This RAD 140 Review Will Help You Learn Everything You Need To Know About This Substance

In this RAD 140 review, we’ll be looking at the positive effects of this substance, dosage, proper cycle, the results you can expect by taking it, where you can find it for sale and we’ll even go as far as to compare it to other SARMs.

This will be an exciting review so strap your seat belts on and let’s go!

The Effects Of RAD 140 On The Body

Since RAD 140 affects the androgen receptors in our body, it has massive effects on it and in this article, we’ll name just some of them.

  • More Energy and Endurance: The kind of energy you’ll get by using Testolone is compared to no other and that’s why people mainly use it for bulking because it gives them that extra push to conquer their personal records.
  • Lean Muscle Gains: You will start noticing results by week two, your muscles will grow but they won’t look bloated. Moreover, they will look toned and defined, just as they should be
  • Fat and Weight Loss: RAD 140 isn’t just good for bulking, people also use it during a cut because it increases your metabolism rate and makes you burn fat.
  • Increases Cognitive Performance: It is well known that low testosterone levels decrease cognitive performance. RAD 140 helps you out by increasing your natural testosterone levels, bringing you to the cognitive level you want to be at.
  • Increased Vascularity: Nothing shows off hard work like your veins sticking out to the public. There’s a feeling of glee and elation when onlookers get to bask at the beauty of what has become your body.
  • Reduces Prostate Size: Unlike steroids, that increase it and make it more prone to infections, Testolone works wonders on your prostate health.

The Best RAD 140 Dosage and Cycle

Your RAD 140 dosage will largely depend on what you want to do with your body. If you want to go on a bulk, you’ll have to take a bit more Testolone to feels its effects.

You should start off with 10mgs a day on your first week and up the dosage to 20mgs a day for the next seven weeks if everything goes alright, which it should. Your cycle should never last longer than eight weeks.

If you want to go on a cut, a lower RAD 140 dosage is usually recommended.

You should start off with just 5mgs a day and see how your body reacts to the compound and then gradually increase the dosage to 10mgs a day. The reason why you’re taking less RAD 140 than usual is that you’re running on a caloric deficit and therefore the side effects could get a bit more pronounced. Do the cycle for eight weeks and you should be golden.

You can also use RAD 140 for body recomping and it’s recommended that you take 15mgs a day for your entire eight-week cycle. We suggest that beginners stray away from body recomping as they are still building muscle naturally and one should only go for supplements when one has reached his natural peak.

Since Testolone causes mild suppression, you’ll have to do a mini PCT cycle after you’re done with your initial cycle. Nolvadex and Clomid are the recommended supplements for the job.


Side Effects of Using RAD 140

Considering all the amazing benefits this supplement has to offer, there surely has to be some sort of negative side effect that plagues the users of this substance. The truth is, if you take RAD 140 in the dosages and cycles we recommend, you should experience no side effects at all. Especially if you take PCT as we clearly suggest, you will not even feel the alleged suppressive effects of Testolone.

At higher dosages (30mgs a day and above), however, there are some side effects you will have to grapple with, let’s list all of them:

  • Suppression of Your Natural Testosterone: RAD 140 has been known, in higher dosages, to suppress natural testosterone production up to 70%. This is why you’ll need heavy PCT when you come off a higher dosage.
  • Increases Estrogen In The Body: This comes as an additional side effect of lowered testosterone after a cycle. Estrogen is known as the female hormone and if there is too much present in the body, you could start developing female traits, such as man boobs.
  • Causes Acne: Just as too much chocolate causes acne, too much Testolone does it too! That’s why we repeat time and time again, be conscious of the dosage you take.
  • Mild Aggression: This is only experienced by a small minority of users at very high dosages. They feel confident, focused and very hostile towards their environment as if they were on some upper.

If you experience any of these side effects, simply lower your dosage and they should go away.

As said, just follow the guidelines of this RAD 140 review and you’ll do just fine.

RAD 140 Results You Can Expect

Now that we’ve got the doom and gloom out of our way, let’s focus on the RAD 140 results we can expect by taking this substance.

Many users start noticing results week one into their cycle which is absolutely amazing. They report increased energy and endurance, with their pumps in the gym being harder and stronger.

By week two, you should experience increased strength, some have even broken their personal records at this stage. One particular case strikes us as quite peculiar: A colleague of ours wanted to bench press 200lbs but couldn’t do it for two years. After two years of trying, two weeks of Testolone made all the difference and he was able to pump out 210lbs once. A crazy achievement for him.

Week three signals that the time has come for your muscles to grow. You’ll experience both grow in size and strength and your muscles will feel sturdier than ever. You should be careful not to overtrain here as all that new muscle can put a strain on your ligaments. Keep your regime, as usual, stick to your diet plan and you’ll be golden.

By week four, your muscles will start looking more toned and defined, you will also have lost a significant amount of fat and many people report losing weight as well (unless they are bulking). A user from a very popular bodybuilding forum managed to lower his body fat from 15% to 12,2% in just four weeks!

In the recommended eight week cycle, most users pack on between 10 to 15 pounds of pure muscle, provided they keep their diet in check and work hard at the gym!

These are the types of crazy RAD 140 results you can expect.

Rad 140 review

RAD 140 Before And After Pictures

We’ve analyzed a lot of RAD 140 before and after pictures online and our conclusion is as follows: Most of them are completely fake.

Yes, the results you get with RAD 140 might be insane, but the pictures we saw make cartoons look like the real world. It’s crazy what people will try to peddle to you just for a chance for them to make a sale on you, it’s quite sad, to be honest. It’s exactly this what makes so many a RAD 140 review look shady at best.

You have to be very careful when looking at these pictures as they might entice you to work for a body image that is simply impossible to achieve. This could lead to psychological issues as well, as you’re constantly dissatisfied with how your body looks like, there is a real mental disorder that can evolve from that dissatisfaction called body dysmorphia.

With that being said, RAD 140 will give you results but don’t expect to win bodybuilding competitions on your first cycle. Take it slow and you’ll eventually get the gains you’ve always wanted. Remember that patience is key to your success in bodybuilding!

RAD 140 VS Ostarine

Pitting RAD 140 VS Ostarine against each other is a bit silly. RAD 140 is usually used for bulking while Ostarine is usually used during a cut. Also, RAD 140 is a lot stronger than Ostarine but Ostarine makes up for that by not needing PCT after a cycle.

With that being said, RAD 140 and Ostarine can work in a team! If you’re on a cut and want the absolute best results possible, stacking these two supplements will work wonders.

You will also lose a ton of weight as a result of both the RAD 140 and Ostarine burning fat inside of your body.

In terms of using the compounds, we recommend that you first start out with Ostarine as it is the mildest SARM there. If you can tolerate Ostarine than you can move up the ladder and start using RAD 140.

RAD 140 vs Ostarine

RAD 140 Reviews Online – What Other People Say About Testolone

Let’s take a look at some first-hand experiences of people that have used RAD 140. It will be interesting to note just how much their experiences reflect our writings.

Our first report comes from a Reddit user that only used 5mg a day. He says that the energy and endurance RAD 140 gave him were insane. He would often try and go toe to toe with his gym buddy that is a bit stronger than him but would always fail. After taking Testolone, he doubled his volume size and stayed an hour longer in the gym. His partner left in disbelief. What’s really crazy is that he experienced no side effects at all, just as expected.

Another story we’ve picked up comes from a popular bodybuilding forum where all kinds of different supplements are discussed. He says that for the first four weeks, the only thing he noticed was increased vascularity. He does mention that might be a bit biased towards his own looks, so we got to take that into account, as others did praise his gains. The next four weeks is where it really kicked in, as he claims. He lost 5 pounds of weight and gained some nice muscle on top of that. He used RAD 140 in an eight-week cycle. The best thing of all? He didn’t experience any side effects at all!

The last anecdote comes from Reddit once again where a user took 20 to 30 ml of RAD 140 every day. He says that the extra 10ml really makes a difference both in the gym and in bed. He claims that the only side effect he experienced was extreme hunger during his cycle, which is expected as Testolone is mostly used for bulking. He gained 15 pounds and says that he lowered his body fat to an undisclosed amount, but it’s lower than it has been before. What’s really crazy is that this madman didn’t even do PCT yet experienced no side effects at all!

From what we can see, Testolone is an extremely powerful yet extremely safe compound. You’ll start seeing results very fast and you’ll be finally able to break those pesky personal records that you’ve been trying to best for so long.

Testolone RAD-140

RAD 140 For Sale – Where To Buy Testolone

When you’re looking after RAD 140 for sale, you can’t just go in blindly and buy from the first online shop that crosses your path. You have to do the proper research first about the vendor you’re trying to buy from, you have to look for information such as recent lab results, online reviews on forums and how long the shop has been operating. These are all important factors to consider as they massively decrease your chances of getting bunk product.

We’ve done the grunt work for you and have selected three trusted SARMs vendor out of the lot that will deliver the best and purest RAD 140 for sale on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at these three shops!

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is a well known US vendor of SARMs. Having decided to exclusively focus their time and research on SARMs, you can be sure that what they deliver is the real deal.

They sell RAD 140 in three different vials:

  • 15ml = $45.00
  • 30ml = $75.00
  • 60ml = $140.00

They only sell RAD 140 in liquid form and 1 ml equals 15mgs of product.

They have a really cool system where you collect ‘Peptide Points’ which are akin to loyalty points you get when you buy something. One dollar gets you one point which equates to ten cents. This means that on your next order, you will save an additional 10%!

Their shipping times are fast (it took our package three days to arrive) and they have a phone number you can call at any time if there is anything to discuss.

You get free shipping for orders above $75.

  1. Science.Bio is known under many names, the former one being which was a revered seller of SARMs, nootropics and other compounds.

Their Testolone comes in both liquid and powder form.

The liquid comes in a bottle containing 300mgs worth of product and you’ll be billed $49.99 for that amount. The powder is a bit more of a bargain, you get 1000mgs of ware for only $44.99.

Their Testolone is of exceptional quality and their latest batch has shown a 99% purity rate for both their liquid and powder. Despite their low prices, they don’t offer free shipping and you’ll have to pay for it unless you buy more than 100$ worth of product if you’re from the US. That number increases to $300 if you’re outside the US. This tells us that they do, in fact, ship worldwide.

The best thing of all? They ship on the same day they get your order which leads to amazing shipping times and you can expect it in two to five days.

  1. SecretSupps

SecretSupps is by far the best newbie shop out there. They owe that title to their detailed product descriptions where they tell you everything about the SARM in question as well as their SARM stacks used by seasoned bodybuilders.

Their Testolone is branded as Tight 2.0 and you get 300mgs worth of product for $111.95. The prices of SecretSupps might seem a bit steep, but they compensate with all the valuable information they provide and the high quality of their SARMs.

They also offer a great stack made for those that want to go on a bulk. It consists of Testolone, Ligandrol and MK-677. The stack costs $289.65 and you get all the info on how to use it right on their website and blog.

Their Testolone shows purity rates of 100%, the highest we have seen so far, a perfect grade. If you want the best stuff, you come to SecretSupps, that’s a known fact. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on any order and they don’t discriminate between countries, meaning that everyone gets free shipping!

You can expect your package to arrive between three to six business days if you’re from the US.

  1. SARMs4You

SARMs4You is a popular vendor of SARMs that offers a really wide selection of products.

They sell SARMs in capsule and powder form, so if you don’t like the liquid versions, SARMs4You has you covered.

They sell RAD 140 in capsule form where you get 60 pills with each pill containing 10mgs of the product for a total of 600mgs. One bottle will cost you $67.62 which is by far the cheapest option out of all the three stores we’ve listed. This store is a great choice if you’re from Europe as they ship from there and naturally you won’t have to wait for your package to arrive for so long.

They also ship internationally and offer free shipping for orders above $135 so if you’re buying in bulk, this is a great store to choose.

All of their products are vetted and verified by a third party and lab results are readily available. That would be it for our RAD 140 review. With all these facts under your belt, you can now decide whether Testolone is something for us or not.


Umbrella Labs, a popular vendor and researchers of SARMs and other supplements. They sell Testolone in a 30ml bottle with each ml containing 20mgs of product for a total of 600mgs for only $75.00.

As we can see, Umbrella Labs is a much cheaper option than Proven Peptides, they also offer free shipping anywhere in the US. They have crazy good shipping times, our package of RAD 140 took only two days to arrive. Their test results show 98,6% purity which means that you’ll be getting the real deal.

Whatever your choice may be, remember to stay safe, keep a positive outlook and happy bodybuilding!