Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: Does This Budget Fake Pee Still Work?

If you’re in the market fake urine then you will have read about Quick Fix. In this Quick Fix review I’m going to tell you why this budget brand is so popular, and answer the key question: does Quick Fix work anymore?

There are more complex and expensive brands of fake urine out there, but do you need to buy them? That’s the big question, and I’m going to tell you all the answers you need to know right now. You’ll learn what’s in Quick Fix, how to use it, how successful it can be for passing drug tests, and what the alternatives are.

Plus, I’ll tell you where to buy Quick Fix, where not to buy it, how to prepare it for use, and give you a couple of alternatives I’ve personally had experience with.

What’s In Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick Fix is one of the best synthetic urine brands, it’s been around for several years and has a good track record.

But it is a budget brand. Even the larger 3 fluid ounce size will only cost you $40, that’s reduced to $30 for the 2 fluid ounce size. I’d always recommend you go for the larger one because some testing labs now require a sample size of more than 2 fluid ounces to try and catch people out who are using fake urine.

It’s not the most convincing, but it does cover all the basics:

  • Looks like real urine to some degree
  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Contains the correct balance of creatinine (a waste product of creatine)
  • Balanced for pH
  • Is within the correct specific gravity range

So it’s not a very complex formula, but it does contain the basics that will be looked for to make sure a sample is valid. However, if they look for anything more than urea, uric acid, or creatinine, then you are in trouble because Quick Fix will fail.

But for your basic pre-employment drug testing purposes, using Quick Fix for drug tests is acceptable, and it has a good track record, even at just $40.

What You Get With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

When you open your box of Quick Fix you will get the following components:

  • A container of premixed urine with easy dispensing tap
  • A high-quality heatpad
  • An elastic band to strap the heatpad to the urine container
  • Full instructions

So nothing particularly overwhelming or high-tech, but it will do the job. The real key to successfully using fake urine, the one thing you can control, is the temperature of the sample.

Human urine exits the body within a very small temperature range, around 96°F at a minimum, up to around 100°F. To allow for those moments of cooling before they test the temperature, legally, drug testing labs have to accept any sample that’s between 90°F and 100°F.

So that 10° range is not a lot to keep your sample within, considering that it could be two hours between preparing it and submitting it. So a high-quality heatpad that emits a steady heat the stays within that temperature range is crucial.

Quick Fix Instructions

I used Quick Fix for drug test a couple of years ago, before I discovered the brand of fake urine I use now. It’s plenty good enough for a basic pre-employment drug test. However, it really isn’t that complex.

But if you can pass the scrutiny on the sample, it comes down to the heatpad. Is it good enough to keep the temperature viable? The answer is mostly yes, but you’ve still got a 10% chance it will let you down.

In terms of Quick Fix instructions, they are pretty straightforward:

  1. Microwave the sample to get it within the correct temperature range. There’s a temperature strip on the side of the urine vial, so microwave it for a few seconds at a time, shake it up, and then keep checking the temperature strip.
  2. Activate the heatpad (it’s activated by exposure to air), and then strap it to the sample with the supplied elastic band.
  3. When you transport the sample make sure that it’s tucked in your underpants, so it’s close to the skin, and somewhere that they can’t spot easily or search you. For ultimate masking, wear baggy jogging bottoms or shorts.
  4. This is my top tip that you won’t read in many other reviews of fake urine at all. If you are reliant on a heatpad, you have no way of raising the temperature sample if the heatpad fails. So make sure you take a small flask of hot water with you, check the temperature before you go into the testing facility, and pour it over the sample if it needs more heat.

Does Quick Fix Work?

So the million-dollar question any Quick Fix review has to answer is: does Quick Fix work?

As I said earlier, I used Quick Fix for a drug test a couple of years ago. It was only a basic pre-employment one for a part-time job, but it worked. Now I know it was a cheap drug test, but I passed.

The problem with Quick Fix is that it’s not very complex. If the validity checks they do are looking for anything more than urea, uric acid, and creatinine, you are screwed.

Plus, if you hold Quick Fix up to the light, it’s not really that convincing. It’s completely clear, and it’s also slightly green, and I’m always of the opinion that urine is basically light-to-dark yellow under normal circumstances. In fact, I’ve seen online that lab assistants have said they can spot it because of this green hue.

But as long as they aren’t that bothered about the sample, and it’s a cheap test, then Quick Fix could work. But I have to say that are far better options out there, although they will cost you a lot more than $40.

Quick Fix Reviews Online

Quick Fix reviews online are positive. I’ve networked extensively with weed smoking friends online for years, and Quick Fix is one of the few brands that still seems to work in the current environment we are facing.

When I say the current environment, I mean that digital drug testing has got far more advanced in the past couple of years. They scrutinize the samples better, they are tested more rigorously, and they also check for the presence of artificial preservatives.

The main one they check for is biocide. That is why so many brands of urine have started to fail. But Quick Fix doesn’t contain biocide, whatever artificial preservative it’s using, it doesn’t appear to be detectable.

So those Quick Fix user reviews that you’ll read on Reddit and places like that are pretty much telling the truth, it’s basic, but it can work.

Where NOT To Buy Quick Fix….Or Any Fake Urine

So if you are facing a basic pre-employment drug test or drug test you just don’t really care about, or you can’t afford $80 for the premium brand of fake urine, then Quick Fix is your best chance of passing.

But my word of advice here is to not buy it from an unauthorized reseller, or from marketplace sites like Amazon or eBay.

Despite the fact is cheap, it is still often faked. They literally print the boxes and the instructions, which cost a few cents, and then they get cheap plastic bottles and fill them with colored water. For about a dollar they can create a perfect fake, and then sell it for 30 times the profit online.

Where To Buy Quick Fix

My advice is always to buy Quick Fix from the authorized reseller stores. Quickfixsynthetic.com is one of the few genuine authorized resellers of Quick Fix urine products. You’ll get the smaller 2 oz size $30, and the larger and preferred 3 oz size for $40.

I want to conclude this Quick Fix review though, not by telling you where to buy Quick Fix, but by telling you that there are two better alternatives out there.

Better Alternatives To Quick Fix

If you’ve got the money I would invest in Quick Luck or Sub Solution. Sub Solution is $80, while Quick Luck is $100. But they are like night and day compared to Quick Fix.

Sub Solution is a powder, Quick Luck is an ultra convenient premixed urine product. But both contain 11 chemicals found in real urine and are perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity. There are literally the closest you will get to real urine.

They also don’t rely on a heatpad for the energy needed to heat up the sample and keep it there. They use heat activator powder, which you simply tap in and agitate. About one third will heat your sample up to within the right temperature range in about 30 seconds. If you go for the premium Quick Luck product, you actually get heat activator powder and a pair of high-quality heatpads.

So you don’t even need to worry about transporting it warm either. Just tap the heat activator powder before you enter the building where you are going to submit your sample. Even with on the spot drug testing, Quick Luck will work. Because it’s premixed, you just need 30 seconds out of sight to tap into some of the heat activator powder.

So for complexity, performance, and convenience, Quick Luck and Sub Solution are definitely head and shoulders above Quick Fix.