The Best Post Cycle Therapy According To Professional Bodybuilders – A Must Read!

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best post cycle therapy available. We’ll look into what professional bodybuilders had to say about the best PCT for SARMs and we’ll actively engage in the role of PCT while also asking and answering some peculiar questions.

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The Role of PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy is oftentimes used by steroid users (and rarely, SARMs users) to alleviate the negative effects the compounds they used had on their bodies. This includes natural testosterone production, which monitors key functions in our body such as the production of sex hormones and muscle upkeep.

PCT supplement is crucial after steroid use because the body is depleted of its natural hormone production. Because you change the hormonal balance in your body by introducing compounds such as steroids, a disbalance occurs once you stop using them.

Because the body has gotten used to getting exogenous testosterone from outside sources, it no longer produces any of its own. Not only that, but because you’re experiencing a crash of hormones, estrogen in the body will rise which could lead you to develop man boobs (gynecomastia) and other health related issues such as high blood pressure.

This is why PCT is a quintessential addition to any cycle which depletes the body of its natural hormones, mainly testosterone. It rebalances hormone production back to its normal levels and nudges the body to once again release testosterone naturally.

In this article, we’ll show you the best post cycle therapy available, so stay tuned!

Can you use SARMs after a Steroid Cycle?

Even during a PCT cycle with something like Nolvadex or Clomid, you’re still not getting results immediately and that could seriously dampen the muscle gains that you got during your cycle.

That is why people introduce SARMs into their PCT, but not just any SARMs as some of them, like Testolone, have a dampening effect on the production of testosterone so it would be counterproductive to do so.

The answer is simple: Yes, you can use SARMs after a steroid cycle but only certain SARMs and what are those SARMs? That is something we’ll explore in the next chapter.

Best post cycle therapy

Is a SARMs PCT Cycle Possible?

A SARMs PCT cycle is possible, but you have to select the right SARM for the job. Otherwise, you might be mitigating the effects of the Nolvadex or Clomid on your natural testosterone receptors and that’s a bad thing because you want to activate them back to full power as soon as possible.

The best SARM for that job is something mild like Ostarine Mk-2866. Ostarine will enable you to keep the muscle you have gained during the cycle, without further damaging your natural hormone receptors, allowing them to recuperate.

A usual PCT cycle lasts anywhere between four to six weeks, but we recommend you go for the full six weeks after a cycle. You should take 20mg of Ostarine for the first three weeks in combustion with Nolvadex or Clomid and reduce the intake of Ostarine in the last three weeks to 10mgs.

The reason why we’re taking such a high dose, in the beginning, is that we’re waiting for the Nolvadex or Clomid to start working. Once they start working, we simply decrease the dosage to a more appropriate state.

It’s also recommended to keep your food intake high as your new muscles need the extra calories to sustain themselves. Don’t worry, you will not gain any fat as Ostarine is there to aid you in your PCT.


Do You Need Post Cycle Therapy for SARMs?

Whether to use post cycle therapy for SARMs or not is a heavily debated topic. Some swear on their life that they took the strongest SARMs out there without needing any PCT or experiencing any side effects. Others disagree and find post cycle therapy for SARMs to be a necessity.

So, whom to trust in this fierce debate?

The answer lies in the middle. Some SARMs require a mini-PCT cycle and some don’t, there is no avoiding that. Also, some of us are more sensitive than others and react to different substances in unpredictable ways. In the end, it is only you that can determine whether you will take post cycle therapy for SARMs or not, but if you’re unsure, just stick with what we have to say and you’ll be golden.

One more thing, besides the type of SARM you’re taking and your natural resistance to supplements is how long you’ve been taking the SARM is a question. We’ve heard about users going for twelve to sixteen-week cycles and then wondering why they are feeling low all of a sudden once they are of a cycle. Remember that the longer you take something, the more likely you’re going to need PCT after it.

The last thing to remember is to always preplan your PCT cycle, even if you’re not sure if you’re going to take it or not. It’s not good to do things haphazardly, without any preparation or previous thought put into it. This easily leads to mistakes that could have been avoided if you had prepared beforehand.

With that being said, let’s take a look at which SARMs do require PCT and which do not.


Starting off with the mildest of the group, Ostarine is usually taken in eight weeks cycles, 20mgs a day.

You will not need any PCT while using Ostarine because it doesn’t deplete the body of its natural hormones, it instead targets one specific group of androgens in the body that modulate muscle growth and size.


Cardarine is a bit stronger than Ostarine, but you still won’t need any PCT for it. The reason behind that is because it’s not suppressive of any natural occurring hormones in your body. If it’s taken in eight-week cycles in a 15mg dosage, you absolutely won’t need to worry at all.


Let’s not get into a debate whether this is a SARM or not, the important thing to remember is that you don’t need PCT for it! It doesn’t suppress the natural hormones in your body such as testosterone so you don’t have to worry at all. That is if you’re taking it in the recommended doses of 15mg a day for eight weeks.


Testolone is a strong one and one cannot deny the fact that you do need a mini-PCT cycle for it. Refer to our material below if you want to learn the best PCT for SARMs, not just Testolone. The reason why you need PCT after Testolone is because it has a suppressive effect on the natural occurring hormones in your body.


YK-11 is in the ranks of Testolone and you definitely do need PCT for it. Its half-life is only eight hours so most users take it twice a day, 5mgs each time.

The reason why you need PCT is because of its suppressive effects.


Also technically not a SARM, but still, you will not need PCT after it if it is used accordingly: 20mgs a day for no longer than eight weeks.


Andarine is on the level of Ostarine when it comes to mildness so you won’t need any PCT with it. Some people like to run a mini-PCT cycle lasting four weeks but it’s not necessary if you’re taking Andarine in the proper dosages: 20mg a day for no longer than eight weeks.


You do need a mild PCT cycle after taking Ligandrol. Some people like to skip it, but we like to keep you safe and secure. A PCT cycle of four weeks using Nolvadex should be plenty enough.

In conclusion, we’ve seen that some SARMs do need a PCT cycle and some don’t. The most important thing to take out of this is just how harmless SARMs really are. Even the strongest amongst them, such as Testolone, only require a mini PCT cycle and not the full-scale thing.

Post Cycle therapy for SARMs

What is The Best PCT For SARMs

The best PCT for SARMs is without a doubt Nolvadex. It’s a bit weaker than Clomid but it does the job just right. It’s especially advisable to take Nolvadex if you’re just starting out as you don’t want to shock your body too much.

Nolvadex will help you bounce back your natural testosterone amounts to the level they should be since it is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator).

Your cycle should last four to six weeks and you should change your dose as the weeks go by.

Most people start with 50mg a day for the first week than lower the dosage to 25mg a day for weeks two to three and finally, they decrease the dosage even further in the fourth week, to just 10mg a day.

This is done to avoid any potential side effects.

Other people, especially those that are experienced and versed in the bodybuilding world opt for Clomid. Let’s cover that PCT supplement for a bit. Clomid is definitely the stronger option and it can have some negative side effects which we will get into shortly. It’s rarely used by SARMs users but the preferred route for steroid users. Why?

Because Clomid acts as a buffer in the body, it stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to once again produce testosterone through something called gonadotropins.

Let’s talk about dosages, depending on the length and strength of your cycle, Clomid should be consumed during a period of four to six weeks in amounts of 50-100mgs. Those that are opting for Clomid after a SARMs cycle should stick to 50mgs a day for four weeks.

Clomid does have some minor side effects but not everyone gets to experience them, it’s especially noted that the more Clomid you take, the higher the chance that side effects will occur.

With that being said, if you stick to our recommended dosages after a SARMs cycle, you shouldn’t experience any side effects at all.

The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, and diarrhea.


Where to Buy The Best PCT For SARMs

You can buy Nolvadex and Clomid in many online stores, but we don’t recommend just blindly visiting a store and purchasing any of these substances. The reasons for that are simple: Most of the time, these online vendors don’t know what they are actually selling and there is a high chance that you won’t get the substance you’re actually trying to purchase.

After months of research and comparisons, we’ve come up with the one store that ticks all the boxes and swerves in the right direction.

That store is called SwissChems.

Don’t worry about the name, they are stationed and operating directly from the US.

You can buy Nolvadex at their store for $91.00 if paid by traditional means (credit card) and if paid by cryptocurrencies, you’ll get 20% off your purchase, downsizing the price to $72.80.

This is what you’ll get for your money: 100 tabs, each tab containing 20mg of the product.

Clomid is also available at an affordable rate: $99.00 if purchased by traditional means and if paid by Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you get a heavy discount, bringing the price down to $79.20.

You get 100 tabs, with each tab containing 25mgs of the product.

SwissChems has fast shipping times, we got our package in less than four days. If you’re stationed outside the US, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

SwissChems has also posted lab results in the description of both products, so you can rest assured that you’re not getting bunk but a 100% pure PCT supplement.

UPDATE: Now you can buy great quality liquid NOLVADEX from Secretsupps.

Liquid Nolvadex

Another Great PCT Supplement – A Natural Alternative

Manufactured by Umbrella Labs, this PCT supplement with mostly natural ingredients aids testosterone production and assists estrogen control.

Some people prefer this option as it has zero side effects attached to it as it is a natural remedy. Moreover, it is quite cheap and you’ll get 90 capsules for just 27.99$.

It is recommended that you take two capsules at night for no longer than eight weeks, but our recommended time frame is between four to six weeks, which should be plenty enough. That would be it for our post cycle therapy article, we hope that you have learned something new and that you can now make an educated decision when it comes to your post cycle therapy.

Always remember to stay safe and have fun building your body up to a masterpiece!