Proven Peptides Review: Are They Legit?

If you’re strolling around the interwebs in search for SARMs, you’re bound to hear the name Proven Peptides thrown around. They have seemingly infested the SARMs populated user areas and everyone is talking about them.

But that begs the question: Is Proven Peptides legit?

In this Proven Peptides review, we’re going to investigate that question, trying to find out as much about the company as we possibly can to ensure that our readers know all the latest news about this business.

With that being said, let’s get started!

Proven Peptides Review

The first thing we did was find out where they are peddling their SARMs from and what their background is like.

They seem to be a US-based company stationed in Orlando, a good sign, as many other popular supplement businesses also share their home town.

Their website looks not too young and not too old, it’s easy to navigate and you’re not getting blasted with offers whenever you open a page, which is also a big plus. There’s nothing more infuriating than these nasty pop-ups that take up the entire screen.

The great thing about them is that we have found a phone number on their website and after calling the number to see if it’s legit, we got an answer in around three minutes. To test them out even further, we asked some basic questions such as the difference between Ostarine and Testolone and they patiently answered all of our questions without hassle. Not to mention that it was done in a professional manner and in a language easy to understand for everybody.

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re for some reason unsatisfied with your product or if it doesn’t arrive in front of your door in the time span mentioned on their website.

Speaking of delivery times, if you’re from the US, you can expect your package in between 3 to 7 business days, but it’s usually no more than four days of waiting. We’re speaking from experience as we’ve ordered multiple times from them. They sadly don’t offer free shipping, but if you order 75$ or more worth of product, you get your item shipped for free.

They are very versatile when it comes to their pricing and size options. Most companies, even the legit few, have a dedicated size in which they sell their product but Proven Peptides is different.

They offer three vial sizes, 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml so you can choose an appropriate vial according to your cycle. We generally recommend beginners to start with a lower dose so this shop is the perfect choice for them as it is the only one so far offering such small vial sizes.

If you’re buying in bulk, you get a small discount, for example when it comes to buying Ligandrol, you would pay $60 for 30ml of product and only $100 for 60ml of product. Speaking of discounts, they also have this amazing loyalty program called ‘Peptide Points’.

Peptide Points are accumulated every time you make a purchase on their site. One dollar equals to one peptide point. The worth of one peptide point is 10 cents, which means that you get an additional 10% off on your next purchase with Proven Peptides.

You also get 10 points for just making an account, 50 points for leaving a review on their product (that gets approved), 50 points for liking and sharing their Facebook page and another 50 points for following and tweeting their page on Twitter. That’s a free 16$ in-store credit for just a few steps that won’t take you longer than five minutes.

This is all seems fair and square so far but we still didn’t answer the question ‘Are Proven Peptides legit’ in this Proven Peptides review, so let’s do that right now.

Proven peptides review

Is Proven Peptides Legit?

The first thing we did to prove the legitimacy or illegitimacy of this company was to straight-up order a batch. It was a risk, for sure, but given the facts we’ve presented above, we thought we might give them a shot.

We ordered Cardarine in a 30ml vial and paid $60 for it plus an additional five dollars for the pleasure of it arriving in front of our doorsteps.

The package arrived in only two days and everything was exactly as advertised. We were curious to see what the purity of their Cardarine is, but couldn’t find a note in the package anywhere.

Upon calling their customer service, they redirected us to this page which shows that their Cardarine has a purity of 99,2%.

Now, how can we be sure that they didn’t just fake their results? That’s because all of their lab tests are vetted and performed by an independent third party called Colmaric Analyticals based in Florida.

After doing further research on that company, we found that it was absolutely legit and that they had a real laboratory. The reason why we went so far is that it’s easy to fake your CoA (Certificate of Analysis), Chinese companies trying to break into the Western market do it all the time.

That’s why you have to be very careful when you’re buying from places that haven’t been researched enough.  Our verdict is as follows: Proven Peptides is legit, their shipping times are indeed fast, their customer service exceptional and their product is nearly 100% pure.

Proven Peptides Coupon

Haven’t you had enough discounts? Use this Proven Peptides coupon to get an additional 7,5% off on your order! The coupon code is: Pal7,5thx

The best thing about it? There is no expiration date and you can use it as many times as you wish!

To sum up, Proven Peptides is one of the only legit SARMs companies that we fully trust and buy from. We wouldn’t recommend anything that we didn’t test ourselves and we did so multiple times. Our conclusion of this Proven Peptides review can be summed up into one question and one answer:

Is Proven Peptides legit? Heck yeah, they are!