Macujo Method Review: Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Guaranteed

The best way to pass a hair drug test is the Macujo method. That’s why I’m doing this detailed Macujo method review.

But it’s far more than that. I’m going to tell you exactly how drugs get trapped in your hair in the first place, and why you can’t just do things like shaving your head or use a single product like a detox shampoo to get rid of drug metabolites.

In addition to all that information, I’m going to tell you about the Jerry G method. It’s another popular way of flushing out drug toxins from your hair shafts, but it’s not as good as the Macujo method, and I’m going to tell you exactly why that’s the case.

Plus, I’ll tell you how I did the Macujo method, the frequency I used, the exact method I used, and give you full instructions. Even if you’ve only got 24 hours, there’s a potential chance you can pass a hair follicle drug test using the Macujo method, so don’t waste time, let’s get to it.

How Drugs Get Trapped In Your Hair

Here’s the thing that gets people confused. Drugs get trapped inside the hair shaft. I think people believe that they simply get trapped in it, but that’s not what happens, which is why it’s so difficult to pass a hair follicle drug test.

The best way to pass a hair drug test, in fact, the only way, is to open up the hard top layer of the shaft of the hair, called the cuticle layer, and flush out the toxins that are trapped inside it.

The cuticle layer is the top layer of your hair shaft which is made up of thousands of tiny scales, which overlap to give the hair protection while remaining flexible. So whatever you use, it has to open up the cuticles and flush the toxins out from underneath.

But how the hell do the toxins get stuck inside the hair in the first place? Well, it all comes down to the fact that toxins pass around your bloodstream before they reach your liver and kidneys and pass out of your body through your bowels and bladder.

Underneath your scalp the hair grows in a small bulb, it’s fed nutrients and then it grows out of the head. The drug toxins get stuck to these hair shafts as they form, trapping the metabolites inside them before they actually grow out of the follicle.

They then grow out of your hair follicle with the metabolites trapped inside, meaning that the hair on your head is like a tape recording of your drug use. The longer your hair, the longer the recording, with about half an inch representing a month’s worth of historic drug use.

So the bottom line here is that you will not pass a drug test unless you can open up the hair cuticles flush out the toxins, and then shut those dudes up again.

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Ways You Can’t Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Sometimes people panic or believe Internet rumors when it comes to trying to find the best way to pass a hair drug test. This can lead to them doing some crazy stuff that only gets them into more trouble.

Let’s be honest, if you are facing a hair follicle drug test, somebody has paid significant money for it. It could be law enforcement, insurance, or a high-level employment drug test. They just don’t do hair follicle drug tests for minor reasons.

So if you are seen to be trying to avoid it, you could be losing a lot more than you will with a low-level4 pre-employment urine sample drug test.

So please don’t attempt any of the following:

  • Shave the hair on your head
  • Shave all the hair on your body
  • Wash your hair with bleach
  • Wash your hair with lemon juice or any other acid
  • Take any pills or concoctions claiming to get rid of drug metabolites

None of these methods will work. Let’s just chat briefly about shaving your hair, as that’s the main way that people try to avoid hair follicle drug testing.

If you shave the hair on your head they will simply take the hair from elsewhere. If they didn’t do that then how do you think Paul people are drug tested?

If you have shaved everywhere, so you have no hair on your body at all, then that’s incredibly unusual and you are unlikely to be able to produce evidence that you have whole-body alopecia, or have suddenly become a long-distance swimmer.

Plus, a potential employer, insurance representative, or the courts, wherever or whoever will be able to see that you’ve had hair and deliberately now shaved it all off just prior to your drug test. What do you think that’s telling them?

So you have to be more covert. That means using one of the two following methods to open up the cuticles of your hair, flush out the toxins, and then close them up and make it look like nothing unusual has happened.

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Jerry G method Review

There are basically two main methods out there that have been proven to open up the cuticles of the hair shafts and flush out drug toxins.

The first one is called the Jerry G method. Just like the second method, the Macujo method, it is named after the person who is reputed to have come up with it.

The science behind both of these methods is that they use ingredients that have the ability to blast open the cuticles of the hair shaft, and then allow detoxification products to rinse out the toxins within.

So let’s talk about the Jerry G method first as the best way to pass a hair drug test. You will need about 10 days to do the Jerry G method, and instructions for completing it are as follows:

  1. You must stop taking drugs start the Jerry G method (and to be honest, with the Macujo method as well). If you don’t, once you’ve cleaned out the hair shafts, toxins will continue to work their way into fresh hair as it grows out of the follicles.
  2. The day after you have stopped taking in drug toxins, it’s time to bleach your hair. You can get the specialist hair bleach from somewhere like eBay, from a local hairdressing supply shop, it doesn’t matter where.
  3. Once the hair has been breached, you need to dye it. The hair dye must contain ammonia, that’s the crucial bit here. But the other crucial thing is to pick a dye color close to your natural color because it will look very suspicious if you suddenly change your hair color
  4. Wash your hair with a good quality detox shampoo toxin wash is one option, are more expensive but the better option is Aloe Toxin Rid.
  5. Wait 7-10 days, then repeat steps 2-4.
  6. The last step, on the day of your test, to get rid of any loose toxins, is to wash your hair with Zydot Ultra clean shampoo.

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Does The Jerry G Method Work?

The Jerry G method does work. However, it’s not the best method because it can destroy your hair permanently, because you are bleaching it twice within 10 days (or even less if you have less time), and then coloring it with an ammonia-based dye.

This can permanently damage the hair, and burn the scalp. Neither of those is going to be good things, and for me, it was just too invasive, just too much of a risk.

So the Jerry G method can work, but it’s not the best way to pass a hair drug test.

Best Way To Pass A Hair Drug Test Is The Macujo Method

A very similar method to the Jerry G method is the Macujo method. However, it’s a far less invasive hair cleansing process.

On the downside, the Macujo method takes more time, because you have to do it more often to achieve the same result. It still opens up the cuticles on the hair shaft, but it doesn’t have the strength to do all of them at the same time, so you will have to run through the Macujo method several times to achieve complete cleanliness.

However, it is far less invasive, and you are not taking any risk with your hair or scalp doing the Macujo method. That’s why I decided to do the Macujo method instead of the Jerry G method, it just seems to make far more sense. Yes, it takes more time, but I value the hair on my head.

You’re going to need several key ingredients to do the Macujo method properly:

  • Laundry detergent (Tide liquid detergent is often preferred)
  • Salicylic shampoo ( Clean & Clear is the brand often mentioned)
  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo
  • Vinegar
  • Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo

I just want to briefly talk about old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo because it’s very expensive, costing around $235, and I want to explain why you need it to pass a hair drug test.

Aloe Rid was made by a company called Nexxus. It was designed to be able to cope with heavy toxin exposure, it was designed for people like swimmers. But it was too powerful, and it caused some people problems with their hair and scalp.

However, people found that washing the hair with it lots of times could help them pass hair drug tests. Not everyone, which is why you have to do it as part of the Macujo method to make sure, but for people with light toxin exposure, and people who got lucky, it was good enough on its own.

But when Nexxus changed the formula to make it milder, this avenue closed. But a company called Test Clear has recently reconstructed the original formula and is now selling it exclusively from their website under the name old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo.

However, because it’s such a specialist shampoo and high investment, they are charging $235 per bottle. But for me, if you’re up for a hair drug test, then it’s serious, and $235 is peanuts.

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Macujo Method Review: Step by Step Instructions

So let’s take a look in detail at the Macujo Method instructions you will need to follow exactly if you are to use it as the best way to pass a hair drug test:

  1. You will need to be near an extra large sink, or the bath preferably, to carry out the steps of the Macujo method, because you will need an almost unlimited supply of warm water. So being near the shower would be ideal.
  2. Get the ingredients together, plus some goggles, clingfilm, and a few pairs of disposable latex gloves (you can get them online from places like eBay and Amazon dirt cheap).
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water, then liberally apply the vinegar to your hair, working it in thoroughly, especially focusing on the roots. This will start to sting.
  4. Then get the Clean & Clear or equivalent shampoo, and liberally massage that in well. This will make it burn a lot but don’t worry it’s only surface stinging, it won’t damage your scalp. This is why you need to be wearing gloves as well, so you don’t irritate your hands.
  5. Wrap your hair in cling film. This will keep the whole mixture pressed against the hair so that it works effectively, and it will keep your hair warmer which will also help. Leave it on for 30 minutes at least (an hour is ideal, and if you are doing the Macujo method fewer times, you really do need to do the full hour).
  6. Remove the clingfilm and thoroughly wash your hair with only warm water.
  7. The next step is to use the old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. Wash your hair with it, rinse it out, then repeat that process.
  8. The last step of the Macujo method each time is to conservatively work the liquid detergent into your hair until it all feels squeaky, you will know this feeling when you experience it.

So those are the steps of the Macujo method that you should run through each time. On the day of your actual drug test, you should use the Zydot Ultra Clean detox shampoo to clean up any loose drug toxins. Do this about two hours before you leave. You may have had to do the Macujo method once more just on the morning of your test before you do this.

Aloe Toxin Rid detox shampoo

Macujo Method Frequency

So on its own, the Macujo method isn’t sounding that bad. Sure it takes time and effort, around two hours to complete the whole thing once thoroughly.

However, you don’t just do it once. You really need to do it twice per day in the week leading up to your test. So that’s as much as 14 times, but often you can get away with less.

When I did the Macujo method I only had five days notice that I would be facing a hair follicle drug test. So I really only had four full days, and I did it three times per day, lunchtime, late afternoon, and late evening. So I did it 12 times over four days. I passed my drug test.

So it’s perfectly possible to increase the frequency if you have less time. However, it’s obviously all going to stack up in terms of the time it takes out of your life. But again, just like with the $235 investment in Aloe Toxin Rid&Zydot Ultra Clean detox Shampoo, if you are facing a hair drug test, then something is happening that is worth doing this for.

Passing a hair follicle drug test as an infrequent user should be easier using the Macujo method. You’ll know how infrequent you are, and if you genuinely feel it’s an occasional thing for you, and that the volume of drug metabolites in your hair will be minimal, then you could just do it once per day, or do it several times per day but over a shorter number of days, maybe as few as six times over a couple of days.

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How To Pass A Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours

So the Macujo method is definitely the best way to pass a hair follicle drug test. The last part of this Macujo method review is to tell you about whether you can pass a hair drug test in 24 hours.

You see, some people only get 24 hours notice of a hair follicle drug test. It’s hugely rare, but it can happen. If you are notified of a drug test at short notice, and you have all the ingredients mentioned to hand, then the Macujo method can still get you clean. But it is far more of a lottery, however, it’s going to be your only chance.

You follow the complete Macujo method as I’ve outlined in this review. But you need to do it as many times as possible. If you can do it four times in the 24 hours then that could be enough. I’m not guaranteeing it, but at least you stand a significant chance.

So for me, the day before, try and do it four times. If you can do it again on the morning of your test, followed by Zydot Ultra Clean, even better. The more times you can do the Macujo method, the better your chances.