What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For A Drug test

If you are facing a urine sample drug test then synthetic urine is absolutely the best way to pass. It’s foolproof and guaranteed, as long as you don’t make any of the common mistakes that can get you found out. But you have to use the best synthetic urine brand to pass the test.

It’s harder to get your hands on the best synthetic urine products than you would think though. There aren’t that many out there, in fact out of the 20+ brands you will commonly hear about, 15 of those are utterly useless.

But how do you spot the best fake urine, and how do you weed out the rubbish to make sure that you don’t submit a colored liquid that is little better than pouring water into a cup and handing it over?

Well, in this synthetic urine review, we are going to tell you what is the best fake pee brand on the market, how to use it, and give you some tips on not getting caught.

Plus, we will do detailed fake urine reviews of the top three synthetic urine products, so you can see why they have such strong reputations.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

When you are facing a urine sample drug test you are almost always unobserved. The only time you would be observed is if it is a specialist drug test, something like a drug test ordered by the courts when special conditions applies.

So the obvious thing to do is to submit a fake sample. Some people try and submit a fake sample of real human urine, but trying to get that to the lab when it’s not spoiled, and at the right temperature, is a nightmare. It is simply far better to use synthetic urine.

There are tons of synthetic urine kits out there, but only a few are really good enough to pass a drug test. But what makes them good enough? Well, it’s the ingredients in them.

When the lab is given your sample it tests for the validity of the sample. That means that they test the presence of chemicals found in real human urine, they check that it’s in balance in several ways, and even that it looks, and smells like the real thing in some instances.

So the synthetic urine you use has to closely mimic human urine. If it does, then it’s a surefire way of passing a drug test.

how to pass a urine drug test

How To Spot The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is definitely a viable strategy. You have to ignore fake synthetic urine reviews out there and focus on the quality brands only.

They also have to have a long track record, and they have to be a constantly updated formula so that they react to the changes in modern urine testing standards.

From my experiences, my research, and everything I’ve learned online in the past two years, to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, the sample you submit needs to contain the following traits:

  • Must have the correct specific gravity range
  • Must have the same pH range as human urine
  • Has to look, smell, and even froth like the real thing
  • Has to contain urea, uric acid, and creatine
  • Should contain as many other natural chemicals found in human urine as possible
  • Must not contain a preservative called biocide

Now you wouldn’t think that was too much to ask, but it’s far more than most brands of synthetic urine actually contain. You see, part the problem is a lot of the formulas are very old, they have not been updated for years, and have not moved on with drug testing standards.

The second problem is that they were never designed to pass drug tests in the first place. They were designed as fetish urine, or prank urine. So they don’t contain all the things that are needed. Some of them contain some of it, and in the old days when testing standards are lower, they would pass drug tests, but now they just aren’t good enough. But old reviews make people think they still work.

And the third problem is that a lot of brands contain something called biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative that is found in a lot of household products. But it’s also used in a lot of brands of synthetic urine. This is especially true as a lot of the cheap and nasty brands are white label products that are just rebadged and sold under different names.

So biocide is what is known as a footprint. Why look for all those different chemicals in the sample when you can just look for the presence of biocide? That will rule out most of the fake samples out there won’t it.

That’s exactly what the big drug testing labs now do, and if you submit a sample with biocide in it, you’re going to get caught. But it’s tough to find out which products contain biocide. However, my top three synthetic urine reviews at the end of this guide are brands that definitely do not contain biocide.

how to use synthetic urine

How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

The actual process of using synthetic urine for a drug test is very straightforward. Where people mostly get caught out is making mistakes. I’ll cover tips on how not to get caught submitting a fake sample in a little while. But here are the basic instructions for using any type of synthetic urine:

  1. Your sample will either be dried powder or already mixed urine in a vial. So you might have to add water to the powder to make urine.
  2. You will need a microwave to heat up the sample of synthetic urine, to warm it to close to body temperature.

However, that’s not always the case. Sub Solution and Quick Luck don’t use a heatpad, they use heat activator powder. Although it’s best to microwave them initially, the heat activator powder on its own is enough to heat the sample up in a few moments.

With a heatpad, this can take a long time, and with poor quality heatpads you can never achieve the temperature can get from the microwave in just a few seconds.

  1. Having already activated heatpad to get it warm, strap the sample to it. If using the heat activator powder, you don’t really need to do anything. All you have to get the sample to the right temperature using the microwave. You can then strap it close to your body.

I will say here that one brand, Quick Luck, contains heat activator powder and a heatpad. For me this is the ultimate solution because you get to warm the sample up with a microwave, keep it warm with a heatpad, and then outside the testing lab, you can still add heat activator powder if you need to get it warm up quickly.

There is the way to transport the sample is to just keep the vial strapped to the heat pad, and place it inside a second pair of underpants that you put on over the top of your first.

Just make sure that you wear jogging bottoms to submit your sample, so that you can easily get the fake sample out, and then put it back in after you poured it into the submission cup.

Synthetic Urine Brands To Avoid

fake urine reviewsThere are several brands of synthetic urine that you need to avoid. The reasons vary, but generally, they just have a poor reputation online and have had for several years.

The brands I would really recommend you stay away from are Magnum, Xstream, and U Pass.

You will read about these brands a lot if you research synthetic urine to use to pass the drug test, but I’m telling you that they are all poor quality. They are out of date in terms of formula, and more importantly, they all contain biocide.

Tips To Not Get Caught Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

So you’ve decided that synthetic urine is definitely the best way to pass a drug test. It’s a good choice, as long as you don’t make a silly mistake on the day that gets you caught.

If you want to use synthetic urine for drug test success, you have to make sure you don’t do any of the following things. Too many people make these mistakes, and then they go online and trash the brand of synthetic urine that they use when it was entirely their own fault.

  1. Make sure that the sample is submitted within the correct temperature range. Human urine is always between 96°F and 100°F when it exits the body. Legally they have to accept any sample between 90°F 100°F. Make sure you check the sample strip before you enter the lab premises.
  2. Ensure that you have a reputable band of urine that uses heat activator powder or a good quality heatpad. The most common reason for arriving at the lab with urine that is too cold is a heatpad that is failing.

Failing means either not kicking out on a heat, or variable heat that is not keeping the temperature up. If you’re going to use synthetic urine for drug test success then this is the thing that most important.

  1. Make sure you practice in advance. Don’t turn up at the lab with fake urine and a heatpad stuffed into your pants, and then clumsily flail about behind the screen trying to sort everything out. They will wonder what on earth you are doing, and you could get searched on your way out.

Practice this process several times before with water to make sure you can maintain the temperature on the journey, and smoothly submit the sample.

A great way of doing this is to buy the Clear Choice practice kit. It contains everything that Sub Solution and Quick Luck does, but not the synthetic urine. It’s far cheaper and allows you to practice several times with water.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3 Fake Urine Kit

So now we have covered all the basics of using synthetic urine for a drug test, let’s look at where to buy synthetic urine.

Most synthetic urine reviews will only tell you where to buy a single brand. But we are doing three synthetic urine reviews here, the top three brands on the market, that fit all the criteria I have outlined in this guide to using synthetic urine for drug tests.

  1. Quick Luck 

Quick Luck is the ultimate solution if you want to use synthetic urine for drug test success. It’s my number one choice because of its power and flexibility.

You get a vial of ready mixed Clear Choice urine. Clear choice makes Quick Luck and Sub Solution, it’s the best synthetic urine brand on the market. It is a complex formula and gives you the ultimate chance of passing. Quick Luck’s formula is more complex than Sub Solution’s.

You also get heat activator powder, and a pair of heatpads as well. This gives you complete power and control over the temperature of your sample right up until the moment that you submit it.

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  1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

Sub Solution is the most popular synthetic urine product on the market. Quick Luck is a better formula, but it’s a new product and more expensive. But for most normal drug tests, especially pre-employment ones, Sub Solution is more than complex enough for anything you throw at it.

You get powdered Sub Solution urine ready to mix, and you get the heat activator powder. It mixes in seconds, and you don’t need a heat source to get it to the right temperature. For the money, it’s unbeatable value.

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  1. Quick Fix 6.2

A good third choice is a Quick Fix. It’s the budget option costing less than half the price of Sub Solution. But you are still getting good quality synthetic urine for that money.

You get a good quality heatpad with Quick Fix, but you the relying on a heatpad and don’t have the control of the heat activator powder. But for a basic pre-employment drug test the formula and the heatpad are pretty good quality and should get you through the test easily.