TestoFuel Review: Is It As Good As Prime Male?

TestoFuel reviews describe it as one of the most powerful all-natural testosterone buildings supplements you can buy. I’ve used this quite regularly over the past year, and I’m going to tell you how accurate those reviews of TestoFuel are right now.

In just five minutes I’m going to tell you what’s in TestoFuel that can deliver a potent boost of testosterone, the results you can expect in the gym and in other areas of your life, plus, I’ll tell you about dosage and possible side effects.

As well as all that, I’m going to spill the beans on my own personal journey over the past six months using TestoFuel alongside a progressive gym routine, plus, I’ll tell you where you can get an amazing deal on buying TestoFuel.

How Does TestoFuel Work?

TestoFuel is what’s known as a “testosterone booster supplement”. TestoFuel basically contains strong doses of all-natural ingredients that have been linked scientifically to being able to aid the body’s natural production of free testosterone, the testosterone available for the body to use at that point.

95% of the body’s testosterone is actually not free, leaving only 5% available for powering up workouts, improving your confidence, and allowing better muscle development.

Even worse, as you age, that free testosterone disintegrates. In your mid-20s it’s double what it will be in your 60s, and even if it stays high, it’s still diminishing at around 1% per year. That means you can’t recover as quickly, you won’t feel as good, and it’s the reason why as you get older you just feel like your best days are behind you.

But I’m telling you, in just one month you can change all that by using TestoFuel to boost your natural testosterone production.

TestoFuel Bodybuilding Supplement Ingredients

 Don’t take my word for it, look at the ingredients that make up each TestoFuel capsule:

  • Oyster extract
  • vitamins B, K1, D3
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • D-Aspartic acid

I checked this all out, and every single one of those ingredients has been linked to increased testosterone production. Let’s quickly look at a couple of those ingredients so you can see what I mean.

  1. Oyster extract is packed with magnesium and zinc, which are great for testosterone and sperm production. On top of that, it’s also an aromatase inhibitor. In layman’s terms, that means it stops the body from converting testosterone into estrogen, maintaining higher levels than you would naturally.
  2. D-Aspartic acid has been found in studies to lift your testosterone levels by up to 40%. Even in the guys who didn’t get a high, is still lifted it by about 20%. That’s one-fifth growth, and putting that inside you will certainly give you an incredible boost.

Testofuel ingredients

TestoFuel Dosage

TestoFuel is an incredibly easy supplement to dose. There are no taking pills throughout the day, you just have to take four capsules first thing every morning.

Now although that’s easy, it is an ongoing commitment. This is one of the downsides to a testosterone boosting supplement, you have to keep taking it to get the benefits. It doesn’t build up your natural ability to create testosterone for the long term.

You stop taking TestoFuel then within about two weeks your testosterone levels will have dropped back down to where they were original, where your absolute natural testosterone production levels are.

It’s easy to take TestoFuel, but you have to be aware that this is something you’re going to have to take for as long as you want the benefits, which means you’ll have to keep paying for this supplement every month.

TestoFuel Review: What To Expect

TestoFuel has all the pedigree to dramatically increase your natural testosterone levels. But what does that look like in reality?

Well, for the first few weeks you’re not going to get any physical results. TestoFuel doesn’t actually contain testosterone, so you’re not getting an instant dose of it. It creates the ability for your body to produce more through what’s in the capsules, and it takes time for these effects to build up in the body.

In studies, supplements take around two weeks to really have a dramatic effect on T levels.

In my experience, and I’m pretty sure it will be the same for you, it will take a couple of weeks for you to feel any better. It will be a gradual process, but after about that time you’ll start to realize how good this stuff is. After about four weeks, especially if you are hitting the gym more frequently and harder, you’ll see and feel the effects of TestoFuel starting to ramp up.

For some people, it takes longer, but within your first cycle, the first eight weeks, you should experience the following benefits:

  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Feeling of confidence
  • Improved drive and determination
  • Stronger and more rapid muscle development
  • The ability to work harder and push yourself for longer
  • Faster recovery times
  • Improved fat burning

All those effects put together can dramatically change every aspect of who you are. When you are younger, the fat would just drip off when you exercise, but as your testosterone levels drop, you work less hard, and so do your muscles. The motivation drops, and the fat grows.

You’ll punch through those glass ceilings, you’ll deliver knockout blows in the gym like you haven’t for 10 years, you’ll be so sedated and up for it at every session that the guys around you will wonder what on earth you are taking.

I’m telling you that within eight weeks you will feel dramatically improved, confident, like a God, an Adonis. You’ll also look so much better, harder, leaner, you’ll be moving better, every muscle working in synergy, punching through the stiffness, coming out the other side with gains that you could only dream of.

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TestoFuel Before & After Photos

I just want to quickly talk to you about those TestoFuel before and after photos that you may have seen online. Just like with all those before and after photos, the ones for TestoFuel do need to be taken with a pinch of salt at times.

Think about it this way though, there are before and after photos on the official website. If they were faked, and the company got called out on it legally, it would ruin their entire business.

But TestoFuel before and after photos will always show the best results.

Your own before and after photos are what is important. My advice to you is to try TestoFuel for two months, and see what results it has. But you have to do it alongside a progressive gym routine, where you really push yourself.

Take before and after photos yourself, see what development you have in two months. Also be very aware of how you feel emotionally at the start, and at the end of the two months. I’m telling you that it was anything like my journey, both mentally and physically, your journey with the TestoFuel bodybuilding testosterone supplement will be dramatic.

TestoFuel Side Effects

For most people, there will be no side effects of using TestoFuel. Literally, you’ll feel better physically and mentally, stronger, happier, faster, more confident, with better muscle tone.

The only side effects can come you are a bit older because dramatically increasing your testosterone can affect an existing heart problem. So if you are over 60 I would probably recommend you have yourself checked out before starting a testosterone boosting supplement.

Elevated levels of testosterone can also increase hair loss if you are one of those people who are genetically programmed to lose your hair early. It might not be much, but it could accelerate things a little bit, so if that’s a problem for you, then you’ll have to think hard about using TestoFuel.

TestoFuel vs Prime Male

Many TestoFuel reviews don’t bother with this, but I think it’s important. You have to compare it to another similar supplement to see what the differences and similarities are. That will help you make a better decision on whether you should buy TestoFuel or not.

It’s definitely the journey I went through. So I want to compare here TestoFuel Vs Prime Male, as that’s the other supplement I initially thought about using to develop my gym routine.

They are both incredibly similar, with most of the ingredients exactly the same. They are also a similar price. There was a lot to choose between them.

What swung it for me is the fact that Prime Male contains something called the dopamine bean, an all-natural substance that helps to elevate dopamine levels.

I’ve had depression in the past, and artificially elevating dopamine can be problematic. It’s because your body gets reliant on new doing that, so if you miss a dose, or you stop, it can crush you and make you depressed.

But other than that potential difference that could be a problem, they are almost identical supplements in terms of their composition and potency.

TestoFuel vs Prime Male

Where To Buy TestoFuel

So I hope that’s all been helpful to you. I’ve definitely experienced great results from TestoFuel over the past year, although I have tried other supplements at the same time. But for me, it’s definitely one of the best supplements out there, affordable, packed full of high doses of all the ingredients you need, and easy to take.

In terms of where to buy TestoFuel, for me, there’s only one place that you should be going to. That’s the official webstore.

The reason for that is you will get the best deal, and it will be beautifully packed. I’ve heard some horror stories about getting supplements from places like Amazon, where they go missing or arrive damaged.

A single month of TestoFuel costs just $65. That’s actually really great value anyway. But if you buy the six month deal, it’s even better valued because you’re only going to pay for four months.

So for just $260, post free anywhere in the world, you’ll get six months of TestoFuel. So in terms of where to buy TestoFuel, it’s definitely best to get it from the official web store.