Mega Clean Review: The Best Detox Drink?

For me, when it comes to detox drinks, there are three which are the best out there, including Mega Clean. I’ve used them all, I know people who use them successfully, and I’ve tested them fully using home drug test kits as well.

So what is Mega Clean, and what makes it such a popular detox drink? Well, in this detailed Mega Clean review, I’m going to tell you exactly what is, how to use it, compare it to other detox drinks, and give you a top tip on making it more powerful.

Plus, I’ll also quickly review my other favorite detox drinks, so that you can see if Mega Clean, which is easily available to buy, is your best choice for passing a drug test.

What Is Mega Clean Detox?

Mega Clean is a detox drink. A detox drink doesn’t actually detoxify your body. A detox drink is a masking agent. That’s a misconception that catches a lot of people out. So don’t fall for that, and understand the limitations of a detox drink.

When you drink the formula you purchase, it should be powerful enough to flush out the toxins from your bladder and urinary tract. As it does this, it overwhelms your body with nutrients and minerals, including things like creatine, which are found in human urine all the time.

Because the body is flooded, these ingredients are partially passed through the body’s filtering systems, and they appear in your urine, making it seem balanced and natural when your sample is tested for validity at the lab.

But as the effects of the detox drink wear off, so you could start to test positive again as new drug metabolites are passed into your urine stream.

Mega Clean is very effective at doing this. It’s one of the ranges of detox products available from a company called Detoxify. They also make Mighty Clean, Ready and Xxtra Clean, which have similar formulas but are smaller in volume. For me, I would just pay the money for Mega Clean regardless of your level of toxin exposure, or body size.

How To Make Mega Clean More Powerful

On its own, Mega Clean isn’t the most powerful detox drink you can buy. There are two more powerful drinks out there, Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse.

That’s not saying it’s bad detox drink, but on its own, it’s only slightly more powerful than some of the poor brands. Better than nothing, and as you can pick up Mega Clean in Walmart, it’s definitely the best choice from a bad bunch.

But you can make Mega Clean into one of the most powerful detox drinks on the market.

You can do this by buying it bundled up with six Toxin Rid pills if you buy it from Test Clear. You get the six free pre-cleanse pills sent to you along with the Mega Clean full 1 L bottle.

As long as you’ve got 48 hours before your detox, then you can do a natural detox, where you cut out toxins, eat well, drink plenty of water. In the second 24-hour period, you take the six Toxin Rid pills, and these will flush out a lot of toxins.

That means on the day of your test there won’t be as many toxins as they would without the pre-cleanse pills. That leaves a lot less work for Mega Clean to do, giving you a very potent option.

So sure, if you’re in real trouble, buy Mega Clean from Walmart. But if you’ve got even a few days to prepare, then buy it from Test Clear and do the 48 hour detox.

Mega Clean instructions

Mega Clean Instructions

So you’ve got your bottle of Mega Clean, and you bought it from Test Clear so you have the six powerful Toxin Rid detox pills as well.

These are the full Mega Clean instructions you need to follow to get the best out of it:

  1. The 48 hours before your test do a natural detox. Eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, and exercise to give your body the best chance of eliminating as many toxins as possible. Also, make sure during this time that you consume plenty of fiber and fat, and go to the toilet as often as possible. Fiber and fat help to bind cannabis metabolites to your stools, so they are eradicated from the body more quickly.
  2. In the 24 hours before your test take the six powerful Toxin Rid pills. Take one every two hours, timing it so that you have consumed them all and drunk plenty of water before you go to bed.
  3. Two hours before your drug test drink the contents of the Mega Clean bottle over about 15 minutes.
  4. Over the next hour making sure that you urinate at least three times. Then go and submit your sample.

As long as you follow the instructions completely, and as long as you don’t have a ridiculously high level of toxin exposure, or you just get unlucky, then you should be completely clean of drug toxins for about five hours. But be aware this can be less time if you have really high levels of toxins in your body because they would be passing into your urine stream more frequently.

My top tip is always to make sure you buy a couple of home drug test kits as well. These are dirt cheap and you can usually buy them from the same places you buy the detox products.

Make sure you do a home drug test before you leave to submit your sample. In the unlikely event that you fail it, it’s probably best to have a second bottle of Mega Clean handy, to repeat the process, and then check again before you leave. Alternatively, you could buy some synthetic urine as your backup plan.

However, I’ve used detox drinks on several occasions to pass drug tests as a heavy weed smoker. I’ve also got several buddies who’ve done the same. Nobody I’ve known has ever had this problem of still testing positive, but I always mention it just to make sure that we cover all the bases for you.

Does Mega Clean Work?

Does Mega Clean work? Sure, it does. But on its own, it’s not as powerful as a couple of other detox drinks.

On its own, you’ve probably got about a 75% chance of passing. With the Mega Clean detox pills and a 48 hour detox, that chance raises to 99%.

So Mega Clean works, and generally, it’s a good quality detox drink work. Don’t take my word for it, just search online and you’ll see many articles and  Mega Clean reviews, even on mainstream sites, where journalists have tested detox drinks with home drug test kits and passed them.

Make sure you buy it from Testclear to get the free pre rid pills!

That’s been my experience with Mega Clean and others as well. For the purposes of reviews I have tested all the major brands, and have nailed down the ones that consistently work to Mega Clean, and the alternatives I also recommend.

detox drinks for THC

Mega Clean Vs Qcarbo32

So Mega Clean works, but how does it stack up against Qcarbo32? This is another brand of detox drink which is available in Walmart.

Qcarbo used to be one of the best drinks around, but it was the best of a bad bunch. But formulas have become more advanced, as have drug testing methods. It’s better than nothing, but for me, you are tossing a coin for reliability.

So if it comes to a battle of Mega Clean Vs Qcarbo32, even on their own, Mega Clean wins hands down. Add in detoxification before the day of your test and pre-rid pills, and Mega Clean is far more effective.

Alternative Detox Drinks

So look, I hope this quick Mega Clean review has been helpful. I hope you now understand exactly how to use it to get the best out of it, and you can see how easy it is to pass a drug test using it.

But there are a couple of powerful alternatives I want to mention. These are also detox drinks I’ve used successfully in live drug tests, as well as having tested them for the purposes of reviewing them at home, and they are drinks I know that friends of mine have used successfully in live drug tests as well.

The first is Rescue Cleanse. It’s made by Clear Choice who also makes Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the most powerful synthetic urine brands you can buy. In fact, a great Plan B is not to have a second detox drink available if you’re still testing positive before you leave, but to use synthetic urine instead.

Clear Choice Detox

The second is Ultra Eliminex. Strangely, it’s made by Herbal Clean, who make the unreliable brand Qcarbo32. However, it’s a completely different formula, and far more potent.

In fact, it’s a detox drink that really is in a class of its own. However it costs $80, but it’s very powerful. You get what you pay for.

But look, Mega Clean is a very good detox drink. Not great on its own but the best of a bad bunch if you just need to grab a bottle at short notice. But with preparation, alongside the powerful Toxin Rid pills, it becomes one of the best ways to pass a urine sample drug test.