This Umbrella Labs Review Reveals It All: Company History, Their SARMs, Legitimacy and Much More!

Umbrella Labs has been in the game for years and has established quite a valiant reputation among consumers of SARMs, peptides, nootropics and PCT supplements. They didn’t get that way immediately but had humble beginnings where they struggled to even get a sale. By word of mouth and a bit of advertising, today, they can pride themselves as one of the bigger supplement sellers in North America.

With that being said, let’s take a look around their website and see how things are looking in that department.

Umbrella Labs Review – What Do They Have In Store For Us?

First and foremost, one has to applaud Umbrella Labs as they are one of the rare companies that give you free shipping on any order from the US.

Speaking of shipping, you will usually have to wait around two to five business days for your package to arrive. They also ship internationally with transit times reaching up to two weeks when you’re ordering outside of the US.

We ordered a total of four times from them and they didn’t fail to impress on any of them. The boxes in which the SARMs come in are packed discreetly so that nobody can find out what you’re buying and for what purpose.

Their website is quite simplistic in design and one can see that much effort didn’t go into it. Still, it’s very easy to get to the SARMs section, we got there in just two clicks. Although their website isn’t anything special, it has all the basics down, which is good enough.

They have a blog where they regularly post updates and guides on SARMs which is quite commendable of them as they help out their customers in making an educated decision.

Moving on, their customer service really surprised us with their efficiency in solving our problems as the only way to contact them was through email. We always got an answer within 24 hours of sending an email and the correspondence was always on point.

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s take a look at their SARMs selection. We’re curious to see how they fare in that section.

Umbrella Labs SARMs – Pricing, Quality and More!

Umbrella Labs has this unique business model where they price all of their SARMs at $70.00.That’s a quite rare way of handling things, but it seems to be working for them.

For those $70.00, you get between 300 to 1500mgs worth of product, depending on the SARM you choose.

As an example, you would get 300mgs of YK 11 and 1500mgs of Andarine for the same price.

They have purity rates that range between 97,2 to 100% which are great results they get from an independent third party laboratory also stationed in the US. The great thing about this company is that they post these results for everyone to see, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting support to get the numbers. What’s also notable is that they test each and every batch they get, so you can be sure that they always have the latest lab results at their disposal.

Their product selection is quite varied and you can find all the available SARMs in there.

They only sell SARMs in their liquid form which is a small caveat as some shops offer multiple types of SARMs. Still, it makes them a good newbie shop as liquid SARMs are very easy to measure out properly and their method of consumption makes them quite convenient.

The Umbrella Labs SARMs we got with our purchases were all top-notch. In one package, we ordered Ostarine and Andarine as one of our gym buddies wanted to go on a cut and he wished to stack these two compounds.

After only two weeks, he started feeling the first results which were a loss of weight and fat, which confirmed that the SARMs from Umbrella Labs were as pure as shown by the test results.

In eight weeks, he lost over ten pounds of weight and 4% of his total body fat and he didn’t experience any side effects at all. That’s a sign of a good batch right there.

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Is Umbrella Labs Legit or Not?

We’ve seen the question of ‘Is Umbrella Labs legit?’ pop up in many threads online. The answer to them is one and the same: Yes, they are completely legit. They have a good company history, high-quality SARMs, rapid shipping times, a marvelous customer service and a money back guarantee if anything goes wrong with the package.

Not only is Umbrella Labs legit, but they are also the most popular SARMs vendor in the US right now and they are as good as it gets.

You will not find anything better in the US, that much we can promise.

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Alternatives to Umbrella Labs

If for some reason you don’t want to choose this company as your SARMs supplier, we’ve got two more businesses for you that never disappointed us when it came to their supplements.

Those two shops are Proven Peptides and SwissChems. Let’s have a few introductory words for these businesses.

Proven Peptides entirely concentrate on SARMs and SARMs only, making them one of the best shops in the US to buy the stuff. They offer recent lab results, have good online reviews, are in the business for a long time and they even have a money-back guarantee. Not to mention their Peptide points which can get you SARMs at an even cheaper rate once you collect enough of them!

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SwissChems, despite their name, is also a seller of SARMs and other supplements stationed in the US. They let you pay for your SARMs via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and you get a 20% discount if you pay that way. Don’t worry, you can still purchase SARMs in their shop with all the major credit cards.

All in all, this Umbrella Labs review has proven that the shop in question is completely legit and that they are one of the best businesses in the supplement industry right now.

What are you waiting for? Order a batch today and you’ll surely find yourself satisfied!