Green Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage & Best Strains To Use

In this green kratom review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about using this most flexible type of kratom.

People underestimate the power of green kratom because they are told it is milder than red and white. That’s not actually the truth, it’s just more broad in its spectrum of effects.

So let’s tell you everything you need to know about using green kratom: effects, dosage, and comparing three popular strains of green kratom (Green Malay, Borneo, and Green Maeng Da) so you can get started with the beneficial effects of this fantastic kratom vein color.

Why Green Kratom Is Different

Green kratom is often described as being milder than red or white. But that’s not actually true, what’s true is that its effects are less dramatic than red at that end of the spectrum, and less dramatic than white at the other end of the kratom spectrum.

So although kratom isn’t as potent at producing white effects, of incredible physical and mental energy, a rush that like the massive caffeine hit that goes on for hours, and it’s not like red kratom in producing almost complete sedation and analgesia at high doses, you’ll get the middle ground which for many people is more balanced and productive.

Green Vein Kratom Effects Explained

So green vein kratom effects are not as extreme at the ends of the spectrum but white and red kratom occupy. It sits firmly in the middle with traits of both.

But what you get with green kratom is flexibility and balance. That’s why in Indonesia it’s known as the afternoon kratom because it keeps you energized and focused but chills you out just a little bit, calms you down ready for the evening.

So put together, the green vein kratom effects you will experience are as follows:

  1. At lower doses all kratom is a stimulant, so around that 1-4 g level, it will be like a huge caffeine hit, that goes on for a couple of hours. You won’t really get any of the true green kratom effects though.
  2. At a moderate dose above 4 g you will start to feel the full spectrum of green kratom effects very gently. High energy physically, cognitive sharpness, happiness, contentment, plus confidence. But you’ll also feel very calm, and if you have physical pain problems they will start to diminish.
  3. At a higher dose, the full effects kick in strongly. Those green vein kratom effects will become very strong, but not overwhelming like they would with white or red. You’ll get that physical and emotional energy, you’ll feel calm, have significant pain relief, but it will still be controlled.
  4. At a very strong dose Green kratom becomes euphoric. Because of its balance, you’ll get a warm rush of physical and mental energy and happiness, but mixed with calm, pain relief, a feeling of detached warmth. But it won’t be overwhelmingly rushing with energy, nor will it be overwhelmingly sedative and analgesic. That’s why a lot of people in the Far East mix green kratom with fruit juices to make kratom cocktails that are popular amongst the young because they have that balance between energy and calmness.

How To Dose Green Kratom

To start experimenting with the full spectrum of green vein kratom effects, you have to work your way up the dosage range. Now, I will say here that there are a couple of crucial things to bear in mind when experimenting with kratom.

Firstly, it has to be pure. Unless it’s 100% pure and packed full of alkaloids that you won’t get the full spectrum of effects as the dose increases. Secondly, you have to take it on an empty stomach. If you don’t then the effects will be diminished and will take longer to come on fully.

These are the dosing brackets I would work up from, and that’s how I started out. Start with 4 g and see how you go:

  • Beginners dose of up to 4 g
  • Full spectrum dose at a low level of between 5 and 7 g
  • Strong full-spectrum dose of between 8 and 10 g
  • Overwhelming/euphoric dose above 10 g

If you don’t feel anything other than a small energy rush at 4 g, then go for 5 g, and it’s pure kratom you’ll feel the difference. Then 6 g, then 7 g. That will get you through the low full-spectrum dose range. If that’s enough, stick at that dose when you take it. If it’s not, then walk your way up strong full-spectrum dose 1 g at a time.

green vein kratom

The Best Strains Of Green Kratom To Try

I hope this quick green kratom review has given you some insight into this fantastically flexible kratom which can deliver physical or mental energy alongside pain relief and calmness that keeps you in control unless you hit a very high dose. It’s brilliant for during the day, especially afternoons when you’re flagging, but you don’t want a pure rush of energy like you get with white kratom.

The three most popular strains of kratom are the following:

  1. Green Borneo is a classic green kratom strain. Just like white and red Borneo it does have a lot of energy in it. So you will have less of that calmness and sedation unless you take a very high dose. But it does have all the classic kratom traits I’ve discussed in this review with you.
  2. Green Maeng Da is another classic type of kratom, although it is slightly different. The green vein kratom effects won’t be typical with this potentially. That’s because it could be a blend of different types of green kratom, or it could even have white or red mixed in. Maeng Da just means stronger kratom, but how it’s made stronger varies. So each batch, each company you buy from, the effects of this green kratom blend be different.
  3. Green Malay is the classic green kratom strain. At low doses energizing, in the mid-range a fantastic blend of physical and cognitive energy boost, balanced with calmness, happiness, and mild pain relief. High doses produce a warm euphoric rush that’s not overwhelming physically and mentally, nor does it tip over into the sedation of red kratom unless you take an incredible dose.