SARMs Reviews: The Best SARMs Stack for Bulking, Cutting and Strength

As bodybuilders, we are always on the lookout for something more, something that will give us that competitive edge over others. Whether that be a hidden new technique, a different way of approaching the rack or imbuing the hottest and newest chemical straight from the lab, we’re there to give it a shot.

Enter the world of SARMs, a promising new synthetic drug meant to enhance the performance of athletes all around the world. In this SARMs review, we’ll talk about the most popular SARMs, about the best SARMs stack for bulking, cutting, fat loss and strength. You will also learn about their subtypes and their way of administration.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs is an acronym standing for selective androgen receptor modulators. That doesn’t really tell us much, so we’ll try to make the concept a bit more accessible to the general reader.

Selective means that unlike other steroids, they are not targeting the whole spectrum, but just a limited number of receptors, meaning that they can be used for a wider range of operations.

Androgens are oftentimes monikered as male hormones because they include testosterone in their classification. They play a major role in the build-up of our muscles, reproductive function, and other traits generally specified as males, such as facial hair or alopecia.

Now the picture is getting a bit clearer, receptors are simply cells that are responding to any given stimuli.

Last but not least, modulating something means to modify something in any way, shape or form.

What we can conclude from this is the following: SARMs adjust the levels of male hormones, but they do so selectively, without causing damage to other internal organs because of their usage.

Best sarms for cutting

Different Forms of SARMS

SARMs appear on the market in three forms: As a powder, capsule or liquid. Each of these three forms has its benefits and drawbacks, so let’s examine all of them!

Powdered SARMs

These are also called SARMs for bodybuilding, as they are oftentimes preferred and used by bodybuilders. They are easy to store, last a long time and aren’t as visible to other people that might stumble upon them. Their main drawback is that you’ll need a good measuring tool to use them. A simple vial won’t suffice as every milligram counts, so you’ll have to use a scale.

SARMs in Capsule Form

They are similar to the powdered ones, also a fan favorite by bodybuilders. Easy to store and easy to hide from potential snoopers. Their main drawback is that once again, you’ll have to use a scale to measure them. Yes, even though every capsule looks and feels the same, they don’t necessarily weigh the same so you have to be extra careful when it comes to that!

Liquid SARMs

They are generally more expensive than the two counterparts listed above and that would be their main drawback: Some of you might be on a tight budget.

On the other hand, what they excel in is ease of use: Simply measure out your desired amount and you’re set! No need for any extra calibration and no worries about misjudging your dose.

How To Take SARMs

It all depends on their form.

  • Liquid SARMs are going to be imbued in their original state without any addendums.
  • Powdered SARMs are best combined with water, simply mix these two and drink the liquid. After drinking the liquid, sip another glass of water from the same vial so that no residue remains, ensuring that you get the entire dosage. Don’t combine it with anything else but water as the interactions between SARMs and other foreign substances is unknown. Not a lot of research has been done in this department.
  • SARMs in capsule form is best taken with water. Once again, a safety reminder, don’t combine them with anything else but water!

SARMs Reviews: Top 5Most Popular SARMs For Bodybuilding

Now that we have the nitty-gritty behind us, we can start talking about the real deal. Let us have a look at the most popular SARMs on the market!

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866) – Best SARM For Beginners

Ostarine is one of the very few SARMs that has actually enjoyed research by using human test subjects. Its original purpose was to cure conditions such as muscle wasting and terrible diseases like osteoporosis.

That tells us one thing: Ostarine is freaking amazing when it comes to building muscle. Ostarine is great for both cutting and bulking and can be combined with almost any other SARM as it isn’t as potent as the others.

An average cycle on Ostarine lasts eight weeks and dosages usually vary between 15 to 30mg a day every day. Beginners should start with 15mg and up the dosage to 20mg gradually, while professionals can start with 20mg and up the dosage to 30mg in the next week.

One thing to note about Ostarine is that it is very suitable for beginners, as it’s not as potent as other SARMs and it doesn’t require PCT unless 30mg Is used. Ostarine easily stacks with other SARMs and the most popular combination is a trio of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine.

Ostarine Mk 2866

  1. Testolone (RAD-140) – Best SARM For Strength

Testolone is considered to be one of the strongest SARMs out there.

What is interesting about Testolone is its anabolic to androgenic ratio of 80:1, which just shows how strong the compound in question really is.

To showcase just how strong Testolone is, a clinical trial was conducted where the participants reported increased muscle growth of up to 10% in just one month! This also makes it a serious contender for a cure against muscle wasting.

Given those facts, we can conclude that Testolone is the best option for building mass and while bulking. The average cycle lasts between 8-10 weeks and it is recommended that the dosage doesn’t exceed 20mg.

Beginners should stay away from Testolone since it requires PCT and a lot of care during usage. Testolone is usually stacked with Ligandrol. There have been no proper tests conducted on the potential side effects of sarms for bulking

  1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)– Best SARM For Mass

Ligandrol, although similar to Ostarine in its effects is a lot stronger than the latter. Twelve times stronger to be perfectly frank. That makes the initial dosage abysmally low and when we talk low, we mean as low as 5mg per day. It has been used in clinical trials on humans, concerning muscle dystrophy, where it showed positive results during the trials.

It’s great for building mass and bulking.

Ligandrol is a very potent SARM that shouldn’t be used by beginners as it’s easy to mess up your dosage, especially when you’re just starting out. The average cycle with Ligandrol lasts between 8-10 weeks and PCT is absolutely required since it disinhibits the hypothalamus in releasing hormones. Ligandrol can be stacked and as already mentioned, it combines itself best with Testolone.

  1. Andarine (S4)

Results have shown that just after three months of usage, a significant increase in muscle mass has been noticed, a whopping 3lbs, without any changes in diet or exercise routine.

Since this is a very strong SARM, it is recommended to start off slow, with low dosages in the range of five to ten milligrams. The dosage can then be adjusted and increased as your body gets used to the effects of the anabolic.

Andarine is best used for cutting, as research shows that it’s possible to even build muscle while cutting with Andarine! An average cycle lasts eight weeks and we wouldn’t recommend this SARM to beginners. Andarine requires PCT as it’s very strong and has anabolic effects on the body.

Andarine can be stacked with Ostarine, but it usually isn’t done so as it is already strong enough on its own. As of now, no noted side effects have been found as a result of using Andarine.

Andarine S4

  1. Cardarine GW-501516 – Best SARM For Cutting

Cardarine is not a SARM at all! It might be used and labeled by many as on, but it doesn’t act in the same way as one. Quite on the contrary, instead of binding or mimicking androgen receptors, it binds to PPAR-delta receptors in the body. Now what is PPAR, you may ask? It stands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor and it regulates a lot of biological processes in the body, including the burning of fat and the build-up of muscle!

Cardarine is great for cutting as it easily burns fat and builds muscle. An average cycle on Cardarine lasts for twelve weeks.

The best dosage is 15mg a day for the entire cycle or if you’re a professional, you may take 20mg, but start off with 15mg in the first week. Cardarine is completely suitable for beginners as it doesn’t require PCT or any special program while you’re not on it. Cardarine can be stacked with Ostarine but it’s not necessary as it does the job on its own well enough.

Best SARMs Stacks Cutting, Bulking, Fat Loss And Strength

Not only do bodybuilders want to get an edge over each other, but they also want maximize their results in as little time as possible. Thats why many of them opt to combine several SARMs to get the best outcome for their training regime.

In this section of the article, we’ll be going through the best SARMs stacks for various purposes, including but not limited to: Cutting, bulking, fat loss and strength!

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Cutting

Want to gain or keep your muscle while in a caloric deficit? It sounds like a pipe dream for sure, but not with the aid of SARMs!

The best SARMs stack combination for cutting is a triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine. Depending on the fact whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned veteran, the dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

You should use these three compounds in a cycle of eight weeks.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend that you take 10mg of each in the first week. Starting out from the second week, up the dosage to 15mg a day until week eight. On the other hand, if you’re a professional, you can immediately take 20mg of each on your first week and up the dosage to 30mg on your second week up until week eight.

After the eight weeks have passed, you should stop taking these compounds and start your PCT. And what is PCT? It stands for post-cycle therapy and is an essential step that shouldn’t be ignored.

Most SARMs don’t require PCT as they don’t act like steroids, but in this case, they are necessary as you’re combining three of them at once.

Luckily for you, the PCT won’t last long as the side effects of SARMs are minimal, but still, they shouldn’t be ignored. Because SARMs target your levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body, your PCT should focus around them.

best sarm stack for cutting

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Bulking

If you’re bulking, you want to put on as much weight and muscle as possible. SARMs are an excellent choice when it comes to bulking, as they easily convert newly gained weight into muscle.

The best SARMs stack for bulking consists of Lingadrol and Testolone. They should be used in a cycle of eight weeks, starting off with 5mg on the first week and upping the dosage to 10mg between weeks two to eight.

If you’re a professional, you might want to consider higher dosages of the same SARM, we recommend that you start with 15mg on your first week and up the dosage to 20mg between weeks two to eight.

The benefit of this combination is that you won’t need any PCT. Some people recommend adding S23 or MK-677 to the list, essentially creating a triple stack, but that is not necessary. Moreover, it will lead to hormonal disbalances and you’ll have to take a PCT which is highly controversial within itself.

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Fat Loss

Almost every SARM out there works for fat loss as they are designed to tackle the androgen receptors regulating hormones such as testosterone.

But what is the best combination with the least possible side effects? Let’s find out! The best SARMs stack for fat loss would be a mixture of Ostarine and Cardarine.

You should use these two compounds for ten weeks (instead of eight) and start slowly with 10mg per day for the first week and up the dosage to 20mg a day for the next nine weeks.

If you’re a professional, you might want to start with 20mg a day for the first week, depending on how your body responds and then increase the dosage to 30mg a day for the next nine weeks.

The best thing of all? Even though you’re using this SARMs stack for two and a half months, you won’t need any PCT as both Ostarine and Cardarine. are optimal choices that don’t change your hormonal structure drastically.

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Strength

Want a new PR on the bench press? Understandable and don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. The best SARMs stack for strength is a combination of Lingadrol and Testolone.

You should use these two compounds for eight weeks, starting off with 10mg each for the first week and 20mg a day for the next seven weeks.

If you’re a professional bodybuilder, we recommend you start off with 20mg on your first week for each and increase the dosage to 30mg for the next seven weeks.

best SARM stack

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs

We’ve already glossed a bit around the term of post cycle therapy in our previous chapters, but we never took it straight on. Let’s do that right now.

Post cycle therapy is used to help our body regulate hormones efficiently once in homeostasis (the body having to produce and regulate hormones on its own, without outside help). Some stronger SARMs require PCT while weaker ones, like Ostarine, don’t.

It all depends on their strength and your dosage. What’s important to understand is that our body, during cycles while you’re on SARMs, gets used to the extra influx of hormones produced by our hormonal glands. The problem arises that once we stop using SARMs, our body doesn’t immediately start producing natural hormones, like testosterone, on its own.

Instead, a period of time usually has to pass before our body notices that it lacks important hormones, this period can last up to two months. This is not something you want to happen to you as you would be a mess (both hormonally and emotionally) during those eight weeks.

That’s why PCT comes in as the perfect remedy. Instead of SARMs, you’re now taking SERMs which stand for Selective estrogen receptor modulators. You’re taking them to decrease the levels of estrogen in your body.

The most popular choices are SERMs such as Nolvadex and Clomid and those are the two that we recommend the most.


SARMs Before And After Pictures

This is a special part of the article that we wanted to include just to show you how much misinformation there is in the fitness community.

Many SARMs before and after pictures are completely fake and promise unrealistic results that are unattainable during one or two cycles. That is done to bolster sales and to hopefully con you into buying one of their products. It’s important to understand that you won’t turn into Hulk Hogan after three months on SARMs and promising you results like that is downright evil and unethical. You have to be realistic and understand that bodybuilding takes a lot of time, money and effort. Some people practice for years and they still don’t attain the physique that they are aiming for…

With that being said, one has to give SARMs the credit they deserve.

They do help in building muscle mass and losing fat, it’s just that most pictures that you see online shouldn’t be trusted. Your best bet is to try a cycle on yourself and measure the results.

SARMs before and After

Possible Side Effects of Using SARMs

When SARMs first came out, they were lauded by the bodybuilding community as the perfect product, a middle ground between being clean and going with steroids so to say. Some of them compared them to steroids, but that’s just plain wrong.

All the SARMs reviews pointed out to the fact that they act in a similar way as steroids but don’t have as many negative effects attached to them as steroid use does. SARMs simply aren’t as potent as steroids and as we’ll see, they do still carry some minor side effects to them. Anything that interferes with the natural balance of your body will have negative effects attached to it, that’s simply a fact.

The most common side effects of SARMs are nausea caused by the disbalances in hormonal levels and suppressed the production of testosterone with an over the presence of estrogen in the body.

This means that for most of the time, you will have to do PCT while you’re on SARMs, exactly because they cause the disbalances we mentioned before.

Although it might sound scary at first, it’s nothing to sweat over as all the SARMs reviews showed that they are 100% safe for human consumption. The only reason why you’re doing PCT in the first place is to help your body regenerate faster, nothing more and nothing less.

Where To Buy SARMs

You have probably asked yourself by now, alright where do I buy those SARMs?! That’s a very important question and one that could mean the difference between you taking actual steroids and other toxic compounds or the actual SARMs you were trying to buy in the first place.

A study conducted by JAMA showed that most shops sold SARMs mixed with other toxic compounds such as steroids. This means that you’ll have to be extra careful when ordering SARMs.

Luckily for you, we did all the due diligence necessary and can proudly recommend to you these three shops that are selling 100% clean SARMs products!

  1. Sarmsforsale

A website ran by the team behind Umbrella Labs, a USA based supplier of SARMs, nootropics, and peptides. Unlike other shady websites, Umbrella Labs has attained and implemented strict QA and QC protocols in order to ensure maximum purity of the product.

The company is headed towards the future research of SARMs and seeks to reduce costs of research as much as possible.

They are also trying to make SARMs accessible to the general public, meaning that their prices are generally going to be lower as they are doing their best in the promotion of SARMs.

They only sell SARMs in liquid form which might be a bit of a bummer to those preferring the powdered form. Their prices are quite decent: 70$ for a 30ml bottle, where 1 ml equals to 20 mg of product.

This means that if you’re on a cycle of let’s say 30mg a day, you would have to take 1,5ml of the liquid.

  1. Science.Bio

This company has been selling SARMs, nootropics and other supplements for years now under the alias They recently rebranded but still remain one of the best sources to get your SARMs. They are stationed and operate from the US and all of their SARMs are tested in a lab also situated in the US.

On their website, you can choose between two different categories: The first one showcases all the supplements they have and the second one depicts the forms of the compounds they sell. We found that to be very convenient.

This vendor offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $100.00, if you’re not from the US, that number jumps to $300.00. All of their SARMs have high purity rates, their recent batch showed 98%+ purity for all of their SARMs.

The best thing about this company is the pricing: Their liquids and powders are way cheaper when compared to any other company out there, all while maintaining high purity and quality.

  1. SecretSupps

This shop isn’t quite as popular as the others but is a rare gem indeed. This US-based company offers SARMs and professionally curated SARM stacks at the highest available quality.

Their prices are high but you always get your money’s worth and so much more: They explain how to take their SARMs and SARM stacks in detail so you’re never in doubt as to what to do. This makes it the perfect beginner shop as everything is laid out in the product descriptions.

They have their SARMs cleverly organized depending on what you want to accomplish with your body. There are four categories to choose from and each category contains the SARMs pertaining to it.

You can get 10% off at this shop just by entering your email address, which is a nice way to save some money on your purchase.

Lastly, their shipping policy is one of the best ones out there: They ship to anywhere on the globe absolutely free of charge.

  1. Swisschems

Swiss Chems is a company that sells quite a variety of products, such as anti-aging pills, CBD oil, SARMs, nootropics, male enchantment pills, peptides and even post cycle therapy products!

All of their gear is strictly tested and the lab results are posted online and for everyone to see. What we are mainly interested in are their SARMs and boy do they have a large variety of them available in store.

They offer large discounts if you’re paying with cryptocurrencies and if you’re into the crypto world, you will find their prices quite appealing. Their lowest priced SARM is Ostarine which includes a vial with 38 tabs, each tab containing 10mgs of the product.

They only sell SARMs in pill form, claiming that the liquid form of SARMs is too volatile and hard to measure.

  1. Provenpeptides

Proven Peptides is a company that boasts American made SARMs, they also test each of their batches using third parties to ensure maximum quality and purity of the product.

What really drew us towards Proven Peptides is that they had a phone number where you could call them and talk to an actual person. This is something many other SARMs vendors miss and is a great addition to the business of communicating with your clients.

They sell SARMs in liquid form and their prices are quite accessible. For example, a 30ml bottle of Ostarine will cost you 50$, where 1ml equals 10mg of active product.

By registering on their website, you receive 1$ of store credit and for every dollar spent in their store, you get something called ‘Peptide Points’ which enables you to get 10% off on your next order and every order after that.

Last but not least, they offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their product.

That would be it for our best SARMs stack guide. We hope that you have educated yourself on the benefits and risks of SARMs and that you’re now ready to make an educated decision on whether or not SARMs are something for you.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us!

Best SARMs


What do SARMs do?

SARMs selectively bind to the androgen receptors in our body, more specifically our bones and muscles where they force the body to release more androgens. This leads to increased muscle growth and strength, increased endurance, better cholesterol, and many other benefits.

Unlike steroids, SARMs bind selectively to only our muscle tissues which means that you will not experience any damage to the internal organs and the side effects will be minimal to none.

SARMs also don’t dissolve into undesirable molecules like estrogen and DHT, which means that you will not be required to do any hard PCT after using them.

Do SARMs actually work?

Some people that have tried SARMs discontinued their use after the first month and claimed that they had no effect on them. The fact is simply that they didn’t use them for long enough. The keyword here is patience.

SARMs do work but you have to take them in cycles of at least eight weeks. There have been reported benefits such as increased muscle mass and strength, reduced prostate size, reduced bad cholesterol, increased speed and endurance, better heart health and even hair growth.

What you have to remember is that SARMs aren’t as strong as steroids so you’ll have to be patient and wait for them to kick in.

How long do SARMs stay in your system?

It all depends on the type of SARM that you’re using. Some SARMs stay up to 36 hours in your body while others fade away after only four hours. Because of that, people that take SARMs always note the half life attached to them as that will determine how many times a day a particular SARM should be taken. For example, Ligandrol has a half life of 24 to 36 hours which means that you’ll only have to take it once a day to feel the full effects of it.

On the other hand, S23 let’s say, only has a half life of 11,9 hours which means that you’ll have to take it twice a day to feel the full effects of it.

With that being said, SARMs usually quickly fade away from your system and urine tests don’t detect them after the initial 36 hours have passed so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Are SARMs safer than steroids?

SARMs are a dozen times safer than steroids. Steroids have side effects that include hair loss, increased prostate size, aggression (roid rage) and acne, something which SARMs would never do, not even in higher dosages.

When consumed in the recommended dosages and cycles, the majority of SARMs will have zero side effects attached to them. If you follow protocol with some of the stronger SARMs and get yourself a PCT after your cycle, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Lastly, it’s a lot easier to get pure SARMs on the market as they are not a banned substance, another reason why they are a lot safer than steroids.

Are SARMs banned?

This is a really tough one to answer as the laws of each country are different, but since most of  us are from the US, let’s take it as an example. In the US, it is prohibited to sell SARMs for the intent of human consumption. A vendor can’t just come out and say ‘Hey bodybuilders, here are my SARMs, take them and you’ll grow big!’ That would lead to the company being shut down. Instead, the legal thing to do is to brand and purchase them as a research chemical.

In the end, nobody will know what you’re actually doing with them in the confines of your home.

Do SARMs need PCT?

The majority of SARMs require absolutely no PCT at all! They don’t cause suppression in the body and there’s no reason to take PCT after usage. With that being said, stronger SARMs like Testolone will need PCT but it’s not the same kind of PCT you would expect after steroid use.

It’s more of a mini PCT cycle which lasts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks with Clomid or Nolvadex and you’re good to go. The reason why these strong SARMs need PCT is that they cause mild suppression and PCT helps alleviate the potential negative side effects that could arrive from that.

Do SARMs make you stronger?

 This is a difficult question to answer as SARMs in themselves don’t do much if you don’t put in the work necessary. Yes, they do make you stronger but it’s up to you to do something to get that strength.

What we mean by that is that SARMs drastically increase the energy levels and endurance of your body, allowing you to go a lot harder in the gym than ever before. But if you just take Ligandrol and sit at home doing nothing, you will have wasted your money without getting any gains. That’s because SARMs are supplements and only if you work hard will they make you stronger.

For example, if you’re looking for strength alone, you will most likely venture forward and get yourself something like Testolone or Stenabolic.

What are the best SARMs to stack?

There are many different SARMs being stacked together, we’ll just name the most iconic ones. Honestly speaking, there is no one best SARM stack, it all depends on what you want to do with your body.

The first duo is great for those going on bulk and involves Ligandrol and Testolone. You will build muscle easily as the extra endurance from Ligandrol will turn you into a beast during gym time. If you want to go on a cut, the best SARMs to the stack are Cardarine and Ostarine. They both have fat losing properties which help you lower your total body fat to the level you want it to be.

Lastly, if you’re recomping, we recommend S4 and LGD-4033. You will simultaneously burn fat all while gaining lean muscle mass.

Do bodybuilders use SARMs?

Many bodybuilders start using SARMs once they hit their natural peak. Some of them keep on trying to smash their limitations, but when the years start piling on and the results aren’t showing, many of them crack and start using supplements.

SARMs are a sort of gateway supplement to the more dangerous drugs out there, such as steroids. Some bodybuilders use SARMs as a stepping stone to steroids, while many others combine steroids and SARMs as SARMs increase the effectiveness of steroid cycles and don’t carry any side effects to them.

Moreover, during a cut, they improve the results you get and allow you to keep your lean muscle mass without causing water retention.

When should you take SARMs?

In our humble opinion, SARMs should only be used once you hit your natural peak. You shouldn’t bother with them while you’re still growing naturally, as you’re unnecessarily rushing things. You should also have a serious talk with yourself before using SARMs and access your psychological state.

Before your first SARMs cycle, you should ask yourself questions like Will it fit into my lifestyle? What is my PCT plan? Will it be a one-time thing only? Do I really want to go above my natural limit?

These are the types of questions that you must grapple with before you take SARMs.

 Where to buy SARMs?

You should only buy SARMs from trusted sources that provide you with recent lab results, a money-back guarantee, that has a positive review online on bodybuilding forums and communities, that accept more than just cryptocurrencies as payment and that is in the business for at least five years.

With that being said, it’s not easy to stumble upon a company like this, but don’t worry, we’ve found three of them that fit the bill just perfectly:

All of them are US-based manufacturers and companies that take SARMs and their business seriously. You can’t go wrong with any of them!


Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Review

Rescue Cleanse is one of the most reliable detox drinks you can buy, and in this Rescue Cleanse review, I want to briefly tell you why that’s the case, and also how you can use it successfully.

But you have to do a little more than just drink the detox drink to get the most out of it. Especially if you have a lot of drug toxins in your body, then not understanding what you need to do means that you might not get the most out of it, and could get caught. We will explain the instructions you need to follow.

So let’s take a look at this Clear Choice detox product, tell you how to use it, and tell you where to buy Rescue Cleanse for a great price as well.

What Is Rescue Cleanse?

Rescue Cleanse is a Clear Choice detox product, a detox drink. These are the same people who make and sell the best synthetic urine products out there, Sub Solution and Quick Luck. So they are trustworthy and one quick look at their website will tell you just how engaged with people they are.

Rescue Cleanse a high-quality detox drink. I’ll tell you how a detox drink works in a moment because there are often misconceptions about what it can achieve.

But make no mistake, Rescue Cleanse detox drink is one of the best out there, and there are probably only two other detox drinks that are as powerful. For $55, it’s a great value product.

They also do a smaller 17 fluid ounce size, which is designed for people with a smaller body mass, or people with light drug toxin exposure. However, as it’s only $15 cheaper than the large 32 fluid ounce size, I can’t see why anyone would want to increase their risk for the sake of $15.

How Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Works

To understand how Rescue Cleanse detox drink works, you have to understand what a detox drink can achieve.

A detox drink does not eradicate all drug toxins from your body, you will not get a full-body detox when you drink it. All it does is to flush out the toxins currently working their way out of your body through your bladder and flood the body with nutrients that then get into the bladder and balance the fresh urine. After a few hours, the toxins work their way back into your urine stream, and you won’t test clean.

That’s exactly how Rescue Cleanse works. It’s powerful because it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that flood your body. Your body passes these out through your bladder, which leaves the flushed out fresh urine appearing natural for a few hours until fresh toxins start to work their way back into your urine stream.

Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Rescue Cleanse instructions are really straightforward, and they are almost identical to every other detox drink instructions as well:

  1. Try to avoid all toxins and medication that could interfere with the detox drink for at least 48 hours before you drink it.
  2. If you are a heavy user, say you smoke weed every day, then you should try to cut it out for a week beforehand if possible because that will leave less work for the drink to do. Obviously you might not have that time, but the more days you abstain, the easier it will be for it to work.
  3. Don’t eat or drink anything in the four hours leading up to when you are going to drink your bottle of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink.
  4. Drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes. Then urinate several times in the hour after you have completed drinking it.
  5. Once you have completed the urination step, you should be clean of drug toxins for several hours, Clear Choice say up to 5 hours is the clear zone you can expect to have. You then need to submit your sample as quickly as possible before fresh drug toxins start appearing in your urine again.

The only thing I would add to those Rescue Cleanse detox drink instructions is to always do a home drug test kit before you go and submit your sample to make sure that it has worked.

Does Rescue Cleanse Work Well?

So the meat of this Rescue Cleanse review has to be to answer the question around whether Rescue Cleanse works, or not.

For me, it works. I’ve used it for a live drug test about a year ago, which is why I recommend it because I’ve had personal experience of success using it.

But more than that, one of my best friends used it a few months back and he passed a drug test using Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse as well.

The key to using it is to abstain for as long as possible beforehand and to make sure that you’re going to submit the sample as quickly as possible after you drink the drink and verify yourself as clean with the home drug test kit.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

 When it comes to recommending where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, only one place is on my list.

It’s Test Negative, the official Clear Choice detox store. There are a few good reasons for this:

  • You always know you’re getting fresh and real Rescue Cleanse
  • They often do fantastic combo deals (like getting Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula pills free)
  • You always get rapid delivery

So the conclusion of this Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review is it one of those powerful drinks on the market, with a good track record, and I’ve experienced success using it personally.

Does Rescue Cleanse work

Alternative Detox Drinks

But just to finish the review, there are a couple of alternatives I also want to mention, just in case you want to try something other than Rescue Cleanse, for whatever reason.

Mega Clean is a good alternative. It’s not such a powerful formula, so it isn’t as good on its own. However, if you buy it from Test Clear, with six free Toxin Rid pills bundled in, allowing you to do a 24-hour detox beforehand when more toxins will be pushed out, then it is just as good, if not better than Rescue Cleanse.

If you’ve got money to spend, for $80 you can get Ultra Eliminex. It’s the most powerful formula on the market today. So it’s a more powerful drink than Rescue Cleanse and is recommended if you’ve got really high levels of toxins. But it is expensive.

But Rescue Cleanse detox drink is definitely good enough for most situations, and unless you are riddled with toxins or have a very large body mass, it’s plenty good enough for passing a drug test.

Adrafinil Review: Improve Your Cognitive Abilities, Motivation and Productivity

Although initially developed to treat narcolepsy, it quickly became apparent that it works wonders on our cognition. It was first seen used in France in the 1970s under the brand name Olmifon. Since then, it quickly spread throughout the world as millions of people realized the potential benefits of the drug.

It became very popular as a result of not needing a prescription and being completely side effect free (when taken in normal dosages). In this Adrafinil review, we’ll show you all there is to know about the drug and in the end, we’ll even reveal the best shops where you can buy the best Adrafinil out there.

What is Adrafinil

Contrary to popular belief, Adrafinil is actually a prodrug, meaning that it doesn’t become active in the body until it breaks down to Modafinil in the liver. Adrafinil is a psychostimulant, it enhances our energy levels without raising our heart rate, which makes it a very good drug for elderly patients that might have heart issues. Adrafinil works by increasing the amount of Orexin in the body, which leads to higher energy levels and more wakefulness to be experienced.

It also affects dopamine and serotonin levels, leading to elevated mood and to top it all off, it also decreases GABA levels, meaning that you get a nice stimulative effect out of using it.


Effects of Adrafinil

As we could see from the previous section, Adrafinil harbors a lot of effects and it can do wonders for the body.

Let’s name some of them!

  • Lowers Symptoms Of Depression: Although it is not an outright cure for depression, it can have a positive effect on it. A study on seventy depressed patients showed that it acted similarly to an antidepressant and that the compound was tolerated quite well by all the participants.
  • Improves Performance While Learning: If you hate studying or performing mental tasks as much as the average person, you will love this effect. Not only will it increase your motivation for the task at hand, but it will make you more efficient while you’re at it. Your speed of learning things will also improve, as shown by this study.
  • Increases Wakefulness and Energy: If you got the blues or are feeling drowsy in the morning, Adrafinil comes in as the perfect solution. Studies indicate that when mice were given Adrafinil, they experienced increased energy and a much better, more proactive mood.
  • Improves Short and Long Term Memory: This one makes it the perfect aid for studying as your memory affects the amount of time you’ll have to spend on the task at hand. Studies show that Adrafinil improved retention and information recall.
  • Improves Motivation to do Things: If you’re a lazy couch potato, we totally get it. But you don’t need to keep being one as substances such as Adrafinil exist. More motivation is something we all could use in our day-to-day lives and this drug does exactly that according to several studies on the subject. We need to mention that this was a long term study on 548 adults of age and that they all reported positive effects as a result of taking Adrafinil.
  • Increases Attention Span And Concentration: By far one of its best effects. In this day and age, where our attention spans are comparable to that of a goldfish thanks to the Internet, this becomes quite handy as it allows you to focus more on any task. Studies also confirm this notion and claim that Adrafinil works equally well on both young and old, which is great news!
  • Suppresses Your Appetite: If you’re not interested in the cognitive boost Adrafinil brings to the table, maybe this perk will change your mind. People have reported losing massive amounts of weight while on Adrafinil, allowing to the fact that it successfully suppresses your appetite as it acts as a psychostimulant in the body.

The Proper Adrafinil Dosage

The first thing that has to be said is that Adrafinil is best taken early in the morning. The reason behind that is because if it is imbued any later, you might experience problems with sleep as the compound in question is a psychostimulant after all.

Proper Adrafinil dosage is 600mgs taken twice a day. That’s the dose that has been used in clinical trials and is sure to do the trick. If you’re just starting out, we recommend first taking 300mgs and seeing how your body reacts after the onset. If you don’t feel much, double the dosage to reach the recommended 600mgs.

Don’t go over 2000mgs a day or you will experience side effects. We’ll have a dedicated section just for that.

Adrafinil dosage

How to Take Adrafinil Powder

If you’re buying pills, things are a lot easier as you don’t need to measure anything. With the powder, you will need a scale or a scoop to measure out the correct dosage. Adrafinil powder is best taken with water. Don’t mix it with anything else, not even sodas or juice as we still don’t know how those substances will act in the body when combined together.

The process is quite simple; Measure out your dosage using a scale, put the powder in a glass, fill the glass with water and proceed to drink it all at once.

That’s the quickest and best way to take Adrafinil powder.

How Long Does Adrafinil Last

Adrafinil takes about an hour to metabolize into Modafinil and from there on, it lasts anywhere between three to five hours. The longevity of Adrafinil largely depends on your gender, metabolism, age, purity and amount of Adrafinil imbued.

Since we’re going to be suggesting only the best places to buy Adrafinil that have it in high purity, you can expect your trip to last for up to six hours!

Will I Experience An Adrafinil High

If you take it in our recommended dosages, you’ll most likely not experience an Adrafinil high, even if you’re a first time user. If you want to get to a state where it will get you high, you would have to take 1000mgs at once or more.

In this Adrafinil review, we’ll recommend going for 1000mgs as that is still a safe dose and you won’t feel many of the side effects.

The high will make you feel more happy, confident, elated… You will also see improvements in concentration, memory, and quickness of thought. Ideas will just bounce around in your brain and you’ll see patterns everywhere.

It’s similar to what happened to the main character once he took the Limitless pill in the movie. Not that powerful, but close enough.

Adrafinil Stack

Adrafinil is strong enough on its own, but if you’re doing work that requires serious concentration than we get why you might want to stack the drug with other nootropics.

An Adrafinil stack is usually done between Adrafinil and Noopept and Adrafinil and Piracetam, but there are also reported cases of people stacking it with Alpha GPC, L-Theanine and milk thistle.

If you’re stacking Adrafinil with Noopept, you’re best off taking 20mgs of Noopept and 300mgs of Adrafinil. Don’t redose or take it more than once a day, this goes for all the other stacks as well. This precaution is meant to minimize the side effects of the substances.

If you’re stacking it with Piracetam, take 300mgs of Adrafinil and 1600mgs (two tablets) of Piracetam. That should be enough to do the trick and it will even enhance your mood on top of boosting your cognitive abilities.

adrafinil stack

Adrafinil Side Effects

There are some side effects that do occur on higher dosages which many articles don’t mention in their Adrafinil review. We’re going, to be honest with you and tell you how things stand if you continually dose more than 1000mgs at a time: You will experience some of these side effects, especially after prolonged use.

  • Potential Liver Damage: This is the most serious side effect of Adrafinil and that’s why we want to get it out of the way first. If you take it in high dosages and do so continually, your poor liver has to do overtime when it comes to converting Adrafinil into Modafinil and that’s why we recommend sticking to the dosages we previously mentioned.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Usually felt one hour after ingestion, when the Adrafinil finally kicks in. You’ll only feel it if you take a higher dosage and it won’t last longer than an hour so there isn’t much to worry about.
  • Cotton Mouth: Cotton or dry mouth is a known side effect of Adrafinil. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water, which will help you alleviate this drawback of the drug.
  • Insomnia: This is a side effect that can even occur in lower dosages if you don’t heed to our warnings: Always take it in the morning and you won’t have any trouble sleeping!
  • Skin Irritation: This is a fairly rare side effect that affects less than 1% of users but it’s still annoying as your entire skin in itching. The 1% that did experience this side effect took a higher dosage so keeping your dosage low to moderate will do the trick of avoiding this drawback.
  • Upset Stomach: This is especially pronounced on higher dosages and happens frequently. It occurs between the one and two-hour mark and lasts for about two hours. It’s not a pleasant experience.

As we can see, there is some serious side effect to Adrafinil when taken in higher dosages. We recommend that you cycle Adrafinil if the only reason you’re taking it is to get high. Take it three times a week if that is the case and you’ll avoid the potential liver damage. Users that stick to our recommended dosages can take it every day without a hitch

Adrafinil VS Modafinil

Adrafinil is literally Modafinil in its metabolized state so we don’t get why all the other articles make such a big fuss around these two. Their effects are identical, time of onset, half-life, and all the other stuff is completely the same.

There is one reported difference not mentioned in many articles and that is the fact that Modafinil has the side effect of causing excessive sweating in almost all of its users. Adrafinil doesn’t cause anything like that and that’s why it’s our preferred option.

Also, Adrafinil is a lot cheaper than Modafinil so there’s no reason to choose Modafinil when you have a cheaper and better option in the form of Adrafinil.

Adrafinil VS Modafinil

Where to Buy Adrafinil Online

You have to be very careful during the vetting process of finding a suitable vendor where you can buy the compound. The reason behind that is because many vendors thrive on selling bunk product and not offering any sort of money-back guarantee for their product.

People that wonder where to buy Adrafinil often get scammed by these unscrupulous companies and that completely ruins their nootropic experience. To prevent that from happening to you, we singled out four shops that have served us very well over the years and that have never failed to deliver a package.


Umbrella Labs runs all the operations concerning this website and they have been doing so for a very long time. They are a US vendor of nootropics and other supplements.

Their Adrafinil comes in powder form and will cost you between $19.99 and $44.99, depending on how much of the drug you choose during the checkout process. You get to pick between 5 and 15 grams.

Remember that you will need a measuring tool to accurately gouge an appropriate dose when you’re dealing with the powder. You will get free shipping if you order from the US and their shipping times are phenomenal, our Adrafinil took only three days to arrive in front of our porch.

  1. is one of the rare shops out there that post their lab results publicly and they have been doing so ever since they started doing business. They are a prominent US seller of nootropics, SARMs, and other compounds.

They sell Adrafinil as a powder in a jar that has five grams worth of product in it. You’ll be billed $15.49 for that amount of Adrafinil and your package is going to be sealed to ensure maximum safety during the transit process. If you buy more than 100$ worth of merchandise, you get free shipping if you’re ordering from the US, so this shop is great if you’re buying in bulk. has a 30-day money-back guarantee and they ship your package on the same day that you order.

Their shipping times are decent, it took our Adrafinil four days to get to us.


Also known as Absorb Health, this US vendor has been selling nootropics for a very long time, all while maintaining the highest of qualities.

The great thing about this shop is that they sell Adrafinil in capsule form, meaning that you won’t have to buy any measuring scale unlike with the powder.

Each of their capsules contains 300mgs of Adrafinil and during the checkout process, you can opt for 30 to 150 capsules. The prices hover between $32.99 and $119.99, depending on what option you select. Absorb Health has a very generous money-back guarantee policy and they give out free shipping to all domestic orders above 75$.

Lastly, their shipping times are insanely fast, it took our package only two days to arrive in front of our home.


Last but not least, no Adrafinil review could be complete without including Nootropics as a vendor. They are the most popular seller of nootropics out there and they post their lab results publicly. They sell Adrafinil in pill form and you only have one option to choose from; 60 capsules each containing 300mgs of Adrafinil which will cost you $69.00.

It’s a bit disappointing that they offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $70.00, meaning that you would have to buy something else in their shop besides the Adrafinil to get free shipping.

The good thing is, if you’re buying in bulk, you get it for even cheaper. Buy three or more bottles of Adrafinil and you get 10% off on your order. Shipping times are very fast, you will only have to wait for between three to five business days to get your Adrafinil.

To conclude this Adrafinil review, we are now acquainted with all the nuts and bolts surrounding this compound and can safely start consuming it without worrying about any side effects or any problems along the way.

Have fun working on your project with the extra intensity Adrafinil bestows you with!

DO NOT Start Your SARM Cycle Before You’re Able To Answer These Seven Questions!

You’ve heard about this new substance, it is said that is better than steroids and prohormones, that it gives results and that it has little to zero no side effects at all. You want to hop in on the train as fast as possible and get yourself some SARMs right now this instant!

Settle down there cowboy, you first have to have a serious talk with yourself before going with SARMs. They are not completely harmless and they can become downright dangerous if you go in without any experience or expertise. You have to know your limitations beforehand and accept them, only then will you be able to overcome them.

With that being said, let’s look at the most important questions you’ll have to ask yourself before proceeding to use SARMs safely!

  1. Do I understand how SARMs work and what they will do to my body?

If you don’t know how SARMs work, you will not know why you’re doing the things you’re supposed to be doing. That could easily lead to you deciding to be your own master, ditching the knowledge of others and going your own way. This is a very dangerous path and one that shouldn’t be taken.

You have to understand how SARMs work so if something goes awry, you will know which sources to consult and what to expect if something really does go wrong.

Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Do I know where to purchase the best and highest quality SARMs out there?

If you just go in blindly and buy SARMs from the first online vendor you stumble upon, there is a very high chance you will get yourself burned, heavily. You can even put yourself in mortal danger because most of what is sold online is bunk products from China whose vendors’ main motivation is profit.

That’s why you have to do your due diligence when it comes to companies that sell SARMs. You have to look for things such as recent lab results, good online reviews, and longevity of their business.

These are all benchmarks that will allow you to really size up a company and that will help you make a decision whether they are worthy of your money or not.

Post Cycle therapy for SARMs

  1. Am I aware of the fact that SARMs are only a supplement and not a wonder drug?

So many people purchase SARMs thinking they will turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few cycles. That’s the wrong way to go about SARMs. Hell, diet and exercise will play a larger role in your muscle gains and that’s something you’ll just have to accept. You are still the one that has to do the grunt work and watch your diet and exercise every single day if you want to achieve results with SARMs.

If you really want to help out your SARM cycle, besides educating yourself on SARMs, do so also with your diet and exercise routines because they are the cornerstones upon which you are building your body!

  1. Have I reached my natural limit or am I just impatient?

 This is a very important question to ask yourself before hopping into SARMs. If you’re just starting out and still gaining muscle, it doesn’t make much sense to do SARMs. Max out your natural limits first and only then think about supplements that could help you further down the road.

Don’t be impatient when it comes to your natural limit, as speaking from experience, those that are impatient, to begin with, end up being impatient with SARMs, leading to disappointment.

Some of those ditch SARMs altogether as they ‘don’t work’ after only using them for two weeks. That’s not enough for SARMs to show their full colors and you just have to accept that patience is a virtue in this game.

  1. Do I have a plan for the potential PCT I will have to do?

PCT stands for post cycle therapy and if you’re doing any of the stronger SARMs or if you’re bulking with a higher dose, you’ll have to perform it. It’s best to preplan your PCT as to not go into it unprepared. You have to educate yourself on the potential dosages of Nolvadex or Clomid you’ll have to take, how long you’ll do it and whether you want to start another SARM cycle after that.

Even though weaker SARMs like Ostarine don’t normally require PCT, it’s always better to have a plan to fall back to. You never know how your body may react to a foreign compound being introduced to it and that’s why we always recommend to our readers to start out slow and have a PCT plan ready to go.


  1. Am I aware that I should not be stacking SARMs on my first cycle?

 When people research SARMs, they stumble upon SARMs stacks and its oftentimes mentioned alongside with them that you get better results if you stack SARMs together. We cannot deny that fact but what we can say is that it’s dangerous to stack SARMs on your first cycle.

You shouldn’t do it because you still don’t know how your body will react to the SARMs themselves. That’s why it’s recommended to only start with one SARM and see how it goes.

  1. What do I want to accomplish with my first SARM cycle?

Although all SARMs have a similar mode of action in the body, they are still not quite the same when it comes to their effects.

You’ll choose something like Ostarine when it comes to fat and weight loss, Testolone when it comes to strength and bulking up, Ligandrol when it comes to energy and endurance and so on.

What we’re trying to make clear to you is that you’ll have to do a lot of research as SARMs are quite versatile in their effects and each SARM is different.

These are the seven questions you have to answer before starting your first SARM cycle. If you have a problem accepting the answer on any one of them, it’s better for you not to do SARMs as you’re not psychologically ready yet. Educate yourself a bit more and try again later.

However, if you’re in line with the questions and answers provided in this article, you’re free to indulge yourself in your first SARM cycle.

Until next time, wish you lots of gains and happy bodybuilding!

This Umbrella Labs Review Reveals It All: Company History, Their SARMs, Legitimacy and Much More!

Umbrella Labs has been in the game for years and has established quite a valiant reputation among consumers of SARMs, peptides, nootropics and PCT supplements. They didn’t get that way immediately but had humble beginnings where they struggled to even get a sale. By word of mouth and a bit of advertising, today, they can pride themselves as one of the bigger supplement sellers in North America.

With that being said, let’s take a look around their website and see how things are looking in that department.

Umbrella Labs Review – What Do They Have In Store For Us?

First and foremost, one has to applaud Umbrella Labs as they are one of the rare companies that give you free shipping on any order from the US.

Speaking of shipping, you will usually have to wait around two to five business days for your package to arrive. They also ship internationally with transit times reaching up to two weeks when you’re ordering outside of the US.

We ordered a total of four times from them and they didn’t fail to impress on any of them. The boxes in which the SARMs come in are packed discreetly so that nobody can find out what you’re buying and for what purpose.

Their website is quite simplistic in design and one can see that much effort didn’t go into it. Still, it’s very easy to get to the SARMs section, we got there in just two clicks. Although their website isn’t anything special, it has all the basics down, which is good enough.

They have a blog where they regularly post updates and guides on SARMs which is quite commendable of them as they help out their customers in making an educated decision.

Moving on, their customer service really surprised us with their efficiency in solving our problems as the only way to contact them was through email. We always got an answer within 24 hours of sending an email and the correspondence was always on point.

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s take a look at their SARMs selection. We’re curious to see how they fare in that section.

Umbrella Labs SARMs – Pricing, Quality and More!

Umbrella Labs has this unique business model where they price all of their SARMs at $70.00.That’s a quite rare way of handling things, but it seems to be working for them.

For those $70.00, you get between 300 to 1500mgs worth of product, depending on the SARM you choose.

As an example, you would get 300mgs of YK 11 and 1500mgs of Andarine for the same price.

They have purity rates that range between 97,2 to 100% which are great results they get from an independent third party laboratory also stationed in the US. The great thing about this company is that they post these results for everyone to see, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting support to get the numbers. What’s also notable is that they test each and every batch they get, so you can be sure that they always have the latest lab results at their disposal.

Their product selection is quite varied and you can find all the available SARMs in there.

They only sell SARMs in their liquid form which is a small caveat as some shops offer multiple types of SARMs. Still, it makes them a good newbie shop as liquid SARMs are very easy to measure out properly and their method of consumption makes them quite convenient.

The Umbrella Labs SARMs we got with our purchases were all top-notch. In one package, we ordered Ostarine and Andarine as one of our gym buddies wanted to go on a cut and he wished to stack these two compounds.

After only two weeks, he started feeling the first results which were a loss of weight and fat, which confirmed that the SARMs from Umbrella Labs were as pure as shown by the test results.

In eight weeks, he lost over ten pounds of weight and 4% of his total body fat and he didn’t experience any side effects at all. That’s a sign of a good batch right there.

sarms for sale

Is Umbrella Labs Legit or Not?

We’ve seen the question of ‘Is Umbrella Labs legit?’ pop up in many threads online. The answer to them is one and the same: Yes, they are completely legit. They have a good company history, high-quality SARMs, rapid shipping times, a marvelous customer service and a money back guarantee if anything goes wrong with the package.

Not only is Umbrella Labs legit, but they are also the most popular SARMs vendor in the US right now and they are as good as it gets.

You will not find anything better in the US, that much we can promise.

best sarms company

Alternatives to Umbrella Labs

If for some reason you don’t want to choose this company as your SARMs supplier, we’ve got two more businesses for you that never disappointed us when it came to their supplements.

Those two shops are Proven Peptides and SwissChems. Let’s have a few introductory words for these businesses.

Proven Peptides entirely concentrate on SARMs and SARMs only, making them one of the best shops in the US to buy the stuff. They offer recent lab results, have good online reviews, are in the business for a long time and they even have a money-back guarantee. Not to mention their Peptide points which can get you SARMs at an even cheaper rate once you collect enough of them!

is proven peptides legit

SwissChems, despite their name, is also a seller of SARMs and other supplements stationed in the US. They let you pay for your SARMs via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and you get a 20% discount if you pay that way. Don’t worry, you can still purchase SARMs in their shop with all the major credit cards.

All in all, this Umbrella Labs review has proven that the shop in question is completely legit and that they are one of the best businesses in the supplement industry right now.

What are you waiting for? Order a batch today and you’ll surely find yourself satisfied!

Clomid PCT: One of The Strongest PCT Supplements On The Market

You’ve probably stumbled upon this article searching for a way to use Clomid PCT. Now, before we show you how to use it and where to purchase it, we first have to go through a couple of formalities.

These are necessary so that you may use Clomid without making any mistakes such as taking too much or dosing in an infrequent manner. Clomid, alongside Nolvadex are one of the two most popular PCT supplements around and there is a reason for that: They work great against testosterone suppression.

Clomid is the stronger one amongst the two and in the next section, we’ll tell you all the nuts and bolts surrounding it.

What is Clomid

Initially developed to aid the activity of the gonads in the human body, Clomid has quickly become one of the most popular PCT supplements for bodybuilding when its effects were put to the test. Clomid acts as a SERM, meaning that it blocks the activity of estrogen in the body. This leads to Testosterone production, which is either lowered or completely shut down during suppression.

The name Clomid is just one of many brand names used to describe Clomiphene Citrate. You might have heard of names such as Bemot, Clomidac, and Biogen being used.

Clomid owes its powerful anti-estrogen effects to the fact that it is one of the most potent SERMs around. Even steroid users take it to battle the side effects of their gear.

Studies have confirmed that just 25mgs of Clomid a day markedly increases Testosterone production in the body.

what is clomid

Clomid PCT Dosage

Your Clomid PCT dosage will depend on what you took (SARM or steroid) and for how long you were taking the compound in question. If you were using SARMs, 50mgs a day is going to be just enough for starters. You will lower the dosage as your PCT cycle moves on.

If you were taking something stronger, like steroids, you will have to start with a higher dosage, 100mgs a day is recommended for that endeavor. Note that the more Clomid you take, the higher the chances of side effects occurring become.

You can cycle Clomid between four to six weeks, but we recommend that you do it the entire six weeks, just to be extra safe from the suppression. After the six weeks of PCT are done, don’t start a new steroid or SARM cycle but have a cooldown period of at least another eight weeks to let your body recuperate.

How To Take Clomid

You will find Clomid in pill form and as a liquid.The pills are really easy to take, just drink them with a glass of water the moment you wake up and you’ll do just fine.

With the liquid, things get a bit more complicated. You first have to measure out the proper dosage which is hard in itself, as there surely aren’t any measuring tools for small amounts such as milliliters lying around your kitchen.

Secondly, when you mix the liquid with water, there’s a huge chance of not getting everything into your system with just one shot of water, as the residue is often left behind. This means that you never really know if you took the full dosage.

Don’t despair, when the time comes to show you where to buy Clomid online, we’ll not offer you the liquid solution but pills that you can simply swallow.

That makes it easier for everybody.

Clomid dosage

Why do People Use Clomid for Bodybuilding

People use Clomid for bodybuilding for a variety of reasons.

The first and most obvious one is because of the effects it has on estrogen in the body. Estrogen, as we all should know, is a female sex hormone that boosts the production of breast tissue. When introduced in high quantities in men, it causes gyno or gynecomastia which is the enlargement of breasts in men. Gym bros around the world like to call that phenomenon ‘bitch tits’.

You might have heard the term thrown around in the gym locker rooms.

Another reason why Clomid is so useful for bodybuilders is that it stops water retention. If your diet is in check and it must be for Clomid to work, you will not have any problems with water retention.

It has to be noted that Clomid isn’t the most effective compound for the job as it doesn’t decrease the amount of estrogen in our body, but it cuts off the receptors responsible for estrogen production from interacting with one another.

The third and final reason why bodybuilders love Clomid is that it stops Testosterone suppression. As we’ve indicated at the beginning of this article, studies have shown that just 25mgs of Clomid successfully boosts Testosterone production. As we can see, Clomid for bodybuilding makes a lot of sense. Bodybuilders that use it are lauding it for all these positive effects.

Let’s take a look at how well Clomid fares when it is put up against SARMs.

Rad 140 review

Clomid for SARMs 

Some people will claim that you don’t need a PCT supplement like Clomid for SARMs. They will say that the body can do the job on its own and that it doesn’t make sense to use any outside help. This might hold water when it comes to something mild like Ostarine or Andarine, but when SARMs such as Testolone or S23 are on the line, you would be stupid not to take a PCT supplement.

These SARMs cause suppression in the body, which you have to deal with somehow and the best way to do so is with something like Clomid.

Clomid works especially well when you have stacked multiple SARMs together, this is where it really shines and where you can see the positive effects fully reveal themselves. If you’re curious as to what these are, refer to the previous section of this article.

Femara VS Clomid – Which One Is Better?

Femara and Clomid both share one trait together and that is that they have both been developed to treat infertility in women. Clinical studies have shown that both have similar effects on the body and that neither compound could be proclaimed as better than the other.

The only problem with Femara is its pronounced side effects. Clomid has some of its own, as we’ll see in the next section, but patients treated with Femara experienced a whole lot more side effects than usual.

They complained about hot flashes, insomnia, chest pain, loss of hair and the worst of all, decreased bone density, with bone health being something sacred for bodybuilders.

So if one has to choose between Femara and Clomid, Clomid is the obvious option.

Side Effects of Clomid

We’ll name some of the side effects people have experienced while using Clomid. Please note that most of these were experienced by steroid users that took 100mgs or more a day so if you only did SARMs in your cycle, you will most likely not feel any of these side effects. Count yourself blessed if you only used SARMs!

  • Changes in Metabolism: Some people complained of diarrhea, others experienced constipation. Science still doesn’t have the answer to why it affects certain people so differently, but progress is being made in this sphere.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Mostly experienced at the start of your Clomid PCT cycle as your body is still getting used to the effects of the compound. It will go away quickly so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Blurred Vision: This is a very rare side effect that affects less than 0,1% of Clomid users. You would have to be really unlucky to be one of the few afflicted by this. If by any chance it does happen to you, halve your Clomid dosage immediately.
  • Pain in the Breast: This has also been reported as a side effect rarely seen but we have to mention it anyways. It feels like a stinging sensation around your breast area and lasts between five to ten seconds. You probably won’t have to deal with it, but if you do, lower your Clomid dosage!

Clomid side effects

Where to Buy Clomid Online

We’ve finally reached the section you’ve been waiting for. We’ll now show you where to buy Clomid online only from the best vendor around and as an added bonus, the Clomid will be in capsule form, so you won’t have to worry about problems during your intake of the compound!

The shop we’re talking about is called SwissChems and despite their name implies that they are from Europe, they are actually a US supplier of SARMs, PCT supplements, and many other compounds.

Clomid in their shop will cost you $118.43 if you pay with your credit card and only $94.74 if you pay via Bitcoin. For that amount of money, you get 100 tabs, with each capsule being worth 25mgs of Clomid for a total of 2500mgs.

That’s a great deal as you also get free shipping if you’re ordering from the US.

With the amount of Clomid you get, you can do around two PCT cycles with it, so you don’t have to worry about ever running out of it.

To sum up, we have shown you how to use Clomid PCT and now you can safely proceed with your cycle without hassle.

Be sure to complete your PCT cycle and have fun chasing that gainz!


How To Use Detox Drinks For Weed

If you’re a heavy weed smoker then you are in a unique position where you could get caught out with a drug test even if you haven’t smoked for a couple of weeks. So it’s important to know how to use detox drinks for weed, to cover it up if needed.

The thing is, weed metabolites can hang around in your body for a couple of weeks, sometimes more, if you are a heavy smoker. So even though you have not been smoking, it could take several weeks for those metabolites to work their way out.

So if you are called up for a drug test for any reason, then you need the insurance policy of using detox drinks to pass that drug test.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

The big question is do detox drinks work? The answer is that they do work, as long as you understand how they work, because if you get confused as to how they work then you could get caught out.

Detox drinks don’t actually detoxify you. You don’t drink them and then become clean of drugs completely. So they can’t get rid of the metabolites from cannabis that are clinging on to cells in your body. They can’t get rid of metabolites in your bloodstream, they can’t do a permanent detox.

A detox drink is actually a masking agent. It flushes out your bladder and urinary tract so that they are free of drug metabolites. At the same time, it overloads your body with the relevant vitamins, minerals, and things like creatine, so that they pass through your liver and kidneys as a waste product, meaning that they appear in your urine, keeping the balance more natural.

You see, you can flush out your bladder with water. However, your sample will appear diluted. Meaning it will fail a validity test at the lab, and questions will be asked.

So a detox drink is a complex water in effect. It flushes out the toxins and keeps the balance of fresh urine natural for a few hours.

After a few hours, drug toxins in the body will start to leak back into your urine stream meaning you won’t pass a drug test anymore. So a detox drink will just mask the toxins by cleaning them out and keeping the balance for probably no more than five hours.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Weed

Instructions for using detox drinks for weed are pretty straightforward and are the same for almost every brand out there.

  1. Shake the contents of the bottle well and drink smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  2. If instructed, drink the additional amount of water that you are told to.
  3. Urinate frequently over the next 30 minutes so that your urine stream is free of drug metabolites.

That’s it, that’s all the instructions, it’s pretty straightforward. The only problem comes if you don’t get rid of all the metabolites, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you are a chronic user.

Always have a backup plan just in case, which we will talk about more in a moment. But those are the basic instructions for almost every type of detox drink that works.

Is Using Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test The Best Way?

If you’re thinking about using detox drinks to pass a drug test, then you need to think about another solution that could be easier, and have a higher pass rate.

Synthetic urine is actually the fastest and best way to pass a drug test because the failure rate is lower, as long as you have high-quality synthetic urine.

The problem with fake urine is that you have to smuggle it into the testing lab, which a lot of people are not comfortable doing. On top of that, it has to be submitted within the correct temperature range for human urine, which is difficult to achieve and maintain on the journey to the lab.

But if you can achieve that, then synthetic urine is probably a better way to pass a drug test than detox drinks for weed are. However, if it’s an observed drug test, usually only done for law enforcement purposes, then synthetic urine is not an option, and you will have to use a detox drink that works to pass the test.

synthetic urine reviews

Tips For Using Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

Before I tell you what the best detox drinks are, the detox drinks that work, I want to give you a couple of tips that will really help you to pass a drug test using them.

The first thing is to make sure you have some home drug test kits available. These can be really cheap, or they can be more expensive digital ones, it’s your call. I would recommend you have at least five available at any one time. They always come in useful and they don’t expire.

Do one before you take the detox drink, to see if you actually need to use a detox drink at all. Then do a second one 30 minutes after you have completed the process of drinking the cleansing drink, including urinating at least twice. It should now show as negative. If not, drink a little more water, give it 15 minutes, and then try another one. It should be negative by then.

Which brings me onto the second tip. Always have a backup ready to go in case you’re still testing positive just before you have to leave for the lab.

The options you have are:

  1. Have a second high-quality detox drink to pass the drug test available. Just repeat the initial process, urinate a couple of times, and then head off as quickly as possible.
  2. Buy some synthetic urine. Even if you don’t want to use it, as long as it’s an unobserved drug test if you have tested positive after the detox drink then that your best chance of success.

However, I think it’s important to say that detox drinks have about a 95% chance of success. Unless you have an incredibly high toxin count, you should always be clean for at a couple of hours, and often up to 5 hours. But it always makes sense to have a backup method of showing as clean available.

Detox Drinks That Work

So I hope that this quick guide to using detox drinks for a drug test has been helpful. Detox drinks do work, as long as you get the ones that are strong enough to truly work.

Which leads nicely on to the detox drinks for weed that actually work.

I want to say here that I have used all three of these for home drug test kit experiments for the purposes of reviewing them over the past couple of years. So I know they work.

On top of that, just look online at any of these three brands and you will see tons of other reviews, some from big websites, that have also trialed them and found that they work.

I’ve also used Mega Clean (with six pre-rid pills and a 24-hour detox) to pass a live drug test as well. That doesn’t mean the others don’t work, but my personal experiences have been with Mega Clean.

  1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

I want to start by talking about Rescue Cleanse. This is a really high-quality detox drink from a company called Clear Choice. Clear Choice is responsible for the two top brands of synthetic urine out there as well, Quick Luck and Sub Solution.

So these guys have a strong pedigree, and Rescue Cleanse is definitely part that trend.

If you buy it directly from Clear Choice it costs $55. Rescue Cleanse is not the cheapest drink available, but not the most expensive one either.

It is very strong though and is suitable for people who are large in body size as well, people over 200 lbs in size. Even at that size, they guarantee a “clear zone” of up to 5 hours, and in my experience, that’s definitely the case.

Rescue cleanse review

  1. Detoxify Mega Clean

Mega Clean is a brand I’ve used for a live drug test. I didn’t buy it from Walmart, because on its own it’s not the strongest formula out there.

I bought it with the six pre-rid pill combo that you can get online. The pre-rid pills are Toxin Rid pills, the strongest brand of detox pills on the market. They are bundled in free and gives you a 24-hour detox to use before the actual drink.

I recommend you do a 24-hour detox before using a drug detox drink, however when you get the pills included it’s required.

With the detox pills, there’s no doubt in my mind the Mega Clean is one of the strongest detox drinks for weed that you can buy.

detox drinks for THC

  1. Quick Clear Detox

Quick Clear detox is my third choice. It’s not one of the more popular brands, but it’s very high-quality. Quick clear is made by the same people who make Quick Fix synthetic urine a, Spectrum Labs. So it is made by a company that is serious about the products they sell for a drug test.

It’s only a 20 fluid ounces drink, but that’s made up for by the fact that you get eight detox pills with it. You drink some water, then you drink Quick Clear detox liquid while you take the eight detox pills.

Then you urinate frequently over the next hour, and that combination floods the toxins out of your body. I found with my home drug testing that it was actually the quickest one to get me showing clean on a drug test. That might have been a coincidence, but I think the sheer power of the eight detox pills and the drink all in one go really worked.

It’s also the cheapest, retailing at around $30. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad in this case, as it appeared to be strong enough to pass my test. However, I’d always recommend you have an additional detox drink as a backup, so it makes sense to have different ones rather than two of the same.

Quick clear detox

Detox Pills For THC: Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

There are a lot of misconceptions out there around using detox pills for THC. So I want to clear them up in this quick guide to getting weed out of your system fast.

It is possible to learn how to detox for a drug test quickly using detox pills, but you have to avoid the hype around some of the products and claims out there.

For a start, it’s impossible to fully detox for a drug test at short notice, in something like 24 hours, unless you have incredibly light toxin exposure, which is unlikely if you are going to the lengths of searching Google to find out about detox pills for a drug test.

So let’s tell you everything you need to know about getting weed out your system as quickly as possible, how to actually do a detox to pass a drug test, and what the best detox pills for passing a drug test are.

How To Detox For A Drug Test

If you want to pass a drug test by being genuinely clean, then you have to detox your body.

The golden rule around doing that is you have to stop taking in drug toxins. Please don’t believe the hype around detox pills that you can magically take them and toxins fall out of your body while you continue to smoke weed. That simply doesn’t happen.

So step one on your journey to learning how to get weed out your system fast is to actually to stop taking in weed metabolites at all. I know it’s obvious, but some people think you don’t have to, they think you can just take a magic pill and toxins mysteriously vanish from the body, while they continue to smoke.

The second step is to do a natural detox for as long as it takes to clear the metabolites out. That consists of doing the following things:

  • Stop taking in all toxins
  • Cut out things like tobacco and alcohol
  • Sleep and rest well
  • Cut out processed foods and fat
  • Eat lean proteins, wholegrain, and vegetables
  • Exercise every single day
  • Sweat every day
  • Drink lots of water

Doing those things will give your body the best chance of eliminating drug toxins at the fastest rate it can, the maximum natural speed.

However, you have to be aware of how THC toxins work. They are slightly different from other drug metabolites.

They attach to cells in the body, fat cells, more readily than other drug toxins. So they can detach and pass out through the bowels and bladder over several days, weeks, and in extreme cases months.

It can even be the case that you can test clean one day, and then toxins detach from cells in the body, and you don’t pass as clean the next day. So you have to do a full natural detox until every toxin has been removed from the body.

how to detox for a drug test

Do Detox Pills For THC Work?

 So before you start thinking about using detox pills for THC, it’s good to understand whether they work at all.

The thing I want to point out is that THC metabolites cannot be solely targeted by a THC detox pill. So say you had three sorts of drug metabolites in your body, you couldn’t just target the THC ones, no pill can do that.

Plus, although THC metabolites are removed by the body slightly different to most other drug metabolites, no pill can really target that difference either.

The difference is that THC binds to bile, which is created by fiber So up to 60% of THC metabolites are actually expelled through the bowels rather than the bladder, when with most drugs virtually all the metabolites are eradicated through the bladder.

But any pill which claims to be to help draw THC metabolites out through the bowels is lying. Although the pill could make you go to the toilet more frequently, and it may contain a bit of fiber, you will get a better result just using laxatives and eating high fiber foods.

So what you are looking for is detox pills for weed that are just strong detox pills capable of aiding the body’s natural process of eradicating all types of drug metabolites.

The Best Way To Get THC Out Of Your System

If you want to learn how to detox for a drug test, then you have to understand how to do a natural detox and accelerate that process using high-quality detox pills. The best detox pills for a drug test will certainly speed up the elimination of toxins significantly. But how significantly will depend on a variety of factors?

It will depend on your metabolism, your exposure to metabolites, your general health, your diet, lots of different things. But definitely the best way to get THC out your system is natural detox accompanied by high-quality detox pills.

detox pills for drug test

How Long Does It Take To Remove THC Toxins From The Body?

As I’ve just said, there are a lot of different factors feeding into how long it takes to remove drug toxins from the body.

Because THC toxins are slightly different, where the metabolites attach to cells in the body, meaning they can cling on for days and weeks, before being expelled randomly as they are removed, it can take far longer.

In fact, studies have shown that chronic cannabis users can take up to 2 months to remove all the drug metabolites from their system. Now obviously you haven’t got that long if you’ve got an upcoming drug test, which is why detox pills can really help you.

In most cases, a heavy weed smoker can still get rid of all the toxins in around 2-4 weeks. The best detox pills on the market can half the time it takes to eradicate the toxins, bringing that down to 1-2 weeks.

Although that sounds a long time, when you consider not doing two extra weeks of full natural detox, then that’s one hell of a benefit.

Three Best Detox Pills For Drug Tests

 So now to tell you about the three best brands of detox pills you can buy. These are definitely the best detox pills for a drug test.

However, you have to do them alongside a natural detox. There is no quick fix here, you can’t just take miracle pills while you continue to smoke weed.

My one top tip, before I tell you about the three best detox pills for drug testing, is to buy a handful of cheap home drug test kits when you buy the detox pills. This will allow you to do a test every day once you get near the end of the course of pills are taking, so that you are not doing that hard natural detox for longer than you should, and you’ll know when you are clean.

I would also say that because of the nature of cannabis metabolites, keep one drug test kit back, and leave it a few days before doing one final test to double-check that you are clean to pass a drug test.

So, the best drug detox pills are:

  1. Toxin Rid

Without a doubt, these are the best detox pills for weed you can buy. They are also the most expensive course of detox pills for THC eradication, but they are incredibly powerful. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Toxin Rid is available in different course durations, from a single day course, all way through to a 10-day course. If you are a chronic weed smoker I would say you just go straight for the 10-day course, which will cost you $190.

But it could half the time it takes you to get clean. So if it’s going to take you two weeks to get clean naturally, on the 10-day course, you’ll probably start showing up as passing home drug test kits from about day seven, they are that powerful.

Each day you just take three tablets per hour for the first five hours, with water. You do that over 10 days, then on the final day, you take the detox liquid supplement.  Then the day after that, which will hopefully coincide with the day of your test, you take the dietary fiber supplement.

best detox pills

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

This is another great option, and far more affordable at around $60 for the course. However, I must point out that they are not as powerful as Toxin Rid.

The other confusion around using Rescue 5 Day Detox is that it’s not a five-day course at all. So if you are thinking to yourself that five days is probably not long enough for you to detox in from everything I’ve told you, well it’s actually an eight-day course.

The day before the start of the main course you take some pre-rid pills. Then on the main five days, you take pills in the morning, and pills in the evening, alongside natural detox plenty of water.

On the day after the main five days, you take the finisher pills. And then the day after that, which will hopefully be the day of your test, you take eight ICE capsules, which are basically a detox drink in pill form.

But for the money, they are a great second choice. I wouldn’t use them if you are a chronic weed smoker, but if you are having a joint every couple of days, and it’s going to take you maybe two weeks to get clean, then the eight-day program alongside a natural detox will usually be more than enough to get you naturally clean in a week or less.

detox pills for a drug test

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

My third-placed best detox pills for a drug test are actually a little different. If you want to know how to get weed out your system fast, well it’s all about abstinence, and then drawing them out using detox pills, and a good diet that contains lots of fiber

However, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is not a powerful course of pills that you take alongside a detox. They aren’t strong enough to eradicate toxins in that way.

They are meant as an ongoing supplement, which is why you get 60 tablets (30 days supply) for just $32.

The idea is you take them every day, and they speed up toxin removal every single day, meaning that your toxin count when you need to get clean will be lower. This will either help you to do a natural detox more quickly, or it will mean there are fewer toxins for a detox drink to mask on the day of your test.

THC detox pills

Where to Buy Noopept: A Nootropic 1000 Times Stronger Than Its Closest Counterpart

Noopept seems to be all the rage these days as it offers users so many awesome benefits, without any perceived drawbacks. It’s completely legal in the US and is sold as a research supplement.

Although it hasn’t been approved for human consumption, people have been enjoying this harmless drug for years citing numerous positive effects on their cognitive abilities and other areas in their lives. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at this nootropic and in the end, we’ll show you where to buy Noopept that is of the highest quality.

Let’s waste no more time and get this Noopept review started!

What is Noopept and How Does it Work

Noopept is one of the most popular nootropics out there. It enters the bloodstream in just seven minutes and hits the brain in fifteen minutes, which means that it won’t take longer than a quarter of an hour to feel the effects.

Noopept acts on the key neurotransmitter glutamate which coordinates movement between individual brain cells, meaning that you’ll experience a cognitive boost immediately after Noopept is introduced into your brain.

It also increases our nerve growth factor and our BNDF which leads to improvements in both short and long term memory processing.

Finally, it also acts on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is responsible for the communication between neurons in our automatic and central nervous system.

All of these functions of Noopept go to show that it has very powerful effects on the brain and that it can massively improve our cognitive abilities. But that’s not all, as we’ll see in the next section, Noopept also benefits other areas of the brain.

Noopept Review – Effects of Taking Noopept

In this short Noopept review, we’ll take a look at the effects you can expect to experience by consuming Noopept. Some of them will be mild and you’ll barely notice them, others will blow your mind.

Let’s have a look!

  • Decreases Anxiety: There’s always been a link between the regulation of memory and the decrease of anxiety, probably owing to the fact that while we’re anxious, our memory capabilities are affected. Studies show that Noopept has an alleviating effect on anxiety.
  • Fights Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Like a Champ: Because it averts cell death in the mitochondrion, studies have shown that is positive effects those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Decreases Stress Experienced by Users: By acting on the stress proteins in our body, collectively called MAPK, Noopept decreases stress in all users and makes their day-to-day lives easier to bear.
  • It is A Psychostimulant: It’s no secret that Noopept boosts focus and helps during tests that require the use of short term memory. It does so by increasing the flow of messages between neurons in the brain.
  • Helps With Emotional Instability: In patients with mood disorders, Noopept has shown itself very helpful, as numerous studies indicate that just one week of Noopept use drastically improved mood and energy in the afflicted.
  • Helps Patients Suffering From Diabetes: By boosting the secretion of the hormone incretin, patients suffering from diabetes experienced a marked increase in insulin secretion which leads to improvements in their condition.

Noopept effects

The Proper Noopept Dosage

Experimental trials most often used 20mgs a day during their testings. Most casual users opt between 10 to 30mgs a day, which is a standard dosage. You should never take more than 30mgs of Noopept in a day, as that may lead to some side effects to be experienced.

The perfect Noopept dosage depends on your level of experience with the compound as well as your tolerance. Beginners are advised to take 10mg a day for two months and then stopping any kind of nootropic use for the next two to three months, to let their body recuperate.

Seasoned users can take between 20 to 30mgs a day, depending on their needs for the day.Noopept dosage

In the next section, we’ll examine how long Noopept lasts and we’ll schedule our doses accordingly.

How Long Does Noopept Last?

Noopept has a very short half-life of just one hour, which means it’s out of your system in just 60 minutes. As a result, Noopept doesn’t last very long and many people like to dose it multiple times a day.

We recommend dosing it five times a day in two-gram increments if you’re a newbie and if you’re a seasoned user, you can take five grams five times a day.

How to Take Noopept

 You will find Noopept in pill and powder form. Depending on what form you buy, the route of administration is going to be a bit different. You will always use water for the job and never mix it with anything else but water.

With the pill form, simply take the pill, pop it in your mouth and down it with a glass of water.

The powder form should be mixed with water and then drunk at once. There is one caveat and that is that you’ll have to take another shot of water from the same glass to make sure that any leftovers are absorbed into your body.

As you can see, taking Noopept is no rocket science and is actually quite easy.

What is My Noopept Experience Going to Look Like?

Your Noopept experience is going to vary depending on how much of the nootropic you took, your tolerance and your level of expertise in taking the compound. If you took a small dose on an empty stomach, you will feel an increase in focus and energy, music will sound better and you will be in a much better mood.

A medium dose is going to massively enhance your cognitive abilities, you will also feel your anxiety lessen and you will become more sociable and talkative.

A large dose will completely mellow you out, some users experience a Noopept high at this stage where colors become brighter and where they feel completely free from stress and worry. We’ll talk about the high a bit more in the next section of this article.

All in all, for the best Noopept experience, you will have to adjust your dosage correctly according to your needs. For example, if you want to study, a small dose may be appropriate and if you just want to chill out and have some fun, a large dose will suit you better.

noopept experience

Will I Experience a Noopept High?

If you follow our recommended dosages, you will not experience a Noopept high. The reason for that is because we don’t advocate for higher dosages since they carry some risk of side effects. With that being said, if you’re still eager to experience a Noopept high, we can tell you what it will feel like and how much of it to take to start experiencing it.

You should be taking 20 mgs as soon as you wake up and than redose every hour for the maximum effects.

You will experience euphoria, music will sound absolutely amazing – as if angels were singing to your ears, you will have intense focus and you’ll be able to work on your project like a maniac. You will operate at a high level and high frequency, some users report getting double the stuff done than normally while on a high dose of Noopept.

There are also some downsides to this, mainly the tunnel vision and impaired short term memory from the experience.

Don’t worry, once Noopept is out of your system, the side effects will subside.

Noopept VS Phenylpiracetam – Which One Is Better?

Phenylpiracetam, not to be confused with piracetam is a nootropic that acts as a stimulant in the body. Many people that cannot tolerate caffeine stick to phenylpiracetam as it is a safe alternative to coffee.

When comparing these two, Noopept is definitely the stronger option. Taking piracetam as a measuring pole, Noopept is 1000 times stronger than it, while Phenylpiracetam is only 60 times as potent as it.

Phenylpiracetam is the perfect option for studying since it provides you with intense focus and is a stimulant, which will keep you awake for much longer than usual. Beginners should start with a 100mg dose and seasoned users are going to want to stick to 200mgs. Noopept is the better option if you just want to chill out, be sociable and listen to music. It also lessens anxiety which Phenylpiracetam doesn’t do.

There is no need to have a division between these two, they are both great for their own respective uses and if you have some experiences with nootropics, you can even stack these two!

Take 10 mgs of Noopept and 100 grams of Phenylpiracetam and you will experience the best out of both worlds.

Noopept VS Phenylpiracetam

Possible Side Effects of Noopept Use

In all the clinical studies that have been conducted with Noopept, all participants that were part of the studies tolerated the compound very well and there were no reported side effects.

This was at a dose of 20mgs a day, which is also in the range of our recommended dosage. With that being said, if you overdo it, you will experience some negative side effects. We’ll now list all the reported negative effects while on a high dosage of Noopept.

  • Headaches and Nausea: Some first-time users report feeling headaches and nausea. It usually goes away pretty soon as your body adjusts quickly to the Noopept. You will also experience it while on higher dosages, despite not being a beginner, so tread carefully.
  • Irritability and Restlessness: A feeling of having to do something with your arms and legs will be haunting you. You will not know what to do with your body. This only happens on very high dosages, so you don’t have to worry if you’re careful with your dosage.
  • Tunnel Vision: This can be a good thing if there are no distractions present in your environment. However, we know of a case where a colleague of ours took a high dosage of Noopept to write an essay but instead ended up sorting his movie library for hours.
  • Short Term Memory Loss: This is going to be particularly bad if you take an ultra-high dosage. You will go into rooms and forget why you’re there and your thought process is going to be all jumbled and messed up.
  • Insomnia: This is a very common side effect when you take too much Noopept. You will not be able to sleep, but you’ll still feel the tiredness. It’s not a cool experience. Now that we’ve gone through all the major points regarding Noopept, it is time to show you where to buy Noopept.

Noopept side effects

Noopept For Sale – Where to Buy Noopept

 Noopept for sale can be found at many vendors online. People new to the game usually make the mistake of not doing the necessary research about a company before buying the compound in question. This leads to disappointment and some claiming that Noopept doesn’t work at all. It’s not Noopept that doesn’t work, it’s just that you got scammed and bought bunk product.

To prevent that from happening to our readers, we have singled out three shops that care about their customers and where you will find the best Noopept for sale available online.

  1. Absorbhealth

This company tends to leave out the ‘your’ in their branding, we’re just mentioning it to avoid any confusion. They are a US supplier of nootropics and many other supplements. Noopept at their shop comes in both capsule and powder form.

If you opt for the capsules, you will pay $19.99 for just 100 pills with each of them having 10mg of Noopept in them. This is perfect for beginners that don’t need much of the substance to get the effects.

On the other hand, their powder is priced between $19.99 and $124.99, depending on how much of the powder you buy. You can choose between 10 to 100 grams. It’s evident that you get a heavy discount if you buy in bulk. They have a great money-back guarantee and offer free shipping on all orders from the US.

Their shipping times are fast and you can expect your Noopept in three to five days.

where to buy Noopept


Nootropics is a US vendor of nootropics, as the name implies. Their vision is to create a society where it is not taboo to talk about or use cognitive enhancers. Their Noopept comes in capsule form and will cost you $39.00. For that amount of money, you get 1800mgs worth of product (60 capsule worth 30mgs each).

We can see that this shop is the better option if you’re more experienced with the compound. They offer free shipping on all orders above 75$ if you’re from the US and that number creeps up to 200$ if you’re buying outside of the US.

They have great product descriptions that tell you in detail all there is to know about Noopept, which we found to be a great addition.

Lastly, their shipping times are quite rapid, we got our goods in just three days of waiting.

Best place to buy noopept

  1. is a very popular US vendor of Nootropics, SARMs, and other supplements. They ensure the high quality of their Nootropics by posting lab results publicly in their product descriptions.

Their latest batch showed 100% purity of their Noopept. They sell the compound in powder form where 10 grams will cost you only $13.99. This is a deal you absolutely have to take, as it is the cheapest Noopept we have found.

They offer free shipping for all orders above $100 if you’re from the US, so this is the perfect shop if you’re buying in bulk. They ship on the same day and their shipping times are fast, you will get your Noopept in two to five business days.

Noopept powder

Now that we have learned where to buy Noopept as well as all the other important information regarding it, we can start using this product without fearing that we’ll harm ourselves.With that being said, remember to stay safe out there and go ahead and enjoy Noopept to your heart’s content.

Nolvadex PCT: Get Rid of Any Kind Of Suppression In Your Body!

Testosterone suppression is a real danger of doing the stronger SARMs out there. Because these potent SARMs have high anabolic activity and introduce a lot of exogenous testosterone, your body simply stops producing any of its own.

That’s when you have to do something like Nolvadex PCT to get your body functioning properly again. You will also rebalance your hormones that way, smashing the disbalance created by the previous compounds you used.

In this article, we’ll show you how to best approach Nolvadex PCT, how to use it, the proper dosage you should take, what SARMs require PCT and much more.

What is Nolvadex

Nolvadex is one of the many brand names, which include Soltamox and Oestrifen, that are used to describe a supplement by the name of Tamoxifen Citrate. Tamoxifen Citrate is the oldest prescribed SERM out there and is the most popular option among bodybuilders looking for a PCT supplement.

The role of SERM is to block estrogen production, therefore allowing testosterone to once again be naturally released into the body. Nolvadex PCT completely stops any kind of side effects caused by suppression and as we’ll later see, it is also good for things like gyno.


Nolvadex PCT Dosage

 Your Nolvadex PCT dosage is going to depend on two factors: How long you did a cycle with the particular SARM and how strong the SARM was that you used. If you did a cycle up to eight weeks and didn’t indulge in anything too potent, 20mgs a day should be enough of dosage for you.

However, if you did a cycle lasting longer than eight weeks on something strong like Testolone, you will have to do 40mgs a day. If you stacked multiple SARMs that require PCT, you should take 50mgs a day and that should be your maximum dosage. Anything above 50mgs a day will cause you to experience side effects.

A Nolvadex PCT cycle usually lasts between four to six weeks, but we recommend going for the full six weeks before starting another cycle with SARMs again, for your own safety.

The half-life of Nolvadex hovers between five to seven days, so one pill a day should be plenty enough for your needs.

What SARMs Require PCT Like Nolvadex

Some people claim that all SARMs require a PCT cycle, others say that SARMs are too mild for PCT. The truth lies in the middle: With some SARMs, you really do need to perform a PCT cycle and with the rest, a simple cooldown period lasting as long as your SARMs cycle is enough to do the job.

Generally speaking, you will not use PCT with the milder SARMs out there, that being Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine. Although not SARMs, they are often labeled as one, so you can add Ibutamoren, Stenabolic and SR9011 to the list.

The SARMs that do require PCT are generally going to be the ones that have high anabolic activity. These are SARMs like Ligandrol, Testolone, YK11, and S23.

If you fail to do PCT with any of these four, you will start to feel the effects of suppression which can lead to some nasty consequences for you. The most serious one is gyno, the topic of our next section.

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Nolvadex for Gyno

Using Nolvadex for gyno works wonders and even if you have developed gyno in the first place, Nolvadex will still help you out, as shown by this study. If you have never heard of gyno, it is basically an abbreviation for gynecomastia, where an abnormal increase of male breast tissue occurs.

The reason why gyno happens in the first place is because of elevated Estrogen in the body which then leads to breast enlargement because of the hormonal imbalance in your body.

SERMs like Nolvadex prevent that and restore the natural balance in our body, thereby beating gyno into oblivion!

Nolvadex for gyno

Nolvadex On Cycle – Can You Use It During a SARMs Cycle?

You can use Nolvadex on cycle, nobody is preventing you from doing that, but it is generally not recommended.

If you’re not taking anything stronger than SARMs, you will most likely not need it as the suppressive effects of SARMs are meager at best.

If, however, you feel the need to do Nolvadex on cycle because you really do feel the suppressive effects, we recommend a dosage between 10 to 20mgs, depending on how severe the symptoms are. If you’re really having problems during your cycle, you should maybe consider abandoning your cycle altogether or lowering your SARMs dosage.

That might be a better solution rather than taking Nolvadex.

Nolvadex dosage

Side Effects of Using Nolvadex

While we were on Nolvadex PCT, we didn’t feel any of these side effects as they are very rare in appearance and usually occur when you take higher dosages of Nolvadex.

With that being said, one should still be aware of what he can expect out of the compound in question and we’ll therefore list some of the potential side effects you might experience while on it.

  • Headaches: Headaches are known to occur when you first start taking the compound but they go away fast.
  • Constipation: Changes in your metabolism are entirely possible while on Nolvadex, so make sure you have some laxatives nearby.
  • Feeling Emotional: You might experience mood swings while on Nolvadex as it works on rebalancing your hormones, you will just have to tough it out if that happens.
  • Ligament Issues: This side effect is oftentimes attributed to Nolvadex, but it isn’t due to the compound at all. It is because of the strain all the new muscles build upon your body.
  • Depression: Your mood might go a little down while on Nolvadex, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. It’s not going to be anything serious, like clinical depression.
  • Lowered Libido: This especially affects man, but is a very rare side effect of Nolvadex. If it really does occur, you always have Viagra to help you out.

Nolvadex side effects

Nolvadex vs Clomid

 Clomid is just one of the many labels for Clomiphene Citrate and it is a SERM just like Nolvadex.

Although it was developed a lot later than Nolvadex, it is a bit stronger than it and enjoys as much popularity as Nolvadex. Clomid is especially good if you’ve been doing a SARM for longer than ten weeks, it excels when used on longer cycles.

Because it is a bit stronger than Nolvadex, it also has a higher risk of causing side effects in the body. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence seems to point out the fact that less than 5% of all people that took Nolvadex experienced any side effects at all.

Nolvadex is a much safer alternative but takes longer to kick in. Clomid is great for the harder stuff out there and is even used after steroid cycles.

With that out of the way, Clomid and Nolvadex aren’t that different, it’s just that one is a bit more potent than the other and that’s about it.

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Finding Real Nolvadex For Sale

It is quite hard to stumble upon a vendor that has real Nolvadex for sale. It’s a sad state of affairs that many shops buy in bulk from places like China where there’s no quality control and than try to peddle that product in the US, branding it as quality PCT supplements.

To make you avoid such a fate, we compiled a shortlist of what you need to look out for when buying from a company.

These are the things to look out for:

  • Recent Lab Results
  • Age of The Company
  • Online Reviews on Forums
  • Payment Methods They Accept (Cryptocurrency only poses a risk)

 These four points will guide you to the right vendor, but even with that, it’s still hard to go through all these vendors just to find real Nolvadex for sale. Read our next section to find out what vendors we recommend out of the hundreds we’ve tested.

Where to Buy Nolvadex

If you’re wondering where to buy Nolvadex, we got you covered. As promised, here are the three vendors that never disappointed us when it came to their quality of PCT supplements.

  1. Swisschems

This vendor operates from the US and has been doing so for a long time. They sell heaps of compounds, among them SARMs and PCT supplements.

Their Nolvadex is sold in capsule form and you have to pay $108.86 if you pay with traditional means (credit card) or you can get a discount on your order if you pay via cryptocurrencies, lowering the price to $87.09. For that amount of money, you get 2000mgs worth of Nolvadex (100 tabs containing 20mgs of product).

They have a great policy regarding their supplements and you can always return them for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

It took our Nolvadex three days to arrive and we were very happy with the contents inside.

  1. Secretsupps

 SecretSupps is a great beginner vendor operating from the US, they have detailed descriptions on how to use their SARMs and PCT supplements right on their website.

They have the liquid form of Nolvadex and label it as Protectt 2.0. You will be charged $97.00 for a bottle of the compound and it contains 600mgs worth of Nolvadex.

This is a great option for newbies as it’s quite easy to measure out a dose as they are in line with our recommended dosages (You get 30ml of liquid with each ml being worth 20mgs of Nolvadex).

They offer free worldwide shipping and boast great shipping times. It took our package only two days to arrive in front of our porch.


The third shop we recommend comes from the one and only Umbrella Labs, that have been selling PCT supplements and other compounds for years. They offer a natural alternative to Nolvadex, which might not be as effective as Nolvadex itself but it has zero side effects.

It’s labeled as a dietary supplement and you get 90 pills, one should take two before sleep which means that one bottle will last you enough for a month and a half.

It only costs $27.99 and you get free shipping on top of that.

Lastly, their shipping times are very rapid. It will take your goods between two to five business days to get to you. To conclude, we have shown you how to use Nolvadex PCT and now you can go get yourself some Nolvadex without any fear of being scammed.

Have fun bodybuilding and remember to not overdo it with the potent SARMs out there!

TB 500 For Sale: Where To Buy The Purest Thymosin Beta-4 Online

You might have heard TB 500 being used by horse trainers to prevent injuries to their beloved horses, but can it do the same for humans? Bodybuilders have been using it for years in their quest for muscle growth, but does it really work and are there any side effects?

In this article, we’re about to find that out and so much more.

What is TB 500 And How Does It Work

TB 500 is the synthetic version of the peptide Thymosin beta-4, a protein in humans that regulates many important functions such as Actin binding, protein moonlighting, tissue regeneration and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase.

What’s interesting for us are its effects on Actin, a protein designed for building muscle tissue and aiding muscle regeneration. Not only does Actin promote such properties in the muscle, but it is active all throughout the body when it comes to cell production, which is exactly what makes it so important to us humans.

TB 500 has a very low molecular weight and it moves through the body effortlessly, finding the right spot to heal without any outside help. This what makes it so appealing to bodybuilders who oftentimes strain their bodies to the limits.

So, let’s see what sort of effects and benefits TB 500 brings to the table!

TB 500 Review: Effects and Benefits on the User

In this section of this TB 500 review, we’ll look at the potential benefits of using this compound. Human studies have been done using TB 500 and so far, no complaints were had by the participants, not even after discontinuing the usage of this supplement.

  • Boosts Stamina And Endurance: If you really want to go ham at the gym, you’ll have to introduce TB 500 into your workout routines. It massively improves the output you can achieve in a gym session and users have reported feeling strong and powerful during their entire training routine.
  • Aids In Recovery of Muscle Tissues: Not only muscle tissues but tissues in general. You will see your recovery times cut into two after introducing TB 500 into your workout routine.
  • Promotes Hair Growth: You can kiss your alopecia goodbye as TB 500 promotes hair growth and restores it in a healthy manner, making your hair cells strong and rejuvenated.
  • It Helps With Muscle Toning: No longer will you have to spend hours in the gym working on your tone, as TB 500 naturally promotes muscle toning. Some users have even reported lean muscle growth!
  • Increases Strength: Though this wasn’t a wonder drug? Think again! With your newly found strength, you will be able to smash your personal records in a heartbeat. Users have reported beating their personal records in as little as four weeks of using this compound.
  • Improves Your Stem Cells: Stem cells are known to be able to repair almost any damage done to the body, even neurological damage. TB 500 positively affects stem cells in your body, helping them do their job more efficiently, therefore promoting healing effects throughout the body.
  • Reduces Inflammation: This is a hallmark of almost all the peptides out there so this benefit isn’t really surprising to see on the list.

After hearing all about these amazing benefits, you’re surely wondering where to get TB 500 for sale. You’ll have to be a bit more patient as we have lots of other things to go through in this TB 500 review before we reach the checkout page.TB 500 benefits

TB 500 Dosage

It’s hard to really gauge the proper TB 500 dosage as almost no studies have been done on humans using this compound. What we can do is offer you the TB 500 dosage that worked for other bodybuilders and athletes in their cycles.

They usually used the compound for four to six weeks and they dosed it twice a week in dosages between 5 to 10 milligrams. We recommend that you start out slow in the first week and only take 5mg to see how your body will react to TB 500. If everything goes fine, you can up the dosage to 10mg taken twice a week.

After the initial four to six week period has passed, some athletes like to use TB 500 for maintenance purposes.

You don’t have to take it more than once a month in very low dosages, such as 2 to 5 mgs a day. You don’t have to do PCT or any other therapy after using TB 500, it’s completely safe for the human body.

Speaking of safety, let’s take a look at some of the alleged side effects of this peptide.

Possible Side Effects of Using TB 500

Most people that use TB 500 don’t report any side effects at all. With that being said, there is a small minority of people that simply have a harder time tolerating the compound and they do experience some side effects, let’s name some of these.

  • Extreme Tiredness: This one is a bit of no-brainer as TB 500 gives you extra stamina and endurance during a workout, it’s normal to feel a bit depleted after you’re done at the gym.
  • Head Rush: A small minority of people experience a head rush right after injecting the compound. This is nothing to worry about as it typically goes away in a few minutes.

There’s another false rumor that is being spread in bodybuilding forums and communities and that is that TB 500 causes cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re a healthy individual, you have nothing to fear. The only thing TB 500 does is increase the production of blood cells.

Moreover, this could be helpful in the fight against some cancers, as shown by this study, as it actually improves the body’s immune response against the threat.

The Use of TB 500 In Bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders use TB 500 for a variety of different purposes.

The most common reason bodybuilders pick up TB 500 is because of the amazing strength they get while using the compound. It helps during pumps in the gym and you’re that much more likely to beat your personal best.

Another reason stems from the fact that TB 500 boosts endurance and stamina. Bodybuilders have reported that after starting a cycle with this peptide, they stay a lot longer in the gym, being able to push themselves a lot harder than before.

The third reason and the most common reason for the usage of TB 500 in bodybuilding is the reduced recovery times it induces. Many bodybuilders claim that their recovery times have been reducing up to half of what it was before they started using this compound. They also claim that their injuries, such as cuts and bruises, healed a lot faster.

A small minority even reported having stronger bones and a sturdier frame during a cycle with TB 500.

The last reason is increased muscle growth. It is no secret that TB 500 aids in the production of cells in the body, which includes muscle cells, all done via the protein Actin.

As we can see, the uses are many and the benefits are amazing. If you’re still asking yourself where to get TB 500 for sale, which we are sure you are, we ask you to be patient just for a bit longer. We’ll reveal it all in the final chapter of this article.

TB 500 dosage

TB 500 VS BPC 157: How Similar/Different Are They?

There haven’t been any TB 500 VS BPC 157 studies done so far, but that doesn’t prevent us from comparing these two peptides. BPC 157 is a bit more organic since it’s derived from the gastrointestinal system, while TB 500 is derived from animal tissue.

With that being said, their effects on the human body are very similar, with a few minor differences. You see, bodybuilders report that when using TB 500 in comparison to BPC 157, their recovery times were a lot faster.

That’s the only minor difference in effects that we could find between these two.

Moreover, for maximum effects, some people like to stack these two together which will get you results that much faster!

The Best and Purest TB 500 For Sale

Before buying TB 500 from the first online shop you stumble upon, it’s important to understand that most peptides that are being sold today aren’t real peptides at all. They are a mixture of many different cheap chemicals, some of them toxic and dangerous to the body, most of these originating from China.

That’s why you have to stay away from the vendors that offer cheap TB 500 for sale as they don’t have any recent lab reports, a money-back guarantee and no decent online reviews on bodybuilding forums and communities.

We have unburdened you from the hassle of trying to find a reputable business and will show you our recommendation for the best TB 500 for sale you can find.

That shop is run by Umbrella Labs, a US-based manufacturer, and seller of peptides and other supplements. They sell TB 500 in 5mg vials and it will cost you only $50.00.

You will get free shipping and the shipping times are insanely fast. Our package arrived in only two days.

Speaking of purity, their TB 500 shows 99% purity so you know that you’re getting the real deal. This is simply the best shop to get TB 500 for sale, it doesn’t get better than Umbrella Labs. We’ve ordered from them multiple times and never had any issues with any of our packages or compounds.

Tb 500 for sale

With that being said, this would be it for our TB 500 review. Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need, you can make an educated decision on whether TB 500 is something for you or not.

Whatever your decision may be, remember to stay positive and keep at it!

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