This BPC 157 Review Will Tell You All You Need To Know About This Peptide

Peptides have been widely known in the bodybuilding community and even outside of it for their massive healing properties. One such peptide is BPC 157 that works especially good on the healing of muscles. In this BPC 157 review, we’ll look at what it is, what its benefits and effects are, the proper dosages you should take, the results you can expect, how to use it and so much more!

Let’s get started!

What Is BPC 157 And How Does It Work

Peptides occur naturally in our body and their roles are mostly to protect organs and tissues.

BPC 157 is a synthetic peptide that’s extracted from a protein situated in the gastrointestinal tract. It is 15 amino chains long, being on the shorter side, but it’s been synthesized that way to fuel its potency.

It has been so effective in clinical trials that scientist refers to it as the ”body protection compound”. BPC 157 works by promoting the formation of new blood cells in the body which increases blood flow and boosts the regenerative properties of the body itself.

Another thing BPC 157 does is boost the production of nitric oxide in the body which has been shown to affect blood flow and mitochondrial respiration.

In many studies, BPC 157 has been shown as safe on the stifling of the progression of inflammatory bowel diseases. We can see that BPC 157 works even outside the stomach acid it came from, protecting the body from damage all over the place.

Effects And Benefits of BPC 157

BPC 157 affects the body in a powerful way and its benefits to it are massive. It has been shown that BPC 157 affects the following parts of our body: Tendons, skin, muscle, teeth and our digestive system where it solves inflammatory issues.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of taking BPC 157.

  • Reduces the Symptoms of Depression: A study on rodents has shown that BPC 157 negatively affects the chemicals, mainly serotonin, that lead to depression. It has been shown that just 10 micrograms of the compound could activate its anti-depressive properties in rats.
  • Increases Muscle Healing: This is good news for bodybuilders or those that have weak muscles from a condition. Studies implicate that BPC 157 aids in muscle healing during the whole trial and that the positive effects last even after discontinuing use.
  • Helps Heal Various Wounds On The Body: Stuff like cuts, bruises and burns present no problem to BPC 157. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of this compound even on patients that suffer from diabetes. As we all should know, those that suffer from diabetes have harder time healing wounds.
  • Has Positive Neurological Effects: It helps with brain damage in those affected by it and it also helps with nerve regrowth. What’s interesting to note is that the rats on which the study was performed on also exhibited a positive change in mood.
  • Helps With High Blood Pressure: Those suffering from hypertension could seriously benefit from this peptide. BPC 157 decreases blood pressure and normalizes it to the levels that it should be at.
  • It’s An Effective Painkiller: Not only is it non-addictive unlike the Oxycontin the pharmaceutical companies have bestowed us with, but it also helps with pain all throughout the body.
  • Heals Ulcers and Improves Gut Health: BPC 157 is the perfect compound if you have previously had a drinking problem as it regenerates and protects the tissue that was damaged by the use of the drug. It also decreases inflammation all throughout the gut.

As we can see in this BPC 157 review, this chemical is a peptide that should be respected for its healing properties. Now there’s one question bugging us and we’re sure you’re there with us and that’s how to use BPC 157?

BPC 157 benefits

How To Use BPC 157

Let’s learn how to use BPC 157 so that we can finally enjoy its vast benefits! You can either inject or take BPC 157 orally.

If you’re going to be injecting it, there are two ways to go about it: Subcutaneous and intramuscular.

Subcutaneous injections are done under the skin and generally don’t cause you any pain. You won’t need time to adjust to this type of injection. You will, however, need a steady hand as you’ll be pinching the skin very close to the place where you’re actually injured.

Intramuscular injections are a bit more painful and they go straight into the muscle.

The first time you’re doing any of these injections, it’s best to call for the help of your local doctor that will know how things work. You don’t want to screw up your first shot, do you?

Things are a lot easier if you decide to take it orally. Just pop a pill into your mouth, make sure it stays there for at least two minutes and then down it with some water. The reason why you’re holding it in your mouth is for more of the compound to be absorbed into your body, this is called sublingual administration.

The Proper BPC 157 Dosage

Since no human studies have been done using this compound, it is kind of difficult to really recommend a dosage backed up by science. But what we can do is use anecdotal experiences and see how they managed their dosage.

Some sources say that you should take 600mcg a day and they got that number based on rats, using their weights and comparing them to the average human weight, saying it’s an appropriate dose for us.

That’s just plain wrong and a downright dangerously high amount of BPC 157 that could lead to potential side effects which we’ll talk about later. Nobody said that doses scale, especially among different species.

The best BPC 157 dosage is 250mcg a day taken for four weeks at a time. This will give your body ample time to regenerate and recuperate without putting too much strain on it.

It should be noted that those above 200 pounds can use a higher dosage, but for a regular human and especially women, 250mcg a day is plenty enough. What is our duty in this BPC 157 review and what we haven’t done yet is to look at the potential side effects BPC 157 could bring to the table.

BPC 157 dosage

Possible Side Effects of Using BPC 157

When a substance has so many amazing benefits, it’s bound to have some side effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most common side effects associated with BPC 157 use.

  • BPC 157 Causes Cancer?!: This is the first point we wanted to address which is completely wrong. BPC 157 doesn’t cause cancer, it merely accelerates the growth of new blood cells. That’s all it does. What does that mean? If you have cancer, you should under no circumstance use BPC 157 as it could cause cancer tissues to grow faster! If you’re cancer-free, you don’t have to worry about anything!
  • Nausea: In higher dosages, BPC 157 has been known to cause nausea during the first two weeks of usage as your body is still getting adjusted to the peptide. Lower your dosage or just power through it.
  • Headaches: The same as nausea mostly experienced in the first two weeks and in higher dosages

That would be it for the side effects, marvelous isn’t it? If you stick to the recommended dosage of 250mcg a day and only once a day, you should experience zero side effects. Users that have used the compound themselves can attest to that fact.

BPC 157 Results You Can Expect

The BPC 157 results you can expect are nothing short of amazing. We’ve already listed down eight of the most potent benefits of this compound, now let’s go through the results of using it.

One colleague of ours started using BPC 157 to lower his recovery time. His main wish was to be able to go to the gym six times a week and work on the muscle groups he wanted to grow rapidly. BPC 157 drastically lowered his recovery times and he also reported increased energy during workouts, leading to better gains for him in the four week period that he used this compound.

Another story comes from a female user with diabetes that had inflammatory issues. After taking BPC 157 for only two weeks, all the inflammation was gone and she felt her wounds healing that much faster than before, despite her having diabetes!

The last anecdote comes from a friend of ours that did BPC 157 to help him with his depression. He reported that no anti-depressant helped him as much as BPC 157 did. We literally watched him from being a couch potato moping around his apartment cursing his fate to becoming an upstanding hard worker.

He turned his life around with BPC 157 and it was an amazing sight to behold, especially because he was so close to us. As we can see, the results are not lacking when it comes to BPC 157. Just follow our instructions when it comes to the proper administration and dosages and you’ll be golden!

BPC 157 VS TB 500

Pitting BPC 157 and TB 500 peptide against each other might not be the wisest thing to do as they both have similar effects on the human body.

There is a caveat and that is the fact that TB 500 is taken from animals and is used by veterinarians. On the other hand, BPC 157 is more organic as it comes directly from the human body.

Another thing to consider is that TB 500 received a lot more praise when it came to healing muscle tissue and that it facilitated faster recovery times in comparison to BPC 157.

Although fewer studies have been done on TB 500, it is suggested that it is a bit more potent than BPC 157. Other than that, they are pretty much the same and some people go as far as to stack them to maximize their effectiveness.

The last thing to do in this BPC 157 review is to show you where to find BPC 157 for sale. Let’s waste no time and do exactly that.

BPC 157 For Sale – Where To Buy It

Before we tell you the best shop to get BPC 157, we first have to warn you about buying this compound online without doing proper research.

There are many bunk companies set around the interwebs that don’t know what they are selling and that only have one goal in mind: Profit. They don’t care that they are harming the end user, they just want to sell their product as quickly as possible. That’s why some sources sell them so cheaply.

To protect yourself from such companies, always look at the following checklist and see if the business in question matches most or all of these:

  • Recent Lab Results: If a company can’t provide these, you know that you’re dealing with someone shady.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: A company that can’t stand behind its product and admits their faults is a company you don’t want to have business with.
  • Online Reviews in Forums and Bodybuilding Communities: Have a look around and see what other people that dealt with the company have to say about their business. It’s always best to learn from other people’s mistakes.

With that being said, we’ll now show you where to get the best BPC 157 for sale.

BPC 157 for sale

That company is called Umbrella Labs.

They are a US-based seller and manufacturer of peptides and other supplements. You can buy BPC 157 in a 5mg vial for only $48 at Umbrella Labs!

You also get free shipping and the shipping times are insanely fast, it took our package only two days to arrive. Their lab results show 99% purity of their BPC 157, so you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal.

That would be it for our BPC 157 review. We hope that you learned something new about this interesting compound and that you can now make an educated decision on whether this is something for you or not.

Stay safe, watch your health and stay frosty!