(SACRAMENTO)—No on 56—Stop the Special Interest Tax Grab today announced launching a 30-second television ad, which informs voters that just 13 percent of the new tax revenue generated by Prop. 56 would go to help people stop smoking or keep kids from ever starting. The majority of the new tax revenue will go to Prop. 56’s special interest healthcare provider backers, who will receive approximately $1 billion each year without ever having to treat new patients.

“The wealthy special interests behind Prop. 56 are trying to use the ballot box to increase their profits,” said Beth Miller, spokesperson for the No on 56 coalition. “Proponents are arguing that Prop. 56 is designed to stop kids from smoking, but when you follow the money, it becomes clear that Prop. 56 is nothing more than a special interest tax grab.”

The TV ad is part of the coalition’s efforts to educate California voters about the significant flaws in Prop. 56, the $1.4 billion special interest “tax grab hike” on the November ballot.

Watch the ad:

Click here to read a fact check on the ad.

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