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Clomid PCT: One of The Strongest PCT Supplements On The Market

You’ve probably stumbled upon this article searching for a way to use Clomid PCT. Now, before we show you how to use it and where to purchase it, we first have to go through a couple of formalities.

These are necessary so that you may use Clomid without making any mistakes such as taking too much or dosing in an infrequent manner. Clomid, alongside Nolvadex are one of the two most popular PCT supplements around and there is a reason for that: They work great against testosterone suppression.

Clomid is the stronger one amongst the two and in the next section, we’ll tell you all the nuts and bolts surrounding it.

What is Clomid

Initially developed to aid the activity of the gonads in the human body, Clomid has quickly become one of the most popular PCT supplements for bodybuilding when its effects were put to the test. Clomid acts as a SERM, meaning that it blocks the activity of estrogen in the body. This leads to Testosterone production, which is either lowered or completely shut down during suppression.

The name Clomid is just one of many brand names used to describe Clomiphene Citrate. You might have heard of names such as Bemot, Clomidac, and Biogen being used.

Clomid owes its powerful anti-estrogen effects to the fact that it is one of the most potent SERMs around. Even steroid users take it to battle the side effects of their gear.

Studies have confirmed that just 25mgs of Clomid a day markedly increases Testosterone production in the body.

what is clomid

Clomid PCT Dosage

Your Clomid PCT dosage will depend on what you took (SARM or steroid) and for how long you were taking the compound in question. If you were using SARMs, 50mgs a day is going to be just enough for starters. You will lower the dosage as your PCT cycle moves on.

If you were taking something stronger, like steroids, you will have to start with a higher dosage, 100mgs a day is recommended for that endeavor. Note that the more Clomid you take, the higher the chances of side effects occurring become.

You can cycle Clomid between four to six weeks, but we recommend that you do it the entire six weeks, just to be extra safe from the suppression. After the six weeks of PCT are done, don’t start a new steroid or SARM cycle but have a cooldown period of at least another eight weeks to let your body recuperate.

How To Take Clomid

You will find Clomid in pill form and as a liquid.The pills are really easy to take, just drink them with a glass of water the moment you wake up and you’ll do just fine.

With the liquid, things get a bit more complicated. You first have to measure out the proper dosage which is hard in itself, as there surely aren’t any measuring tools for small amounts such as milliliters lying around your kitchen.

Secondly, when you mix the liquid with water, there’s a huge chance of not getting everything into your system with just one shot of water, as the residue is often left behind. This means that you never really know if you took the full dosage.

Don’t despair, when the time comes to show you where to buy Clomid online, we’ll not offer you the liquid solution but pills that you can simply swallow.

That makes it easier for everybody.

Clomid dosage

Why do People Use Clomid for Bodybuilding

People use Clomid for bodybuilding for a variety of reasons.

The first and most obvious one is because of the effects it has on estrogen in the body. Estrogen, as we all should know, is a female sex hormone that boosts the production of breast tissue. When introduced in high quantities in men, it causes gyno or gynecomastia which is the enlargement of breasts in men. Gym bros around the world like to call that phenomenon ‘bitch tits’.

You might have heard the term thrown around in the gym locker rooms.

Another reason why Clomid is so useful for bodybuilders is that it stops water retention. If your diet is in check and it must be for Clomid to work, you will not have any problems with water retention.

It has to be noted that Clomid isn’t the most effective compound for the job as it doesn’t decrease the amount of estrogen in our body, but it cuts off the receptors responsible for estrogen production from interacting with one another.

The third and final reason why bodybuilders love Clomid is that it stops Testosterone suppression. As we’ve indicated at the beginning of this article, studies have shown that just 25mgs of Clomid successfully boosts Testosterone production. As we can see, Clomid for bodybuilding makes a lot of sense. Bodybuilders that use it are lauding it for all these positive effects.

Let’s take a look at how well Clomid fares when it is put up against SARMs.

Rad 140 review

Clomid for SARMs 

Some people will claim that you don’t need a PCT supplement like Clomid for SARMs. They will say that the body can do the job on its own and that it doesn’t make sense to use any outside help. This might hold water when it comes to something mild like Ostarine or Andarine, but when SARMs such as Testolone or S23 are on the line, you would be stupid not to take a PCT supplement.

These SARMs cause suppression in the body, which you have to deal with somehow and the best way to do so is with something like Clomid.

Clomid works especially well when you have stacked multiple SARMs together, this is where it really shines and where you can see the positive effects fully reveal themselves. If you’re curious as to what these are, refer to the previous section of this article.

Femara VS Clomid – Which One Is Better?

Femara and Clomid both share one trait together and that is that they have both been developed to treat infertility in women. Clinical studies have shown that both have similar effects on the body and that neither compound could be proclaimed as better than the other.

The only problem with Femara is its pronounced side effects. Clomid has some of its own, as we’ll see in the next section, but patients treated with Femara experienced a whole lot more side effects than usual.

They complained about hot flashes, insomnia, chest pain, loss of hair and the worst of all, decreased bone density, with bone health being something sacred for bodybuilders.

So if one has to choose between Femara and Clomid, Clomid is the obvious option.

Side Effects of Clomid

We’ll name some of the side effects people have experienced while using Clomid. Please note that most of these were experienced by steroid users that took 100mgs or more a day so if you only did SARMs in your cycle, you will most likely not feel any of these side effects. Count yourself blessed if you only used SARMs!

  • Changes in Metabolism: Some people complained of diarrhea, others experienced constipation. Science still doesn’t have the answer to why it affects certain people so differently, but progress is being made in this sphere.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Mostly experienced at the start of your Clomid PCT cycle as your body is still getting used to the effects of the compound. It will go away quickly so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Blurred Vision: This is a very rare side effect that affects less than 0,1% of Clomid users. You would have to be really unlucky to be one of the few afflicted by this. If by any chance it does happen to you, halve your Clomid dosage immediately.
  • Pain in the Breast: This has also been reported as a side effect rarely seen but we have to mention it anyways. It feels like a stinging sensation around your breast area and lasts between five to ten seconds. You probably won’t have to deal with it, but if you do, lower your Clomid dosage!

Clomid side effects

Where to Buy Clomid Online

We’ve finally reached the section you’ve been waiting for. We’ll now show you where to buy Clomid online only from the best vendor around and as an added bonus, the Clomid will be in capsule form, so you won’t have to worry about problems during your intake of the compound!

The shop we’re talking about is called SwissChems and despite their name implies that they are from Europe, they are actually a US supplier of SARMs, PCT supplements, and many other compounds.

Clomid in their shop will cost you $118.43 if you pay with your credit card and only $94.74 if you pay via Bitcoin. For that amount of money, you get 100 tabs, with each capsule being worth 25mgs of Clomid for a total of 2500mgs.

That’s a great deal as you also get free shipping if you’re ordering from the US.

With the amount of Clomid you get, you can do around two PCT cycles with it, so you don’t have to worry about ever running out of it.

To sum up, we have shown you how to use Clomid PCT and now you can safely proceed with your cycle without hassle.

Be sure to complete your PCT cycle and have fun chasing that gainz!


Nolvadex PCT: Get Rid of Any Kind Of Suppression In Your Body!

Testosterone suppression is a real danger of doing the stronger SARMs out there. Because these potent SARMs have high anabolic activity and introduce a lot of exogenous testosterone, your body simply stops producing any of its own.

That’s when you have to do something like Nolvadex PCT to get your body functioning properly again. You will also rebalance your hormones that way, smashing the disbalance created by the previous compounds you used.

In this article, we’ll show you how to best approach Nolvadex PCT, how to use it, the proper dosage you should take, what SARMs require PCT and much more.

What is Nolvadex

Nolvadex is one of the many brand names, which include Soltamox and Oestrifen, that are used to describe a supplement by the name of Tamoxifen Citrate. Tamoxifen Citrate is the oldest prescribed SERM out there and is the most popular option among bodybuilders looking for a PCT supplement.

The role of SERM is to block estrogen production, therefore allowing testosterone to once again be naturally released into the body. Nolvadex PCT completely stops any kind of side effects caused by suppression and as we’ll later see, it is also good for things like gyno.


Nolvadex PCT Dosage

 Your Nolvadex PCT dosage is going to depend on two factors: How long you did a cycle with the particular SARM and how strong the SARM was that you used. If you did a cycle up to eight weeks and didn’t indulge in anything too potent, 20mgs a day should be enough of dosage for you.

However, if you did a cycle lasting longer than eight weeks on something strong like Testolone, you will have to do 40mgs a day. If you stacked multiple SARMs that require PCT, you should take 50mgs a day and that should be your maximum dosage. Anything above 50mgs a day will cause you to experience side effects.

A Nolvadex PCT cycle usually lasts between four to six weeks, but we recommend going for the full six weeks before starting another cycle with SARMs again, for your own safety.

The half-life of Nolvadex hovers between five to seven days, so one pill a day should be plenty enough for your needs.

What SARMs Require PCT Like Nolvadex

Some people claim that all SARMs require a PCT cycle, others say that SARMs are too mild for PCT. The truth lies in the middle: With some SARMs, you really do need to perform a PCT cycle and with the rest, a simple cooldown period lasting as long as your SARMs cycle is enough to do the job.

Generally speaking, you will not use PCT with the milder SARMs out there, that being Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine. Although not SARMs, they are often labeled as one, so you can add Ibutamoren, Stenabolic and SR9011 to the list.

The SARMs that do require PCT are generally going to be the ones that have high anabolic activity. These are SARMs like Ligandrol, Testolone, YK11, and S23.

If you fail to do PCT with any of these four, you will start to feel the effects of suppression which can lead to some nasty consequences for you. The most serious one is gyno, the topic of our next section.

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Nolvadex for Gyno

Using Nolvadex for gyno works wonders and even if you have developed gyno in the first place, Nolvadex will still help you out, as shown by this study. If you have never heard of gyno, it is basically an abbreviation for gynecomastia, where an abnormal increase of male breast tissue occurs.

The reason why gyno happens in the first place is because of elevated Estrogen in the body which then leads to breast enlargement because of the hormonal imbalance in your body.

SERMs like Nolvadex prevent that and restore the natural balance in our body, thereby beating gyno into oblivion!

Nolvadex for gyno

Nolvadex On Cycle – Can You Use It During a SARMs Cycle?

You can use Nolvadex on cycle, nobody is preventing you from doing that, but it is generally not recommended.

If you’re not taking anything stronger than SARMs, you will most likely not need it as the suppressive effects of SARMs are meager at best.

If, however, you feel the need to do Nolvadex on cycle because you really do feel the suppressive effects, we recommend a dosage between 10 to 20mgs, depending on how severe the symptoms are. If you’re really having problems during your cycle, you should maybe consider abandoning your cycle altogether or lowering your SARMs dosage.

That might be a better solution rather than taking Nolvadex.

Nolvadex dosage

Side Effects of Using Nolvadex

While we were on Nolvadex PCT, we didn’t feel any of these side effects as they are very rare in appearance and usually occur when you take higher dosages of Nolvadex.

With that being said, one should still be aware of what he can expect out of the compound in question and we’ll therefore list some of the potential side effects you might experience while on it.

  • Headaches: Headaches are known to occur when you first start taking the compound but they go away fast.
  • Constipation: Changes in your metabolism are entirely possible while on Nolvadex, so make sure you have some laxatives nearby.
  • Feeling Emotional: You might experience mood swings while on Nolvadex as it works on rebalancing your hormones, you will just have to tough it out if that happens.
  • Ligament Issues: This side effect is oftentimes attributed to Nolvadex, but it isn’t due to the compound at all. It is because of the strain all the new muscles build upon your body.
  • Depression: Your mood might go a little down while on Nolvadex, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. It’s not going to be anything serious, like clinical depression.
  • Lowered Libido: This especially affects man, but is a very rare side effect of Nolvadex. If it really does occur, you always have Viagra to help you out.

Nolvadex side effects

Nolvadex vs Clomid

 Clomid is just one of the many labels for Clomiphene Citrate and it is a SERM just like Nolvadex.

Although it was developed a lot later than Nolvadex, it is a bit stronger than it and enjoys as much popularity as Nolvadex. Clomid is especially good if you’ve been doing a SARM for longer than ten weeks, it excels when used on longer cycles.

Because it is a bit stronger than Nolvadex, it also has a higher risk of causing side effects in the body. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence seems to point out the fact that less than 5% of all people that took Nolvadex experienced any side effects at all.

Nolvadex is a much safer alternative but takes longer to kick in. Clomid is great for the harder stuff out there and is even used after steroid cycles.

With that out of the way, Clomid and Nolvadex aren’t that different, it’s just that one is a bit more potent than the other and that’s about it.

Best post cycle therapy

Finding Real Nolvadex For Sale

It is quite hard to stumble upon a vendor that has real Nolvadex for sale. It’s a sad state of affairs that many shops buy in bulk from places like China where there’s no quality control and than try to peddle that product in the US, branding it as quality PCT supplements.

To make you avoid such a fate, we compiled a shortlist of what you need to look out for when buying from a company.

These are the things to look out for:

  • Recent Lab Results
  • Age of The Company
  • Online Reviews on Forums
  • Payment Methods They Accept (Cryptocurrency only poses a risk)

 These four points will guide you to the right vendor, but even with that, it’s still hard to go through all these vendors just to find real Nolvadex for sale. Read our next section to find out what vendors we recommend out of the hundreds we’ve tested.

Where to Buy Nolvadex

If you’re wondering where to buy Nolvadex, we got you covered. As promised, here are the three vendors that never disappointed us when it came to their quality of PCT supplements.

  1. Swisschems

This vendor operates from the US and has been doing so for a long time. They sell heaps of compounds, among them SARMs and PCT supplements.

Their Nolvadex is sold in capsule form and you have to pay $108.86 if you pay with traditional means (credit card) or you can get a discount on your order if you pay via cryptocurrencies, lowering the price to $87.09. For that amount of money, you get 2000mgs worth of Nolvadex (100 tabs containing 20mgs of product).

They have a great policy regarding their supplements and you can always return them for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

It took our Nolvadex three days to arrive and we were very happy with the contents inside.

  1. Secretsupps

 SecretSupps is a great beginner vendor operating from the US, they have detailed descriptions on how to use their SARMs and PCT supplements right on their website.

They have the liquid form of Nolvadex and label it as Protectt 2.0. You will be charged $97.00 for a bottle of the compound and it contains 600mgs worth of Nolvadex.

This is a great option for newbies as it’s quite easy to measure out a dose as they are in line with our recommended dosages (You get 30ml of liquid with each ml being worth 20mgs of Nolvadex).

They offer free worldwide shipping and boast great shipping times. It took our package only two days to arrive in front of our porch.


The third shop we recommend comes from the one and only Umbrella Labs, that have been selling PCT supplements and other compounds for years. They offer a natural alternative to Nolvadex, which might not be as effective as Nolvadex itself but it has zero side effects.

It’s labeled as a dietary supplement and you get 90 pills, one should take two before sleep which means that one bottle will last you enough for a month and a half.

It only costs $27.99 and you get free shipping on top of that.

Lastly, their shipping times are very rapid. It will take your goods between two to five business days to get to you. To conclude, we have shown you how to use Nolvadex PCT and now you can go get yourself some Nolvadex without any fear of being scammed.

Have fun bodybuilding and remember to not overdo it with the potent SARMs out there!

TB 500 For Sale: Where To Buy The Purest Thymosin Beta-4 Online

You might have heard TB 500 being used by horse trainers to prevent injuries to their beloved horses, but can it do the same for humans? Bodybuilders have been using it for years in their quest for muscle growth, but does it really work and are there any side effects?

In this article, we’re about to find that out and so much more.

What is TB 500 And How Does It Work

TB 500 is the synthetic version of the peptide Thymosin beta-4, a protein in humans that regulates many important functions such as Actin binding, protein moonlighting, tissue regeneration and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase.

What’s interesting for us are its effects on Actin, a protein designed for building muscle tissue and aiding muscle regeneration. Not only does Actin promote such properties in the muscle, but it is active all throughout the body when it comes to cell production, which is exactly what makes it so important to us humans.

TB 500 has a very low molecular weight and it moves through the body effortlessly, finding the right spot to heal without any outside help. This what makes it so appealing to bodybuilders who oftentimes strain their bodies to the limits.

So, let’s see what sort of effects and benefits TB 500 brings to the table!

TB 500 Review: Effects and Benefits on the User

In this section of this TB 500 review, we’ll look at the potential benefits of using this compound. Human studies have been done using TB 500 and so far, no complaints were had by the participants, not even after discontinuing the usage of this supplement.

  • Boosts Stamina And Endurance: If you really want to go ham at the gym, you’ll have to introduce TB 500 into your workout routines. It massively improves the output you can achieve in a gym session and users have reported feeling strong and powerful during their entire training routine.
  • Aids In Recovery of Muscle Tissues: Not only muscle tissues but tissues in general. You will see your recovery times cut into two after introducing TB 500 into your workout routine.
  • Promotes Hair Growth: You can kiss your alopecia goodbye as TB 500 promotes hair growth and restores it in a healthy manner, making your hair cells strong and rejuvenated.
  • It Helps With Muscle Toning: No longer will you have to spend hours in the gym working on your tone, as TB 500 naturally promotes muscle toning. Some users have even reported lean muscle growth!
  • Increases Strength: Though this wasn’t a wonder drug? Think again! With your newly found strength, you will be able to smash your personal records in a heartbeat. Users have reported beating their personal records in as little as four weeks of using this compound.
  • Improves Your Stem Cells: Stem cells are known to be able to repair almost any damage done to the body, even neurological damage. TB 500 positively affects stem cells in your body, helping them do their job more efficiently, therefore promoting healing effects throughout the body.
  • Reduces Inflammation: This is a hallmark of almost all the peptides out there so this benefit isn’t really surprising to see on the list.

After hearing all about these amazing benefits, you’re surely wondering where to get TB 500 for sale. You’ll have to be a bit more patient as we have lots of other things to go through in this TB 500 review before we reach the checkout page.TB 500 benefits

TB 500 Dosage

It’s hard to really gauge the proper TB 500 dosage as almost no studies have been done on humans using this compound. What we can do is offer you the TB 500 dosage that worked for other bodybuilders and athletes in their cycles.

They usually used the compound for four to six weeks and they dosed it twice a week in dosages between 5 to 10 milligrams. We recommend that you start out slow in the first week and only take 5mg to see how your body will react to TB 500. If everything goes fine, you can up the dosage to 10mg taken twice a week.

After the initial four to six week period has passed, some athletes like to use TB 500 for maintenance purposes.

You don’t have to take it more than once a month in very low dosages, such as 2 to 5 mgs a day. You don’t have to do PCT or any other therapy after using TB 500, it’s completely safe for the human body.

Speaking of safety, let’s take a look at some of the alleged side effects of this peptide.

Possible Side Effects of Using TB 500

Most people that use TB 500 don’t report any side effects at all. With that being said, there is a small minority of people that simply have a harder time tolerating the compound and they do experience some side effects, let’s name some of these.

  • Extreme Tiredness: This one is a bit of no-brainer as TB 500 gives you extra stamina and endurance during a workout, it’s normal to feel a bit depleted after you’re done at the gym.
  • Head Rush: A small minority of people experience a head rush right after injecting the compound. This is nothing to worry about as it typically goes away in a few minutes.

There’s another false rumor that is being spread in bodybuilding forums and communities and that is that TB 500 causes cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re a healthy individual, you have nothing to fear. The only thing TB 500 does is increase the production of blood cells.

Moreover, this could be helpful in the fight against some cancers, as shown by this study, as it actually improves the body’s immune response against the threat.

The Use of TB 500 In Bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders use TB 500 for a variety of different purposes.

The most common reason bodybuilders pick up TB 500 is because of the amazing strength they get while using the compound. It helps during pumps in the gym and you’re that much more likely to beat your personal best.

Another reason stems from the fact that TB 500 boosts endurance and stamina. Bodybuilders have reported that after starting a cycle with this peptide, they stay a lot longer in the gym, being able to push themselves a lot harder than before.

The third reason and the most common reason for the usage of TB 500 in bodybuilding is the reduced recovery times it induces. Many bodybuilders claim that their recovery times have been reducing up to half of what it was before they started using this compound. They also claim that their injuries, such as cuts and bruises, healed a lot faster.

A small minority even reported having stronger bones and a sturdier frame during a cycle with TB 500.

The last reason is increased muscle growth. It is no secret that TB 500 aids in the production of cells in the body, which includes muscle cells, all done via the protein Actin.

As we can see, the uses are many and the benefits are amazing. If you’re still asking yourself where to get TB 500 for sale, which we are sure you are, we ask you to be patient just for a bit longer. We’ll reveal it all in the final chapter of this article.

TB 500 dosage

TB 500 VS BPC 157: How Similar/Different Are They?

There haven’t been any TB 500 VS BPC 157 studies done so far, but that doesn’t prevent us from comparing these two peptides. BPC 157 is a bit more organic since it’s derived from the gastrointestinal system, while TB 500 is derived from animal tissue.

With that being said, their effects on the human body are very similar, with a few minor differences. You see, bodybuilders report that when using TB 500 in comparison to BPC 157, their recovery times were a lot faster.

That’s the only minor difference in effects that we could find between these two.

Moreover, for maximum effects, some people like to stack these two together which will get you results that much faster!

The Best and Purest TB 500 For Sale

Before buying TB 500 from the first online shop you stumble upon, it’s important to understand that most peptides that are being sold today aren’t real peptides at all. They are a mixture of many different cheap chemicals, some of them toxic and dangerous to the body, most of these originating from China.

That’s why you have to stay away from the vendors that offer cheap TB 500 for sale as they don’t have any recent lab reports, a money-back guarantee and no decent online reviews on bodybuilding forums and communities.

We have unburdened you from the hassle of trying to find a reputable business and will show you our recommendation for the best TB 500 for sale you can find.

That shop is run by Umbrella Labs, a US-based manufacturer, and seller of peptides and other supplements. They sell TB 500 in 5mg vials and it will cost you only $50.00.

You will get free shipping and the shipping times are insanely fast. Our package arrived in only two days.

Speaking of purity, their TB 500 shows 99% purity so you know that you’re getting the real deal. This is simply the best shop to get TB 500 for sale, it doesn’t get better than Umbrella Labs. We’ve ordered from them multiple times and never had any issues with any of our packages or compounds.

Tb 500 for sale

With that being said, this would be it for our TB 500 review. Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need, you can make an educated decision on whether TB 500 is something for you or not.

Whatever your decision may be, remember to stay positive and keep at it!

SARMs VS Steroids: Which One Is The Better Choice?

Not sure whether to pick SARMs or steroids for your next bodybuilding cycle? Heard a lot of noise about SARMs but are not sure whether they work? Want to try steroids but the fear of the negative side effects is making you second guess?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you and today we’ll present our findings in this article. You’ll learn everything you need to know about both compounds and by the end of this write-up, you’ll know what the right choice really should be.

What are SARMs?

SARM is an acronym standing for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. What does that mean? It means that SARMs act selectively on androgens in the body, in the muscles and bones to be perfectly frank. They don’t interfere with the function or workings of any other internal organ in the body and that’s why they are called selective modulators. That’s because they only target androgens in the body, no other hormones are involved in their way of conduct.

All SARMs had humble beginnings: They were developed to treat diseases like osteoporosis in older patients.

However, they have gotten very popular in the bodybuilding community because of the amazing benefits they bring to the table such as muscle growth, increased endurance, and stronger bones.

Most SARMs have zero to no side effects at all as they don’t cause testosterone suppression in the body and only a couple of them require any type of PCT (post cycle therapy) at all. They are still in the research and testing phase so they haven’t been approved for human consumption. Still, you can purchase them as research chemicals without any sort of hassle.

What Are Steroids?

When people hear the word steroid, they think of something obscure and scientific but they are just the synthetic version of our natural hormones found in our body.

There are two types of steroids: Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.  For the purposes of this article, we’ll only focus on anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are a laboratory-created version of the natural male hormone testosterone. Although they bind to the androgen receptor in the same way SARMs do, they don’t do so selectively, causing problems all throughout the body.

This synthetic supplement not only hits the androgen receptors in the muscle but also elsewhere as well. This can lead to serious side effects such as acne, an increased prostate, increased risk of heart problems, an increase of bad cholesterol and so on.

They are a lot stronger and aggressive in their mode of action in comparison to SARMs so your results will be a lot better if you use steroids rather than SARMs. But the potential side effects are just not worth it.

Many people have heard that doctors use steroids to cure diseases such as muscle wasting and think that it is a safe compound because it’s used by doctors. The truth is that medical staff administers the bare minimum dosage required for the steroids to do their job, while bodybuilders juice themselves up with 50 or 100 times the dose.

We don’t blame these bodybuilders, as in small doses, steroids don’t have the amazing effects they are portrayed to have, such as massively increasing muscle mass and strength.

SARMs vs steroids

SARMs VS Steroids: Why SARMs Might Be A Better Choice

 To really compare these two compounds, we first have to look at what they bring to the table.

In terms of effects, they are quite similar, it’s just that steroids work faster. So for example, you will have to do three cycles of a SARM to get the effect of one cycle of steroids. This puts some people in a tight spot as they want results fast but don’t want the negative side effects attached to steroids.

To those people, we just have one message: You’re aiming for the impossible and if you continue thinking in this sort of narrow way, you’ll end up damaging yourself.

In terms of legality and ease of purchasing, SARMs definitely takes the cake. There are so many stores out there that sell bunk product and even with SARMs, it can be sometimes hard to find the right place to buy them. With steroids, the story is entirely different. They are downright illegal to use, whereas you can still buy SARMs from trusted sources (we’ll show you where) as research chemicals.

This means that you’ll have to buy steroids from shady sources where you will not know what you’re getting. You don’t want to be the guy purchasing from the suspicious lad you’ll find in every corner of the gym: He probably doesn’t know what he is selling but he doesn’t care because there is a lot of profit involved into the trade.

This brings us to our third point which is pricing since steroids are illegal, they are usually priced a lot higher than SARMs. For example, at Umbrella Labs, you can get yourself 600mgs of almost any SARM for just $70.00. This should last you enough for a month.

Now go ahead and ask a steroid user how much he spends in a month and your eyes will fall out.

Let’s get to our fourth point and those are side effects. With SARMs, if you stick to the recommended dosages and cycles we suggest on our website, you should experience exactly zero side effects.

With steroids, the story is a bit different: You will definitely experience side effects and they will be quite pronounced. If you have ever heard of the phrase ‘roid rage’ you can probably already guess where it came from – SteROID rage.

Another point for SARMs is that they mostly don’t require PCT after a cycle. Even if they do, it’s usually a mini PCT cycle that doesn’t last longer than a month with something mild like Nolvadex or Clomid.

With steroids, you will definitely have to do PCT and you’ll still experience side effects on top of that.

From these five points we have raised, we can see that steroids win in only one of them and that is the speed in which they build muscle.

We are going as far as to not think of that as a benefit as the stress this new muscle puts on your ligaments is downright atrocious. You’re harming your body by putting on so much muscle in such a short time span.

With that being said, if we had to choose between SARMs or steroids, we would pick SARMs every time. They are the safer, easier, cheaper and downright better alternative to steroids. Steroids had their days in the past century, now it’s time for SARMs to take over.

SARMs vs Prohormones

Let’s first define what prohormones are for those of you that are just venturing into the supplement world.

Prohormones are basically lesser versions of steroids. Not only are they weaker than steroids, they are also weaker than some SARMs, such as Testolone.

Comparing SARMs to prohormones, we will see that SARMs have the upper hand and here’s why.

First things first, legality, you can purchase SARMs legally as research chemicals while prohormones remain banned as a Schedule III substance. This means that getting to them will be a hassle as you’ll have to go through shady places to attain them and still not be sure what the hell you’re getting.

Another thing is side effects, SARMs, as already mentioned, have little to no side effects attached to them. Prohormones, on the other hand, are comparable to steroids when it comes to side effects.

If we were to pit prohormones, SARMs, and steroids against each other, we believe that prohormones would end up at the bottom of the pile. They aren’t as effective as steroids, SARMs are a safer alternative and they are outright banned so no points for prohormones.

The last point, which also goes to SARMs is the requirement for PCT. Prohormones require PCT while most SARMs don’t. So you got an additional hassle on your mind as you have to introduce even more foreign substances into your body.

In our humble opinion, SARMs are the clear winner in this comparison. Prohormones simply can’t stand up to them.

To conclude, we have now seen that SARMs are the better choice when it comes to both steroids and prohormones. There is only one question that remains unanswered and that is where to get the purest and most high quality lab-tested SARMs?

We got one vendor for you that never disappointed us and it’s called which is run by Umbrella Labs, a US-based researcher, and manufacturer of SARMs and other supplements.

They offer free shipping, have fast shipping times and all of their SARMs enjoy 98% purity or more.

If you want to learn more about SARMs, check out our full-scale SARMs guide and our SARMs vendor review articles.

Now that you have all the information you need, it is time to say goodbye.

Andarine S4 Review: We Got These MASSIVE Benefits From Taking It

Initially developed for the treatment of Osteoporosis, Andarine has enjoyed quite the popularity in bodybuilding circles. Andarine is a SARM that acts on the androgen receptors in our body, making them produce more muscle tissue.

In this Andarine S4 review, we’ll take a look at the other effects of this compound and see why it has enjoyed such high standings among athletes and bodybuilders.

Effects of Andarine

Andarine is quite a versatile SARM that has many effects on the human body, we’ll name just some of the main ones.

  • Massive Fat Loss: Andarine has been shown to decrease fat all around the body in many studies. This is very promising for those that are on a cut and that want to lose their excess fat.
  • Increases Strength of Bones: Because it acts on the mineral density of our bone structure, it has the ability to increase the strength of our bones, as shown by this study on rats.
  • Improves Muscle Growth and Muscle Strength: This dual role of Andarine is what really propelled it in the eyes of bodybuilders. Not only has it been scientifically proven that this compound improves muscle strength, but it also aids in muscle growth all over the body.
  • Loss of Water Weight: This might be one of the most important effects of Andarine. If you feel bloated, this compound will make it all go away with its amazing properties. This will also make your muscles look more defined and you’ll feel shredded in front of the mirror.
  • Improves Energy Levels And Stamina: It does so by releasing more testosterone in the body and we all know how good this male hormone is for us. There are numerous benefits to it, one of them being improved mood and energy levels.

Now that we’re acquainted with the amazing benefits and effects of Andarine, let’s take a closer look at the proper dosages we should take.

What is Andarine S4

The Proper Andarine Dosage

Many articles advise on starting out with astronomical dosages such as 50mgs a day. That is not necessary and may only cause side effects to occur.

Andarine has high anabolic activity and therefore, one doesn’t need to go overboard with his dosage.

The proper Andarine dosage should be 20mgs taken for eight weeks. Because Andarine has a very short half-life of just four hours, you’ll have to take it four times a day in 5mg increments.

You will not need post cycle therapy after an Andarine cycle because it doesn’t suppress the natural hormones in your body. It’s still recommended to take at least eight weeks off after a cycle to let your body set itself back to baseline.

The great thing about Andarine is that it can be used by both beginners and professionals alike, it’s a very safe SARM.

Andarine dosage

Andarine Side Effects

It is sad to say that such a safe compound has been terribly misused by impatient people seeking extraordinary results in just one cycle. We’ve heard of people taking 100mgs of Andarine every day for months and then complaining about the negative consequences.

But it’s not Andarine that is to blame, but their negligence and greed. If you take the compound in our recommended dosage and eight-week cycle, you will not experience any of these Andarine side effects.

We’ll now list down the reported side effects that occurred on high dosages of Andarine:

  • Changes in Vision: This is the most important side effect as our vision makes up for 90% of our overall input from our senses. Anything that screws with vision must be taken under a strict loupe. Our research has shown that only those that took more than 50mgs a day experienced changes in vision. Please, for the sake of your own health, stick to our recommended Andarine dosage!
  • Lethargy and Depression: A small minority of users reported this side effect. It is unknown whether it is from the Andarine since it was such a small sample size, but we’re still mentioning it just in case.
  • Skin Conditions: A majority of users that took higher dosages of Andarine reported acne as one of their main problems. If that ever happens to you, simply lower your dosage!

As we can see, Andarine can become quite dangerous if you don’t respect it. You don’t want yellow dots in your vision, do you? If not, you’re best off staying out of the big leagues when it comes to Andarine usage.

Andarine Before and After Pictures: A Fairy Tale

We’ve analyzed hundreds of Andarine before and after pictures and from what we can conclude, there are all fake. Most of them are made via photoshop, others are modified to make the person in the picture look more buff than he really is.

These images are posted with only one goal in mind: To convince you that you’ll be able to achieve insane results in just one Andarine cycle which would lead you to buy a bottle of the compound. This is a very unscrupulous and downright immoral tactic that many vendors and webmasters employ online and we feel a moral duty to tell you about it.

The Andarine before and after pictures we’ve seen are nothing but a fairy tale. They don’t exist in real life and those results are impossible to replicate.

With that being said, you should focus on yourself and yourself only, disregarding any outside stimuli. You should be your own measuring pole and nobody else. Beat the guy that you were yesterday and you’ll surely improve your physique!

Andarine Vs Ostarine: A Killer Duo

Andarine S4 and Ostarine Mk-2866 have a similar mode of action, that being binding to the androgen receptors in our body.

Andarine is a bit stronger than Ostarine but is still, by all means, a mild SARM. They both act similarly in our body: Burning fat and helping you lose excess weight. The added effect that Andarine has is all the energy and stamina you get while on it.

That’s why these two SARMs are oftentimes stacked together, to create a killer duo which will annihilate all of your excess fat.

It’s usually taken for eight weeks in the following way: 20mgs of Ostarine and 10 to 15mgs of Andarine every day. You will not need PCT after this cycle.

Andarin vs Ostarine

Andarine S4 For Sale – Where To Buy It

There are many shops offering Andarine S4 for sale, but most of them don’t offer quality SARMs and there’s a high chance of getting bunk products.

That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to analyze all the SARMs companies out there and the results we got point to the following four shops as they have the best Andarine S4 for sale.

  1. Science.Bio is a very popular SARMs vendor that has been in the business for years under various aliases. They sell Andarine both as a powder and as a liquid.

The liquid version comes in a bottle with 30mls in it and every ml equals 50mg of product which means that you get 1500mgs of Andarine for just $40.00. We have never seen such pure Andarine sold for so cheap, this is a deal you have to take.

Their liquid Andarine boasts a purity of 99%.

The powder version will cost you a measly $20.00 and for that, you get 1000mgs worth of product. This is also a great deal when compared to the other shops. Their powdered Andarine test results show purity between 98 to 100%, which are great numbers

They don’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than $100.00 of merchandise and that only applies if you’re ordering from the US. If you’re stationed outside of the US, you’ll have to buy 300$ worth of product to get free shipping. has fast shipping times, we got our Andarine in just three days of waiting.

  1. SARMsforsale

SARMs for Sale is run by Umbrella Labs, a US manufacturer and seller of SARMs and various other supplements.

Their S4 will cost you $70.00, just as all their other SARMs, but for that amount of cash, you get 1500mgs worth of product. They only sell the liquid version of the SARM.

Their Andarine shows a perfect purity rate of 100%, it doesn’t get any better than that. They post all of their lab results publicly, which is very reassuring.

On top of that, they offer free shipping so it’s a very good deal that you should take advantage of.

Shipping times are very fast, we got our package delivered in just two days.

Andarine S4

  1. Secretsupps

SecretSupps has been in the SARMs game for years and they have never failed to ensure that their customers are satisfied. We were especially pleased with their customer service which was top notch.

They are the perfect vendor for beginners as they explain everything you need to know about using, dosage and cycling in their product descriptions.

They brand their Andarine as Stanazinne 2.0 and sell it for $97.95 in liquid form. You get 600mgs worth of product for your money. This shop is a bit more expensive than the others but is more suitable for newbies as they won’t be needing huge amounts of Andarine anyways and the measurements are a lot easier to take when there are fewer mgs per one ml.

With that being said, they also offer a great cutting stack that consists of Andarine, Ostarine, and GW0742. It will cost you $258.95 but you get all the instructions on how to use the stack and all the other nuts and bolts for free. You can expect massive results with this stack.

Their Andarine is tested by an independent third-party laboratory also from the US that showed 98% purity for their S4.

They offer free shipping on all of their orders and they are quite fast when it comes to shipping times – It took our bottle just three days to get in front of out porch.

  1. SARMs4You

The last vendor on our list is from Europe and it has the best SARMs this continent has ever seen.

If you’re from Europe and are looking for SARMs, this company is the perfect choice as they boast high purity rates, excellent customer service and fast shipping times (within Europe). They have Andarine available both as a raw powder and in capsule form.

Their raw powder will cost you anywhere in the range of €34.95 and €89.95 and you can get between 1 and 3 grams respectively.

Their capsules will cost you €49.95 and you’ll get 1500mgs worth of product for that amount of money. There are 60 capsules in a bottle, with every capsule having 25mgs of S4 inside of it. If you’re buying in bulk, you can get them for as cheap as €42.95

Both their capsules and raw powder show a 99% purity rate when put in a laboratory which are great results.

They offer free shipping if you buy more than €120 (135$) worth of merchandise from their store. They ship internationally and you can safely order from them even if you’re from the US. It took our package eleven days to arrive.

If you’re from Europe, the transit times are a bit more promising. Our friend from Spain got his Andarine in just three days of waiting.

Let’s wrap up this Andarine S4 review. We have learned everything we need to know about this compound and are now ready to start a cycle with it without worrying about any side effects.

Remember to stay safe and drink lots of water!

Ligandrol Review: Everything You Need To Know About This Powerful SARM

In this Ligandrol review, we’ll learn everything we need to know about how it works, what it is, its benefits, potential side effects, dosage, cycles, how to stack it and the results we can expect.

What Is LGD-4033 Ligandrol

 Ligandrol is a SARM that was initially developed to treat osteoporosis in older patients, as well as muscle wasting and degeneration.

Because it is a selective binder, its receptors don’t bind with the prostate or your reproductive systems meaning that your hormonal balance stays in check. Also, it doesn’t cause any issues or damage to internal organs in the body as it’s solely focused on one task: Binding to the androgen receptors in your bones and muscles.

How Does LGD-4033 Ligandrol Work?

 As we all should know by now, androgens are a group of hormones that play a crucial role in muscle development through testosterone and androstenedione.

With that being said, when Ligandrol is introduced into the body, it mimics those same androgen receptors, thereby forcing your body to induce more anabolic activity in your muscles and bones, which means steadier and faster growth.

The best thing of all? A study has confirmed that even with such strong effects, Ligandrol causes no adverse effects to the body.

This means that Ligandrol is great for bulking and building muscle, you just make sure to eat a lot.

what is ligandrol

Benefits of Using Ligandrol

 There are numerous benefits to using this substance and this Ligandrol review will cover them all.

  1. Increased Lean Muscle MassStudies have shown that when 76 healthy men between the ages of 21 to 50 took just 1mg of the substance per day, they experienced good results and increased lean muscle mass. What’s the most surprising thing of all is that after the three-week cycle they went under, no side effects were noted and the drug was deemed to be ‘well tolerated’ by the researchers.
  2. Prevents Muscle Wasting During A Cut: Although Ligandrol is usually used for bulking, when stacked with other SARMs, as we’ll later see, it can also be great for cutting. Why? Because it prevents muscle wasting by targeting your anabolic pathways, forcing them to keep up the good fight even during a caloric deficit.
  3. Improves Your Libido and Cognitive Functions: Ligandrol has positive effects all around the body, not just your muscles and these effects are confirmed by users as well as the research company behind Ligandrol.
  4. More Visible Veins: Who would have thought that Ligandrol improves vascularity? It is true and many anecdotal stories seem to point out that after a six to twelve-week cycle (we’ll get into that later), their veins were more pronounced and rad as one user has noted.
  5. Hitting New Personal Records Has Never Been Easier: The truth is, with Ligandrol, you’ll gain weight, but that won’t be water weight or fat, no, quite, on the contrary, it will be lean muscle. Expect to put more and more weight on your rack as you smash your previous limitations!
  6. Improves Stamina and Endurance: Clinical trials have shown that Ligandrol has the potential to improve endurance up to 50%, which means that you’ll be going ham at the gym, with 150% power behind your back!ligandrol results

Ligandrol Dosage and Cycle Duration

 LGD-4033 is powerful stuff. What we didn’t mention while talking about the aforementioned study of the 76 men was that they only took Ligandrol in doses of 1mg each. Yet, they still had better results than the placebo group!

This means that you will want to start off really slow, at 5mg a day and adapt accordingly to how your body responds to the chemical. We recommend 5mg a day for the first week and 10mg for the next seven weeks if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend sticking to the 5mg during your entire cycle which should last no longer than six weeks. Since the half-life of Ligandrol is between 24-36 hours, you don’t have to take it more than once a day. You will need a mini PCT cycle after taking Ligandrol which should last four weeks or a month. We’ll talk a bit more about this in the appropriate section.

Potential Side Effects Of Using Ligandrol

The study where the participants were taking 1mg a day showed no negative results whatsoever.

However, there are some anecdotes of athletes that took 30mg or more a day and they experienced the following side effects. Please note that we don’t recommend taking more than 10mg a day, even if you’re a professional bodybuilder.

  1. Headaches and Nausea: What needs to be said is that those subjects who took such a large dose were athletes that trained all day long, of course, they’re going to feel headaches and nausea, especially since a lot of them are running on a caloric deficit.
  2. Fatigue: Fatigue was also reported among them which might not be from the Ligandrol at all because once again, we’re talking about athletes here. If you move your body the whole day you will feel fatigued one way or the other.
  3. Water Retention: If you’re cutting, this could be a problem, but if you’re using Ligandrol to bulk, this potential side effect could help you out if anything. Always make sure to go on a mini PCT cycle after using Ligandrol as to let your body regenerate and reach baseline again without any issues or side effects. This Ligandrol review will show you the best way to go about it.

Ligandrol side effects

Post Cycle Therapy for Ligandrol

Because LGD-4033 acts on your androgen receptors, your natural testosterone production will be affected by it. That’s why it’s recommended to go on a PCT after taking Ligandrol. Some people have claimed to have gone clean, without any PCT and not experienced any side effects, but what’s safe is safe.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and secondly, we can conclude that Ligandrol doesn’t require a real, full-scale PCT. It’s more of a mini PCT cycle that ensures that everything in your body runs smoothly.

You should opt for Nolvadex or Clomid, some even use natural testosterone boosters, skipping the two aforementioned options.

Whichever you choose, make sure to keep at it for at least a month to let your body recuperate its strength. Six weeks should be golden and after that, you can start a new cycle again.

Stacking Ligandrol With Other SARMs

The one stack which is known throughout the bodybuilding world is the combination of Ligandrol and Cardarine. You should take 10mg of Ligandrol in conjunction with 20mg of Cardarine a day for the next eight to ten weeks. Start your cycle with half the dose and up it once you’re done with the first week.

You will require a mini-PCT cycle after doing this stack and the most common reason why these two are stacked together is to cut excess fat.

Ligandrol is also stacked with Nutrobal in order to bulk yourself up to a monster! You should take 10mg of Ligandrol and 20mg of Nutrobal a day for the next eight weeks. As always, start the cycle with half the dose to see how your body will react to the stack and up the dose after a week.

This one also requires a mini PCT cycle, most recommended is Nolvadex or Clomid for the job. Do the PCT for six weeks and you should be golden.

Last but not least, we got a specialty for all seasoned bodybuilders and that’s a triple stack of Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol.

It’s most often used for fat loss and body recomposition. Beginners should definitely stay away from this stack and leave it up to the professionals.

In this stack, you’re using 30mgs of Ostarine, 20mgs of Cardarine and 10mgs of Ligandrol for eight weeks. Start with half the dose on your first week and adjust the dosage after that depending on how you feel.

This stack requires PCT for eight weeks and after that, you can start the cycle again.

For more SARMs stacks, click here.

Ligandrol stacking

Ligandrol Results You Can Expect

 This is the only Ligandrol review online that gives it to you as raw as it is. With LGD-4033, the results are simply astonishing.

Since it is so easily stackable, people use it for a variety of different purposes: To bulk, to lose body fat, to lose weight and to recomp.

With that in mind, let’s give you the Ligandrol results you can expect by taking this compound.

Our first subject, Johnny, lost 25lbs of weight in an eight-week cycle, going from 205 to 180 lbs. He reported elevated mood, a sense of well being and a general boost in performance and endurance in the gym. He did stick to his diet, of course, but says that without Ligandrol, he wouldn’t be as nearly as successful as he was.

Another interesting story comes from our colleague, Mary, that lost 4,3% of her body fat, going down from 13% to 9,7% in just ten weeks! She said that the extra endurance LGD-4033 bestowed her with helped her push herself to the limit.

The last story involves none other but a guy named Mark. Now Mark is the type of guy that could be considered a living couch potato. He, with his lousy regime of going to the gym twice a week and watching TV during his rest time, gained 5cm in muscle length during an eight-week cycle on Nutrobal and Ligandrol.

Please note that all of these subjects did PCT after their cycle and none of them reported any negative side effects at all!

Ligandrol review

LGD-4033 Before And After Pictures

There are many LGD-4033 before and after pictures circulating online. Most of them are, believe it or not, fake. The reason for that is quite nefarious: They want you to believe in a fairy tale just so they could sell more of their product. This is an unethical and downright illegal thing to do.

Here’s how things stand:

Does Ligandrol work? Heck yeah, it does.

Will it turn me into a monster? No, it won’t.

It’s especially daunting when users complain that Ligandrol doesn’t work after just one cycle. It is as if they forget that bodybuilding takes YEARS of hard work and dedication to build a decent body.

Ligandrol is a supplement, it’s supposed to support you during your journey, not do everything for you. If you’re not ready to put in the grunt work, nobody else is going to do it for you and you’re always going to end up being disappointed, no matter what substance you take. With that in mind, take the LGD-4033 before and after pictures you see online with a grain of salt. Any layman with photoshop can create a convincing picture nowadays, so be alert!

Ligandrol Reviews Online: What People Say About Ligandrol

Let’s have a snoop around the most popular bodybuilding forums and see what other people have to say about Ligandrol.

A 23-year-old Reddit user claimed to have taken only 2 x 2,5mg of LGD-4033 every day and he reports that the results he accomplished are astonishing. He says that he is only a week into his cycle but feels like that his results speak for themselves: He boasts that he has already attained the gains of a month’s worth of hard work! He also mentioned that he experienced zero side effects by taking the substance, just as expected.

Another user says that his Ligandrol use gave him benefits even outside his bodybuilding regime. He claims that LGD-4033 helped him get better sleep (with vivid dreams he seemed to enjoy), extra energy, increased appetite and a general sense of well being.

Lastly, we have another Reddit user that only experienced minor gains with his regime. He claims to have followed his diet, did it for eight weeks and did his sets accordingly. He says that SARMs requires a lot more patience rather than something like steroids, which is something we agree with. He only took 2,5mg though so that is something that should be noted. He didn’t report any side effects.

What’s important to note, however, is that steroids destroy the body and internal organs, while SARMs do no damage at all! From these three anecdotes we’ve just read, one can draw out some conclusions: Ligandrol is powerful stuff, even at lower doses. Also, some people react completely differently to the substance than others, so it’s always recommended to start out with a lower dose to see how your body reacts.

LGD-4033 vs Ostarine: Pitting Ostarine and Ligandrol Against Each Other

We’re not going to have a bullfight, just some good ‘ol nice comparison between these two SARMs, their compatibility and their main attributes. What’s of most interest to us is how they stack up against each other when it comes to cutting, bulking, losing weight and recomping.

To start off, let’s just mention a few things about Ostarine so that we know what we’re up against.

Ostarine has the ability to directly improve protein binding in the muscle, preserving them for what’s to come. It’s completely nonsuppressive and you don’t need to do PCT after going with Ostarine.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s see which substance is better for our intended purposes.

  1. Cutting: Ostarine is the definite winner here since it directly improves protein synthesis which means that even during a caloric deficit, your muscles will still stay intact. We’re not saying that Ligandrol can’t be used for cutting, but Ostarine is simply the more preferred option. Also, since water retention is a real thing with LGD-4033, it’s better not to go that way.
  2. Bulking: This is where Ligandrol really shines! Keep your diet in check, eat a lot of protein-rich food and you’ll transform yourself in no time. Once again, you can also use Ostarine for bulking, but Ligandrol is simply a better and stronger option.
  3. Body Recomping: It’s really narrow, but we’ll have to give the cake to LGD-4033 on this one. Ostarine is not as potent as Ligandrol and that’s why it’s a bit less effective than it when it comes to body recomping. Take Ligandrol for eight weeks consuming at least 5mg a day and you’ll recomp in no time!
  4. Weight Loss: Ostarine definitely wins in this one. Ligandrol has a specific function and that is bulking, while Ostarine helps in muscle retention while losing weight and that’s why it’s the preferred option.

In conclusion, both substances have their ups and downs, depending on what we’re trying to use them for. It’s best to educate yourself on what each substance excels at the most and choose the appropriate supplement when the time comes to take action.

Though we were finished? Not by a long shot, we have to do two more things: Show you that Ligandrol and Ostarine can be stacked and secondly, show you where you can find Ligandrol for sale.

Let’s start with the first option immediately!

Ligandrol and Ostarine are best stacked if you want to improve endurance during a workout session. It’s best to take 10mg of Ligandrol in combustion with 20mg of Ostarine for eight weeks and you’ll experience massive gains! Don’t forget your mini-PCT cycle afterward!

Where Can I Find The Best and Purest Ligandrol For Sale

This Ligandrol review couldn’t be complete without this section! There are many places online that offer Ligandrol for sale, but most of them don’t even sell the real compound at all. What’s even worse, they themselves don’t know what they’re trying to peddle to the end customer and so you get massive problems if you’re not careful.

That’s why you have to do your due diligence when it comes to online SARM sellers and checks their reviews online, whether they have recent lab results and if they offer a money back guarantee.

We did all the donkey work for you and can proudly say that it came down to these three shops when it comes to finding the best and purest Ligandrol for sale. Let’s start with our countdown!

Umbrella Labs is a well known US provider of SARMs and other supplements.

They sell LGD-4033 in bottles of 30ml with each ml containing 20mg of product. That means that you get 600 mg of Ligandrol for $70.00 at their store, not too shabby! They only sell the liquid version of the SARM which might be a caveat to some.

Their shipping times are fast (only three days) and their Ligandrol shows 99,2% purity.

SwissChems is an American based company selling all kinds of supplements.

They sell Ligandrol in pill form (oral consumption) with one bottle containing 60 pills and each pill having 5mg of the product inside of it. They price it at $83.00 if you pay by traditional means (credit card) and they give you a 30% discount if you pay via Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, lowering the price down to $66.40.

You’ll have to wait for up to seven days for the ware to arrive and if you’re outside the US, it jumps up to 14 business days. As we can see, Umbrella Labs is the cheaper option for now, but let’s see what Proven Peptides has for us in stock.

Proven Peptides are versatile when it comes to their sale of SARMs. They offer Ligandrol in vials of 15, 30 and 60ml. These are the pricing for each option:

  • 15ml = $40.00
  • 30ml = $60.00
  • 60ml = $100.00

It’s important to note that every ml contains 10mgs of the product.

What we can conclude from this is if you’re buying a lot of gear, then Umbrella Labs is your best choice as you get the most bang for your buck. If you’re a beginner or just starting out, choosing the 15ml option is not out of the question and if you like your SARMs in pill form, SwissChems has you covered!

  1. Science.Bio is known as the former, a popular US vendor of SARMs and other supplements.

They did rebrand but their quality stayed the same! You can buy Ligandrol at their shop in both powder and liquid form. The powder will cost you just $29.99 and you’ll get 1000mgs worth of product for it. The liquid is a tad bit more expensive, you get 300mgs worth of merchandise for only $39.99.

Both their powder and liquid Ligandrol enjoy purity rates of 99%. You have to pay for shipping unless you’re buying more than $100.00 of product. Their shipping times are fast and you can expect your LGD-4033 to arrive in three to five business days.


SecretSupps amazed us with their professionally curated SARM stacks and product descriptions. It’s a perfect shop for newbies and those just starting out. Their Ligandrol is sold as a liquid and goes by the name of Physiquue 400, you get 300mgs of product and you have to pay $90.95 for that amount.

They also have a great SARM stack for bulking that involves Ligandrol, Testolone, and MK-677. It will cost you $289.65. Their Ligandrol shows a purity rate of 99%.

They ship worldwide and shipping is completely free for everyone. SecretSupps ships from the US and their shipping times vary based on location. You’ll have to wait between three to six days if you’re from the US and longer if you’re outside of the US.

This would conclude our Ligandrol review. We hope that you have learned something new and that you’re now ready to make an educated decision when it comes to handling Ligandrol.

Stay safe and until next time!

S23 SARM Review Is The Best Guide You’ll Find On The Internet!

In this S23 SARM review, we’ll be exploring all there is to know about this substance. We’ll look at what it is, how it works, dosing, cycles, benefits, and results you can expect by using S23.

What is S23 and How Does It Work?

S23 is one of the most potent SARMs out there, comparable to something like Testolone. S23 has strong implications to be used as a form of birth control, as it caused temporary infertility in rats during its usage. Once use was discontinued, the rats were able to procreate normally.

S23 works by targeting the androgen receptors in the body, forcing them to release more testosterone which leads to stronger muscles, muscle growth, and reduced prostate size.

The good news is that unlike steroids, S23 doesn’t cause damage to any other internal organs nor does it disinhibit their function. The reason behind that is because it is a SARM, meaning that it’s targeting only selected androgen receptors.

This makes it a great aid for those that are trying to either bulk or even cut as S23’s potency makes it quite versatile in its effects on the body.

Benefits of Using S23

Although no clinical trials have been conducted on humans, anecdotal evidence voiced by professional and seasoned bodybuilders speaks for itself. They claim that S23 has heaps of benefits and we’ll just name some of those that they experienced.

  1. Boosted Endurance and Stamina: Working harder and longer has always been a dream for most bodybuilders. Not anymore, as S23 enables you to push yourself to the limit! Male users have also boasted that it makes you last longer in bed.
  2. It’s An Effective Contraceptive WHILE You’re Taking It: Users have reported not needing a condom or any other contraceptive during an S23 cycle. This is great news for those that hate contraceptives (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t). Just make sure that you and your partner are properly tested before going at it without any protection.As a side note, the moment you stop talking is the moment you’ll regain your fertility again so make sure to start using contraceptives again once you’re off a cycle.
  3. Increased Lean Muscle Mass: It has been reported that S23 causes stronger protein bonds in the body which means that you’ll be able to gain muscle a lot easier, faster and that they will be stronger than ever.
  4. Weight and Fat Loss: Studies on mice have shown that S23 increased fat burning inside of their bodies during a cycle. It also aided fat oxidation.
  5. Stronger Bones: Because S23 raises bone density, it effectively helps combat diseases like osteoporosis, not only that, but it also activates the bone-building cells in our body, further helping you to maintain strong and sturdy bones.

We intentionally left out a negative side effect section because if you take a PCT after an S23 cycle, you will experience no side effects during or after the use of this compound. Make sure to stick to the recommended dosages and cycle length we’ll talk about in the next few sections and you’ll do just fine.

What S23 Dosage Should I Take

S23 is a very potent SARM and you should be careful with the dosages. Take too much and you might experience side effects.

The best way to take S23 is twice a day, starting out with 10mgs a day in total and then upping the dosage to 20mgs a day once you see how your body reacts to the foreign substance being introduced to it. This should take no longer than a week. You’ll start noticing results by week two already!

S23 Dosage

How Long Should an S23 SARM Cycle Last

An S23 SARM cycle shouldn’t last longer than eight weeks. We recommend that you take it for six weeks in the aforementioned doses and then do the proper thing – Starting a PCT regimen with Nolvadex or Clomid.

S23 Half-Life

S23 has a short half-life of just 12 hours and that’s why most users take it twice a day to get the maximum effects out of it.

A small minority of users introduces it a third time in their S23 SARM cycle but that’s not necessary and can do more harm than good, twice a day is plenty enough.

S23 Results You Can Expect

The S23 results you can expect are nothing short of amazing. Although there haven’t been any clinical studies done on humans by using this compound, there is a lot and we mean a lot of anecdotal evidence that points towards the awesomeness of this chemical.

One colleague of ours took this SARM for eight weeks in the recommended 20mg dosage and experienced the following results: He lost 10lbs of weight, going down from 204 to 194lbs, he also gained 4cm in muscle length while also cutting his body weight from 16% to a whopping 12,5%.

He says that he felt amazing during the entire cycle and that he was quite sad when the eight weeks were done as he now had to discontinue S23 and start PCT.

After completing PCT, he told us that he experienced zero side effects both during and after his S23 SARM cycle, which are absolutely amazing results.

Another story coming from a popular bodybuilding forum tells us that the OP (Original Poster) in question lost 3 pounds of fat in just four weeks on an S23 cycle. He also reported elevated mood, a strong desire to take on the world and boosted endurance. He sarcastically remarked that it made him both a monster in bed and outside of it.

Our last anecdote comes from women that had problems with her fat rolls on her stomach for her entire life. She tried all the available diets but none of them seemed to work for her. All was doom and gloom until she went on an S23 SARM cycle. That’s where everything changed.

She managed to lose 30 pounds of pure weight in just eight weeks! She did by using a lower dose (because she is a woman and women have smaller bodies/frames) and still accomplished such great results!

As we can see, the S23 results you’ll get will be crazy. We can’t promise anything, but what we can say is that S23 really works and that it is one of the strongest SARMs out there. You’ll simply love it!

The last step we have to do is in this S23 SARM review is to show you where to get these amazing compounds for sale. Read on and find out!

S23 SARM review

Where To Get The S23 SARM For Sale?

Many people are wondering where to get the S23 SARM for sale and it’s exactly these kinds of people than end up being scammed by unscrupulous online companies. You see, you can find the S23 SARM for sale in many online stores, but there’s only a handful of stores that sell the real product and we measure the ‘realness’ of a product by its purity.

How does one determine purity without being a chemist himself? That’s where the recent lab results a company should have displayed on their website come into play. You should also lookout for the fact whether these were done and authorized by a third party or not as it’s easy for someone to claim that his product is the best in his own lab.

Another thing you should look out for is online reviews of a store in bodybuilding forums and other communities. This gives you first-hand experience in what it was like to take the product yourself without having to have exposed yourself to it.

The last factor should be a money-back guarantee. Every company worth their salt is able to stand behind their product and offer your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

With that being said, we’ll now show you where to find the best S23 SARM for sale online!

  1. Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs is a known US manufacturer of all kinds of supplements. They sell S23 for $70.00 and you get 600mg worth of product for your money. The substance is placed in a 30ml bottle with each ml equaling to 20mg of product.

They only sell the product in liquid form. They offer free shipping and their shipping times are very fast, only three days if you’re from the US!

Their S23 shows 98,6% purity.

  1. SwissChems

SwissChems is a well-known company stemming from the US that dabbles with many quality supplements.

They sell S23 in pill form, costing you $65.95 if you pay via credit card and only $52.76 if you pay via cryptocurrency. You get 500mg for your money (100 tabs with each containing 5mgs of the product).

You have to pay 5$ for shipping but they ship fast and our product arrived in less than four days. If you have cryptocurrency at your disposal, SwissChems is your best bet but if you’re still old school and stick to the traditional means of paying, Umbrella Labs has you covered.

That would be it for our S23 SARM review. We hope that you now have learned enough about this compound to be able to decide for yourself whether it is something you want to take or not. Always remember to stay safe and have fun scrupling your body up to a masterpiece!

This RAD 140 Review Will Help You Learn Everything You Need To Know About This Substance

In this RAD 140 review, we’ll be looking at the positive effects of this substance, dosage, proper cycle, the results you can expect by taking it, where you can find it for sale and we’ll even go as far as to compare it to other SARMs.

This will be an exciting review so strap your seat belts on and let’s go!

The Effects Of RAD 140 On The Body

Since RAD 140 affects the androgen receptors in our body, it has massive effects on it and in this article, we’ll name just some of them.

  • More Energy and Endurance: The kind of energy you’ll get by using Testolone is compared to no other and that’s why people mainly use it for bulking because it gives them that extra push to conquer their personal records.
  • Lean Muscle Gains: You will start noticing results by week two, your muscles will grow but they won’t look bloated. Moreover, they will look toned and defined, just as they should be
  • Fat and Weight Loss: RAD 140 isn’t just good for bulking, people also use it during a cut because it increases your metabolism rate and makes you burn fat.
  • Increases Cognitive Performance: It is well known that low testosterone levels decrease cognitive performance. RAD 140 helps you out by increasing your natural testosterone levels, bringing you to the cognitive level you want to be at.
  • Increased Vascularity: Nothing shows off hard work like your veins sticking out to the public. There’s a feeling of glee and elation when onlookers get to bask at the beauty of what has become your body.
  • Reduces Prostate Size: Unlike steroids, that increase it and make it more prone to infections, Testolone works wonders on your prostate health.

The Best RAD 140 Dosage and Cycle

Your RAD 140 dosage will largely depend on what you want to do with your body. If you want to go on a bulk, you’ll have to take a bit more Testolone to feels its effects.

You should start off with 10mgs a day on your first week and up the dosage to 20mgs a day for the next seven weeks if everything goes alright, which it should. Your cycle should never last longer than eight weeks.

If you want to go on a cut, a lower RAD 140 dosage is usually recommended.

You should start off with just 5mgs a day and see how your body reacts to the compound and then gradually increase the dosage to 10mgs a day. The reason why you’re taking less RAD 140 than usual is that you’re running on a caloric deficit and therefore the side effects could get a bit more pronounced. Do the cycle for eight weeks and you should be golden.

You can also use RAD 140 for body recomping and it’s recommended that you take 15mgs a day for your entire eight-week cycle. We suggest that beginners stray away from body recomping as they are still building muscle naturally and one should only go for supplements when one has reached his natural peak.

Since Testolone causes mild suppression, you’ll have to do a mini PCT cycle after you’re done with your initial cycle. Nolvadex and Clomid are the recommended supplements for the job.


Side Effects of Using RAD 140

Considering all the amazing benefits this supplement has to offer, there surely has to be some sort of negative side effect that plagues the users of this substance. The truth is, if you take RAD 140 in the dosages and cycles we recommend, you should experience no side effects at all. Especially if you take PCT as we clearly suggest, you will not even feel the alleged suppressive effects of Testolone.

At higher dosages (30mgs a day and above), however, there are some side effects you will have to grapple with, let’s list all of them:

  • Suppression of Your Natural Testosterone: RAD 140 has been known, in higher dosages, to suppress natural testosterone production up to 70%. This is why you’ll need heavy PCT when you come off a higher dosage.
  • Increases Estrogen In The Body: This comes as an additional side effect of lowered testosterone after a cycle. Estrogen is known as the female hormone and if there is too much present in the body, you could start developing female traits, such as man boobs.
  • Causes Acne: Just as too much chocolate causes acne, too much Testolone does it too! That’s why we repeat time and time again, be conscious of the dosage you take.
  • Mild Aggression: This is only experienced by a small minority of users at very high dosages. They feel confident, focused and very hostile towards their environment as if they were on some upper.

If you experience any of these side effects, simply lower your dosage and they should go away.

As said, just follow the guidelines of this RAD 140 review and you’ll do just fine.

RAD 140 Results You Can Expect

Now that we’ve got the doom and gloom out of our way, let’s focus on the RAD 140 results we can expect by taking this substance.

Many users start noticing results week one into their cycle which is absolutely amazing. They report increased energy and endurance, with their pumps in the gym being harder and stronger.

By week two, you should experience increased strength, some have even broken their personal records at this stage. One particular case strikes us as quite peculiar: A colleague of ours wanted to bench press 200lbs but couldn’t do it for two years. After two years of trying, two weeks of Testolone made all the difference and he was able to pump out 210lbs once. A crazy achievement for him.

Week three signals that the time has come for your muscles to grow. You’ll experience both grow in size and strength and your muscles will feel sturdier than ever. You should be careful not to overtrain here as all that new muscle can put a strain on your ligaments. Keep your regime, as usual, stick to your diet plan and you’ll be golden.

By week four, your muscles will start looking more toned and defined, you will also have lost a significant amount of fat and many people report losing weight as well (unless they are bulking). A user from a very popular bodybuilding forum managed to lower his body fat from 15% to 12,2% in just four weeks!

In the recommended eight week cycle, most users pack on between 10 to 15 pounds of pure muscle, provided they keep their diet in check and work hard at the gym!

These are the types of crazy RAD 140 results you can expect.

Rad 140 review

RAD 140 Before And After Pictures

We’ve analyzed a lot of RAD 140 before and after pictures online and our conclusion is as follows: Most of them are completely fake.

Yes, the results you get with RAD 140 might be insane, but the pictures we saw make cartoons look like the real world. It’s crazy what people will try to peddle to you just for a chance for them to make a sale on you, it’s quite sad, to be honest. It’s exactly this what makes so many a RAD 140 review look shady at best.

You have to be very careful when looking at these pictures as they might entice you to work for a body image that is simply impossible to achieve. This could lead to psychological issues as well, as you’re constantly dissatisfied with how your body looks like, there is a real mental disorder that can evolve from that dissatisfaction called body dysmorphia.

With that being said, RAD 140 will give you results but don’t expect to win bodybuilding competitions on your first cycle. Take it slow and you’ll eventually get the gains you’ve always wanted. Remember that patience is key to your success in bodybuilding!

RAD 140 VS Ostarine

Pitting RAD 140 VS Ostarine against each other is a bit silly. RAD 140 is usually used for bulking while Ostarine is usually used during a cut. Also, RAD 140 is a lot stronger than Ostarine but Ostarine makes up for that by not needing PCT after a cycle.

With that being said, RAD 140 and Ostarine can work in a team! If you’re on a cut and want the absolute best results possible, stacking these two supplements will work wonders.

You will also lose a ton of weight as a result of both the RAD 140 and Ostarine burning fat inside of your body.

In terms of using the compounds, we recommend that you first start out with Ostarine as it is the mildest SARM there. If you can tolerate Ostarine than you can move up the ladder and start using RAD 140.

RAD 140 vs Ostarine

RAD 140 Reviews Online – What Other People Say About Testolone

Let’s take a look at some first-hand experiences of people that have used RAD 140. It will be interesting to note just how much their experiences reflect our writings.

Our first report comes from a Reddit user that only used 5mg a day. He says that the energy and endurance RAD 140 gave him were insane. He would often try and go toe to toe with his gym buddy that is a bit stronger than him but would always fail. After taking Testolone, he doubled his volume size and stayed an hour longer in the gym. His partner left in disbelief. What’s really crazy is that he experienced no side effects at all, just as expected.

Another story we’ve picked up comes from a popular bodybuilding forum where all kinds of different supplements are discussed. He says that for the first four weeks, the only thing he noticed was increased vascularity. He does mention that might be a bit biased towards his own looks, so we got to take that into account, as others did praise his gains. The next four weeks is where it really kicked in, as he claims. He lost 5 pounds of weight and gained some nice muscle on top of that. He used RAD 140 in an eight-week cycle. The best thing of all? He didn’t experience any side effects at all!

The last anecdote comes from Reddit once again where a user took 20 to 30 ml of RAD 140 every day. He says that the extra 10ml really makes a difference both in the gym and in bed. He claims that the only side effect he experienced was extreme hunger during his cycle, which is expected as Testolone is mostly used for bulking. He gained 15 pounds and says that he lowered his body fat to an undisclosed amount, but it’s lower than it has been before. What’s really crazy is that this madman didn’t even do PCT yet experienced no side effects at all!

From what we can see, Testolone is an extremely powerful yet extremely safe compound. You’ll start seeing results very fast and you’ll be finally able to break those pesky personal records that you’ve been trying to best for so long.

With that being said, you’re now surely curious as to where to find RAD 140 for sale, don’t worry, all will be revealed in the next and final chapter of this article.

RAD 140 For Sale – Where To Buy Testolone

When you’re looking after RAD 140 for sale, you can’t just go in blindly and buy from the first online shop that crosses your path. You have to do the proper research first about the vendor you’re trying to buy from, you have to look for information such as recent lab results, online reviews on forums and how long the shop has been operating. These are all important factors to consider as they massively decrease your chances of getting bunk product.

We’ve done the grunt work for you and have selected three trusted SARMs vendor out of the lot that will deliver the best and purest RAD 140 for sale on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at these three shops!

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is a well known US vendor of SARMs. Having decided to exclusively focus their time and research on SARMs, you can be sure that what they deliver is the real deal.

They sell RAD 140 in three different vials:

  • 15ml = $45.00
  • 30ml = $75.00
  • 60ml = $140.00

They only sell RAD 140 in liquid form and 1 ml equals 15mgs of product.

They have a really cool system where you collect ‘Peptide Points’ which are akin to loyalty points you get when you buy something. One dollar gets you one point which equates to ten cents. This means that on your next order, you will save an additional 10%!

Their shipping times are fast (it took our package three days to arrive) and they have a phone number you can call at any time if there is anything to discuss.

You get free shipping for orders above $75.

  1. SARMsForSale

This website is run by Umbrella Labs, a popular vendor and researchers of SARMs and other supplements. They sell Testolone in a 30ml bottle with each ml containing 20mgs of product for a total of 600mgs for only $75.00.

As we can see, Umbrella Labs is a much cheaper option than Proven Peptides, they also offer free shipping anywhere in the US. They have crazy good shipping times, our package of RAD 140 took only two days to arrive. Their test results show 98,6% purity which means that you’ll be getting the real deal.

  1. Science.Bio is known under many names, the former one being which was a revered seller of SARMs, nootropics and other compounds.

Their Testolone comes in both liquid and powder form.

The liquid comes in a bottle containing 300mgs worth of product and you’ll be billed $49.99 for that amount. The powder is a bit more of a bargain, you get 1000mgs of ware for only $44.99.

Their Testolone is of exceptional quality and their latest batch has shown a 99% purity rate for both their liquid and powder. Despite their low prices, they don’t offer free shipping and you’ll have to pay for it unless you buy more than 100$ worth of product if you’re from the US. That number increases to $300 if you’re outside the US. This tells us that they do, in fact, ship worldwide.

The best thing of all? They ship on the same day they get your order which leads to amazing shipping times and you can expect it in two to five days.

  1. SecretSupps

SecretSupps is by far the best newbie shop out there. They owe that title to their detailed product descriptions where they tell you everything about the SARM in question as well as their SARM stacks used by seasoned bodybuilders.

Their Testolone is branded as Tight 2.0 and you get 300mgs worth of product for $111.95. The prices of SecretSupps might seem a bit steep, but they compensate with all the valuable information they provide and the high quality of their SARMs.

They also offer a great stack made for those that want to go on a bulk. It consists of Testolone, Ligandrol and MK-677. The stack costs $289.65 and you get all the info on how to use it right on their website and blog.

Their Testolone shows purity rates of 100%, the highest we have seen so far, a perfect grade. If you want the best stuff, you come to SecretSupps, that’s a known fact. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on any order and they don’t discriminate between countries, meaning that everyone gets free shipping!

You can expect your package to arrive between three to six business days if you’re from the US.

  1. SARMs4You

 SARMs4You is a popular vendor of SARMs that offers a really wide selection of products.

They sell SARMs in capsule and powder form, so if you don’t like the liquid versions, SARMs4You has you covered.

They sell RAD 140 in capsule form where you get 60 pills with each pill containing 10mgs of the product for a total of 600mgs. One bottle will cost you $67.62 which is by far the cheapest option out of all the three stores we’ve listed. This store is a great choice if you’re from Europe as they ship from there and naturally you won’t have to wait for your package to arrive for so long.

They also ship internationally and offer free shipping for orders above $135 so if you’re buying in bulk, this is a great store to choose.

All of their products are vetted and verified by a third party and lab results are readily available. That would be it for our RAD 140 review. With all these facts under your belt, you can now decide whether Testolone is something for us or not.

Whatever your choice may be, remember to stay safe, keep a positive outlook and happy bodybuilding!

This Article Will Reveal The Best SARMs For Women Available On The Market!

Who said that the gentler sex couldn’t Use SARMs? There are some very respectable female bodybuilders out there that could use the extra boost SARMs provide to elevate themselves to a higher level!

In this article, we’ll talk about the proper dosages for women, what to expect, possible side effects, the best SARMs stacks, the best SARMs for women, where to buy them and so much more!

Let’s get started!

Why SARMs Are Better Than Prohormones and Steroids For Females?

Steroids are nasty because they cause so many potential side effects such as changes in mood (roid rage), interference with menstrual cycles, deepening of the voice, sleep problems, stomach pain and burn, thinning of the skin and many more. Those side effects are even more potentiated in women since they are overexposed to testosterone, a natural male hormone. You don’t want to grow a beard and speak a few octaves higher, do you?

That’s why we would never recommend steroids to women, but what about prohormones?

Prohormones are lesser versions of steroids that still carry the negative side effects associated with steroid use. For women, these negative side effects are once again more pronounced since their body wasn’t meant to harbor so much testosterone in it.

This brings us to SARMs, the safest and only alternative out of the three which can be used by women without experiencing any side effects at all.

Think that’s impossible? Read on and find yourself surprised!

SARMs for Females

SARMs for Females – What SARMs are recommended for females?

 Women should generally stay away from the stronger SARMs as they cause a huge spike in testosterone which is especially pronounced in the female body.

The best SARMs for females are Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andarine. These are mild SARMs that won’t cause any side effects and will fit perfectly into your cycle.

You will generally want to use Ostarine when you’re trying to cut weight and get rid of that extra fat on your belly. It’s the mildest SARM out there and one of the safest SARMs for females.

Cardarine is used to bolster your energy levels and allow you to smash your previous limitations without breaking a sweat. Women generally use it to be able to work harder and faster at the gym. We’ll talk a bit more about Cardarine in the next section.

On the other hand, Andarine is really great for the development of lean muscle, something which is of interest to many women.

What’s really great about all of these SARMs is that they won’t require any sort of PCT at all! Your body will naturally regenerate after four weeks and then you can start another cycle again.

That would be it for our best SARMs for women, don’t worry, we’ll later show you how to stack some of these for even better and faster results!

best sarms stack for women

Cardarine for Women

The reason why we separated this SARM from all the others is that Cardarine for women truly works wonders. It’s the most popular choice among women because it doesn’t bulk you up and it gives you extra endurance and faster recovery times.

If you’re a woman reading this article, you should seriously consider taking up Cardarine during your workout routines, it will improve them massively.

Some women have reported working two times longer at the gym ever since starting a Cardarine cycle.

By now, you’ve surely wondered what a female SARM cycle on Cardarine would have to look like. Don’t worry, we’ll spill the beans in the next two sections.

Dosages For Females

Generally speaking, women should aim for lower dosages no matter what SARM is in question. The reason behind that is simple: Their frames and body weight are a lot lower than that of a typical male and that’s why we have to adjust accordingly.

Even something mild like Ostarine, where men take 20 to 30 mg a day without experiencing any problems is too much for women.

As a general rule, women should always take half of what a man does, so 10mg of Ostarine would be the appropriate choice here.

SARMs dosage for females

 Female SARM Cycle

A female SARM cycle should never last longer than four weeks, period. Men usually push it up to twelve weeks but for women, that would be akin to suicide.

The reason behind that is because women’s bodies have a harder time preventing muscle tears and bone stress in comparison to men.

What’s really interesting to note is that a female SARM cycle could technically last longer than a male one on something mild like Ostarine, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The risks are too high and the rewards don’t stand up to them.

If you’re ever in doubt about what the length of your cycle should be, take a man’s cycle and divide it into two – Viola, that’s what your cycle length should be!

What Results To Expect With SARMs for Females

Generally speaking, you will not put on much muscle as men do, but what you will do is lose a ton of fat and weight if you follow your exercise routine to the core.

After a few cycles, you can expect your muscles to be more toned, a bit more pronounced and you will experience small increases in lean muscle.

For example, a colleague of ours, Jenna, lost 15 pounds on her four-week Cardarine cycle. She went to the gym every other day, did mostly cardio and a bit of light lifting and says that the results have been amazing. Besides losing all that weight, she also lost a ton of unwanted fat around her belly which made her really happy.

There is one problem though and that is if you want to bulk up and gain a lot of muscle, you’ll have to work a lot harder and longer than men. Sorry women, that’s just how nature designed us to be, but don’t despair, you can still achieve great results if you keep at it and have patience!

For those that want even better results, we got a special surprise in the next section which is SARM stacks. Those will make the best SARMs for women even more effective.

SARM Stacks For Females

There are two stacks we generally recommend to women when it comes to SARMs.

The first one involves Ostarine and Cardarine.

This mixture will be great for both losing weight, fat and toning your muscles. You shouldn’t take more than 10mg of Ostarine and 10mg of Cardarine a day and your cycle shouldn’t last longer than four weeks. You will not need PCT after using this stack.

The next stack we would like to present is a triple stack of Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andarine. It is meant for more experienced women that have already done a few cycles on SARMs.

You will be able to lose fat on this stack while also gaining some lean muscle because of the Andarine. You shouldn’t take more than 10mgs of any of these compounds and it would be best to stay at a 5mg dose for all three of them. Your cycle shouldn’t last longer than four weeks and you will not be needing PCT after this stack.

SARMs for females

Possible Side Effects of SARMs on Women

 SARMs don’t affect men and women equally. The disadvantage for women is that they can’t put on too much muscle without putting too much stress on their bones and muscle tissues.

With that being the case, there are the potential side effects women can experience while on high dosages of SARMs and those are:

  • Increased Sexual Drive: Studies on mice have shown that when female rats were given SARMs, their proclivity to procreate rose dramatically. They were doing it like rabbits.
  • Skin Conditions: Every woman out there cares about her skin and if you do experience any acne or other skin conditions at higher dosages, immediately lower your dosage and this side effect should go away.
  • Muscle Strain: The main reason why we don’t recommend muscle building SARMs like Testolone is that women can easily strain their muscles, sometimes causing permanent damage to muscle tissues.
  • Problems With Ligaments: Another problem that stems from rapid muscle growth is that the ligaments supporting the muscle are on heavy stress and strain.

For those four reasons, you’re better off listen to us if you’re a woman and sticking to the recommended female SARM cycle and dosages because you will not experience any side effects at those low doses and in such little time frames.

Where to Buy The Best SARMs For Women

When we think about the best SARMs for women, two shops come to mind that offers the absolute purest and best SARMs for females out there.

Those four companies are Umbrella Labs, Proven Peptides, Science.Bio and SecretSupps.

They are US manufacturers of SARMs and other supplements, they’ve been in the game for years, have excellent shipping times and most importantly, they sell pure, laboratory tested and vetted SARMs.

That would be it for this article. We hope that the softer sex had a great time reading this article and that they have learned everything they always wanted to know when it comes to women and SARMs.

Ladies, don’t forget to work hard and drink lots of water!

Where To Buy SARMs Online? My Top 5 SARMs Source [Detailed Review]

Here’s the deal: When you’re out there snooping for a new product, you want the best thing available, right? That’s exactly what this article is all about, providing you with the best SARMs for sale from the most trusted vendors available.

Now before we do that, let’s take a quick look at a few important points: Why is it important to buy quality SARMs?

What to look out for when buying SARMs? What are the places you should avoid when buying SARMs and lastly, how to recognize a trusted vendor that you can be sure will deliver the highest quality SARMs to your doorstep?

Finding The Highest Quality SARMs

Before even venturing on a manhunt, we first have to know why it is important to buy the highest quality SARMs. The answer to that question is quite simple: If you’re not careful while making a purchase, you could end up buying something completely different.

One study has shown that most of what is labeled as a SARM in online communities (especially in the Asian region) contains little to no SARMs at all!

Moreover, what’s the real danger out there is that in some of these tests, compounds such as real steroids have been found inside in what was labeled as a SARM. That poses a real danger to the poor sod that buys that substance as his body will not be prepared for what he is about to do to him nor will he know how to respond to his newly found curse upon his body.

That’s why, when buying SARMs, you have to be very vigilant and look out for the following things:

  1. RECENT Lab Results

The most important item on the list. Please note the capitalized RECENT. Some companies try to be sneaky, calling themselves the best SARMs source online based on results from years ago! Be very careful when it comes to that and all always check the date on the lab paper that you’re researching.

SARMs quality report

  1. The Age and Reviews Of The Company

You can find most of it online, check out bodybuilding forums and communities built around supplement use.

Another important factor is the age of the company. We suggest you steer clear of new companies that just entered the market as you can never know when they might opt for an exit scam, especially if their preferred payment method is through cryptocurrencies.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

A company has to be able to fulfill the needs of a customer and when it fails to do so, it has to stand up straight, admit to its shortcomings and give back the monetary resources it took from the customer.

If it’s unable to do so, it should tell you that there is something amiss.

If you find a company that has these three steps covered, you ensure yourself the best SARMs source that you can find.

Highest quality SARM

How To Find The Best SARMs Source

Finding the best SARMs source is a matter of experience. We will tell you a story of one of our friends that went on to buy SARMs from Chinese vendors on Alibaba. The end result? He almost lost his life doing so.

What ended up happening was that he went on to buy a batch of Ostarine, he looked at Alibaba and found a cheap Chinese vendor that was selling exactly what he was looking for. He immediately went on to purchase a bottle of Ostarine without doing any previous research on the person selling it (Alibaba reviews aren’t worth their salt, you need to do more when it comes to substances such as SARMs).

He received his package and everything seemed alright for the first few weeks. The horror became clear when he stopped using the compound after the recommended eight-week cycle! His breasts grew (he got man boobs), he had terrible headaches, his mood was terrible, he felt anxious and depressed and worst of all, suicidal…

When he took that compound to the lab to see what the hell he was actually ingesting, it ended up being a mixture of steroids, without any SARMs in it. He had to do PCT for the next 12 weeks and is now afraid of using any supplements at all!

Don’t let yourself become him, do your due diligence as noted in the previous section and you’ll be hooked up with the best SARMs source in no time.

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SARMs For Sale: Places To Avoid

Hopefully, you’ve learned your lesson from the story above: Never buy from eBay, Alibaba or any other SARMs source that doesn’t offer your recent lab tests vetted by a third party.

Not too long ago, heaps of research chemicals got completely banned from the Chinese market. In order to save face and their business, these research chemicals are now being branded as SARMs. This is downright dangerous and illegal stuff. Most of the SARMs you see sold online are exactly those BANNED research chemicals. None of them are even SARMs, to begin with. If you’re not careful, you’re playing with fire and you could get yourself burned very quickly.

But why not buy from eBay, what does it have to do it with the Chinese market?

You never know what you’re getting if you’re buying from someone on eBay and do you know why?

Because of something called dropshipping. Most eBay sellers are nothing but re-sellers that buy from cheap Chinese vendors and then resell it to do the US market lauding it as a quality product.

You should avoid these like the plague, read the story from our colleague again if our message didn’t stick, you’re playing with your life here. Don’t worry, in just a few more sections, you’ll be hooked up with the best SARMs sources available, just read on!

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Who is the Best SARMs Company?

The best SARMs company? That’s a tough one to answer. It all depends on your individual needs and purposes. We cannot simply claim that one company is better than the other because it sells powdered SARMs instead of liquid ones. That’s quite understandable, isn’t it?

What we can do, however, is recommend some of the best SARMs companies we had the pleasure of dealing with and considering that, let’s start the countdown!

 SARMs powder

Where to Buy SARMs

Finally, the time has come to reveal the best SARMs for sale on the market! You have surely asked yourself where to buy SARMs all this time and now you’ll find out.

  1. Sarms For Sale

SARMs for sale is run by Umbrella Labs, a highly reputable company that seeks to establish SARMs as a trusted and pure supplement. They have heaps of lab reports on their site and they seem to be adding new ones all the time, which is a really good sign as you can always be sure of what you’re getting.

Their product is usually between 98-100% pure, having one of the highest rates of purity on the market.

Not only that, but they are quite cheap too! A bottle of any of their SARMs costs only 70$ and you usually get 600mgs of pure product from it. That’s quite a steal! Besides SARMs, they also sell nootropics, peptides, and  PCT supplements.

They don’t sell any powdered SARMs, only liquid ones that might be off-putting to those preferring the powdered version. Be that as it may, their prices and selection are great and you’ll find something for yourself guaranteed.

Besides having a wide variety of products, SARMs for sale also has a money-back guarantee. They also offer free shipping anywhere in the US and the transit time usually lasts for three to four days. The package is shipped discretely into your home, no questions asked.

best sarms company

  1. Science.Bio might seem like they are new at the game, but they are actually the former rebranded. They were one of the most popular shops to buy SARMs from and remain so until this day, nothing has changed but their name. The quality remained the same.

With that being said, this vendor is the best one out there when it comes to their pricing. They are a lot cheaper than the other companies we’ve listed so far, yet they still maintain a high quality and purity of SARMs. To top it all off, you get an additional 10% off just by joining their website by entering your name and email. Don’t worry, they will not spam you as we’ve been with them for the last three years and it didn’t happen to us.

They deliver worldwide and sadly speaking, you’ll have to pay for the shipping costs yourself unless you’re buying in bulk. All of their SARMs are tested and vetted by a third-party laboratory from the US and their SARMs revel in high purity rates, between 98 to 100%. sells their SARMs in two versions: As a liquid and in powder form. Their catalog allows you to choose between the two, which makes getting to the desired product a hassle-free experience.

Last but not least, their shipping times are very fast. We got our package in just two days of waiting which is absolutely phenomenal!

best place to buy sarms

  1. Secretsupps

SecretSupps have built themselves a reputation for selling the best SARMs out there. They are not only known for that, but rumor has it that they are the best newbie vendor out there. The reason for that is quite simple: They make your shopping experience as smooth as it can be.

They do that in a number of different ways. First things first, you can choose between four categories that depict what you want to happen to your body.

Secondly, you got all the information needed to start a cycle with their SARMs at your disposal and you get it for free!

Lastly, they got ready-made SARM stacks used by professional bodybuilders all over the world.

It is those three facts that make shopping with SecretSupps an experience to cherish. Their SARMs might be a bit pricey, but that’s because you get the best out of the best. Not only that, they got a blog where they delve even deeper into SARMs and other supplements.

The value they provide is worth gold because there is not much information on SARMs available. SecretSupps tests every batch and you can get recent lab results delivered with your order just by asking them. Their latest batch showed a 99 to 100% purity rate for their SARMs which is astonishing.

They offer free shipping to all of their customers and don’t discriminate when it comes to countries. Their shipping times are decent, we had to wait four days for our wares to arrive.

buy SARMs online

  1. SwissChems

Although their name implies that they are from Europe, SwissChems is a US-based company.

They offer large discounts if you pay with Bitcoin, so that’s an important thing to note. They publish lab reports on all of their product pages and even warn the user about potential side effects of specific SARMs, which is always nice to see.

Besides SARMs, they also sell anti-aging products, CBD oil, nootropics, raw bulk powders, male enhancement pills, peptides, supplements for PCT and so on.

They have a huge range of product selection, divided into two groups when it comes to SARMs: Injectable and Oral SARMs.

Judging from their pricing, one can conclude that they are very competitive with Umbrella Labs. The problem in comparing their two price points is because one sells the liquid version while the other focuses its energies on the powdered version of SARMs.

Continuing on, SwissChems doesn’t offer free shipping, you’ll have to pay 5$ and wait between three to seven days if you’re from the US. If you’re not going to pay with cryptocurrencies, which is recommended as they offer discounts with it, you can choose between all the major credit card companies as they accept them all. Their customer service is top-notch and they’ve been able to answer all of our questions effortlessly.

best place to buy SARMs

  1. ProvenPeptides

We like the fact that when going with Proven Peptides, you can choose your vial size. If you’re a beginner, you don’t really need a 60ml vial for your cycle and the same applies in reverse if you’re a professional – What in the hell are you going to do with just 15ml?!

They fix that problem by allowing you to choose between 15, 30 and 60 ml vials.

What’s more, Proven Peptides has this really cool structure where you collect Peptide Points that give you 10% off on your next order. You get 1$ for signing up to their website, 5$ for leaving a review (that gets approved) and another 5$ when you like and share their Facebook page. This also applies to their Twitter page as you also get 5$ for following and tweeting their store page.

Proven Peptides completely focuses its energies on SARMs and always has the latest lab results ready at their disposal.

Comparing the pricing between them and Umbrella Labs, it seems that the latter has better prices to offer. For example, a 30ml bottle of Lingadrol will cost you $60.00 if you’re going with Proven Peptides. The same bottle costs $70.00 if you’re purchasing from Umbrella Labs BUT the difference is in an amount of mg in 1ml of product. Umbrella Labs offers 20mg per 1ml while Proven Peptides stays at 10mg per 1ml. This is an important observation to make as it means that while Umbrella Labs is the more affordable option, Proven Peptides is more versatile when it comes to vial selection. We would even go as far as to say that Proven Peptides is more suited for beginners as they offer such small vial sizes, to begin with.

We like the fact that you can reach this company by phone, you don’t have to wait for an email answer which can take days or sometimes weeks at a time.

The company offers free shipping for orders over 75$ and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Since the business is based in the US, shipping times vary depending on your location. It took our package three days to arrive and we are based in the US so expect your package to arrive in between three to five business days.


That would be it for our list of the best SARMs for sale. We’ve given you access to the best SARMs sources where you will find the highest quality SARMs you can purchase online.

Use this knowledge wisely and always make sure to follow our protocols when it comes to buying SARMs online; Recent lab result tests are a must-have for every business that wants to laud itself as the best SARMs company!