What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For A Drug test

If you are facing a urine sample drug test then synthetic urine is absolutely the best way to pass. It’s foolproof and guaranteed, as long as you don’t make any of the common mistakes that can get you found out. But you have to use the best synthetic urine brand to pass the test.

It’s harder to get your hands on the best synthetic urine products than you would think though. There aren’t that many out there, in fact out of the 20+ brands you will commonly hear about, 15 of those are utterly useless.

But how do you spot the best fake urine, and how do you weed out the rubbish to make sure that you don’t submit a colored liquid that is little better than pouring water into a cup and handing it over?

Well, in this synthetic urine review, we are going to tell you what is the best fake pee brand on the market, how to use it, and give you some tips on not getting caught.

Plus, we will do detailed fake urine reviews of the top three synthetic urine products, so you can see why they have such strong reputations.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

When you are facing a urine sample drug test you are almost always unobserved. The only time you would be observed is if it is a specialist drug test, something like a drug test ordered by the courts when special conditions applies.

So the obvious thing to do is to submit a fake sample. Some people try and submit a fake sample of real human urine, but trying to get that to the lab when it’s not spoiled, and at the right temperature, is a nightmare. It is simply far better to use synthetic urine.

There are tons of synthetic urine kits out there, but only a few are really good enough to pass a drug test. But what makes them good enough? Well, it’s the ingredients in them.

When the lab is given your sample it tests for the validity of the sample. That means that they test the presence of chemicals found in real human urine, they check that it’s in balance in several ways, and even that it looks, and smells like the real thing in some instances.

So the synthetic urine you use has to closely mimic human urine. If it does, then it’s a surefire way of passing a drug test.

how to pass a urine drug test

How To Spot The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is definitely a viable strategy. You have to ignore fake synthetic urine reviews out there and focus on the quality brands only.

They also have to have a long track record, and they have to be a constantly updated formula so that they react to the changes in modern urine testing standards.

From my experiences, my research, and everything I’ve learned online in the past two years, to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, the sample you submit needs to contain the following traits:

  • Must have the correct specific gravity range
  • Must have the same pH range as human urine
  • Has to look, smell, and even froth like the real thing
  • Has to contain urea, uric acid, and creatine
  • Should contain as many other natural chemicals found in human urine as possible
  • Must not contain a preservative called biocide

Now you wouldn’t think that was too much to ask, but it’s far more than most brands of synthetic urine actually contain. You see, part the problem is a lot of the formulas are very old, they have not been updated for years, and have not moved on with drug testing standards.

The second problem is that they were never designed to pass drug tests in the first place. They were designed as fetish urine, or prank urine. So they don’t contain all the things that are needed. Some of them contain some of it, and in the old days when testing standards are lower, they would pass drug tests, but now they just aren’t good enough. But old reviews make people think they still work.

And the third problem is that a lot of brands contain something called biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative that is found in a lot of household products. But it’s also used in a lot of brands of synthetic urine. This is especially true as a lot of the cheap and nasty brands are white label products that are just rebadged and sold under different names.

So biocide is what is known as a footprint. Why look for all those different chemicals in the sample when you can just look for the presence of biocide? That will rule out most of the fake samples out there won’t it.

That’s exactly what the big drug testing labs now do, and if you submit a sample with biocide in it, you’re going to get caught. But it’s tough to find out which products contain biocide. However, my top three synthetic urine reviews at the end of this guide are brands that definitely do not contain biocide.

How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

The actual process of using synthetic urine for a drug test is very straightforward. Where people mostly get caught out is making mistakes. I’ll cover tips on how not to get caught submitting a fake sample in a little while. But here are the basic instructions for using any type of synthetic urine:

  1. Your sample will either be dried powder or already mixed urine in a vial. So you might have to add water to the powder to make urine.
  2. You will need a microwave to heat up the sample of synthetic urine, to warm it to close to body temperature.

However, that’s not always the case. Sub Solution and Quick Luck don’t use a heatpad, they use heat activator powder. Although it’s best to microwave them initially, the heat activator powder on its own is enough to heat the sample up in a few moments.

With a heatpad, this can take a long time, and with poor quality heatpads you can never achieve the temperature can get from the microwave in just a few seconds.

  1. Having already activated heatpad to get it warm, strap the sample to it. If using the heat activator powder, you don’t really need to do anything. All you have to get the sample to the right temperature using the microwave. You can then strap it close to your body.

I will say here that one brand, Quick Luck, contains heat activator powder and a heatpad. For me this is the ultimate solution because you get to warm the sample up with a microwave, keep it warm with a heatpad, and then outside the testing lab, you can still add heat activator powder if you need to get it warm up quickly.

There is the way to transport the sample is to just keep the vial strapped to the heat pad, and place it inside a second pair of underpants that you put on over the top of your first.

Just make sure that you wear jogging bottoms to submit your sample, so that you can easily get the fake sample out, and then put it back in after you poured it into the submission cup.

Synthetic Urine Brands To Avoid

fake urine reviewsThere are several brands of synthetic urine that you need to avoid. The reasons vary, but generally, they just have a poor reputation online and have had for several years.

The brands I would really recommend you stay away from are Magnum, Xstream, and U Pass.

You will read about these brands a lot if you research synthetic urine to use to pass the drug test, but I’m telling you that they are all poor quality. They are out of date in terms of formula, and more importantly, they all contain biocide.

Tips To Not Get Caught Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

So you’ve decided that synthetic urine is definitely the best way to pass a drug test. It’s a good choice, as long as you don’t make a silly mistake on the day that gets you caught.

If you want to use synthetic urine for drug test success, you have to make sure you don’t do any of the following things. Too many people make these mistakes, and then they go online and trash the brand of synthetic urine that they use when it was entirely their own fault.

  1. Make sure that the sample is submitted within the correct temperature range. Human urine is always between 96°F and 100°F when it exits the body. Legally they have to accept any sample between 90°F 100°F. Make sure you check the sample strip before you enter the lab premises.
  2. Ensure that you have a reputable band of urine that uses heat activator powder or a good quality heatpad. The most common reason for arriving at the lab with urine that is too cold is a heatpad that is failing.

Failing means either not kicking out on a heat, or variable heat that is not keeping the temperature up. If you’re going to use synthetic urine for drug test success then this is the thing that most important.

  1. Make sure you practice in advance. Don’t turn up at the lab with fake urine and a heatpad stuffed into your pants, and then clumsily flail about behind the screen trying to sort everything out. They will wonder what on earth you are doing, and you could get searched on your way out.

Practice this process several times before with water to make sure you can maintain the temperature on the journey, and smoothly submit the sample.

A great way of doing this is to buy the Clear Choice practice kit. It contains everything that Sub Solution and Quick Luck does, but not the synthetic urine. It’s far cheaper and allows you to practice several times with water.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3 Fake Urine Kit

So now we have covered all the basics of using synthetic urine for a drug test, let’s look at where to buy synthetic urine.

Most synthetic urine reviews will only tell you where to buy a single brand. But we are doing three synthetic urine reviews here, the top three brands on the market, that fit all the criteria I have outlined in this guide to using synthetic urine for drug tests.

  1. Quick Luck 

Quick Luck is the ultimate solution if you want to use synthetic urine for drug test success. It’s my number one choice because of its power and flexibility.

You get a vial of ready mixed Clear Choice urine. Clear choice makes Quick Luck and Sub Solution, it’s the best synthetic urine brand on the market. It is a complex formula and gives you the ultimate chance of passing. Quick Luck’s formula is more complex than Sub Solution’s.

You also get heat activator powder, and a pair of heatpads as well. This gives you complete power and control over the temperature of your sample right up until the moment that you submit it.

fake pee for drug test

  1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

Sub Solution is the most popular synthetic urine product on the market. Quick Luck is a better formula, but it’s a new product and more expensive. But for most normal drug tests, especially pre-employment ones, Sub Solution is more than complex enough for anything you throw at it.

You get powdered Sub Solution urine ready to mix, and you get the heat activator powder. It mixes in seconds, and you don’t need a heat source to get it to the right temperature. For the money, it’s unbeatable value.

synthetic urine for drug test

  1. Quick Fix 6.2

A good third choice is a Quick Fix. It’s the budget option costing less than half the price of Sub Solution. But you are still getting good quality synthetic urine for that money.

You get a good quality heatpad with Quick Fix, but you the relying on a heatpad and don’t have the control of the heat activator powder. But for a basic pre-employment drug test the formula and the heatpad are pretty good quality and should get you through the test easily.

YK11 SARM Review: The Strongest SARM?

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the compound YK11. There are many YK11 SARM reviews out there, but most of them aren’t as detailed as this one. We’ll be exploring the benefits, dosage, results you can expect, online reviews, before and after pics, whether to get PCT and so much more in this YK-11 review.

Strap your seat belts on and let’s get started!

What is YK11 and How Does it Work?

Because YK11 inhibits myostatin in the body, some people go as far as to not call it a SARM. Although it is a myostatin inhibitor, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still a SARM and not a steroid. Why not? Because it doesn’t come with the negative side effects that steroids use those.

YK11 works by acting on follistatin and forcing the body to release more of it, follistatin being one of the main muscle-building proteins out there.

Another reason why YK11 is a typical SARM is that it attaches itself to selected androgen receptors in the body, just like other SARMs do. The added effect, however, is that unlike SARMs, YK-11 also boost protein production in the muscle, essentially making it a ‘Super SARM’.

This makes it perfect for both the bodybuilder that wants to bulk up and the one that wants to lose fat and weight. What an awesome supplement!

So, let’s what this super SARM can do in terms of benefits.

YK11 dosage

Benefits of Using YK11 SARM

There are heaps of benefits you get by using YK11, we’ll just name some of the main ones and leave the rest of the exploration up to you!

  1. Increased Muscle Growth: By boosting the amount of protein you have flowing through your body, YK11 enables you to put on more muscle than ever before. You will be able to put on muscle much faster and with a lot less work than before.
  2. Increases Endurance And General Strength: Being a myostatin inhibitor, YK11 is known to increase endurance and general strength in its users. People have reported breaking personal records without breaking a sweat during their gym sessions since starting a YK11 cycle.
  3. It Promotes Hair Growth: Baldness is a real concern among bodybuilders, especially with all the adverse effects that come with steroid use. Quite on the contrary, YK11, being an alopecia killer, helps you strengthen your hair cells, making your hair shinier and more glowing.
  4. Protects Against Muscle Wasting and Degeneration: If you’re in a caloric deficit, we all know what your number one fear is: Losing all of your precious muscle. However, if you take YK11 during a cut, you will experience no loss of muscle at all!
  5. Weight and Fat Loss: When normal people think about weight loss, they don’t consider that most of what they lose is actually water weight. With YK11 you will lose the right kind of weight, your excess fat and you’ll look leaner than ever!
  6.  Stronger Bones: Because YK11 binds itself to your androgen receptors, it increases the amount of the protein kinase B in your body, leading to stronger and healthier bones.

We would like to write a section about the potential side effects of using YK11, but there are none! So long you stick with the proper dosage (the topic of our next section) and do PCT after a cycle, you’ll be good to go!

benefits of using YK11 sarm

What is The Appropriate YK11 Dosage and Cycle Length?

YK-11 has a short half-life and that’s why most users take it twice a day, to maximize its effects.

It’s not recommended to take YK11 for more than eight weeks as that could lead to unwanted side effects.

After doing extensive research, we claim that the best way to go about taking YK11 is twice a day, each time-consuming 2,5mg of the product. Those are the rules for week one, as we’re still looking at how your body is reacting to a foreign substance being introduced to it. After that, for weeks 2-8, you will double the dosage, bringing the total to 10mg a day, taken twice a day in 5mg increments.

After your cycle is done, you have to do PCT and we’ll talk about that in a future section.

YK11 Results You Can Expect

 Not a lot of human trials have been done using this compound, but anecdotal evidence seems to show that the YK11 results you can expect are nothing short of amazing. People say that this substance literally changed their lives for the better.

The most striking YK11 results immediately reveal themselves in muscle size and strength. A colleague of ours doubled his muscle size in just one eight week cycle! He also says that he feels a lot stronger and more compact and that he experienced zero side effects!

Another common theme among YK11 users is their endurance and vitality. A business partner of ours, a strong proponent of SARMs himself, used YK11 in a six week cycle and reported being a beast at cardio, especially on the running machine.

Lastly, a female friend of ours reported losing 20 pounds of excess weight during an eight weeks cycle. She says that she never felt as young and eager for life as she does now. It was all thanks to YK11, she says, but we know that her strict diet had an impact too.

With that being said, we can see that the YK11 results you can expect are massive. You just have to take a leap of fate, read this article in its entirety to educate yourself and with confidence, start using this compound yourself!

Yk11 benefits

Do I Have To Do PCT After YK11?

Many YK11 SARM reviews skip this important section but it is very much recommended to do PCT after taking YK11. The reason behind that is because it causes mild testosterone suppression. People immediately shy away from a compound when they hear the phrase Post Cycle Therapy, but this will only be a very short cycle since the effects YK11 has on testosterone suppression are minimal.

You should take Nolvadex or Clomid for a month and after that, you can start a new cycle without facing any issues!

YK11 SARM Reviews Online – What People Say About It

Let’s snoop around the interwebs for a bit and see what other users have to say about YK11 and their experiences with it.

One user took YK11 for just four weeks and experienced a loss in body fat while gaining weight! He went from 17% to 15% body fat in just a month while also putting on 5 pounds of weight. How amazing is that! His bench press, squat, and deadlift, the holy trio, all improved massively thanks to YK11!

Another user claims to have started with a low dosage of just 5mgs of YK11. He says that he was feeling quite disappointed as he didn’t notice any effects. After bumping the dosage up to 10mgs, the positive effects started kicking in. He claims to have gained a lot of muscle strength and that he had zero side effects attached to the whole thing. He did do PCT, just as we recommend!

The last account was from a woman that struggled with her weight for her entire life. She tried every dietary supplement out there but just couldn’t lose her excess weight. That was all until she tried YK11! It helped her lose the 15 pounds that have been bothering her for so long and she says that she experienced zero side effects during the eight weeks she took the compound.

YK11 Before And After Pictures

Most of the YK-11 before and after pictures you’ll find on the internet are fake. They were made to con you into believing a pipe dream. That is all done to make you believe that you will become Hulk after one cycle so that you’re more inclined to buy YK11.

They don’t care about you or your health, hell, most of these sites don’t even recommend the proper dosages or PCT! Most of these pictures are stolen from other Forums or blogs, so they’re not only doing an amoral thing but they’re also committing plagiarism.

Because we haven’t used the SARM in question, we can’t post any YK11 before and after pictures but there is one thing we do have; Accounts from our gym buddies that took the SARM. What they have to say will literally shock you.

They claim (and you can see it on their bodies) that the results they had were insane: Increased muscle mass and strength, crazy endurance and the best thing of all, fat and weight loss.

We quote one of our seasoned gym buddies, Franklin, that said: ”If you’re not taking YK11, you’re missing out on life.”

YK11 SARM review

Where to get YK11 For Sale

YK-11 for sale can be found at many online vendors, but what’s important to note is that most of them sell bunk product. They don’t have any positive online reviews, no recent lab results, and a money-back guarantee.

That’s why we recommend the following two shops if you’re looking for YK11 for sale:

  1. SARMsForSale.Com

This shop is run by Umbrella Labs, a US-based company that has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of supplements. They sell Y-11 at a price point of $70.00. You get a 30ml bottle with each ml equating to 10mgs of the product. 300 mgs of YK11 in total.

Their YK11 shows 99,2% purity and their shipping times are crazy fast: We got our product in less than three days!

best place to buy YK11 SARM

  1. ProvenPeptides

You have a wide array of choices if you decide to go with Proven Peptides.

They sell YK11 in three different vials:

  • 15ml = $45.00
  • 30ml = $75.00
  • 60ml = $140.00

Each ml has 10mgs of the product inside of it. You can get an additional 7.5% off on your order with this coupon code:


Making it more affordable to buy here rather than at Umbrella Labs, but that’s up to you. If you’re just starting out, we recommend going with Umbrella Labs and if you’re buying in bulk, Proven Peptides has you covered!


  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio is a popular US vendor of SARMs, nootropics and other supplements. They sell YK-11 in two different forms: As a powder and as a liquid solution. The powder is priced at $59.99 and you get 1000mgs worth of YK-11 for it. The liquid will cost you $49.99 and you receive 300mgs of the solution for that amount of money.

Both their liquid and powder enjoy a purity rate of 98,6% which is very pure by all standards. They don’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than $100.00 worth of goods from their store.

Their shipping times are fast, we got our YK-11 in just three days of waiting.

where to buy YK11 SARM

That would be it for our YK11 SARM review. We hope that you’ve learned something new and that you can now safely use YK11 and experience all the benefits it brings to the table.

Stay safe and happy bodybuilding!

Find The Best SR9009 For Sale By Reading This Article And Learn More About It!

 This article will show you the best shops where you can find SR9009 for sale, but we won’t be doing just that. We’ll also dabble in the results you can get with Stenabolic, its benefits, dosages, a comparison with another SARM and we’ll explore the possible side effects of using SR9009.

We’ve got a lot on our bucket list today so let’s get started with this SR9009 review!

What is SR9009 SARM or Stenabolic and How Does it Work?

Usually referred to as a SARM, which is not entirely correct, SR9009 is a chemical that affects the Rev-ErbA proteins in our body by binding to them. These proteins are produced by the body itself but when SR9009 is introduced, it forces the body to produce more of them. As we all know, more protein in the muscle means more gains as protein builds muscle.

Because it binds directly to the protein itself, it’s a bit more effective than your traditional SARM.

So what are Rev-Erba proteins responsible for? They help our body digest and process sugar, reduce cholesterol levels, overwatch the storing of fat and monitor our day and night cycle.

This means that when there’s more of them present in the body with the help of Stenabolic, you’ll experience a boost in endurance and strength – perfect for those wanting to go on a bulk.

Benefits of Using SR9009

There are numerous benefits to using SR9009 and we’ll name just some of the main ones.

  1. It Can Help You Lose Weight: Because it increases energy expenditure in the body, you’re bound to lose weight while on it. It also boosts the rate of your metabolism, even while you’re rested.
  2. It Can Help You Lower Your Blood Cholesterol: Stenabolic has been proven to lower bad cholesterol time and time again. It does so by getting rid of excess glucose in your muscles. It also decreases overall fat throughout the body and with that, your blood cholesterol sinks to normal levels, where it should be.
  3. It Can Help You Boost Endurance: This is where SR9009 really shines. The aforementioned study on rats showed massively improve endurance during their trials. Some users report increased endurance in bed.
  4. It Can Help You Decrease Inflammation: SR9009 completely decreases tissue damage and inflammation caused by harsh training. It does so by acting on the mitochondrial cells which have to be replaced with new ones in order for the inflammation to stop.
  5. It Can Prevent Atherosclerosis: The narrowing of blood flow due to fat is a common problem nowadays. Luckily, Stenabolic decreases triglycerides associated with causing atherosclerosis so you’re in good hands if you have problems or if you’re at risk with this disease.
  6. It Can Increase Your Wakefulness: Not only does it boost endurance, but it also boosts the overall energy levels felt by the end-user. You’ll wake up feeling more rested and ready to take on the day.
  7. It Can Help With Your Anxiety: Because it improves the general mood of the user, it has similar effects to a benzodiazepine. It’s well known for its anti-anxiety effects and some people use it solely for this purpose.

SR9009 Human Trials

Insofar, no actual research has been conducted on humans under the influence of SR9009. There have been studies done on mice that showed increased endurance, fat loss, easier recovery from both injuries and training, a decrease in bad cholesterol and so on.

Although there have been no human trials conducted by professional researchers, bodybuilders all around the world have tried the substance and here’s what they had to say about it.

They have reported increased energy and endurance during their workouts. One subject had a PR of 315lbs on the bench press, with Stenabolic, he could do three reps instead of just one in just one week of using SR9009.

Other users also reported feeling more rested and energetic in the morning, with some of them experiencing vivid dreams during the night. A small minority of users reported little to no change in their energy or endurance during the use of SR9009.

What’s important to note is that no one, despite them feeling the effects of the compound or not, didn’t report any side effects at all!

SR9009 human trials

SR9009 Dosage, Cycle, and Half-Life

What’s important to note about SR9009 SARM is that it has a very short half-life, it only stays active in the body for four hours. That’s why bodybuilders take the compound multiple times per day, to stay on top of their game for the entire duration of the day.

Stenabolic is best used four times a day and each time you should dose 5mgs which makes the total amount consumed 20mgs per day. That should be plenty enough to experience all the benefits without any potential side effects at all.

An SR9009 cycle shouldn’t last more than 10 weeks at a time and although it doesn’t suppress testosterone as steroids do, it does introduce an external source of protein. If your body gets used to it, it could stop producing any of its own which is not something we want to happen.

If you follow our guidelines, you won’t have to worry about that happening during your SR9009 cycle.

SR9009 Results You Can Expect

The SR9009 results you can expect are nothing short of mesmerizing, but as with any compound, you’ll have to have patience when it comes to actual results. Don’t expect to come out as Hulk after your first cycle. Stenabolic is supposed to support you during your journey, you’ll still have to do the hard work, including dieting.

With that being said, as for the immediate results you can expect, for one you will be able to run a lot faster and a lot longer than before. You will take your cardio to the next level. A colleague of ours, that usually got winded after a mile on the treadmill reported running 5 miles while on Stenabolic,

Also, while you might not break any personal records on your first cycle, you will definitely be able to do more reps than before. One user reported a three times increase when it came to the number of repetitions after starting a cycle with SR9009.

Lastly, your overall sense of well being will improve: Your bad cholesterol will fall, your depression and anxiety will improve, you’ll feel more energetic and awake during the day and you’ll most likely lose a ton of weight – Not just water weight but the problematic fat around your waist!

With this being a given, we can see that these SR9009 results are indeed great, but do they come with any side effects? Read the next chapter to find out!

SR9009 results

Possible Side Effects Of Using SR9009

During studies on mice, there were no side effects reported by the researchers and what’s really interesting is, in that study, they were INJECTING the compound directly into the body. This promises higher bioavailability which means that more of the chemical is absorbed in the bloodstream.

Also, since SR9009 is not targeting androgens in the body nor does it increase the level of estrogen, it is safe to say that no hormonal disbalances occur from using this compound.

Be that as it may, some users did report side effects at very high doses, we’re talking about 50mg a day or more. That mostly happened to athletes that were trying to push themselves to inhumane levels with Stenabolic.

If you stick to our recommended SR9009 dosage and cycle, you should experience exactly zero side effects. With that being said, let’s look at some of the reported side effects.

The one major side effect that was reported by those athletes was mild suppression. What that means is that they experienced a lack of natural production of protein in the body after their cycle since that is what SR9009 targets, the Rev-ErbA proteins.

Another side effect was pain throughout the body, but this is quite normal since they are a) taking an abnormal amount of the compound b) their body can’t support the new muscle being built so quickly and so you get structural problems.

Stenabolic VS Cardarine

Many like to compare these two compounds and put them in the same boat but that’s not quite right.

Stenabolic has a much shorter half-life than Cardarine, six times shorter to be frank (4 vs 24 hours) and so you’ll want to use Stenabolic every few hours to keep up the effects.

They also target different groups in the body: Stenabolic directly targets protein synthesis while Cardarine binds to the PPAR delta receptors in our body, thereby burning fat inside of our muscles.

Besides these two differences, they are mostly used for the same effect: To boost endurance during a workout.

They are usually stacked together and that is done in the following way:

You take 20mgs of Cardarine once a day during your breakfast and proceed to take Stenabolic four times a day, each time taking 5mgs amounting to a total of 20mgs.

The cycle should last eight weeks and you won’t be needing any PCT after that. The reason these two are stacked together is because of the massive weight loss and gains in lean muscle one can expect after the cycle.

The last thing we have to do in this SR9009 review shows you where to find the best and purest SR9009 for sale!

stenabolic vs cardarine

The Best and Purest SR9009 For Sale – Where To Buy It

There are many online shops selling SR9009 but only two shops out of these meet our rigorous quality standards. These standards come from years of experience in dealing with many vendors, most of whom sold bunk products.

That is why we’re always looking for these three factors when it comes to buying not only SARMs but other supplements as well. These are Recent lab results, online reviews in forums and communities and a money-back guarantee.

If a company has these three factors in check, you can be sure that what they are selling is actually legit. With that being the case, let’s reveal the two stores with the best SR9009 for sale!

  1. Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs is a US-based company that always posts recent lab results in their product descriptions. They also offer free shipping and are quite fast when it comes to delivery (it took our package three days to arrive and we are based in the US)

They price Stenabolic at $70.00 and for that amount of money you get 600mg of product. This is all contained in a 30ml bottle with each ml containing 20mg of product.

Their recent lab results showed a whopping 100% purity of their SR9009!

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is quite versatile when it comes to their product selection, they offer Stenabolic in three different vial sizes:

  • 15ml = $45
  • 30ml = $75
  • 60ml = $140

Each ml contains 20mgs of the product in question. At first glance, one might think that Umbrella Labs is a bit cheaper than Proven Peptides but there is something called Peptide Points that turn the tides for this company.

You see, for every dollar purchased, you get one point and that one point equals to 10 cents. That means that you get an additional 10% off on your order.

With that in mind, this would bring down the total price of their Stenabolic to $67.50, two and a half dollars cheaper than the shop by Umbrella Labs. There is one caveat and that is that you have to have purchased something already to accumulate the Peptide Points.

Their shipping times are also really fast (three to five days if you’re from the US) and they have a great refund policy if you’re unsatisfied with your product.

That would be it for our SR9009 review. We hope that you have learned something new and that you now have the knowledge to go your own way and make an educated decision based on facts and logic.

Stay safe, good luck and have fun!

The Best Post Cycle Therapy According To Professional Bodybuilders – A Must Read!

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best post cycle therapy available. We’ll look into what professional bodybuilders had to say about the best PCT for SARMs and we’ll actively engage in the role of PCT while also asking and answering some peculiar questions.

Are you excited? You should be because the fun is just about to start!

The Role of PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy is oftentimes used by steroid users (and rarely, SARMs users) to alleviate the negative effects the compounds they used had on their bodies. This includes natural testosterone production, which monitors key functions in our body such as the production of sex hormones and muscle upkeep.

PCT supplement is crucial after steroid use because the body is depleted of its natural hormone production. Because you change the hormonal balance in your body by introducing compounds such as steroids, a disbalance occurs once you stop using them.

Because the body has gotten used to getting exogenous testosterone from outside sources, it no longer produces any of its own. Not only that, but because you’re experiencing a crash of hormones, estrogen in the body will rise which could lead you to develop man boobs (gynecomastia) and other health related issues such as high blood pressure.

This is why PCT is a quintessential addition to any cycle which depletes the body of its natural hormones, mainly testosterone. It rebalances hormone production back to its normal levels and nudges the body to once again release testosterone naturally.

In this article, we’ll show you the best post cycle therapy available, so stay tuned!

Can you use SARMs after a Steroid Cycle?

Even during a PCT cycle with something like Nolvadex or Clomid, you’re still not getting results immediately and that could seriously dampen the muscle gains that you got during your cycle.

That is why people introduce SARMs into their PCT, but not just any SARMs as some of them, like Testolone, have a dampening effect on the production of testosterone so it would be counterproductive to do so.

The answer is simple: Yes, you can use SARMs after a steroid cycle but only certain SARMs and what are those SARMs? That is something we’ll explore in the next chapter.

Best post cycle therapy

Is a SARMs PCT Cycle Possible?

A SARMs PCT cycle is possible, but you have to select the right SARM for the job. Otherwise, you might be mitigating the effects of the Nolvadex or Clomid on your natural testosterone receptors and that’s a bad thing because you want to activate them back to full power as soon as possible.

The best SARM for that job is something mild like Ostarine Mk-2866. Ostarine will enable you to keep the muscle you have gained during the cycle, without further damaging your natural hormone receptors, allowing them to recuperate.

A usual PCT cycle lasts anywhere between four to six weeks, but we recommend you go for the full six weeks after a cycle. You should take 20mg of Ostarine for the first three weeks in combustion with Nolvadex or Clomid and reduce the intake of Ostarine in the last three weeks to 10mgs.

The reason why we’re taking such a high dose, in the beginning, is that we’re waiting for the Nolvadex or Clomid to start working. Once they start working, we simply decrease the dosage to a more appropriate state.

It’s also recommended to keep your food intake high as your new muscles need the extra calories to sustain themselves. Don’t worry, you will not gain any fat as Ostarine is there to aid you in your PCT.


Do You Need Post Cycle Therapy for SARMs?

Whether to use post cycle therapy for SARMs or not is a heavily debated topic. Some swear on their life that they took the strongest SARMs out there without needing any PCT or experiencing any side effects. Others disagree and find post cycle therapy for SARMs to be a necessity.

So, whom to trust in this fierce debate?

The answer lies in the middle. Some SARMs require a mini-PCT cycle and some don’t, there is no avoiding that. Also, some of us are more sensitive than others and react to different substances in unpredictable ways. In the end, it is only you that can determine whether you will take post cycle therapy for SARMs or not, but if you’re unsure, just stick with what we have to say and you’ll be golden.

One more thing, besides the type of SARM you’re taking and your natural resistance to supplements is how long you’ve been taking the SARM is a question. We’ve heard about users going for twelve to sixteen-week cycles and then wondering why they are feeling low all of a sudden once they are of a cycle. Remember that the longer you take something, the more likely you’re going to need PCT after it.

The last thing to remember is to always preplan your PCT cycle, even if you’re not sure if you’re going to take it or not. It’s not good to do things haphazardly, without any preparation or previous thought put into it. This easily leads to mistakes that could have been avoided if you had prepared beforehand.

With that being said, let’s take a look at which SARMs do require PCT and which do not.


Starting off with the mildest of the group, Ostarine is usually taken in eight weeks cycles, 20mgs a day.

You will not need any PCT while using Ostarine because it doesn’t deplete the body of its natural hormones, it instead targets one specific group of androgens in the body that modulate muscle growth and size.


Cardarine is a bit stronger than Ostarine, but you still won’t need any PCT for it. The reason behind that is because it’s not suppressive of any natural occurring hormones in your body. If it’s taken in eight-week cycles in a 15mg dosage, you absolutely won’t need to worry at all.


Let’s not get into a debate whether this is a SARM or not, the important thing to remember is that you don’t need PCT for it! It doesn’t suppress the natural hormones in your body such as testosterone so you don’t have to worry at all. That is if you’re taking it in the recommended doses of 15mg a day for eight weeks.


Testolone is a strong one and one cannot deny the fact that you do need a mini-PCT cycle for it. Refer to our material below if you want to learn the best PCT for SARMs, not just Testolone. The reason why you need PCT after Testolone is because it has a suppressive effect on the natural occurring hormones in your body.


YK-11 is in the ranks of Testolone and you definitely do need PCT for it. Its half-life is only eight hours so most users take it twice a day, 5mgs each time.

The reason why you need PCT is because of its suppressive effects.


Also technically not a SARM, but still, you will not need PCT after it if it is used accordingly: 20mgs a day for no longer than eight weeks.


Andarine is on the level of Ostarine when it comes to mildness so you won’t need any PCT with it. Some people like to run a mini-PCT cycle lasting four weeks but it’s not necessary if you’re taking Andarine in the proper dosages: 20mg a day for no longer than eight weeks.


You do need a mild PCT cycle after taking Ligandrol. Some people like to skip it, but we like to keep you safe and secure. A PCT cycle of four weeks using Nolvadex should be plenty enough.

In conclusion, we’ve seen that some SARMs do need a PCT cycle and some don’t. The most important thing to take out of this is just how harmless SARMs really are. Even the strongest amongst them, such as Testolone, only require a mini PCT cycle and not the full-scale thing.

Post Cycle therapy for SARMs

What is The Best PCT For SARMs

The best PCT for SARMs is without a doubt Nolvadex. It’s a bit weaker than Clomid but it does the job just right. It’s especially advisable to take Nolvadex if you’re just starting out as you don’t want to shock your body too much.

Nolvadex will help you bounce back your natural testosterone amounts to the level they should be since it is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator).

Your cycle should last four to six weeks and you should change your dose as the weeks go by.

Most people start with 50mg a day for the first week than lower the dosage to 25mg a day for weeks two to three and finally, they decrease the dosage even further in the fourth week, to just 10mg a day.

This is done to avoid any potential side effects.

Other people, especially those that are experienced and versed in the bodybuilding world opt for Clomid. Let’s cover that PCT supplement for a bit. Clomid is definitely the stronger option and it can have some negative side effects which we will get into shortly. It’s rarely used by SARMs users but the preferred route for steroid users. Why?

Because Clomid acts as a buffer in the body, it stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to once again produce testosterone through something called gonadotropins.

Let’s talk about dosages, depending on the length and strength of your cycle, Clomid should be consumed during a period of four to six weeks in amounts of 50-100mgs. Those that are opting for Clomid after a SARMs cycle should stick to 50mgs a day for four weeks.

Clomid does have some minor side effects but not everyone gets to experience them, it’s especially noted that the more Clomid you take, the higher the chance that side effects will occur.

With that being said, if you stick to our recommended dosages after a SARMs cycle, you shouldn’t experience any side effects at all.

The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, and diarrhea.


Where to Buy The Best PCT For SARMs

You can buy Nolvadex and Clomid in many online stores, but we don’t recommend just blindly visiting a store and purchasing any of these substances. The reasons for that are simple: Most of the time, these online vendors don’t know what they are actually selling and there is a high chance that you won’t get the substance you’re actually trying to purchase.

After months of research and comparisons, we’ve come up with the one store that ticks all the boxes and swerves in the right direction.

That store is called SwissChems.

Don’t worry about the name, they are stationed and operating directly from the US.

You can buy Nolvadex at their store for $91.00 if paid by traditional means (credit card) and if paid by cryptocurrencies, you’ll get 20% off your purchase, downsizing the price to $72.80.

This is what you’ll get for your money: 100 tabs, each tab containing 20mg of the product.

Clomid is also available at an affordable rate: $99.00 if purchased by traditional means and if paid by Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you get a heavy discount, bringing the price down to $79.20.

You get 100 tabs, with each tab containing 25mgs of the product.

SwissChems has fast shipping times, we got our package in less than four days. If you’re stationed outside the US, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

SwissChems has also posted lab results in the description of both products, so you can rest assured that you’re not getting bunk but a 100% pure PCT supplement.

UPDATE: Now you can buy great quality liquid NOLVADEX from Secretsupps.

Liquid Nolvadex

Another Great PCT Supplement – A Natural Alternative

Manufactured by Umbrella Labs, this PCT supplement with mostly natural ingredients aids testosterone production and assists estrogen control.

Some people prefer this option as it has zero side effects attached to it as it is a natural remedy. Moreover, it is quite cheap and you’ll get 90 capsules for just 27.99$.

It is recommended that you take two capsules at night for no longer than eight weeks, but our recommended time frame is between four to six weeks, which should be plenty enough. That would be it for our post cycle therapy article, we hope that you have learned something new and that you can now make an educated decision when it comes to your post cycle therapy.

Always remember to stay safe and have fun building your body up to a masterpiece!

Ibutamoren MK-677 Review: Dosage, Results, Where To Buy

In this MK-677 review, we’ll learn everything we need to know about the benefits, possible side effects, dosing, Mk 677 cycles, stacking it with other SARMs and the results that you can expect with using it.

What is MK-677

MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal is more than just a SARM. It’s an orally active Human Growths Hormone Secretagogue, which means that it actively stimulates the body to secrete more of the growth hormone. This is done by the pituitary gland.

Growth hormones are needed for muscle growth and development and that’s why MK-677 is so popular in the bodybuilding community.

The good thing about MK-677 is that it doesn’t affect cortisol or testosterone levels in the body, so it doesn’t work like a typical steroid.

How Nutrobal MK 677 Works

MK-677 works by emulating the natural activity of ghrelin, stimulating your appetite, making it a perfect choice while bulking. Once it binds to the brain’s natural ghrelin receptors, it stimulates the production of growth hormones throughout the body.

It also has a negative effect on somatostatin, a hormone that slows down the release of growth hormones.

Benefits of Using MK-677

This MK-677 review wouldn’t be complete without this section. This substance has so many benefits, one has to ponder how this isn’t proclaimed a wonder supplement.

  •  It Helps With Sleep: Numerous studies have shown that MK-677 has a positive effect on sleeping quality, especially in older patients. Plenty of good rest is required for quick recovery of your muscles, so this benefit is more than it just seems, it also helps you fulfill your bodybuilding goals!
  • You Will Increase Muscle With Ease: Since this substance stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH, you will see yourself attaining massive gains in no time while using MK-677.
  • Increases Bone Density: This is especially of interest to our older readers, MK-677 has been shown to increase bone density and strengthen existing bonds between bones. A recent study has shown that in a controlled environment, with 24 participants, all 24 of them benefited from the use of MK-677 when it came to bone density.
  • Improves Cognitive Function: MK-677 acts on the IGF-1 hormone, which helps boost memory retention and learning ability.
  • Reverses Protein Loss From Muscles: Another great news for anyone trying to cut – MK-677 has been shown to keep protein at bay even while you’re hungry. This means that even while you’re hungry, your muscles won’t depreciate and you’ll get to keep them nice and toned, just as they should be.
  • Helps Make Your Skin And Hair Better: The growth hormone in question has been known to have a positive effect on skin cells and hair. Unlike steroids, that do the exact opposite to them, that is, damage.

MK-677 Dosages And Cycle

An average MK-677 cycle lasts eight weeks or two months.

Mk 677 dosage depends on your level of experience. If you’re a beginner, we suggest that you start really low, with just 5mg a day to see how your body will react to the foreign substance. You will, of course, bump the dosage up to 10mg a day on the next week once you see that everything is alright and that your body is handling it well.

Professionals can immediately start with 10mg a day and bump up the dosage to 20mg a day for the next seven weeks.

You don’t have to take any PCT while off MK-677 and it’s recommended that you stay off the substance for at least two months. Your body will naturally rebalance the hormones in your body and since MK-677 doesn’t affect cortisol and testosterone, the side effects will be minimal.

Speaking of side effects, let’s take a closer look at them.

Possible Side Effects of Using MK-677

What has to be noted before saying anything about the potential side effects is that most people don’t experience any of them at all. This MK-677 review was meant to show you just how powerful and harmless this substance is at the same time.

With that being said, let’s go over some of the reported side effects:

  • Mild Muscle Swelling and Pain: This one is quite funny if anything. We’re not sure why this is a side effect at all and why it’s attributed to MK-677. If you train, it’s only natural that you’ll experience some pain. Always remember No pain – No gain!
  •  High Blood Pressure: Measure your blood pressure on a daily or weekly basis and note any differences that deviate from the norm. That way you shouldn’t have any problems with this side effect.
  • Numb Or Tingling Hands: Mostly experienced by older patients that had preexisting medical conditions. We purposely didn’t include water retention and weight gain as side effects as these are actual benefits for those trying to bulk. Moreover, most people that did experience side effects did so with ultra-high dosages, we’re talking about 50mg a day or more.

Ibutamoren MK 677 results

Ibutamoren MK-677 Results You Can Expect

The results you can expect with this compound are massive! MK-677 works in a two-fold way: It helps build muscle while burning unnecessary fat, this alone promises great results. The first results will become visible in as little as a month!

Moreover, if you stick to the aforementioned eight-week MK-677 cycle, you will gain a significant amount of muscle mass while also losing fat.

As already mentioned, besides the gains in muscle, you will feel better rested, more energetic, more intelligent, your skin and hair will improve and you’ll feel like on top of the world.

You’re probably already wondering where you can find MK-677 for sale or where the best place to buy MK-677 is, but you’ll have to be patient just a little while longer. All will be revealed in a further section down the line.

Stacking MK-677 With Other SARMs

Some people like to stack MK-677 with other SARMs and that’s actually something that we recommend you do.

MK-677 is best stacked with Cardarine and Testolone, depending on whether you want to cut or bulk.

If you want to cut, you stack MK-677 with Cardarine for the best results. Cardarine is known for boosting endurance and promoting weight loss, so you’ll have no problem cutting with this combination.

During an eight week cycle, you should take 20mg of MK-677 in combination with 20mg of Cardarine per day. This dose is only meant for intermediate and professional bodybuilders. You will not require PCT after this cycle.

If you want to bulk, it’s best to stack MK-677 with Testolone, a very powerful and potent SARM that promotes fat loss and muscle gain.

During an eight week cycle, you’re best off taking 20mg of MK-677 in combination with 10-15mg of Testolone. Don’t do this if you’re still a newbie to bodybuilding. You will require a mini-PCT phase after this cycle as Testolone is known to affect androgen receptors in the body that are responsible for testosterone production.

It is recommended that you go on a six week PCT cycle and you should take Nolvadex or Clomid during that cycle.

Mk 677 for sale

Where Can You Find MK-677 For Sale

If you’re trying to buy MK-677 online, you’re going to have to go through a boatload of bunk companies that sell low quality crap to their customers. If you’re not going to listen to our suggestions on the best place to buy MK-677, at least scan the potential company you’re buying from for these three things:

  • Recent Lab Results: This is a must-have for any serious company, this shows the purity of the product and what you’re actually ingesting into your body.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If a company can’t stand behind its product then you can already smell something fishy going on there.
  • Online Reviews On Online Forums: Don’t trust the reviews on the company site itself, they can be easily faked. Instead, go to online forums where bodybuilding is discussed and do your due diligence when it comes to buying MK-677.

An alternative is skipping all that and reading our next section where we will reveal the best place to buy MK-677.

The Best Places To Buy MK-677

  1. Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs is a well known vendor of SARMs and other supplements for the bodybuilding community. They are based in the US, have fast shipping times, most recent lab results and offer a money-back guarantee.

They price a 30ml bottle that contains 20mg of product per 1ml at only $70.00.

That’s a good price, potentiated by the fact that they offer proof of 99% purity right in their description page!

One caveat is that they only sell the liquid version of the substance, but it is what it is.

  1. Swisschems.com

SwissChems is a US-based company that sells heaps of supplements viable to the bodybuilding community. They take between three to seven business days to send the product to you if you’re based in the US. If outside the US, you’ll have to wait for up to two weeks.

They price a bottle with 38 MK 677 capsules, each caps containing 10 mg of the product $110.00 and the price is lowered to $88.00 if you pay with bitcoin.

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides offers three different packages for their MK-677 product. You have it in 15, 30 and 60 ml vials available, each of them priced in the following manner:

  • 15ml = $50.00
  • 30ml = $75.00
  • 60ml = $140.00

One ml of the product equals to 25mg of MK-677.

From what we can observe, Proven Peptides is a bit cheaper than Umbrella Labs when it comes to MK-677 as you get more bang for your buck.

  1. Science.Bio

This shop rebranded recently, so although it seems that they are new to the world of supplements, that’s not quite right.

You can get their MK-677 in powder and liquid form. The powder will cost you $47.99 and you get 1000mgs worth of goods for it. Their liquid is a bit more expensive, you have to pay $49.99 to get 750mgs of Ibutamoren. The lab test results from their recent batch showed 99% purity for both of their forms of MK-677.

They offer free shipping to US customers if they buy more than $100.00 worth of product and that extends to international orders too, but you have to spend $300.00. Shipping times are quite rapid, we got our package in just three days of waiting.

  1. SecretSupps

SecretSupps is the only shop insofar that offers professionally made SARM stacks used by bodybuilders worldwide.

Their Ibutamoren is branded as GH PEPP and you get 750mgs worth of goods for $118.95. The pricing is a bit high, but that’s because their SARMs are of very high quality and they offer so much valuable knowledge alongside your purchase.

They also have a great SARM stack for bulking that is comprised of MK-677, Ligandrol, and Testolone. It costs $289.65. The MK-677 of SecretSupps enjoys a purity rate of 99,1%.

They offer free worldwide shipping and if you’re from the US, you can expect your package in just three to five business days.

That would be it for our MK-677 review. We hope that you learned something new and that you can now use this new knowledge to make an educated decision on what to do next in your bodybuilding journey.

Good luck, stay safe and have fun!

This GW-501516 Cardarine Review Will Tell You EVERYTHING You Need To Know About This Compound!

In this Cardarine review, we will learn everything we need to know about stacking, cycling, results dosing, benefits, potential side effects and where to buy Cardarine.

What is Cardarine?

There has been a lot of notoriety over Cardarine as to whether it is a SARM or not. The truth is that it is not a SARM, but many still like to label it as one because of the similar effects it shares with SARMs.

Cardarine is a PPAR (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor). This means that it doesn’t influence the work of androgen receptors in the body unlike SARMs do.

How Does Cardarine Work?

Cardarine binds to the PPAR delta receptor in our body, activates it and forces it to burn fat inside of our muscles. This ensures that you have leaner and healthier-looking muscles and is great if you’re cutting – All that fat burned will surely help you look more buffed than ever before.

Another thing Cardarine influences is endurance since the PPAR delta receptor is also responsible for that. Tests on mice have shown increased endurance and speed during a Cardarine cycle.

Cardarine for sale

Benefits of Cardarine

There are numerous benefits of using Cardarine and the results it brings forward are simply mesmerizing. Let’s take a look at these benefits!

  1.  Cardarine Helps The Nervous System

Numerous studies have shown that Cardarine helps in the rebuilding of brain cells, it also positively affects the nervous system because of increased vascular activity.

  1.  Suppresses Inflammation and Swelling

What a great tool for bodybuilders, that is exactly what all of us need after a long and hard workout. Since Cardarine is a PPAR delta activator, it can block genes responsible for inflammation and swelling, effectively suppressing them.

  1. Lowers LDL Cholesterol Levels

Also called ‘bad’ cholesterol, cardarine helps suppress it by stimulating fat loss all around the body, especially around muscles.

  1. Helps Fight Diabetes Type 2

Not only does Cardarine promote a healthier lifestyle, if you stick by it, but it will also help reverse diabetes type 2 in the body. This is because PPAR delta agonists reduce insulin resistance, burn fatty acids and normalize blood lipids.

  1. Lose Weight and Overall Fat All Around Your Body.

Cardarine doesn’t just target one group in the body but it attacks fat cells all around it! This means that you will not only lose fat, but you will also lose weight! This is perfect for those going on a cutting cycle.

  1. Massively Boosts Endurance.

We already talked about the experiment done on mice showing increases of up to 50% in endurance!

What Cardarine Dosage Should One Use?

Your Cardarine dosage will depend on your level of bodybuilding. If you’re just a beginner, taking more than 5mg a day at the start of your cycle is not good. You should start with 5mg, see how your body reacts and then up the dosage to 10mg a day for the rest of the cycle.

If you’re a seasoned bodybuilder, start off with 10mg a day in the first week and up the dosage to 20mg a day for the next upcoming weeks, until the end the of Cardarine cycle.

How Should My Cardarine Cycle Look Like?

A Cardarine cycle should last no longer than two months or eight weeks. Some people, especially beginners, use it only for one month. You can start expecting results within the first week already.

No PCT is required with Cardarine as it doesn’t work or act as asteroid. The body will regenerate on its own and you won’t have any issues associated with Cardarine use.

Your off-cycle should be between 6-8 weeks, allowing the body to recuperate and establish a baseline.

Stacking Cardarine with other SARMs

Cardarine is best stacked with Testolone, Andarine or Ostarine. If you stack it with Ostarine, you can expect massive weight loss. You should take 10mg of Cardarine and 20mg of Ostarine for eight weeks. No PCT is required and the off-cycle should last another eight weeks.

If you stack it with Testolone, you can expect massive gains in muscle size.

You should take 10mg of both of these substances once a day for 12 weeks. Minor PCT will be required at the end of your cycle as Testolone does affect testosterone in the blood.

If you stack it with Andarine, you can expect massive fat loss. You should take 15mg of Andarine and 10 mg of Cardarine for eight weeks. No PCT is required and the off cycle should be six weeks.

Cardarine stack

Possible Side Effects of Using Cardarine

Cardarine Causes Cancer?!

There’s a rumor going on in some bodybuilding forums that Cardarine causes cancer. That’s why you’re reading this Cardarine review and not some senseless rumors.

Out of a hundred studies done with Cardarine, only one has shown an increase in tumor size on mice. It was a study conducted for two years (mice only live for three!!!) and the dosage used was astronomical – 100 times more than the recommended Cardarine dosage. Anything can become a poison if you use it in high doses, even water, the stuff that we’re mostly made off!

On the other hand, there have been multiple studies showing that cardarine actually disinhibits cancer cells and that it can cure cancer!

You can disregard these rumors as you’re not going to be taking Cardarine for that long in such conditions where you take astronomical doses.

Let’s get back to the real side effects of Cardarine and take a closer look at them.

The truth is if you’re a healthy individual with no preexisting medical conditions and if you stick to the cycles and dosages we recommended beforehand, you should experience absolutely zero side effects.

Why is that so?

Because Cardarine is not a steroid and it doesn’t deplete the body of anything. You don’t have anything to fear if you’re a healthy individual, as already said, there are no side effects!

Cardarine Results You Can Expect

Cardarine truly is a great supplement. It will help you achieve your desired results so much faster with no potential side effects at all!

Let’s take a closer look at what Cardarine results we can expect!

Most people lose 5-7% of their body fat in their first cycle if they stick to the proper diet and routine. If you combine Cardarine with other SARMs, your results will be even crazier and by crazier, we mean crazy good.

One colleague of ours dropped 10% of his body fat by stacking Cardarine with Testolone in two cycles, but he had to do PCT afterward as his testosterone receptors were depleted from the Testolone.

Other than body fat loss, you can expect massive improvements in health, such as increased endurance, decreased bad cholesterol, less chance of catching diabetes type 2 and so much more!

Another awesome thing about Cardarine is that it stimulates muscle growth. The aforementioned colleague of ours went on to DOUBLE his muscle size in the next six months. Six months! Imagine that!

Cardarine Reviews Online

Let’s take a quick look at what other people say about Cardarine and their experiences with it.

One user, we’ll name his Jonathan for convenience, reported that he lost 3,3% of his already low body fat in just one month by using Cardarine. He says that one can expect to reach new personal records in just three weeks of using it!

Another user went on to stack Cardarine with Ostarine in order to maximize his results. He used quite a natural dose of 20mg of Cardarine and 20mg of Ostarine in his workout regime. He lost 5kg in just one month and went from 35% body fat to 30% body fat.

What’s important to note is that he only did his cycle for a month so his results could be deemed as inconclusive of the actual potential this stacked duo has.

Lastly, we have another Reddit user that went on to take Cardarine for 30days in a high dosage of 30mg. He reported that he didn’t feel much of the effects Cardarine seemed to offer. Yes, he did drop four pounds but he was expecting so much more from it. What he did note is that he regained his breath and composure a lot faster than usual, probably owing to the endurance enhancing abilities of Cardarine.

What we can conclude from this short section is that Cardarine works, but it is not a wonder drug. You’ll still have to put in the grunt work and you’ll have to be patient with your results. Just because you’re taking Cardarine won’t mean that you’ll turn into Hulk overnight, remember, patience is key when it comes to bodybuilding!

Where Can You Find GW-501516 For Sale

You have surely asked yourself by now, where to buy Cardarine for crying out loud?!

As mentioned in some of our other reviews, GW-501516 Cardarine for sale can be found at many online shops. One might think that this is a good thing as it promotes healthy competition and stuff like that but we digress: Most online shops have zero clues on what they are doing and they have zero clues on what they are selling.

That is why you have to do your due diligence when it comes to shopping for Cardarine online.

It’s not wise to simply select the first vendor that comes across and go with them as that poses a huge health risk to you.

Studies have shown that most of what is labeled as a SARM or even other supplements aren’t the original substance at all! Sometimes, you’ll find steroids added into the mix and that’s where the problems really start.

To avoid all of that, we’ve compiled a simple three-strike rule when it comes to GW-501516 for sale:

  •  Recent Lab Results: This one is an absolute must. Note the word recently and take that into consideration, you don’t want results from the past century!
  • Online Reviews of The Shop: Have a look at bodybuilding forums all over the internet, don’t shy away from places like Reddit and take a look at what they have to say about the shop in question.
  •  Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have to be able to have some say in that matter and what better way to chime in but to get your money back?


Where To Buy The Purest Cardarine Available On The Market

Now we’re talking! We’ll show you the three best shops where you will be able to buy Cardarine that is so pure, you’ll be thanking the heavens for stumbling upon this article.

  1. Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs is a well known US stationed provider of SARMs and many other different supplements.

They sell Cardarine at a price point of $70.00 with 30ml in their bottle. 1Ml equals to 20mg of pure product, meaning that you get 600mg of Cardarine. Note that they only sell the liquid version of it! Their shipping times are fast and they have a money-back guarantee so it’s safe to say that you’re covered when opting for Umbrella Labs.

Their Cardarine shows 99,2% purity.

  1. Science.Bio

This company is known as the formed irc.bio which was on top of the game when it came to SARMs, nootropics and other supplements. Nothing changed now that they have rebranded. Their Cardarine is sold both as a powder and as a liquid solution.

The liquid will cost you $39.99 and you’ll get 600mgs worth of goods for it. With the powder, you get a bit more bang for your buck: You get 1000mgs of product for only $24.99

Cardarine from their latest batch shows a 98% purity. You get free shipping if you buy more than $100.00 worth of merchandise, this only applies if you’re from the US.

Their shipping times are quite rapid, we got our package in just three days.

  1. SecretSupps

This shop is quite unique in its approach to SARMs since they name them differently. They are also known for selling ready-made SARM stacks, something we haven’t seen done by anyone else.

They sell something very similar to Cardarine, it is also a PPAR delta agonist and it’s called Cardio Shredd 2.0. It costs $97.95 and you get 750mgs worth of product for it. They also have a great stack for fat burning made out of three SARMs: SR9011, S4, and GW0742.

It costs $270.65 which is a bit pricey, but you get all the information on how to apply the stack for free. They offer free shipping worldwide and their shipping times are decent, we had to wait four days for our Cardarine to arrive.

  1. SwissChems

Although the name might imply that they are from Switzerland, they are actually based in the US.

They sell Cardarine at a price point of $99.00 when paid in traditional means and they drop it down by 30% to $79.20 if you pay with cryptocurrency. They are selling Cardarine in capsule form. You get 60 capsules with each capsule having 10mg of product in it making it a total of 600mgs.

As we can see, Umbrella Labs is a bit cheaper but if you prefer the capsule version, you’re better off opting for SwissChems. You have to pay 5$ for shipping and wait between three to seven days if you’re from the US.

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides offers the most versatile option of the three shops. They have Cardarine for sale in vials of 15, 30 and 60ml so you can choose your optimal size.

They are also the most expensive shop from the three options available, as they price 600mg of the product (the 60ml vial with 10mg per 1ml of product) at $99.99.On the other hand, you can lower the price by 10% with something called Peptide Points and you can also get an additional 10% off if you follow this link here (aff link here).

That would be it for our Cardarine review. There was a lot to ingest today but hopefully, we didn’t bore you too much with the many facts we’ve posted about Cardarine.

Stay safe and enjoy the vast benefits Cardarine offers to the table!

SARMs Reviews: The Best SARMs Stack for Bulking, Cutting and Strength

As bodybuilders, we are always on the lookout for something more, something that will give us that competitive edge over others. Whether that be a hidden new technique, a different way of approaching the rack or imbuing the hottest and newest chemical straight from the lab, we’re there to give it a shot.

Enter the world of SARMs, a promising new synthetic drug meant to enhance the performance of athletes all around the world. In this SARMs review, we’ll talk about the most popular SARMs, about the best SARMs stack for bulking, cutting, fat loss and strength. You will also learn about their subtypes and their way of administration.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs is an acronym standing for selective androgen receptor modulators. That doesn’t really tell us much, so we’ll try to make the concept a bit more accessible to the general reader.

Selective means that unlike other steroids, they are not targeting the whole spectrum, but just a limited number of receptors, meaning that they can be used for a wider range of operations.

Androgens are oftentimes monikered as male hormones because they include testosterone in their classification. They play a major role in the build-up of our muscles, reproductive function, and other traits generally specified as males, such as facial hair or alopecia.

Now the picture is getting a bit clearer, receptors are simply cells that are responding to any given stimuli.

Last but not least, modulating something means to modify something in any way, shape or form.

What we can conclude from this is the following: SARMs adjust the levels of male hormones, but they do so selectively, without causing damage to other internal organs because of their usage.

Best sarms for cutting

Different Forms of SARMS

SARMs appear on the market in three forms: As a powder, capsule or liquid. Each of these three forms has its benefits and drawbacks, so let’s examine all of them!

Powdered SARMs

These are also called SARMs for bodybuilding, as they are oftentimes preferred and used by bodybuilders. They are easy to store, last a long time and aren’t as visible to other people that might stumble upon them. Their main drawback is that you’ll need a good measuring tool to use them. A simple vial won’t suffice as every milligram counts, so you’ll have to use a scale.

SARMs in Capsule Form

They are similar to the powdered ones, also a fan favorite by bodybuilders. Easy to store and easy to hide from potential snoopers. Their main drawback is that once again, you’ll have to use a scale to measure them. Yes, even though every capsule looks and feels the same, they don’t necessarily weigh the same so you have to be extra careful when it comes to that!

Liquid SARMs

They are generally more expensive than the two counterparts listed above and that would be their main drawback: Some of you might be on a tight budget.

On the other hand, what they excel in is ease of use: Simply measure out your desired amount and you’re set! No need for any extra calibration and no worries about misjudging your dose.

How To Take SARMs

It all depends on their form.

  • Liquid SARMs are going to be imbued in their original state without any addendums.
  • Powdered SARMs are best combined with water, simply mix these two and drink the liquid. After drinking the liquid, sip another glass of water from the same vial so that no residue remains, ensuring that you get the entire dosage. Don’t combine it with anything else but water as the interactions between SARMs and other foreign substances is unknown. Not a lot of research has been done in this department.
  • SARMs in capsule form is best taken with water. Once again, a safety reminder, don’t combine them with anything else but water!

SARMs Reviews: Top 5Most Popular SARMs For Bodybuilding

Now that we have the nitty-gritty behind us, we can start talking about the real deal. Let us have a look at the most popular SARMs on the market!

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866) – Best SARM For Beginners

Ostarine is one of the very few SARMs that has actually enjoyed research by using human test subjects. Its original purpose was to cure conditions such as muscle wasting and terrible diseases like osteoporosis.

That tells us one thing: Ostarine is freaking amazing when it comes to building muscle. Ostarine is great for both cutting and bulking and can be combined with almost any other SARM as it isn’t as potent as the others.

An average cycle on Ostarine lasts eight weeks and dosages usually vary between 15 to 30mg a day every day. Beginners should start with 15mg and up the dosage to 20mg gradually, while professionals can start with 20mg and up the dosage to 30mg in the next week.

One thing to note about Ostarine is that it is very suitable for beginners, as it’s not as potent as other SARMs and it doesn’t require PCT unless 30mg Is used. Ostarine easily stacks with other SARMs and the most popular combination is a trio of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine.

Ostarine Mk 2866

  1. Testolone (RAD-140) – Best SARM For Strength

Testolone is considered to be one of the strongest SARMs out there.

What is interesting about Testolone is its anabolic to androgenic ratio of 80:1, which just shows how strong the compound in question really is.

To showcase just how strong Testolone is, a clinical trial was conducted where the participants reported increased muscle growth of up to 10% in just one month! This also makes it a serious contender for a cure against muscle wasting.

Given those facts, we can conclude that Testolone is the best option for building mass and while bulking. The average cycle lasts between 8-10 weeks and it is recommended that the dosage doesn’t exceed 20mg.

Beginners should stay away from Testolone since it requires PCT and a lot of care during usage. Testolone is usually stacked with Ligandrol. There have been no proper tests conducted on the potential side effects of Testolone.best sarms for bulking

  1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)– Best SARM For Mass

Ligandrol, although similar to Ostarine in its effects is a lot stronger than the latter. Twelve times stronger to be perfectly frank. That makes the initial dosage abysmally low and when we talk low, we mean as low as 5mg per day. It has been used in clinical trials on humans, concerning muscle dystrophy, where it showed positive results during the trials.

It’s great for building mass and bulking.

Ligandrol is a very potent SARM that shouldn’t be used by beginners as it’s easy to mess up your dosage, especially when you’re just starting out. The average cycle with Ligandrol lasts between 8-10 weeks and PCT is absolutely required since it disinhibits the hypothalamus in releasing hormones. Ligandrol can be stacked and as already mentioned, it combines itself best with Testolone.

  1. Andarine (S4)

Results have shown that just after three months of usage, a significant increase in muscle mass has been noticed, a whopping 3lbs, without any changes in diet or exercise routine.

Since this is a very strong SARM, it is recommended to start off slow, with low dosages in the range of five to ten milligrams. The dosage can then be adjusted and increased as your body gets used to the effects of the anabolic.

Andarine is best used for cutting, as research shows that it’s possible to even build muscle while cutting with Andarine! An average cycle lasts eight weeks and we wouldn’t recommend this SARM to beginners. Andarine requires PCT as it’s very strong and has anabolic effects on the body.

Andarine can be stacked with Ostarine, but it usually isn’t done so as it is already strong enough on its own. As of now, no noted side effects have been found as a result of using Andarine.

Andarine S4

  1. Cardarine GW-501516 – Best SARM For Cutting

Cardarine is not a SARM at all! It might be used and labeled by many as on, but it doesn’t act in the same way as one. Quite on the contrary, instead of binding or mimicking androgen receptors, it binds to PPAR-delta receptors in the body. Now what is PPAR, you may ask? It stands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor and it regulates a lot of biological processes in the body, including the burning of fat and the build-up of muscle!

Cardarine is great for cutting as it easily burns fat and builds muscle. An average cycle on Cardarine lasts for twelve weeks.

The best dosage is 15mg a day for the entire cycle or if you’re a professional, you may take 20mg, but start off with 15mg in the first week. Cardarine is completely suitable for beginners as it doesn’t require PCT or any special program while you’re not on it. Cardarine can be stacked with Ostarine but it’s not necessary as it does the job on its own well enough.

Best SARMs Stacks Cutting, Bulking, Fat Loss And Strength

Not only do bodybuilders want to get an edge over each other, but they also want maximize their results in as little time as possible. Thats why many of them opt to combine several SARMs to get the best outcome for their training regime.

In this section of the article, we’ll be going through the best SARMs stacks for various purposes, including but not limited to: Cutting, bulking, fat loss and strength!

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Cutting

Want to gain or keep your muscle while in a caloric deficit? It sounds like a pipe dream for sure, but not with the aid of SARMs!

The best SARMs stack combination for cutting is a triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine. Depending on the fact whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned veteran, the dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

You should use these three compounds in a cycle of eight weeks.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend that you take 10mg of each in the first week. Starting out from the second week, up the dosage to 15mg a day until week eight. On the other hand, if you’re a professional, you can immediately take 20mg of each on your first week and up the dosage to 30mg on your second week up until week eight.

After the eight weeks have passed, you should stop taking these compounds and start your PCT. And what is PCT? It stands for post-cycle therapy and is an essential step that shouldn’t be ignored.

Most SARMs don’t require PCT as they don’t act like steroids, but in this case, they are necessary as you’re combining three of them at once.

Luckily for you, the PCT won’t last long as the side effects of SARMs are minimal, but still, they shouldn’t be ignored. Because SARMs target your levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body, your PCT should focus around them.

best sarm stack for cutting

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Bulking

If you’re bulking, you want to put on as much weight and muscle as possible. SARMs are an excellent choice when it comes to bulking, as they easily convert newly gained weight into muscle.

The best SARMs stack for bulking consists of Lingadrol and Testolone. They should be used in a cycle of eight weeks, starting off with 5mg on the first week and upping the dosage to 10mg between weeks two to eight.

If you’re a professional, you might want to consider higher dosages of the same SARM, we recommend that you start with 15mg on your first week and up the dosage to 20mg between weeks two to eight.

The benefit of this combination is that you won’t need any PCT. Some people recommend adding S23 or MK-677 to the list, essentially creating a triple stack, but that is not necessary. Moreover, it will lead to hormonal disbalances and you’ll have to take a PCT which is highly controversial within itself.

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Fat Loss

Almost every SARM out there works for fat loss as they are designed to tackle the androgen receptors regulating hormones such as testosterone.

But what is the best combination with the least possible side effects? Let’s find out! The best SARMs stack for fat loss would be a mixture of Ostarine and Cardarine.

You should use these two compounds for ten weeks (instead of eight) and start slowly with 10mg per day for the first week and up the dosage to 20mg a day for the next nine weeks.

If you’re a professional, you might want to start with 20mg a day for the first week, depending on how your body responds and then increase the dosage to 30mg a day for the next nine weeks.

The best thing of all? Even though you’re using this SARMs stack for two and a half months, you won’t need any PCT as both Ostarine and Cardarine. are optimal choices that don’t change your hormonal structure drastically.

  1. Best SARMs Stack For Strength

Want a new PR on the bench press? Understandable and don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. The best SARMs stack for strength is a combination of Lingadrol and Testolone.

You should use these two compounds for eight weeks, starting off with 10mg each for the first week and 20mg a day for the next seven weeks.

If you’re a professional bodybuilder, we recommend you start off with 20mg on your first week for each and increase the dosage to 30mg for the next seven weeks.

best SARM stack

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs

We’ve already glossed a bit around the term of post cycle therapy in our previous chapters, but we never took it straight on. Let’s do that right now.

Post cycle therapy is used to help our body regulate hormones efficiently once in homeostasis (the body having to produce and regulate hormones on its own, without outside help). Some stronger SARMs require PCT while weaker ones, like Ostarine, don’t.

It all depends on their strength and your dosage. What’s important to understand is that our body, during cycles while you’re on SARMs, gets used to the extra influx of hormones produced by our hormonal glands. The problem arises that once we stop using SARMs, our body doesn’t immediately start producing natural hormones, like testosterone, on its own.

Instead, a period of time usually has to pass before our body notices that it lacks important hormones, this period can last up to two months. This is not something you want to happen to you as you would be a mess (both hormonally and emotionally) during those eight weeks.

That’s why PCT comes in as the perfect remedy. Instead of SARMs, you’re now taking SERMs which stand for Selective estrogen receptor modulators. You’re taking them to decrease the levels of estrogen in your body.

The most popular choices are SERMs such as Nolvadex and Clomid and those are the two that we recommend the most.


SARMs Before And After Pictures

This is a special part of the article that we wanted to include just to show you how much misinformation there is in the fitness community.

Many SARMs before and after pictures are completely fake and promise unrealistic results that are unattainable during one or two cycles. That is done to bolster sales and to hopefully con you into buying one of their products. It’s important to understand that you won’t turn into Hulk Hogan after three months on SARMs and promising you results like that is downright evil and unethical. You have to be realistic and understand that bodybuilding takes a lot of time, money and effort. Some people practice for years and they still don’t attain the physique that they are aiming for…

With that being said, one has to give SARMs the credit they deserve.

They do help in building muscle mass and losing fat, it’s just that most pictures that you see online shouldn’t be trusted. Your best bet is to try a cycle on yourself and measure the results.

SARMs before and After

Possible Side Effects of Using SARMs

When SARMs first came out, they were lauded by the bodybuilding community as the perfect product, a middle ground between being clean and going with steroids so to say. Some of them compared them to steroids, but that’s just plain wrong.

All the SARMs reviews pointed out to the fact that they act in a similar way as steroids but don’t have as many negative effects attached to them as steroid use does. SARMs simply aren’t as potent as steroids and as we’ll see, they do still carry some minor side effects to them. Anything that interferes with the natural balance of your body will have negative effects attached to it, that’s simply a fact.

The most common side effects of SARMs are nausea caused by the disbalances in hormonal levels and suppressed the production of testosterone with an over the presence of estrogen in the body.

This means that for most of the time, you will have to do PCT while you’re on SARMs, exactly because they cause the disbalances we mentioned before.

Although it might sound scary at first, it’s nothing to sweat over as all the SARMs reviews showed that they are 100% safe for human consumption. The only reason why you’re doing PCT in the first place is to help your body regenerate faster, nothing more and nothing less.

Where To Buy SARMs

You have probably asked yourself by now, alright where do I buy those SARMs?! That’s a very important question and one that could mean the difference between you taking actual steroids and other toxic compounds or the actual SARMs you were trying to buy in the first place.

A study conducted by JAMA showed that most shops sold SARMs mixed with other toxic compounds such as steroids. This means that you’ll have to be extra careful when ordering SARMs.

Luckily for you, we did all the due diligence necessary and can proudly recommend to you these three shops that are selling 100% clean SARMs products!

  1. Sarmsforsale

A website ran by the team behind Umbrella Labs, a USA based supplier of SARMs, nootropics, and peptides. Unlike other shady websites, Umbrella Labs has attained and implemented strict QA and QC protocols in order to ensure maximum purity of the product.

The company is headed towards the future research of SARMs and seeks to reduce costs of research as much as possible.

They are also trying to make SARMs accessible to the general public, meaning that their prices are generally going to be lower as they are doing their best in the promotion of SARMs.

They only sell SARMs in liquid form which might be a bit of a bummer to those preferring the powdered form. Their prices are quite decent: 70$ for a 30ml bottle, where 1 ml equals to 20 mg of product.

This means that if you’re on a cycle of let’s say 30mg a day, you would have to take 1,5ml of the liquid.

  1. Science.Bio

This company has been selling SARMs, nootropics and other supplements for years now under the alias irc.bio. They recently rebranded but still remain one of the best sources to get your SARMs. They are stationed and operate from the US and all of their SARMs are tested in a lab also situated in the US.

On their website, you can choose between two different categories: The first one showcases all the supplements they have and the second one depicts the forms of the compounds they sell. We found that to be very convenient.

This vendor offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $100.00, if you’re not from the US, that number jumps to $300.00. All of their SARMs have high purity rates, their recent batch showed 98%+ purity for all of their SARMs.

The best thing about this company is the pricing: Their liquids and powders are way cheaper when compared to any other company out there, all while maintaining high purity and quality.

  1. SecretSupps

This shop isn’t quite as popular as the others but is a rare gem indeed. This US-based company offers SARMs and professionally curated SARM stacks at the highest available quality.

Their prices are high but you always get your money’s worth and so much more: They explain how to take their SARMs and SARM stacks in detail so you’re never in doubt as to what to do. This makes it the perfect beginner shop as everything is laid out in the product descriptions.

They have their SARMs cleverly organized depending on what you want to accomplish with your body. There are four categories to choose from and each category contains the SARMs pertaining to it.

You can get 10% off at this shop just by entering your email address, which is a nice way to save some money on your purchase.

Lastly, their shipping policy is one of the best ones out there: They ship to anywhere on the globe absolutely free of charge.

  1. Swisschems

Swiss Chems is a company that sells quite a variety of products, such as anti-aging pills, CBD oil, SARMs, nootropics, male enchantment pills, peptides and even post cycle therapy products!

All of their gear is strictly tested and the lab results are posted online and for everyone to see. What we are mainly interested in are their SARMs and boy do they have a large variety of them available in store.

They offer large discounts if you’re paying with cryptocurrencies and if you’re into the crypto world, you will find their prices quite appealing. Their lowest priced SARM is Ostarine which includes a vial with 38 tabs, each tab containing 10mgs of the product.

They only sell SARMs in pill form, claiming that the liquid form of SARMs is too volatile and hard to measure.

  1. Provenpeptides

Proven Peptides is a company that boasts American made SARMs, they also test each of their batches using third parties to ensure maximum quality and purity of the product.

What really drew us towards Proven Peptides is that they had a phone number where you could call them and talk to an actual person. This is something many other SARMs vendors miss and is a great addition to the business of communicating with your clients.

They sell SARMs in liquid form and their prices are quite accessible. For example, a 30ml bottle of Ostarine will cost you 50$, where 1ml equals 10mg of active product.

By registering on their website, you receive 1$ of store credit and for every dollar spent in their store, you get something called ‘Peptide Points’ which enables you to get 10% off on your next order and every order after that.

Last but not least, they offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their product.

That would be it for our best SARMs stack guide. We hope that you have educated yourself on the benefits and risks of SARMs and that you’re now ready to make an educated decision on whether or not SARMs are something for you.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us!

Best SARMs


What do SARMs do?

SARMs selectively bind to the androgen receptors in our body, more specifically our bones and muscles where they force the body to release more androgens. This leads to increased muscle growth and strength, increased endurance, better cholesterol, and many other benefits.

Unlike steroids, SARMs bind selectively to only our muscle tissues which means that you will not experience any damage to the internal organs and the side effects will be minimal to none.

SARMs also don’t dissolve into undesirable molecules like estrogen and DHT, which means that you will not be required to do any hard PCT after using them.

Do SARMs actually work?

Some people that have tried SARMs discontinued their use after the first month and claimed that they had no effect on them. The fact is simply that they didn’t use them for long enough. The keyword here is patience.

SARMs do work but you have to take them in cycles of at least eight weeks. There have been reported benefits such as increased muscle mass and strength, reduced prostate size, reduced bad cholesterol, increased speed and endurance, better heart health and even hair growth.

What you have to remember is that SARMs aren’t as strong as steroids so you’ll have to be patient and wait for them to kick in.

How long do SARMs stay in your system?

It all depends on the type of SARM that you’re using. Some SARMs stay up to 36 hours in your body while others fade away after only four hours. Because of that, people that take SARMs always note the half life attached to them as that will determine how many times a day a particular SARM should be taken. For example, Ligandrol has a half life of 24 to 36 hours which means that you’ll only have to take it once a day to feel the full effects of it.

On the other hand, S23 let’s say, only has a half life of 11,9 hours which means that you’ll have to take it twice a day to feel the full effects of it.

With that being said, SARMs usually quickly fade away from your system and urine tests don’t detect them after the initial 36 hours have passed so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Are SARMs safer than steroids?

SARMs are a dozen times safer than steroids. Steroids have side effects that include hair loss, increased prostate size, aggression (roid rage) and acne, something which SARMs would never do, not even in higher dosages.

When consumed in the recommended dosages and cycles, the majority of SARMs will have zero side effects attached to them. If you follow protocol with some of the stronger SARMs and get yourself a PCT after your cycle, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Lastly, it’s a lot easier to get pure SARMs on the market as they are not a banned substance, another reason why they are a lot safer than steroids.

Are SARMs banned?

This is a really tough one to answer as the laws of each country are different, but since most of  us are from the US, let’s take it as an example. In the US, it is prohibited to sell SARMs for the intent of human consumption. A vendor can’t just come out and say ‘Hey bodybuilders, here are my SARMs, take them and you’ll grow big!’ That would lead to the company being shut down. Instead, the legal thing to do is to brand and purchase them as a research chemical.

In the end, nobody will know what you’re actually doing with them in the confines of your home.

Do SARMs need PCT?

The majority of SARMs require absolutely no PCT at all! They don’t cause suppression in the body and there’s no reason to take PCT after usage. With that being said, stronger SARMs like Testolone will need PCT but it’s not the same kind of PCT you would expect after steroid use.

It’s more of a mini PCT cycle which lasts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks with Clomid or Nolvadex and you’re good to go. The reason why these strong SARMs need PCT is that they cause mild suppression and PCT helps alleviate the potential negative side effects that could arrive from that.

Do SARMs make you stronger?

 This is a difficult question to answer as SARMs in themselves don’t do much if you don’t put in the work necessary. Yes, they do make you stronger but it’s up to you to do something to get that strength.

What we mean by that is that SARMs drastically increase the energy levels and endurance of your body, allowing you to go a lot harder in the gym than ever before. But if you just take Ligandrol and sit at home doing nothing, you will have wasted your money without getting any gains. That’s because SARMs are supplements and only if you work hard will they make you stronger.

For example, if you’re looking for strength alone, you will most likely venture forward and get yourself something like Testolone or Stenabolic.

What are the best SARMs to stack?

There are many different SARMs being stacked together, we’ll just name the most iconic ones. Honestly speaking, there is no one best SARM stack, it all depends on what you want to do with your body.

The first duo is great for those going on bulk and involves Ligandrol and Testolone. You will build muscle easily as the extra endurance from Ligandrol will turn you into a beast during gym time. If you want to go on a cut, the best SARMs to the stack are Cardarine and Ostarine. They both have fat losing properties which help you lower your total body fat to the level you want it to be.

Lastly, if you’re recomping, we recommend S4 and LGD-4033. You will simultaneously burn fat all while gaining lean muscle mass.

Do bodybuilders use SARMs?

Many bodybuilders start using SARMs once they hit their natural peak. Some of them keep on trying to smash their limitations, but when the years start piling on and the results aren’t showing, many of them crack and start using supplements.

SARMs are a sort of gateway supplement to the more dangerous drugs out there, such as steroids. Some bodybuilders use SARMs as a stepping stone to steroids, while many others combine steroids and SARMs as SARMs increase the effectiveness of steroid cycles and don’t carry any side effects to them.

Moreover, during a cut, they improve the results you get and allow you to keep your lean muscle mass without causing water retention.

When should you take SARMs?

In our humble opinion, SARMs should only be used once you hit your natural peak. You shouldn’t bother with them while you’re still growing naturally, as you’re unnecessarily rushing things. You should also have a serious talk with yourself before using SARMs and access your psychological state.

Before your first SARMs cycle, you should ask yourself questions like Will it fit into my lifestyle? What is my PCT plan? Will it be a one-time thing only? Do I really want to go above my natural limit?

These are the types of questions that you must grapple with before you take SARMs.

 Where to buy SARMs?

You should only buy SARMs from trusted sources that provide you with recent lab results, a money-back guarantee, that has a positive review online on bodybuilding forums and communities, that accept more than just cryptocurrencies as payment and that is in the business for at least five years.

With that being said, it’s not easy to stumble upon a company like this, but don’t worry, we’ve found three of them that fit the bill just perfectly:

All of them are US-based manufacturers and companies that take SARMs and their business seriously. You can’t go wrong with any of them!


Ostarine (MK-2866) Review: Effects, Dosage | Where To Find The Best Ostarine For Sale

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at MK-2866 or more popularly, Ostarine. We’ll examine what it is, how it works, its benefits, potential side effects, dosage, cycle, results you can get and a lot more!

To top it all off, at the end of this Ostarine review, we’ll show you where to get the best Ostarine for sale!

What is Ostarine?

MK-2866 is a very popular SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that is known for its beneficial properties when it comes to putting on mass and increasing strength. Because it only targets selected tissues in the body (the bones and muscles), it doesn’t damage internal organs unlike steroids do.

Ostarine is one of the milder SARMs available on the market and that’s why it’s perfectly suited for beginners that are just starting their first cycle.

Ostarine Review – How Does It Work?

Let’s look at how this compound operates in this Ostarine review.

Ostarine works by binding to your androgen receptors, forcing the body to release more of it into your muscles and bones. This leads to muscle growth and increased strength, as shown by this study.

What’s so great about MK-2866 is that it is one of the only SARMs to have been tested on humans and the results so far are more than positive.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits the tested users experienced!

what is ostarine

The Benefits of Taking Ostarine

Both clinical trials and anecdotal evidence seem to point out the massive benefits this compound brings to the table. Here are just some of them.

  1. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Insulin Resistance: This is an unexpected benefit that not many users know about when taking MK-2866. Some even compared its effects to strong anti-diabetic drugs, meaning that in the future, Ostarine could be used to combat diabetes type 2!
  2. Improves Lean Muscle Mass and Strength: Clinical trials on healthy participants have shown that MK-2866 works wonder on the muscles! Users generally report gaining about 5lbs of muscle in their first cycle with Ostarine. What’s more, studies implicate that it is well tolerated by all the participants!
  3. Burns Fat and Helps You Lose Weight: If you need something for your next cut, Ostarine is knocking on your door and believe us, you should answer. Because it stimulates androgens in the muscle and bones, you’ll be burning fat in no time!
  4. Improves Bone Strength and Health: MK-2866 is known for combating osteoporosis in elderly patients by increasing their endurance and speeding up their recovery times. Ostarine also stimulates the Growth Hormone (GH) inside of the bones and helps them become sturdier than ever!
  5. Lowers Triglycerides Thus Improving Heart Conditions: People with heart problems should seriously consider taking up Ostarine. Since it burns fat all around the body, triglycerides that assemble themselves around the heart veins start vanishing in a heartbeat!

Ostarine Mk 2866

What is the Best Ostarine Dosage and Cycle?

Ostarine is a very versatile SARM and can be used for lots of different purposes. Most people use it for cutting but some opt for Ostarine while bulking. Don’t worry, we’ll cover them all!

If you’re cutting, you should take 15mg a day for no longer than eight weeks. Start with 10mgs on your first week and then readjust the dosage depending on how your body reacts to the compound. If everything runs smoothly, continue taking 15mg a day for the rest of the cycle.

If you’re bulking, your Ostarine dosage will be a little higher. You should take 20mg for eight to twelve weeks, starting with 10mgs and upping the dosage on the second week, if everything goes alright (which it should).

If you’re recomping, take 15mg of MK-2866 every day for eight weeks. The same rules apply as when you’re cutting, so we’re not going to repeat ourselves.

Professionals take 30mg a day for 12 weeks and they usually want to improve the tone of their muscles by doing so. We don’t recommend such a high dosage for beginners.

You will not need post cycle therapy for any of these cycles. Ostarine is a very mild SARM and you will not experience any side effects both during and after your cycle, notwithstanding the heightened Ostarine dosage while bulking.

ostarine dosage

What Are The Results You Can Expect By Using Ostarine?

If you’ve read the ‘benefits’ section of this Ostarine review, you can already tell that MK-2866 is an awesome supplement from which we could all benefit.

Now, let’s get to the main course, let’s see what kind of results you can expect by using Ostarine.

First of all, you will see your muscles not only grow in size but also in strength. A colleague of ours gained 7cm in muscle size in an eight-week cycle and says that his muscles are as sturdy as a rock. He also trained hard and had his diet in check, that’s important to mention as Ostarine in itself will not do the magic on its own.

Secondly, you can expect your veins to start being visible on your biceps, triceps, and hands. Ostarine is well known for its positive effects on the end-users’ vascularity.

Another effect you will surely notice and what research has confirmed is massive fat and weight loss. Those that are on a diet, without any weight lifting at all, can still benefit from MK-2866 and its weight shedding properties. A female friend of ours lost 20 pounds during an eight-week cycle. She claims to have lost the right kind of weight, around her waist and stomach, being very happy with the results she got!

Considering all of this, we can see that MK-2866 has a lot to offer for almost anyone out there. There is one thing that’s left to do which should alleviate all of your doubts and that is to look at the potential side effects of Ostarine.

Possible Side Effects

Ostarine and SARMs, in general, don’t carry the typical side effects you would expect steroids to do, such as hair loss, hormone suppression, shrinking of the testicles and so on.

Ostarine, being one of the mildest SARMs out there, doesn’t even require PCT.

What does this mean? It means that if you stick to our recommended Ostarine dosages and cycle, you will not experience any side effects at all.

On the other hand, you might have heard some people speaking about side effects when it comes to using Ostarine. Those stories are correct but there’s one thing left unmentioned: The users who experienced those side effects did so on dosages that were 50mgs a day or above. That is something we would never recommend, not even to professionals as it could be dangerous.

With that being said, let’s look at the possible side effects of MK-2866 when consumed in extreme dosages:

  1. Headaches: Probably from the overproduction of androgens in the body, creating a huge disbalance for the brain to handle.
  2. Back Pain: Gaining all that new muscle does have its negative effects, especially when done fast using an abnormal dosage.
  3. Testosterone Suppression: This only happens with ludicrous dosages such as 100mgs a day or more. The suppression reported was serious enough to warrant the usage of PCT.
  4. Elevated Estrogen: Ostarine can raise the amounts of estrogen in the body when taken in high dosages. The most dangerous increase comes in the form of estradiol.

Ostarine side effects

Ostarine Before and After Pictures

Most of the Ostarine before and after pictures you find online are fake. Most of these websites showing these pictures are just a big giant trap meant to lure you into buying their product. They promise unrealistic results and promote an unhealthy body image. Hell, some of them even claim to be able to completely transform you with just one Ostarine cycle. That is not only improbable but straight-up impossible.

So where is the truth? The truth is the following: MK-2866 works and is a great SARM that can transform your body within a relatively short period of time, but it also requires a proper diet and workout routine. By a relatively short period of time, we mean at least six months.

You’re not going to see results overnight as some of these Ostarine before and after pictures beg to differ, Ostarine might work but it’s not a magic supplement. You have to be careful while strolling around the interwebs as there are many unscrupulous people that have no qualms about taking advantage of you.

Let’s keep things in a positive light and continue on with our Ostarine review. We’re sure that you’re curious to see what other people have to say about MK-2866 and their experiences with it.

After we go through that, the only thing left to do is to show you where to find Ostarine for sale.

Ostarine Reviews Online – What Other People Say About Ostarine

Our first story comes from a Reddit user that went on an eight-week cut using Ostarine and the results he experienced were amazing! He only took 10mg a day as he was worried about his sperm count for some reason (he and his wife were trying to conceive a baby). Ostarine doesn’t affect sperm count, but whatever.

He says that his recovery time drastically improved: Whereas without MK-2866, he would have to wait 72 hours for the soreness to go away, with Ostarine he was set to go after only 24 hours. He didn’t feel any suppression nor did he go into a roid rage, you see, this is the awesome thing about SARMs – You get the benefits but you don’t experience the drawbacks! He lost over 13 pounds during his cut and he improved his bench by another 20 pounds and that was all while cutting. He didn’t report any muscle loss. What amazing results!

The second experience we want to share comes from another Reddit user that took 30mg of Ostarine two times daily (2×15mgs). He reports amazing results after just three weeks of usage!

He claims that his bench press improved by 50 pounds, his squat by 70 pounds and his deadlift by a respectable 30 pounds. He says that his muscles felt fuller and sturdier than ever before and that he feels that strength even outside the gym. The only problem he experienced was joint pain, but that’s probably because he admitted to drastic changes to diet and workout routine.

The third and last experience we have speaks miles about the awesome fat and weight loss properties MK-2866 carry with itself. A female user has reported that she lost over 30 pounds in just one eight week cycle. She did go into a caloric deficit on her own by diet but says that the pounds never dropped so easily and quickly. What’s also important to note is that the weight she did lose was in all the right places, mainly her belly fat which she abhorred so much.

What we can conclude from all these experiences is that Ostarine works but it doesn’t work for you. What does that mean? You’ll still have to put in effort in order to achieve the results you want, it’s just that now you have additional support in the form of a side effect free supplement.

We’re sure that you’re now eager to know where to find Ostarine for sale and that’s exactly what the next chapter is going to be about.

Ostarine for sale

Ostarine for Sale – Where To Buy It

Ostarine can be bought in many online stores but what many users don’t know is that most of these stores sell bunk products.

We’ve done the research for you and have discerned three stores out of the lot that is completely legit and that offer you the purest Ostarine for sale that you’ll find.

Let’s take a closer look at these three stores!

  1. SARMsForSale

SARMs-For-Sale is run by Umbrella Labs, a well known US-based company dabbling in all kinds of bodybuilding supplements.

They sell MK-2866 for $70.00 and for that amount of money you get 600mg of product. The product is placed in a 30ml bottle, with each ml equating to 20mg of product. They only sell the compound in liquid form, just like Proven Peptides as we’ll later see. Their shipping times are fast (took our package only three days to arrive) and they have a money-back guarantee.

Their lab results show 98,4% purity of their product!

  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio might seem like they are new to the supplement game but they have been selling SARMs and other compounds for years. The reason for the initial confusion was because they recently rebranded due to some government regulations. Their Ostarine comes in two forms, as a powder, and as a liquid.

The liquid will cost you only $40.00 and you get 900mgs worth of product for it. Their powder is even more of a catch, 1000mgs of it will only cost you $24.99, which is a deal you shouldn’t miss. The Ostarine of Science.bio boasts a 99% purity rate.

You’ll have to pay for shipping unless you’re buying in bulk.

  1. SecretSupps

SecretSupps.com offers professionally curated SARM stacks in addition to SARMs, this is a novel idea that we haven’t seen applied before. They brand their Ostarine as Devavaar 2.0 and you will be charged $90.95 for a bottle containing 750mgs of product.

This is quite steep when compared to the other shops, but you get invaluable information on how to start using the SARM in question which excuses the price point. SecretSupps also has a great SARM stack consisting of Ostarine and GW0742 for which you’ll be billed $188.80.

They offer free worldwide shipping, but you’ll have to wait up to three weeks for your wares to arrive if you’re outside of the US. That would be it for our Ostarine review. Now you know where to find the best Ostarine for sale and all the other important information regarding this compound.

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is also well known in the US region as a serious SARM vendor. They specifically focus on SARMs and SARMs only.

They sell Ostarine in three different vials:

  • 15ml = $35.00
  • 30ml = $50.00
  • 60ml = $80.00

Each ml contains 25mg of the product. From what we can see, Proven Peptides seems to be the cheaper option when compared to Umbrella Labs. They even have a program called ‘Peptide Points’ which you collect by buying their products. You can use them to get an additional 10% off on your order and if you buy more than 75$ worth of product, you’ll get free shipping. Otherwise, you have to pay 5$. Their shipping times are fast and you’ll get your package between 3-5 business days.

  1. SwissChems

Although their name implies that they are from Europe, they actually operate from the US.

They offer Ostarine in pill form, so it will be hard to compare price points between the companies.

Be that as it may, 38 tabs each containing 10 mg of the product will cost you $55.00 if you pay by traditional means (credit card) and only $44.00 if you pay via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

They have full-on product descriptions for each of their SARM and their customer service is exceptional.

Their shipping times are also really fast, we got our package in just two days but on their website, it says that you’ll have to wait up to seven days if you’re ordering from the US and up to two weeks if you order internationally.

Use this knowledge wisely and get yourself a batch today.

Good luck and happy bodybuilding!