Oral Clear Gum Review: Best Way To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

In this Oral Clear gum review, you going to learn everything you need to know to use this saliva neutralizing gum successfully. It’s really easy to use, very powerful, even with somebody standing in front of you. But you have to know how to do that right.

So what’s going to happen now is I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know about using Oral Clear gum. How an oral drug test works, when you could face one, and the exact Oral Clear gum instructions you need to follow.

I will also compare Oral Clear gum to saliva neutralizing mouthwash to tell you which is best and tell you exactly where you can buy Oral Clear gum at the best price.

How An Oral Drug Test Works

Drug metabolites can’t be detected in saliva for very long, often 24 hours or less. For heavy users, and frequent cannabis smokers, it’s still only usually a maximum of 48 hours. So if it’s been a couple of days since you last took anything then you should be fine to pass an oral drug test anyway.

When you face one, they take a mouth swab sample and then use a testing kit to see if any of the panels react for the substances they are designed to react to.

So although you are only going to fail a drug test orally if you’ve taken something the past couple of days, the danger of the saliva drug test is that it can be done anywhere, without any special training, and it’s cheap to do. It’s that instantaneous, invasive threat that is the problem.

When You could Face A Salvia Drug Test

Saliva neutralizing gum can come in handy because you could face a saliva drug test at short notice.

They are used by a lot of employers for on the spot drug testing. Literally, someone walks up to you and asks to take a sample, or asks you to report somewhere to do that.

But they can also be used for roadside drug testing (particularly used in the UK and Australia, but some states of America are now starting to use roadside mouth swab drug testing as well). So it’s becoming increasingly dangerous.

Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Instructions

That’s where Oral Clear gum comes in. It’s really easy to use, and instructions are simple as well:

  1. Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum isn’t actually gummed at all, it’s a capsule of liquid. You pop the capsule in your mouth and chew it.
  2. You chew the capsules for about 30 seconds, working the liquid around your mouth (especially around the gum line using your tongue) and then swallow everything. So it’s discrete and undetectable once you have used it.
  3. You can then have the test administered as usual. Just make sure that you try and make it as difficult as possible for them to take a proper sample. To get a proper sample that could contain metabolites, they will try and take a sample from the bottom of the mouth, around the gum line, usually inside it, so a cough, turn your head, say you are gagging, anything you can to make them take the sample from higher up in the mouth.

So as you can see, Oral Clear gum is really discreet. You could literally carry it in your pocket, and when you are told you’re going to have to submit a sample, turn away as you cough cough, and with the gum in your hand, place your hand to your mouth, pop it in, and start chewing it.

This saliva neutralizing gum is perfect for roadside drug testing as well. You’ve got about 30 seconds once you are stopped at the roadside to put the gum in your mouth unobserved and chew it.

The beauty is that once it’s in your mouth and you are chewing, they can’t prove what it is. No matter who is administering the test, you can just say it’s normal gum, and then swallow it before they can observe what you have had in your mouth.

Oral Clear Gum Vs Saliva Neutralizing Mouthwash

So how does Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum stack up against saliva neutralizing mouthwash products, the main Oral Clear gum alternative? Well, as you’ve now seen it’s really easy to use. It’s not quite so discreet to use mouthwash products. They are in little bottles, so you need to pour them into your mouth, which can be observed.

Also, even if you swallow the liquid, which isn’t usually advised because it’s not specially designed to do that, you’ve still got a bottle in your hand.

So although saliva neutralizing mouthwash products are far cheaper, for on the spot drug testing they aren’t suitable. But if you think you could face a pre-employment saliva drug test where you will have noticed, then they could be fine to use.

But if you’re not sure, Oral Clear gum is still the best for a pre-employment drug test, because if you do the interview, and then they say they are going to do a drug test right there, the neutralizing mouthwash is still no good in comparison to this potent saliva neutralizing gum.

So the pros of Oral Clear gum over mouthwash products are:

  1. Oral Clear Gum is more discreet
  2. You can swallow the Oral Clear solution and the capsule
  3. You can carry Oral Clear on you very discreetly
  4. Oral Clear gum can be hidden in your hand and consumed disguised as you cough
  5. It’s possible to chew and distribute the capsule of liquid around your mouth with somebody in front of you

Can You Buy Oral Clear Gum At Walmart?

Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is a specialist product, so looking for it at Walmart is a waste of your time, because you won’t find it there.

It’s the same with all specialist drug products, you can’t just pick them up locally in general retailers. Most of this is down to the fact that they are illegal because they are designed to avoid a legally administered drug test.

So if you want to buy Oral Clear, saliva neutralizing mouthwash, anything like that, then you will need to buy it online from specialist retailers.

Where To Buy Oral Clear Gum

The Oral Clear gum alternative of a neutralizing mouthwash is affordable, usually about $40. But they really aren’t discreet at all.

That’s why Oral Clear is more expensive. It costs $90 for a single capsule. But you’re paying for that discreet ability in use, and the concentrated formula you can also swallow, leaving absolutely zero signs of use.

Test Negative are the people who make Oral Clear, and it’s the only place you can buy it online. If you see Oral Clear for sale anywhere else, it’s a fake.

So the conclusion of my Oral Clear gum review is that it’s the most potent way to pass most of the drug tests. It costs $90, but you can carry it on you discreetly, and even with somebody standing directly in front of you, with some avoidance tactics practiced in advance, you can still pass a mouth swab drug test every time.