Adrafinil Review: Improve Your Cognitive Abilities, Motivation and Productivity

Although initially developed to treat narcolepsy, it quickly became apparent that it works wonders on our cognition. It was first seen used in France in the 1970s under the brand name Olmifon. Since then, it quickly spread throughout the world as millions of people realized the potential benefits of the drug.

It became very popular as a result of not needing a prescription and being completely side effect free (when taken in normal dosages). In this Adrafinil review, we’ll show you all there is to know about the drug and in the end, we’ll even reveal the best shops where you can buy the best Adrafinil out there.

What is Adrafinil

Contrary to popular belief, Adrafinil is actually a prodrug, meaning that it doesn’t become active in the body until it breaks down to Modafinil in the liver. Adrafinil is a psychostimulant, it enhances our energy levels without raising our heart rate, which makes it a very good drug for elderly patients that might have heart issues. Adrafinil works by increasing the amount of Orexin in the body, which leads to higher energy levels and more wakefulness to be experienced.

It also affects dopamine and serotonin levels, leading to elevated mood and to top it all off, it also decreases GABA levels, meaning that you get a nice stimulative effect out of using it.


Effects of Adrafinil

As we could see from the previous section, Adrafinil harbors a lot of effects and it can do wonders for the body.

Let’s name some of them!

  • Lowers Symptoms Of Depression: Although it is not an outright cure for depression, it can have a positive effect on it. A study on seventy depressed patients showed that it acted similarly to an antidepressant and that the compound was tolerated quite well by all the participants.
  • Improves Performance While Learning: If you hate studying or performing mental tasks as much as the average person, you will love this effect. Not only will it increase your motivation for the task at hand, but it will make you more efficient while you’re at it. Your speed of learning things will also improve, as shown by this study.
  • Increases Wakefulness and Energy: If you got the blues or are feeling drowsy in the morning, Adrafinil comes in as the perfect solution. Studies indicate that when mice were given Adrafinil, they experienced increased energy and a much better, more proactive mood.
  • Improves Short and Long Term Memory: This one makes it the perfect aid for studying as your memory affects the amount of time you’ll have to spend on the task at hand. Studies show that Adrafinil improved retention and information recall.
  • Improves Motivation to do Things: If you’re a lazy couch potato, we totally get it. But you don’t need to keep being one as substances such as Adrafinil exist. More motivation is something we all could use in our day-to-day lives and this drug does exactly that according to several studies on the subject. We need to mention that this was a long term study on 548 adults of age and that they all reported positive effects as a result of taking Adrafinil.
  • Increases Attention Span And Concentration: By far one of its best effects. In this day and age, where our attention spans are comparable to that of a goldfish thanks to the Internet, this becomes quite handy as it allows you to focus more on any task. Studies also confirm this notion and claim that Adrafinil works equally well on both young and old, which is great news!
  • Suppresses Your Appetite: If you’re not interested in the cognitive boost Adrafinil brings to the table, maybe this perk will change your mind. People have reported losing massive amounts of weight while on Adrafinil, allowing to the fact that it successfully suppresses your appetite as it acts as a psychostimulant in the body.

The Proper Adrafinil Dosage

The first thing that has to be said is that Adrafinil is best taken early in the morning. The reason behind that is because if it is imbued any later, you might experience problems with sleep as the compound in question is a psychostimulant after all.

Proper Adrafinil dosage is 600mgs taken twice a day. That’s the dose that has been used in clinical trials and is sure to do the trick. If you’re just starting out, we recommend first taking 300mgs and seeing how your body reacts after the onset. If you don’t feel much, double the dosage to reach the recommended 600mgs.

Don’t go over 2000mgs a day or you will experience side effects. We’ll have a dedicated section just for that.

Adrafinil dosage

How to Take Adrafinil Powder

If you’re buying pills, things are a lot easier as you don’t need to measure anything. With the powder, you will need a scale or a scoop to measure out the correct dosage. Adrafinil powder is best taken with water. Don’t mix it with anything else, not even sodas or juice as we still don’t know how those substances will act in the body when combined together.

The process is quite simple; Measure out your dosage using a scale, put the powder in a glass, fill the glass with water and proceed to drink it all at once.

That’s the quickest and best way to take Adrafinil powder.

How Long Does Adrafinil Last

Adrafinil takes about an hour to metabolize into Modafinil and from there on, it lasts anywhere between three to five hours. The longevity of Adrafinil largely depends on your gender, metabolism, age, purity and amount of Adrafinil imbued.

Since we’re going to be suggesting only the best places to buy Adrafinil that have it in high purity, you can expect your trip to last for up to six hours!

Will I Experience An Adrafinil High

If you take it in our recommended dosages, you’ll most likely not experience an Adrafinil high, even if you’re a first time user. If you want to get to a state where it will get you high, you would have to take 1000mgs at once or more.

In this Adrafinil review, we’ll recommend going for 1000mgs as that is still a safe dose and you won’t feel many of the side effects.

The high will make you feel more happy, confident, elated… You will also see improvements in concentration, memory, and quickness of thought. Ideas will just bounce around in your brain and you’ll see patterns everywhere.

It’s similar to what happened to the main character once he took the Limitless pill in the movie. Not that powerful, but close enough.

Adrafinil Stack

Adrafinil is strong enough on its own, but if you’re doing work that requires serious concentration than we get why you might want to stack the drug with other nootropics.

An Adrafinil stack is usually done between Adrafinil and Noopept and Adrafinil and Piracetam, but there are also reported cases of people stacking it with Alpha GPC, L-Theanine and milk thistle.

If you’re stacking Adrafinil with Noopept, you’re best off taking 20mgs of Noopept and 300mgs of Adrafinil. Don’t redose or take it more than once a day, this goes for all the other stacks as well. This precaution is meant to minimize the side effects of the substances.

If you’re stacking it with Piracetam, take 300mgs of Adrafinil and 1600mgs (two tablets) of Piracetam. That should be enough to do the trick and it will even enhance your mood on top of boosting your cognitive abilities.

adrafinil stack

Adrafinil Side Effects

There are some side effects that do occur on higher dosages which many articles don’t mention in their Adrafinil review. We’re going, to be honest with you and tell you how things stand if you continually dose more than 1000mgs at a time: You will experience some of these side effects, especially after prolonged use.

  • Potential Liver Damage: This is the most serious side effect of Adrafinil and that’s why we want to get it out of the way first. If you take it in high dosages and do so continually, your poor liver has to do overtime when it comes to converting Adrafinil into Modafinil and that’s why we recommend sticking to the dosages we previously mentioned.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Usually felt one hour after ingestion, when the Adrafinil finally kicks in. You’ll only feel it if you take a higher dosage and it won’t last longer than an hour so there isn’t much to worry about.
  • Cotton Mouth: Cotton or dry mouth is a known side effect of Adrafinil. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water, which will help you alleviate this drawback of the drug.
  • Insomnia: This is a side effect that can even occur in lower dosages if you don’t heed to our warnings: Always take it in the morning and you won’t have any trouble sleeping!
  • Skin Irritation: This is a fairly rare side effect that affects less than 1% of users but it’s still annoying as your entire skin in itching. The 1% that did experience this side effect took a higher dosage so keeping your dosage low to moderate will do the trick of avoiding this drawback.
  • Upset Stomach: This is especially pronounced on higher dosages and happens frequently. It occurs between the one and two-hour mark and lasts for about two hours. It’s not a pleasant experience.

As we can see, there is some serious side effect to Adrafinil when taken in higher dosages. We recommend that you cycle Adrafinil if the only reason you’re taking it is to get high. Take it three times a week if that is the case and you’ll avoid the potential liver damage. Users that stick to our recommended dosages can take it every day without a hitch

Adrafinil VS Modafinil

Adrafinil is literally Modafinil in its metabolized state so we don’t get why all the other articles make such a big fuss around these two. Their effects are identical, time of onset, half-life, and all the other stuff is completely the same.

There is one reported difference not mentioned in many articles and that is the fact that Modafinil has the side effect of causing excessive sweating in almost all of its users. Adrafinil doesn’t cause anything like that and that’s why it’s our preferred option.

Also, Adrafinil is a lot cheaper than Modafinil so there’s no reason to choose Modafinil when you have a cheaper and better option in the form of Adrafinil.

Adrafinil VS Modafinil

Where to Buy Adrafinil Online

You have to be very careful during the vetting process of finding a suitable vendor where you can buy the compound. The reason behind that is because many vendors thrive on selling bunk product and not offering any sort of money-back guarantee for their product.

People that wonder where to buy Adrafinil often get scammed by these unscrupulous companies and that completely ruins their nootropic experience. To prevent that from happening to you, we singled out four shops that have served us very well over the years and that have never failed to deliver a package.

  1. is one of the rare shops out there that post their lab results publicly and they have been doing so ever since they started doing business. They are a prominent US seller of nootropics, SARMs, and other compounds.

They sell Adrafinil as a powder in a jar that has five grams worth of product in it. You’ll be billed $15.49 for that amount of Adrafinil and your package is going to be sealed to ensure maximum safety during the transit process. If you buy more than 100$ worth of merchandise, you get free shipping if you’re ordering from the US, so this shop is great if you’re buying in bulk. has a 30-day money-back guarantee and they ship your package on the same day that you order.

Their shipping times are decent, it took our Adrafinil four days to get to us.


Also known as Absorb Health, this US vendor has been selling nootropics for a very long time, all while maintaining the highest of qualities.

The great thing about this shop is that they sell Adrafinil in capsule form, meaning that you won’t have to buy any measuring scale unlike with the powder.

Each of their capsules contains 300mgs of Adrafinil and during the checkout process, you can opt for 30 to 150 capsules. The prices hover between $32.99 and $119.99, depending on what option you select. Absorb Health has a very generous money-back guarantee policy and they give out free shipping to all domestic orders above 75$.

Lastly, their shipping times are insanely fast, it took our package only two days to arrive in front of our home.


Umbrella Labs runs all the operations concerning this website and they have been doing so for a very long time. They are a US vendor of nootropics and other supplements.

Their Adrafinil comes in powder form and will cost you between $19.99 and $44.99, depending on how much of the drug you choose during the checkout process. You get to pick between 5 and 15 grams.

Remember that you will need a measuring tool to accurately gouge an appropriate dose when you’re dealing with the powder. You will get free shipping if you order from the US and their shipping times are phenomenal, our Adrafinil took only three days to arrive in front of our porch.


Last but not least, no Adrafinil review could be complete without including Nootropics as a vendor. They are the most popular seller of nootropics out there and they post their lab results publicly. They sell Adrafinil in pill form and you only have one option to choose from; 60 capsules each containing 300mgs of Adrafinil which will cost you $69.00.

It’s a bit disappointing that they offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $70.00, meaning that you would have to buy something else in their shop besides the Adrafinil to get free shipping.

The good thing is, if you’re buying in bulk, you get it for even cheaper. Buy three or more bottles of Adrafinil and you get 10% off on your order. Shipping times are very fast, you will only have to wait for between three to five business days to get your Adrafinil.

To conclude this Adrafinil review, we are now acquainted with all the nuts and bolts surrounding this compound and can safely start consuming it without worrying about any side effects or any problems along the way.

Have fun working on your project with the extra intensity Adrafinil bestows you with!