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Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Review

Rescue Cleanse is one of the most reliable detox drinks you can buy, and in this Rescue Cleanse review, I want to briefly tell you why that’s the case, and also how you can use it successfully.

But you have to do a little more than just drink the detox drink to get the most out of it. Especially if you have a lot of drug toxins in your body, then not understanding what you need to do means that you might not get the most out of it, and could get caught. We will explain the instructions you need to follow.

So let’s take a look at this Clear Choice detox product, tell you how to use it, and tell you where to buy Rescue Cleanse for a great price as well.

What Is Rescue Cleanse?

Rescue Cleanse is a Clear Choice detox product, a detox drink. These are the same people who make and sell the best synthetic urine products out there, Sub Solution and Quick Luck. So they are trustworthy and one quick look at their website will tell you just how engaged with people they are.

Rescue Cleanse a high-quality detox drink. I’ll tell you how a detox drink works in a moment because there are often misconceptions about what it can achieve.

But make no mistake, Rescue Cleanse detox drink is one of the best out there, and there are probably only two other detox drinks that are as powerful. For $55, it’s a great value product.

They also do a smaller 17 fluid ounce size, which is designed for people with a smaller body mass, or people with light drug toxin exposure. However, as it’s only $15 cheaper than the large 32 fluid ounce size, I can’t see why anyone would want to increase their risk for the sake of $15.

How Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Works

To understand how Rescue Cleanse detox drink works, you have to understand what a detox drink can achieve.

A detox drink does not eradicate all drug toxins from your body, you will not get a full-body detox when you drink it. All it does is to flush out the toxins currently working their way out of your body through your bladder and flood the body with nutrients that then get into the bladder and balance the fresh urine. After a few hours, the toxins work their way back into your urine stream, and you won’t test clean.

That’s exactly how Rescue Cleanse works. It’s powerful because it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that flood your body. Your body passes these out through your bladder, which leaves the flushed out fresh urine appearing natural for a few hours until fresh toxins start to work their way back into your urine stream.

Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Rescue Cleanse instructions are really straightforward, and they are almost identical to every other detox drink instructions as well:

  1. Try to avoid all toxins and medication that could interfere with the detox drink for at least 48 hours before you drink it.
  2. If you are a heavy user, say you smoke weed every day, then you should try to cut it out for a week beforehand if possible because that will leave less work for the drink to do. Obviously you might not have that time, but the more days you abstain, the easier it will be for it to work.
  3. Don’t eat or drink anything in the four hours leading up to when you are going to drink your bottle of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink.
  4. Drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes. Then urinate several times in the hour after you have completed drinking it.
  5. Once you have completed the urination step, you should be clean of drug toxins for several hours, Clear Choice say up to 5 hours is the clear zone you can expect to have. You then need to submit your sample as quickly as possible before fresh drug toxins start appearing in your urine again.

The only thing I would add to those Rescue Cleanse detox drink instructions is to always do a home drug test kit before you go and submit your sample to make sure that it has worked.

Does Rescue Cleanse Work Well?

So the meat of this Rescue Cleanse review has to be to answer the question around whether Rescue Cleanse works, or not.

For me, it works. I’ve used it for a live drug test about a year ago, which is why I recommend it because I’ve had personal experience of success using it.

But more than that, one of my best friends used it a few months back and he passed a drug test using Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse as well.

The key to using it is to abstain for as long as possible beforehand and to make sure that you’re going to submit the sample as quickly as possible after you drink the drink and verify yourself as clean with the home drug test kit.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

 When it comes to recommending where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, only one place is on my list.

It’s Test Negative, the official Clear Choice detox store. There are a few good reasons for this:

  • You always know you’re getting fresh and real Rescue Cleanse
  • They often do fantastic combo deals (like getting Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula pills free)
  • You always get rapid delivery

So the conclusion of this Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review is it one of those powerful drinks on the market, with a good track record, and I’ve experienced success using it personally.

Does Rescue Cleanse work

Alternative Detox Drinks

But just to finish the review, there are a couple of alternatives I also want to mention, just in case you want to try something other than Rescue Cleanse, for whatever reason.

Mega Clean is a good alternative. It’s not such a powerful formula, so it isn’t as good on its own. However, if you buy it from Test Clear, with six free Toxin Rid pills bundled in, allowing you to do a 24-hour detox beforehand when more toxins will be pushed out, then it is just as good, if not better than Rescue Cleanse.

If you’ve got money to spend, for $80 you can get Ultra Eliminex. It’s the most powerful formula on the market today. So it’s a more powerful drink than Rescue Cleanse and is recommended if you’ve got really high levels of toxins. But it is expensive.

But Rescue Cleanse detox drink is definitely good enough for most situations, and unless you are riddled with toxins or have a very large body mass, it’s plenty good enough for passing a drug test.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Weed

If you’re a heavy weed smoker then you are in a unique position where you could get caught out with a drug test even if you haven’t smoked for a couple of weeks. So it’s important to know how to use detox drinks for weed, to cover it up if needed.

The thing is, weed metabolites can hang around in your body for a couple of weeks, sometimes more, if you are a heavy smoker. So even though you have not been smoking, it could take several weeks for those metabolites to work their way out.

So if you are called up for a drug test for any reason, then you need the insurance policy of using detox drinks to pass that drug test.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

The big question is do detox drinks work? The answer is that they do work, as long as you understand how they work, because if you get confused as to how they work then you could get caught out.

Detox drinks don’t actually detoxify you. You don’t drink them and then become clean of drugs completely. So they can’t get rid of the metabolites from cannabis that are clinging on to cells in your body. They can’t get rid of metabolites in your bloodstream, they can’t do a permanent detox.

A detox drink is actually a masking agent. It flushes out your bladder and urinary tract so that they are free of drug metabolites. At the same time, it overloads your body with the relevant vitamins, minerals, and things like creatine, so that they pass through your liver and kidneys as a waste product, meaning that they appear in your urine, keeping the balance more natural.

You see, you can flush out your bladder with water. However, your sample will appear diluted. Meaning it will fail a validity test at the lab, and questions will be asked.

So a detox drink is a complex water in effect. It flushes out the toxins and keeps the balance of fresh urine natural for a few hours.

After a few hours, drug toxins in the body will start to leak back into your urine stream meaning you won’t pass a drug test anymore. So a detox drink will just mask the toxins by cleaning them out and keeping the balance for probably no more than five hours.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Weed

Instructions for using detox drinks for weed are pretty straightforward and are the same for almost every brand out there.

  1. Shake the contents of the bottle well and drink smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  2. If instructed, drink the additional amount of water that you are told to.
  3. Urinate frequently over the next 30 minutes so that your urine stream is free of drug metabolites.

That’s it, that’s all the instructions, it’s pretty straightforward. The only problem comes if you don’t get rid of all the metabolites, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you are a chronic user.

Always have a backup plan just in case, which we will talk about more in a moment. But those are the basic instructions for almost every type of detox drink that works.

Is Using Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test The Best Way?

If you’re thinking about using detox drinks to pass a drug test, then you need to think about another solution that could be easier, and have a higher pass rate.

Synthetic urine is actually the fastest and best way to pass a drug test because the failure rate is lower, as long as you have high-quality synthetic urine.

The problem with fake urine is that you have to smuggle it into the testing lab, which a lot of people are not comfortable doing. On top of that, it has to be submitted within the correct temperature range for human urine, which is difficult to achieve and maintain on the journey to the lab.

But if you can achieve that, then synthetic urine is probably a better way to pass a drug test than detox drinks for weed are. However, if it’s an observed drug test, usually only done for law enforcement purposes, then synthetic urine is not an option, and you will have to use a detox drink that works to pass the test.

synthetic urine reviews

Tips For Using Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

Before I tell you what the best detox drinks are, the detox drinks that work, I want to give you a couple of tips that will really help you to pass a drug test using them.

The first thing is to make sure you have some home drug test kits available. These can be really cheap, or they can be more expensive digital ones, it’s your call. I would recommend you have at least five available at any one time. They always come in useful and they don’t expire.

Do one before you take the detox drink, to see if you actually need to use a detox drink at all. Then do a second one 30 minutes after you have completed the process of drinking the cleansing drink, including urinating at least twice. It should now show as negative. If not, drink a little more water, give it 15 minutes, and then try another one. It should be negative by then.

Which brings me onto the second tip. Always have a backup ready to go in case you’re still testing positive just before you have to leave for the lab.

The options you have are:

  1. Have a second high-quality detox drink to pass the drug test available. Just repeat the initial process, urinate a couple of times, and then head off as quickly as possible.
  2. Buy some synthetic urine. Even if you don’t want to use it, as long as it’s an unobserved drug test if you have tested positive after the detox drink then that your best chance of success.

However, I think it’s important to say that detox drinks have about a 95% chance of success. Unless you have an incredibly high toxin count, you should always be clean for at a couple of hours, and often up to 5 hours. But it always makes sense to have a backup method of showing as clean available.

Detox Drinks That Work

So I hope that this quick guide to using detox drinks for a drug test has been helpful. Detox drinks do work, as long as you get the ones that are strong enough to truly work.

Which leads nicely on to the detox drinks for weed that actually work.

I want to say here that I have used all three of these for home drug test kit experiments for the purposes of reviewing them over the past couple of years. So I know they work.

On top of that, just look online at any of these three brands and you will see tons of other reviews, some from big websites, that have also trialed them and found that they work.

I’ve also used Mega Clean (with six pre-rid pills and a 24-hour detox) to pass a live drug test as well. That doesn’t mean the others don’t work, but my personal experiences have been with Mega Clean.

  1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

I want to start by talking about Rescue Cleanse. This is a really high-quality detox drink from a company called Clear Choice. Clear Choice is responsible for the two top brands of synthetic urine out there as well, Quick Luck and Sub Solution.

So these guys have a strong pedigree, and Rescue Cleanse is definitely part that trend.

If you buy it directly from Clear Choice it costs $55. Rescue Cleanse is not the cheapest drink available, but not the most expensive one either.

It is very strong though and is suitable for people who are large in body size as well, people over 200 lbs in size. Even at that size, they guarantee a “clear zone” of up to 5 hours, and in my experience, that’s definitely the case.

Rescue cleanse review

  1. Detoxify Mega Clean

Mega Clean is a brand I’ve used for a live drug test. I didn’t buy it from Walmart, because on its own it’s not the strongest formula out there.

I bought it with the six pre-rid pill combo that you can get online. The pre-rid pills are Toxin Rid pills, the strongest brand of detox pills on the market. They are bundled in free and gives you a 24-hour detox to use before the actual drink.

I recommend you do a 24-hour detox before using a drug detox drink, however when you get the pills included it’s required.

With the detox pills, there’s no doubt in my mind the Mega Clean is one of the strongest detox drinks for weed that you can buy.

detox drinks for THC

  1. Quick Clear Detox

Quick Clear detox is my third choice. It’s not one of the more popular brands, but it’s very high-quality. Quick clear is made by the same people who make Quick Fix synthetic urine a, Spectrum Labs. So it is made by a company that is serious about the products they sell for a drug test.

It’s only a 20 fluid ounces drink, but that’s made up for by the fact that you get eight detox pills with it. You drink some water, then you drink Quick Clear detox liquid while you take the eight detox pills.

Then you urinate frequently over the next hour, and that combination floods the toxins out of your body. I found with my home drug testing that it was actually the quickest one to get me showing clean on a drug test. That might have been a coincidence, but I think the sheer power of the eight detox pills and the drink all in one go really worked.

It’s also the cheapest, retailing at around $30. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad in this case, as it appeared to be strong enough to pass my test. However, I’d always recommend you have an additional detox drink as a backup, so it makes sense to have different ones rather than two of the same.

Quick clear detox

Detox Pills For THC: Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

There are a lot of misconceptions out there around using detox pills for THC. So I want to clear them up in this quick guide to getting weed out of your system fast.

It is possible to learn how to detox for a drug test quickly using detox pills, but you have to avoid the hype around some of the products and claims out there.

For a start, it’s impossible to fully detox for a drug test at short notice, in something like 24 hours, unless you have incredibly light toxin exposure, which is unlikely if you are going to the lengths of searching Google to find out about detox pills for a drug test.

So let’s tell you everything you need to know about getting weed out your system as quickly as possible, how to actually do a detox to pass a drug test, and what the best detox pills for passing a drug test are.

How To Detox For A Drug Test

If you want to pass a drug test by being genuinely clean, then you have to detox your body.

The golden rule around doing that is you have to stop taking in drug toxins. Please don’t believe the hype around detox pills that you can magically take them and toxins fall out of your body while you continue to smoke weed. That simply doesn’t happen.

So step one on your journey to learning how to get weed out your system fast is to actually to stop taking in weed metabolites at all. I know it’s obvious, but some people think you don’t have to, they think you can just take a magic pill and toxins mysteriously vanish from the body, while they continue to smoke.

The second step is to do a natural detox for as long as it takes to clear the metabolites out. That consists of doing the following things:

  • Stop taking in all toxins
  • Cut out things like tobacco and alcohol
  • Sleep and rest well
  • Cut out processed foods and fat
  • Eat lean proteins, wholegrain, and vegetables
  • Exercise every single day
  • Sweat every day
  • Drink lots of water

Doing those things will give your body the best chance of eliminating drug toxins at the fastest rate it can, the maximum natural speed.

However, you have to be aware of how THC toxins work. They are slightly different from other drug metabolites.

They attach to cells in the body, fat cells, more readily than other drug toxins. So they can detach and pass out through the bowels and bladder over several days, weeks, and in extreme cases months.

It can even be the case that you can test clean one day, and then toxins detach from cells in the body, and you don’t pass as clean the next day. So you have to do a full natural detox until every toxin has been removed from the body.

how to detox for a drug test

Do Detox Pills For THC Work?

 So before you start thinking about using detox pills for THC, it’s good to understand whether they work at all.

The thing I want to point out is that THC metabolites cannot be solely targeted by a THC detox pill. So say you had three sorts of drug metabolites in your body, you couldn’t just target the THC ones, no pill can do that.

Plus, although THC metabolites are removed by the body slightly different to most other drug metabolites, no pill can really target that difference either.

The difference is that THC binds to bile, which is created by fiber So up to 60% of THC metabolites are actually expelled through the bowels rather than the bladder, when with most drugs virtually all the metabolites are eradicated through the bladder.

But any pill which claims to be to help draw THC metabolites out through the bowels is lying. Although the pill could make you go to the toilet more frequently, and it may contain a bit of fiber, you will get a better result just using laxatives and eating high fiber foods.

So what you are looking for is detox pills for weed that are just strong detox pills capable of aiding the body’s natural process of eradicating all types of drug metabolites.

The Best Way To Get THC Out Of Your System

If you want to learn how to detox for a drug test, then you have to understand how to do a natural detox and accelerate that process using high-quality detox pills. The best detox pills for a drug test will certainly speed up the elimination of toxins significantly. But how significantly will depend on a variety of factors?

It will depend on your metabolism, your exposure to metabolites, your general health, your diet, lots of different things. But definitely the best way to get THC out your system is natural detox accompanied by high-quality detox pills.

detox pills for drug test

How Long Does It Take To Remove THC Toxins From The Body?

As I’ve just said, there are a lot of different factors feeding into how long it takes to remove drug toxins from the body.

Because THC toxins are slightly different, where the metabolites attach to cells in the body, meaning they can cling on for days and weeks, before being expelled randomly as they are removed, it can take far longer.

In fact, studies have shown that chronic cannabis users can take up to 2 months to remove all the drug metabolites from their system. Now obviously you haven’t got that long if you’ve got an upcoming drug test, which is why detox pills can really help you.

In most cases, a heavy weed smoker can still get rid of all the toxins in around 2-4 weeks. The best detox pills on the market can half the time it takes to eradicate the toxins, bringing that down to 1-2 weeks.

Although that sounds a long time, when you consider not doing two extra weeks of full natural detox, then that’s one hell of a benefit.

Three Best Detox Pills For Drug Tests

 So now to tell you about the three best brands of detox pills you can buy. These are definitely the best detox pills for a drug test.

However, you have to do them alongside a natural detox. There is no quick fix here, you can’t just take miracle pills while you continue to smoke weed.

My one top tip, before I tell you about the three best detox pills for drug testing, is to buy a handful of cheap home drug test kits when you buy the detox pills. This will allow you to do a test every day once you get near the end of the course of pills are taking, so that you are not doing that hard natural detox for longer than you should, and you’ll know when you are clean.

I would also say that because of the nature of cannabis metabolites, keep one drug test kit back, and leave it a few days before doing one final test to double-check that you are clean to pass a drug test.

So, the best drug detox pills are:

  1. Toxin Rid

Without a doubt, these are the best detox pills for weed you can buy. They are also the most expensive course of detox pills for THC eradication, but they are incredibly powerful. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Toxin Rid is available in different course durations, from a single day course, all way through to a 10-day course. If you are a chronic weed smoker I would say you just go straight for the 10-day course, which will cost you $190.

But it could half the time it takes you to get clean. So if it’s going to take you two weeks to get clean naturally, on the 10-day course, you’ll probably start showing up as passing home drug test kits from about day seven, they are that powerful.

Each day you just take three tablets per hour for the first five hours, with water. You do that over 10 days, then on the final day, you take the detox liquid supplement.  Then the day after that, which will hopefully coincide with the day of your test, you take the dietary fiber supplement.

best detox pills

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

This is another great option, and far more affordable at around $60 for the course. However, I must point out that they are not as powerful as Toxin Rid.

The other confusion around using Rescue 5 Day Detox is that it’s not a five-day course at all. So if you are thinking to yourself that five days is probably not long enough for you to detox in from everything I’ve told you, well it’s actually an eight-day course.

The day before the start of the main course you take some pre-rid pills. Then on the main five days, you take pills in the morning, and pills in the evening, alongside natural detox plenty of water.

On the day after the main five days, you take the finisher pills. And then the day after that, which will hopefully be the day of your test, you take eight ICE capsules, which are basically a detox drink in pill form.

But for the money, they are a great second choice. I wouldn’t use them if you are a chronic weed smoker, but if you are having a joint every couple of days, and it’s going to take you maybe two weeks to get clean, then the eight-day program alongside a natural detox will usually be more than enough to get you naturally clean in a week or less.

detox pills for a drug test

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

My third-placed best detox pills for a drug test are actually a little different. If you want to know how to get weed out your system fast, well it’s all about abstinence, and then drawing them out using detox pills, and a good diet that contains lots of fiber

However, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is not a powerful course of pills that you take alongside a detox. They aren’t strong enough to eradicate toxins in that way.

They are meant as an ongoing supplement, which is why you get 60 tablets (30 days supply) for just $32.

The idea is you take them every day, and they speed up toxin removal every single day, meaning that your toxin count when you need to get clean will be lower. This will either help you to do a natural detox more quickly, or it will mean there are fewer toxins for a detox drink to mask on the day of your test.

THC detox pills