YK11 SARM Review: The Strongest SARM?

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the compound YK11. There are many YK11 SARM reviews out there, but most of them aren’t as detailed as this one. We’ll be exploring the benefits, dosage, results you can expect, online reviews, before and after pics, whether to get PCT and so much more in this YK-11 review.

Strap your seat belts on and let’s get started!

What is YK11 and How Does it Work?

Because YK11 inhibits myostatin in the body, some people go as far as to not call it a SARM. Although it is a myostatin inhibitor, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still a SARM and not a steroid. Why not? Because it doesn’t come with the negative side effects that steroids use those.

YK11 works by acting on follistatin and forcing the body to release more of it, follistatin being one of the main muscle-building proteins out there.

Another reason why YK11 is a typical SARM is that it attaches itself to selected androgen receptors in the body, just like other SARMs do. The added effect, however, is that unlike SARMs, YK-11 also boost protein production in the muscle, essentially making it a ‘Super SARM’.

This makes it perfect for both the bodybuilder that wants to bulk up and the one that wants to lose fat and weight. What an awesome supplement!

So, let’s what this super SARM can do in terms of benefits.

YK11 dosage

Benefits of Using YK11 SARM

There are heaps of benefits you get by using YK11, we’ll just name some of the main ones and leave the rest of the exploration up to you!

  1. Increased Muscle Growth: By boosting the amount of protein you have flowing through your body, YK11 enables you to put on more muscle than ever before. You will be able to put on muscle much faster and with a lot less work than before.
  2. Increases Endurance And General Strength: Being a myostatin inhibitor, YK11 is known to increase endurance and general strength in its users. People have reported breaking personal records without breaking a sweat during their gym sessions since starting a YK11 cycle.
  3. It Promotes Hair Growth: Baldness is a real concern among bodybuilders, especially with all the adverse effects that come with steroid use. Quite on the contrary, YK11, being an alopecia killer, helps you strengthen your hair cells, making your hair shinier and more glowing.
  4. Protects Against Muscle Wasting and Degeneration: If you’re in a caloric deficit, we all know what your number one fear is: Losing all of your precious muscle. However, if you take YK11 during a cut, you will experience no loss of muscle at all!
  5. Weight and Fat Loss: When normal people think about weight loss, they don’t consider that most of what they lose is actually water weight. With YK11 you will lose the right kind of weight, your excess fat and you’ll look leaner than ever!
  6.  Stronger Bones: Because YK11 binds itself to your androgen receptors, it increases the amount of the protein kinase B in your body, leading to stronger and healthier bones.

We would like to write a section about the potential side effects of using YK11, but there are none! So long you stick with the proper dosage (the topic of our next section) and do PCT after a cycle, you’ll be good to go!

benefits of using YK11 sarm

What is The Appropriate YK11 Dosage and Cycle Length?

YK-11 has a short half-life and that’s why most users take it twice a day, to maximize its effects.

It’s not recommended to take YK11 for more than eight weeks as that could lead to unwanted side effects.

After doing extensive research, we claim that the best way to go about taking YK11 is twice a day, each time-consuming 2,5mg of the product. Those are the rules for week one, as we’re still looking at how your body is reacting to a foreign substance being introduced to it. After that, for weeks 2-8, you will double the dosage, bringing the total to 10mg a day, taken twice a day in 5mg increments.

After your cycle is done, you have to do PCT and we’ll talk about that in a future section.

YK11 Results You Can Expect

 Not a lot of human trials have been done using this compound, but anecdotal evidence seems to show that the YK11 results you can expect are nothing short of amazing. People say that this substance literally changed their lives for the better.

The most striking YK11 results immediately reveal themselves in muscle size and strength. A colleague of ours doubled his muscle size in just one eight week cycle! He also says that he feels a lot stronger and more compact and that he experienced zero side effects!

Another common theme among YK11 users is their endurance and vitality. A business partner of ours, a strong proponent of SARMs himself, used YK11 in a six week cycle and reported being a beast at cardio, especially on the running machine.

Lastly, a female friend of ours reported losing 20 pounds of excess weight during an eight weeks cycle. She says that she never felt as young and eager for life as she does now. It was all thanks to YK11, she says, but we know that her strict diet had an impact too.

With that being said, we can see that the YK11 results you can expect are massive. You just have to take a leap of fate, read this article in its entirety to educate yourself and with confidence, start using this compound yourself!

Yk11 benefits

Do I Have To Do PCT After YK11?

Many YK11 SARM reviews skip this important section but it is very much recommended to do PCT after taking YK11. The reason behind that is because it causes mild testosterone suppression. People immediately shy away from a compound when they hear the phrase Post Cycle Therapy, but this will only be a very short cycle since the effects YK11 has on testosterone suppression are minimal.

You should take Nolvadex or Clomid for a month and after that, you can start a new cycle without facing any issues!

YK11 SARM Reviews Online – What People Say About It

Let’s snoop around the interwebs for a bit and see what other users have to say about YK11 and their experiences with it.

One user took YK11 for just four weeks and experienced a loss in body fat while gaining weight! He went from 17% to 15% body fat in just a month while also putting on 5 pounds of weight. How amazing is that! His bench press, squat, and deadlift, the holy trio, all improved massively thanks to YK11!

Another user claims to have started with a low dosage of just 5mgs of YK11. He says that he was feeling quite disappointed as he didn’t notice any effects. After bumping the dosage up to 10mgs, the positive effects started kicking in. He claims to have gained a lot of muscle strength and that he had zero side effects attached to the whole thing. He did do PCT, just as we recommend!

The last account was from a woman that struggled with her weight for her entire life. She tried every dietary supplement out there but just couldn’t lose her excess weight. That was all until she tried YK11! It helped her lose the 15 pounds that have been bothering her for so long and she says that she experienced zero side effects during the eight weeks she took the compound.

YK11 sarm

YK11 Before And After Pictures

Most of the YK-11 before and after pictures you’ll find on the internet are fake. They were made to con you into believing a pipe dream. That is all done to make you believe that you will become Hulk after one cycle so that you’re more inclined to buy YK11.

They don’t care about you or your health, hell, most of these sites don’t even recommend the proper dosages or PCT! Most of these pictures are stolen from other Forums or blogs, so they’re not only doing an amoral thing but they’re also committing plagiarism.

Because we haven’t used the SARM in question, we can’t post any YK11 before and after pictures but there is one thing we do have; Accounts from our gym buddies that took the SARM. What they have to say will literally shock you.

They claim (and you can see it on their bodies) that the results they had were insane: Increased muscle mass and strength, crazy endurance and the best thing of all, fat and weight loss.

We quote one of our seasoned gym buddies, Franklin, that said: ”If you’re not taking YK11, you’re missing out on life.”

YK11 SARM review

Where to get YK11 For Sale

YK-11 for sale can be found at many online vendors, but what’s important to note is that most of them sell bunk product. They don’t have any positive online reviews, no recent lab results, and a money-back guarantee.

That’s why we recommend the following two shops if you’re looking for YK11 for sale:

  1. ProvenPeptides

You have a wide array of choices if you decide to go with Proven Peptides.

They sell YK11 in three different vials:

  • 15ml = $45.00
  • 30ml = $75.00
  • 60ml = $140.00

Each ml has 10mgs of the product inside of it. You can get an additional 7.5% off on your order with this coupon code:


Making it more affordable to buy here rather than at Umbrella Labs, but that’s up to you. If you’re just starting out, we recommend going with Umbrella Labs and if you’re buying in bulk, Proven Peptides has you covered!


  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio is a popular US vendor of SARMs, nootropics and other supplements. They sell YK-11 in two different forms: As a powder and as a liquid solution. The powder is priced at $59.99 and you get 1000mgs worth of YK-11 for it. The liquid will cost you $49.99 and you receive 300mgs of the solution for that amount of money.

Both their liquid and powder enjoy a purity rate of 98,6% which is very pure by all standards. They don’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than $100.00 worth of goods from their store.

Their shipping times are fast, we got our YK-11 in just three days of waiting.

where to buy YK11 SARM

  1. Umbrellalabs.is

Umbrella Labs is a US-based company that has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of supplements. They sell Y-11 at a price point of $70.00. You get a 30ml bottle with each ml equating to 10mgs of the product. 300 mgs of YK11 in total.

Their YK11 shows 99,2% purity and their shipping times are crazy fast: We got our product in less than three days!

That would be it for our YK11 SARM review. We hope that you’ve learned something new and that you can now safely use YK11 and experience all the benefits it brings to the table.

Stay safe and happy bodybuilding!