructions are even simpler than most because you don’t need to drink additional water after you’ve consumed the detox drink.

Let me show you how simple they are by explaining what the Ultra Eliminex instructions are right here:

  1. Do a 48-hour detox if possible. Ultra Eliminex is powerful, and you could get away with 24 hours, or even no detox at all if you have light toxin exposure, a small body size, or you just get lucky. That means taking in no toxins, exercising, taking in lots of water, eating small and frequent healthy meals, for those two full days if you can.
  2. Two hours before your drug test drink the contents of the bottle of Ultra Eliminex detox in one smooth 15 minute session.
  3. Then urinate as frequently as possible over the following hour. You should be then clean for up to 5 hours to go and pass a drug test by submitting a clean sample that appears naturally balanced.

Tips For Improving You Chances Of Passing A Drug Test

The best tips I can give you for improving your chances of passing a drug test generally, and of getting Ultra Eliminex to work are:

  1. Try and do the 48-hour natural detox. If you can accelerate that detox using detox pills (something high-quality like a 1-2 day course of Toxin Rid) then even better.
  2. Make sure you buy a couple of home drug test kits. You can then use one straight after you’ve urinated a couple of times, to check you are clean. You’ll also need a backup option in case you’re not, and you have to resort to Plan B.
  3. Have a Plan B. Another detox drink, or even better synthetic urine.

Does ultra eliminex work

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

So Ultra Eliminex reviews saying it’s a powerful new detox drink are actually telling the truth. And my Ultra Eliminex review is pretty similar because I’m now going to tell you about my own testing with this detox drink.

I’m a chronic weed smoker. Like three or four joints every day. I’m also over 200 lbs. If Ultra Eliminex can work for me, then it will work for anyone.

I did a 24-hour detox. No pills, nothing other than lots of water, little food, and no weed during that time. I then drank the bottle of Ultra Eliminex and urinated twice in the next hour. I drank a little extra water I have to admit, but less than 8 fluid ounces.

I took a home drug test 90 minutes after completing drinking Ultra Eliminex detox and I passed a home drug test kit. So the conclusion of this review has to be that Ultra Eliminex does work. It’s $80, but it’s very strong, because if I can pass a home drug test using it, then you can pass a drug test as well.

Alternative Detox Drinks

But as I said, Ultra Eliminex detox is expensive, costing about $80. You can buy it from Test Negative, but even from there it’s still going to cost you around that price.

You just can’t afford $80, or you are small in body size or light in toxin levels, then you could get away with a slightly cheaper detox drink. The following two detox drinks don’t compromise in quality, but are cheaper:

  1. Rescue Cleanse is a high-quality detox drink that retails at $55 from Test negative.
  2. Mega Clean can be bought in Walmart, but it’s not as strong as Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex detox though. You can buy it from Test Clear for $69 instead of buying Ultra Eliminex. It’s slightly cheaper, and you will get six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills bundled in with it, giving you a powerful 24-hour detox that will make it considerably more potent.

Ultra Eliminex alternatives

Consider Using Fake Urine Instead

 I want to finish this Ultra Eliminex review by giving you a complete alternative strategy to a detox drink though.

If it’s an unsupervised drug test (if it’s supervised then Ultra Eliminex plus a 48 hour detox is going to be your best option), then the safest way to pass is to use synthetic urine.

A good quality synthetic urine like Quick Luck is actually far less likely to fail than a detox drink. All you have to do smuggle it in and make sure it’s within the right temperature range. Quick Luck is a fantastically complex formula, and it uses heat activator powder so that you always can submit it at the right temperature. It’s not cheap, one bottle costs $100, but it’s the absolute safest way to pass an unsupervised drug test.

But the conclusion of this review has to be that if you are determined to use a detox drink to pass a drug test, then probably the most powerful detox drink on the market right now is Ultra Eliminex and it’s definitely the drink to consider buying.