S23 SARM Review Is The Best Guide You’ll Find On The Internet!

In this S23 SARM review, we’ll be exploring all there is to know about this substance. We’ll look at what it is, how it works, dosing, cycles, benefits, and results you can expect by using S23.

What is S23 and How Does It Work?

S23 is one of the most potent SARMs out there, comparable to something like Testolone. S23 has strong implications to be used as a form of birth control, as it caused temporary infertility in rats during its usage. Once use was discontinued, the rats were able to procreate normally.

S23 works by targeting the androgen receptors in the body, forcing them to release more testosterone which leads to stronger muscles, muscle growth, and reduced prostate size.

The good news is that unlike steroids, S23 doesn’t cause damage to any other internal organs nor does it disinhibit their function. The reason behind that is because it is a SARM, meaning that it’s targeting only selected androgen receptors.

This makes it a great aid for those that are trying to either bulk or even cut as S23’s potency makes it quite versatile in its effects on the body.

Benefits of Using S23

Although no clinical trials have been conducted on humans, anecdotal evidence voiced by professional and seasoned bodybuilders speaks for itself. They claim that S23 has heaps of benefits and we’ll just name some of those that they experienced.

  1. Boosted Endurance and Stamina: Working harder and longer has always been a dream for most bodybuilders. Not anymore, as S23 enables you to push yourself to the limit! Male users have also boasted that it makes you last longer in bed.
  2. It’s An Effective Contraceptive WHILE You’re Taking It: Users have reported not needing a condom or any other contraceptive during an S23 cycle. This is great news for those that hate contraceptives (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t). Just make sure that you and your partner are properly tested before going at it without any protection.As a side note, the moment you stop talking is the moment you’ll regain your fertility again so make sure to start using contraceptives again once you’re off a cycle.
  3. Increased Lean Muscle Mass: It has been reported that S23 causes stronger protein bonds in the body which means that you’ll be able to gain muscle a lot easier, faster and that they will be stronger than ever.
  4. Weight and Fat Loss: Studies on mice have shown that S23 increased fat burning inside of their bodies during a cycle. It also aided fat oxidation.
  5. Stronger Bones: Because S23 raises bone density, it effectively helps combat diseases like osteoporosis, not only that, but it also activates the bone-building cells in our body, further helping you to maintain strong and sturdy bones.

We intentionally left out a negative side effect section because if you take a PCT after an S23 cycle, you will experience no side effects during or after the use of this compound. Make sure to stick to the recommended dosages and cycle length we’ll talk about in the next few sections and you’ll do just fine.

What S23 Dosage Should I Take

S23 is a very potent SARM and you should be careful with the dosages. Take too much and you might experience side effects.

The best way to take S23 is twice a day, starting out with 10mgs a day in total and then upping the dosage to 20mgs a day once you see how your body reacts to the foreign substance being introduced to it. This should take no longer than a week. You’ll start noticing results by week two already!

S23 Dosage

How Long Should an S23 SARM Cycle Last

An S23 SARM cycle shouldn’t last longer than eight weeks. We recommend that you take it for six weeks in the aforementioned doses and then do the proper thing – Starting a PCT regimen with Nolvadex or Clomid.

S23 Half-Life

S23 has a short half-life of just 12 hours and that’s why most users take it twice a day to get the maximum effects out of it.

A small minority of users introduces it a third time in their S23 SARM cycle but that’s not necessary and can do more harm than good, twice a day is plenty enough.

S23 Results You Can Expect

The S23 results you can expect are nothing short of amazing. Although there haven’t been any clinical studies done on humans by using this compound, there is a lot and we mean a lot of anecdotal evidence that points towards the awesomeness of this chemical.

One colleague of ours took this SARM for eight weeks in the recommended 20mg dosage and experienced the following results: He lost 10lbs of weight, going down from 204 to 194lbs, he also gained 4cm in muscle length while also cutting his body weight from 16% to a whopping 12,5%.

He says that he felt amazing during the entire cycle and that he was quite sad when the eight weeks were done as he now had to discontinue S23 and start PCT.

After completing PCT, he told us that he experienced zero side effects both during and after his S23 SARM cycle, which are absolutely amazing results.

Another story coming from a popular bodybuilding forum tells us that the OP (Original Poster) in question lost 3 pounds of fat in just four weeks on an S23 cycle. He also reported elevated mood, a strong desire to take on the world and boosted endurance. He sarcastically remarked that it made him both a monster in bed and outside of it.

Our last anecdote comes from women that had problems with her fat rolls on her stomach for her entire life. She tried all the available diets but none of them seemed to work for her. All was doom and gloom until she went on an S23 SARM cycle. That’s where everything changed.

She managed to lose 30 pounds of pure weight in just eight weeks! She did by using a lower dose (because she is a woman and women have smaller bodies/frames) and still accomplished such great results!

As we can see, the S23 results you’ll get will be crazy. We can’t promise anything, but what we can say is that S23 really works and that it is one of the strongest SARMs out there. You’ll simply love it!

The last step we have to do is in this S23 SARM review is to show you where to get these amazing compounds for sale. Read on and find out!

S23 SARM review

Where To Get The S23 SARM For Sale?

Many people are wondering where to get the S23 SARM for sale and it’s exactly these kinds of people than end up being scammed by unscrupulous online companies. You see, you can find the S23 SARM for sale in many online stores, but there’s only a handful of stores that sell the real product and we measure the ‘realness’ of a product by its purity.

How does one determine purity without being a chemist himself? That’s where the recent lab results a company should have displayed on their website come into play. You should also lookout for the fact whether these were done and authorized by a third party or not as it’s easy for someone to claim that his product is the best in his own lab.

Another thing you should look out for is online reviews of a store in bodybuilding forums and other communities. This gives you first-hand experience in what it was like to take the product yourself without having to have exposed yourself to it.

The last factor should be a money-back guarantee. Every company worth their salt is able to stand behind their product and offer your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

With that being said, we’ll now show you where to find the best S23 SARM for sale online!

  1. Science.bio

Science.bio is a known US manufacturer of all kinds of supplements. They sell S23 for $39.99 and you get 750mg worth of product for your money. The substance is placed in a 30ml bottle with each ml equaling to 25mg of product.

They do sell the product in liquid and powder form as well. They offer free shipping and their shipping times are very fast, only three days if you’re from the US!

Their S23 shows 98,6% purity.

  1. SwissChems

SwissChems is a well-known company stemming from the US that dabbles with many quality supplements.

They sell S23 in pill form, costing you $65.95 if you pay via credit card and only $52.76 if you pay via cryptocurrency. You get 500mg for your money (100 tabs with each containing 5mgs of the product).

You have to pay 5$ for shipping but they ship fast and our product arrived in less than four days. If you have cryptocurrency at your disposal, SwissChems is your best bet but if you’re still old school and stick to the traditional means of paying, Umbrella Labs has you covered.

That would be it for our S23 SARM review. We hope that you now have learned enough about this compound to be able to decide for yourself whether it is something you want to take or not. Always remember to stay safe and have fun scrupling your body up to a masterpiece!