Best Kratom For Energy And Euphoria

In this quick guide going to talk you through the best kratom for energy and euphoria from my own personal experiences.

It’s important to note that there are different types of kratom highs. Red kratom can produce a high that’s very close to an opiate high. But that’s an initial rush, a beautiful one, but one that descends quickly into overwhelming attachment, sedation.

So what I’m talking about here, what I want to help you with, is using kratom for energy and euphoria. So we’re not talking about dropping out here, we are talking about using it to boost your physical and cognitive energy levels dramatically, and to get a clean euphoric high that would give you a wonderful night out, a brilliant positive experience.

I’ll talk you through everything you need to know, including how kratom does this, what vein colors and strains are best, dosing kratom for energy and euphoria, negative side effects to be aware of, also quick reviews of the best strains, and where I buy kratom that’s rich in alkaloids and delivers the best experience.

How Kratom Creates Energy And Euphoria

So the thing is with kratom is that it’s a spectrum drug, meaning that the effects go right across the spectrum from incredibly energizing to incredibly sedating, depending on the type and dose. You can’t just get a single kratom experience, even using the same strains from different suppliers.

Kratom contains more than 20 different alkaloids, most of which are stimulants. That’s why kratom at lower doses is always a stimulant, whether you choose red, green, or white varieties.

The different types of kratom have different alkaloid profiles, so as the dose increases the dominant alkaloid is in each starts to overwhelm the stimulant nature, especially true in red kratom, and partially true for green kratom.

So kratom creates different types of energy and euphoria and can remove energy, depending on the type and dose.

best kratom for euphoria

The Different Types Of Kratom & How To Choose

So it’s the alkaloids in kratom that can create increased energy and even induce a euphoric feeling. There are three main types of kratom, which relate to the color of the vein when they are harvested. Red, white, and green.

Predominantly, these colors alkaloid profiles are determined by the drying process. Kratom leaves are dried in the sun, in the dark, and under UV light, to create different alkaloid profiles as the leaves are dried.

Although red kratom can be energizing at lower doses and euphoric at high doses, it doesn’t the fit energy and euphoria profile we need. We’re looking at white kratom predominantly, and green kratom in some circumstances.

White kratom is incredibly energizing But again, the energy and euphoria experience will depend on the dose, that vital.

But with a decent dose of rich white kratom, you will get significant increases in physical energy levels, a real dramatic desire to get up and do more, it’s good for the gym, it’s good for getting through a tough day. But it’s also good for cognitive energy levels, you’ll think faster, better, and you’ll be able to absorb information for longer.

Green kratom can be similar, but it is also more closely linked to red kratom as well, it’s a halfway house between white and red. A good dose of green kratom usually gives you a significant boost in physical and cognitive energy, but higher levels of calmness and physical pain relief.

best kratom for euphoria

Best Kratom For Energy: Types & Dose

So when we are talking about the best kratom for energy, it could be a low dose of red, but more certainly it’s white and red kratom. For me, it’s mostly white, with the odd red strain if I want to chill out a bit more as well.

Just be careful with white kratom though because it can be incredibly uplifting, to the point where you don’t want to sit down, and where your focus, although focused, you can be all over the place. So if you suffer from any sort of attention deficit disorder, it can hyperfocus you even more on the wrong things.

The point I want to make here is what I’ve learned about finding the best kratom for energy and euphoria is that the individual strain is less important than getting kratom that rich in the right alkaloids.

What I mean is, any white kratom that is rich in the key alkaloids will deliver a huge hit of physical and mental energy at (approximately) 5 g or more. Sure, individual strains, Borneo, Malay, Bali, can have slight differences in the balance of alkaloids and results, but overwhelmingly you just want good quality white kratom.

In terms of dosage, I started with White Borneo. At 3 g I was disappointed. I had a little boost in energy, but overall virtually nothing. The second time I used it, a few days later, I tried 5 g, and it was a completely different experience.:

  • White kratom delivers a significant energy boost
  • I felt calm and positive
  • Nothing seemed to get in my way
  • I had mental and physical energy that went on for hours
  • I was sharper, better, happier

So just pick yourself a few white kratom strains and give them a try. As long as it’s rich in alkaloids, around 5 g you’ll start to get highly energized

If you’re looking to dose for energy through the day, then kratom capsules are great for this, as they are for euphoria. How many kratom capsules for euphoria and energy though will be dependent on who you are, just as with loose powder doses. But for taking an initial dose, and then topping up a couple of capsules through the day, it’s far easier than using loose powder.

Just a word of warning though, white kratom can create a jittery effect, like if you drink a lot of caffeine in one go, which is hardly surprising as kratom is a relative of the coffee plant and contains a lot of similar alkaloids.

If you’ve got anxiety, or you’re really hungry, or you’re not well, that can really unsettle you and unbalance you, which undoes all the good physical and mental energy improvements it gives you.

A word about White Maeng Da, kratom extracts and ultra enhanced kratom here as well.

Maeng Da is not a strain, it’s a blend. So even though it’s classed as white kratom, it could literally be White Bali that’s found to have a richer alkaloid profile, so they label it up as White Maeng Da. But also, it could be white kratom blended with green or red to create a stronger kratom. So just be a bit careful when experimenting as the effects may not be the same.

Ultra enhanced kratom extracts are more powerful versions. I’ve mentioned 5 g as the “sweet spot” dose, but don’t go anywhere near that dose with extracts or ultra enhanced, especially not the first time.

Best Kratom For Energy

Best Kratom For Euphoria: Types & Dose

Best kratom for euphoria is going to be white or green, especially if you want it mixed with incredible cognitive and physical energy boosts, alongside a dramatically improved outlook mentally and socially.

A really good dose of white or green kratom creates euphoria, clean experience that some people say it’s very similar to MDMA, ecstasy. Having done both, I can attest to that, especially green kratom at high doses, because it also creates a warmth, a confident calm, because of how it’s got some traits of red kratom. That makes you feel close to people, positive, interactive.

White kratom at high doses creates a rush of euphoria, which I guess if you’re talking about narcotics, it could be closer to cocaine or speed. But it’s also a lot more controlled and both of those, because it’s more balanced.

For me, Green Malay was fantastic for a warm euphoric high that lasted for hours. It’s brilliant for going out with because you’ll feel chilled, in control, but rushing with energy both mentally and physically.

White kratom can be brilliant as well, but some people do find a rush of mental and physical energy overwhelming. So be careful with dosing. So if you want to find the best kratom for euphoria, pretty much any green or white strain will do, although I’ve always tended towards Green Malay and classic white strains like Borneo or Bali.

White and Green Maeng Da can also be wonderful if you get genuinely stronger blended kratom, which you can from the recommended Sellers the end of this guide to using kratom for energy and euphoria.

Dosage for euphoria has to be high, excuse the joke there. 10 g or more of rich kratom. For some people, it could be as high as 15 g. If you are using extracts or ultra enhanced kratom then significantly lower, 5 g or less in most cases.

My perfect night out would be 10 g of Green Malay. You’re not out-of-control, but you are rushing, full of thoughts, wanting to share, complete removal of social anxiety, but you’re feeling calm, lucid, in control as well, a fantastic experience.

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Watch Out For Kratom Side Effects

But it’s not all good. Anything with reward in life tends to carry a risk, and kratom is no different. Although it is a partial agonist of the opioid receptors, it is not as invasive and addictive as full agonists like heroin, or opiate medications.

But it does carry a risk of addiction if you are using it constantly at a high dose. If you are hitting a euphoric high using kratom three times a week, then within several months you could become dependent both on the feeling, and your opioid receptors could be dependent on it as well

You’ll also create the problem of tolerance. The more kratom you take, the more regularly, the more your body will get used to it and require a larger dose to get the same feeling.

So my advice, from my own experiences, is always to use the minimum dose as infrequently as possible. If you want to get high on kratom, do it once every couple of weeks. If you are using it for an energy boost, make sure you’re only doing 5 g a couple of times a week when you really need it.

Also, beware of topping up. Some people take 5 g, then top up two grams in the afternoon, but don’t really consider the total daily dose is actually 7 g. If you’re feeling your memory getting a bit fuzzy at times, keep a note in your diary, even easier on your phone, so that you are seeing how many grams per week you are actually taking.

Especially in the beginning, kratom capsules can be great for this, especially if you are wondering how many kratom capsules for euphoria because you can forget once you’ve come down.

But by counting the exact number of capsules you have, you always know how many grams you have, and how many you have taken.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Energy And Euphoria

So let’s finish this quick guide to the best kratom for energy and euphoria by talking to you about where you can buy the best kratom for energy, and also at higher doses, euphoria.

These are the four web stores that I have used consistently over the past three years. This is been narrowed down from far more that I tried, but most of them were just crap.

If you’re looking for a kratom vendor that delivers great kratom for energy and euphoria, you need rich kratom that ticks all of these boxes:

  • Rich in alkaloids
  • Earthy and bitter
  • Not cut with other herbs, not dusty
  • Imported directly and not through third-party
  • Tested independently and lab tests showing alkaloids profiles published
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Great track record of user reviews online
  • Easy to use website
  • Customer service that is easily contactable and has a social media presence

So in no particular order, here are the best four websites that I’ve narrowed down over my years of experience in finding the best kratom for energy, the best kratom for euphoria for me, and experimenting with doses:

  1. Coastline Kratom

An excellent kratom retailer who has a long track record in delivering fantastic kratom direct from Southeast Asia that packed with alkaloids.

White Bali powder from Coastline Kratom is exceptional. If you’re looking for a euphoric rush, then 10 g of white Borneo will send you into orbit, I know from my experiences with it. But at lower doses, around 5 g you’ll get a huge boost in physical energy, and a cognitive performance boost that will send you soaring through the day. These guys offer a moneyback guarantee, they have strong knowledge of kratom, and everything is tested to make sure the alkaloids within the kratom are rich.

They sell Borneo, Bali, Horned, and blended Maeng Da kratom. They sell them all in powder and capsule form, and they also sell some of these in ultra enhanced form as well.

They also do a beginner’s pack, but it only contains one of each from a choice of red, white, green kratom strains, so it’s not ideal experimenting with a pure energy and euphoria rush using white or green kratom.

buy kratom for energy and euphoria

  1. Tropic Health Club

Tropic health club is a bit different from the other kratom vendors I’m telling you about here. That’s because they only sell two types of kratom, red, and green blends in capsule form.

They are aimed at the health market, using kratom to relieve pain mostly. But they do do a green energy blend, which is very close in my experience to Green Malay. It’s a really good quality kratom that delivers a potent punch of energy around that 4-6 gram sweet spot, and when I took 12 g (24 capsules) I had several hours of clean euphoric high, but also with a richness and calmness that felt a bit like a red kratom.

What also makes them different is that they offer a monthly rebilling service. So if you want 60 capsules a month, you just buy one container and set up a monthly rebilling. You’ll then get 60 delivered to your door each month.

best kratom for energy

  1. TheEvergreentree

These were actually one of the first guys I ever bought kratom from. They’ve recently had a website upgrade, and the new one is far smoother and easier to use.

Although I wouldn’t put the quality of the powder as high as Coastline Kratom, they offer an incredible range, 27 different types of powder and capsule. That’s important, as they are the only company I’ve ever found that offers such a wide range of capsules as well as powder.

They also offer unusual kratom, gold vein kratom in both capsule and powder form, for example. They also offer for sale things like Green Maeng Da, Green and White Kapuas, Green Horn, and Sumatra kratom.

So it’s a great place to find something slightly different. White Kapuas was that something different for me from these guys. It’s a really clean white, pure rush at high doses, and the energy it produces mentally is so focusing that it allows me to just get tons done when I need to.


  1. BuyKratom (Kratora)

Another great kratom seller, offering high-quality kratom that’s guaranteed and tested to ensure that it’s rich, is BuyKratom. They only sell powdered kratom, not capsules. So you need to be okay with using kratom than capsules, which is a beginner in terms of measuring and taste, slightly more problematic. But as long as you are cool with that, then the powder is exceptional.

I’ve used their White Sumatra on many occasions, and it delivers a fantastic energy boost, definitely one of the best kratom for energy strains I’ve ever found.

I want to point this out to you if you are a beginner because it’s important. I said at quality was more important than the strain, and that’s true, but there are subtle variations that can really affect how you individually react to using kratom for energy or euphoria.

They do red, and green variety packs. But these aren’t poor quality variety packs, they offer a large range for a great price, meaning you can get everything you need to experiment with for a low price in one order.

For example, the green variety pack consists of six different green kratom strains. You’ll get around 15 g in each out as well. That’s enough for a couple of doses of kratom for energy, or one large dose of kratom for euphoric feelings. The green variety pack costs just $42.99, an incredible deal.