Best Kratom For Anxiety: Strains, Dosing & What To Avoid

Anxiety and depression can be completely crippling. But many people manage their symptoms successfully using kratom. The best kratom for anxiety, almost totally alleviate the symptoms so that you can function.

It’s the same with depression. Responsibly using kratom can lift your mood and energize you to get you out that black space and back on track with your life.

Using kratom is very individual, and can be problematic in itself if you get the dose and type wrong. So, what we’re going to do here, talking from my personal experience, is tell you everything you need to know about using kratom for anxiety and depression. Also covering social anxiety, and where you can actually buy the best kratom to experiment with safely.

Can Kratom Help With Anxiety & Depression?

Kratom can certainly help anxiety and depression, and tens of thousands of people use it every day, including me. I suspect more and more people are feeling anxious and depressed with how the world is right now as well, so I think kratom definitely has a role to play in helping those negative mindsets.

But it’s important to note here at the start of what I’m going to tell you that anxiety and depression require a different approach when it comes to using kratom to try and deal with them.

You’re probably aware if you suffer from one or the other, or maybe both, that they are very different conditions:

  1. Anxiety is about a crippling panic, worry, uncertainty, that can be debilitating. It can make your heart beat faster, give you sweats, shakes, make you feel like you’re having a heart attack. You’ll struggle to do anything, you’ll avoid triggers, you’ll avoid situations and people. That avoidance of people and situations is the main common ground between anxiety and depression.
  2. Depression can be the opposite of anxiety in many ways. Although the two can go hand in hand, depression is about withdrawing, a lack of belief, about feeling a darkness around you that dragging you down until you simply don’t care. It’s not the jitteriness of anxiety, it’s a feeling of being dead and lacking energy inside.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you can’t really use the same method to deal with both conditions, so the best kratom for anxiety in terms of strain and dose won’t necessarily be the same as the kratom for depression.

kratom for pain management

Best Kratom Strains For Anxiety

So let’s start by talking about anxiety first. When you’re anxious, you’re out-of-control emotionally and in some physical responses. The way to deal with it is to learn to calm down, to take the heat and staying out of those emotions.

When it comes to kratom, we are looking at kratom that can calm you down, chill you out, make you feel good and happy, pain-free emotionally and physically, ready to face things again calmly.

What you don’t want in that situation is white kratom. White kratom is like a huge hit of caffeine (kratom is actually from the coffee family). Low doses (usually under 5 g) of pure kratom is all energizing, it’s above 5 g also that those effects start diverging into the classic traits of white, red, and green.

Why kratom is highly energizing physically in emotional, like several cups of coffee, and that higher doses like a rush of excitement and physical energy. For people with anxiety that could skyrocket it, fast heart rate, panic, a feeling of your head spinning, it could really hurt you.

So what we’re talking about in terms of using kratom for anxiety is lower doses of red or green kratom. The best kratom for anxiety is generally red kratom though.

With red kratom, you get a strong sense of physical and mental calm. You’ll still feel energy unless the dose is really high, but mostly you’ll just feel chilled out but still capable. Perfect for keeping control. Any red strain will do, a classic like Bali or Borneo will be fine.

If you find red a little too sedating, then you could try green kratom, something classic like green Malay, any green strain really. It will have more energy and uplifting traits though, so watch out for that by keeping the dose as low as possible.

How To Use Kratom For Depression

On the other side of that coin is depression. The best kratom for depression will usually be white, or sometimes green, kratom.

With depression, you need a physical and mental energy lift. You need a sense of control, confidence, happiness, with your worries washing away in a rush of energy to get up and get on with your life.

Moderate doses of white kratom are perfect for this. Again, any white will do, classics like White Borneo, White Indo, any of these strains will really help you. If you think it could be too energizing, to uplift, and might even make you feel out of control, then again, you could try green kratom as that middle ground.

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Can Using Kratom For Social Anxiety Help?

People sometimes talk about social anxiety as different from other types of anxiety. I can tell you from personal experience that it is not.

You still feel the same high heat, pounding heart, desire to run, you will sweat, you just don’t want to be there. Your head will be muddled, swimming, in retreat.

I’ve always found half a dozen grams of Green Malay on a night out works wonders for social anxiety. If I want to be even more chilled, if it’s not highly energized night, then around 7 g of a smooth red kratom like Red Borneo is also brilliant.

You’ll feel chilled out, calm down, but still with energy and enthusiasm, happiness and positivity. But that rush of anxiety, panic, feeling out of control, will subside.

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Dosing Kratom For Anxiety & Depression

In summary, when using kratom for anxiety and depression, you’re looking at remembering the following things:

  • Red kratom is best for anxiety calming
  • White kratom is for lifting you and boosting your mood from depressive feelings
  • Green kratom is the brilliant middle ground for both conditions
  • Keep your doses as moderate as possible
  • Use kratom capsules rather than powder if you are dosing through the day.

In terms of specifically talking about dosing kratom for anxiety and depression, moderation is the key. You don’t want to feel even more out-of-control here. This is the sliding scale dosage guide I would always recommend you work up if you are a beginner to kratom generally, but even more so if you are trying to control anxiety or depression:

  • Beginners dose up to 3 g
  • Weak full-spectrum dose up to 5 g
  • Moderate full-spectrum dose up to 7 g
  • Strong (potentially too much for many) doses up to 10 g
  • The overwhelming dose usually above 10 g

Everyone is different so be careful. Start at the bottom of that scale and work up a gram at a time is my advice to you.

Kratom is very personal, and if you take it on an empty stomach or not also matters. On an empty stomach, with pure kratom, 5 g should really start to be the point at which you feel the full effects.

With green or red kratom, we will start to feel chilled out, calmed down, but in control, and still full of mental and physical clarity. With white kratom, your mental and physical energy levels will start to rise dramatically.

But you’ll have to find out what works best for you. The best kratom anxiety for one person, the best dose, is not going to be the same for someone else. The strain is secondary, it’s about the vein color and the dose, and also getting pure kratom in the first place

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Where To Buy Pure Kratom

One of the biggest problems though is actually finding where to buy 100% pure kratom so that you can experiment with using it for anxiety and depression in the first place. Which kratom is best for anxiety is going to personal, but generally, it’s red kratom, or green kratom at slightly higher doses if you want to get calmness and energy.

When it comes kratom for depression, it’s mostly white kratom, or potentially green kratom as well.

If it’s 100% pure, and you are careful with dosing, any strain will do, it’s about finding that purity, and there are only a couple of places that I’ve found have that purity backed up by a moneyback guarantee, and also third-party independent lab testing to prove that purity.

  1. Coastline Kratom and the most well-known and trusted kratom sellers in the USA. They’ve been around since 2015 and have a great track record of delivering 100% pure kratom that’s sourced directly from exporters in the region kratom is made.

White Borneo is brilliant from them. They sell it in capsules and powder form (although capsules tend to work out a lot more expensive, but are brilliantly convening). If you are depressed, 5 g of that will make you feel incredible.

If you’re looking to calm anxiety, the best kratom for your anxiety could be the green Malay from Coastline, either capsules or powder. It’s brilliant for dosing through the day as well. Or try a classic red like Bali if you really want to chill out.

  1. The Evergreen Tree is a newer company to me who I’ve ordered from recently. They again sell high-quality capsules and powder.

Their Green Malay is exceptional, perfect for when I’m at work, and dosing a few grams at a time to lower my anxiety but keep me energized and focused on my work.

And at night, the best kratom anxiety for me is any of the red strains, but again in capsule form, you can get a small and controlled dose really quickly, that is perfect for calm you down ready to sleep peacefully without mind racing with anxious thoughts.