Red Kratom review: Effects, Dosage & Best Strains

 In this red kratom review you going to learn everything you need to know to successfully experiment with the rich and positive effects it can deliver.

Red kratom is brilliant for calming you down and relieving anxiety, great for lifting your mood and enhancing your focus. It’s also brilliant for pain relief, and for a euphoric high at larger doses.

But those effects are dose-dependent, strain-dependent, and purity dependent. So in this review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about red kratom so you can choose the dose and strain fits that fit the experience you want.

Why Red Kratom Differs To White & Green

Let’s look at the differences between three kratom vein colors. They aren’t that pronounced at low levels though. It’s as the dose increases that the effects diverge.

What I mean by that is at doses of less than 5 g, pure kratom tends to all just be stimulating. It’s only as the dose increases above that level that the effects start to diverge, depending on the vein color:

  • Red kratom starts to become increasingly sedating. You’ll feel chilled out, anxiety will be calmed, but you’re still feeling lucid and happy. You’ll also get pain relief, which increases as the dose does. At very high doses you will feel very blissful but unable to do much.
  • Green kratom is usually more mild than red and white. Not necessarily less effective, but it’s the middle ground, you’ll have some of the effects of red, and some of white, but less pronounced. So in terms of the spectrum of kratom effects, it sits in the middle. That’s why people in Indonesia use it as an afternoon kratom, because it gives them in energy and focus, but chills them out a little bit as well (white kratom is known as morning kratom, green kratom as afternoon kratom, and red kratom as evening kratom).
  • White kratom is the energy powerhouse. It will give you a huge physical and emotional energy boost. Depression will be overridden by positivity and happiness, a rush of energy, a rush of positive emotions. Cognitively you’ll be faster, physically you’ll have more energy and be able to push yourself harder. But if you’re suffering from anxiety or you want to chill out, get pain relief, then it’s useless.

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Red Vein Kratom Effects

So red vein kratom is great for energy at low levels, and as the dose increases, you’ll get an increase in calmness and physical pain relief. That’s why it used for coping with addiction problems more than other types of kratom.

Let’s look at the positive red vein kratom effects you can expect to experience with a moderate to strong dose:

  • An increasing sense of calm which is perfect for easing anxiety
  • Feeling of happiness that starts to tip into a gentle euphoria
  • Feeling of positivity and at higher doses a feeling of being a little bit indestructible
  • Red kratom at a moderate dose still produces some physical energy boosts
  • Red kratom at moderate dose also improves cognitive performance
  • As the dose of red kratom increases physical and cognitive performance declines
  • Pain relief is minor at a moderate dose, as that dose increases pain relief becomes total
  • At very high doses an out-of-control warm, rushing euphoria (opiate-like kratom higher)

Red Vein Kratom Dosage Guide

With kratom of any type it’s mostly about the purity of the dose. If the purity of the kratom is poor, you’ll get a poor experience. When I first tried kratom it was poor quality kratom from a gas station, and even at a dose of 8 g I hardly felt anything at all.

But with pure kratom a dose of around 5 g is when you’re start to feel the effects of the type of kratom you’re taking kick in fully. Below that level they’ll only be minor and mostly you’ll get a physical and mental energy kick, like a strong dose of caffeine, but more smooth.

So with red kratom, it’s dose dependent for getting the spectrum of red vein kratom effects we’ve already about. Everyone is different, but these are the broad brackets of red vein kratom dosage I’d advise you work within with pure kratom:

  • Stimulating/minor effects red kratom dose of up to 4 g
  • Low full-spectrum dose of 5-6 g
  • Moderate full-spectrum dose of 7-8 g
  • High full-spectrum dose of 9-11 g
  • Overwhelming/euphoric dose of around 11-12 g

My advice if you are new to kratom is to start at the lower end of that scale and work your way up through the brackets to see how you react, so you know when you get the effect you want.

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Top 3 Red Kratom Strains

The purity of red kratom is far more important than the exact strain. Broadly, all red kratom has the classic effects I’ve already talked you about. But it’s purity and dose that are crucial.

Let’s finish this red kratom review by talking through three of the most popular types of red kratom, so you can see where the differences lay.

  1. Red Borneo

This is a classic red kratom strain. Around 5 g you start to feel the warmth, pain relief, and positivity kick in. It’s affordable, and as long as it’s pure then you will be able to experience the full effects we have talked about in this review of red kratom. It’s definitely a great strain to begin with, especially can get Red Borneo kratom capsules which are easier to dose.

  1. Red Maeng Da

I wanted to mention Red Maeng Da because it’s confusing. It’s not actually a strain of kratom at all, it’s a blend. In fact, it could just be a single strain of kratom. Let’s say a company gets in some Red Borneo that is tested and is found to be very pure and strong. They label it up as Red Maeng Da and sell it for a higher price.

Maeng Da means “pimp grade”, which explains the higher price. The problem with it is that it can also be a blend of white and red kratom that’s overall stronger, so it can be far more energizing and not like a classic red. You have to experiment to find out if it’s right for you, but if it’s real Maeng Da then it will definitely be stronger than standard red kratom.

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  1. Red Bali

Finally, at the end of this red kratom review I will talk about Red Bali. It’s another classic red kratom strain. Bali is a port on the island of Borneo owned by Indonesia and Malaysia. It actually been called Bali kratom mostly because it was exported through the port of Bali originally.

It’s not actually a specific strain at all, and it’s interchangeable with Red Borneo, Red Indo, and Red Malay, which can all be the same kratom. But what’s different about it is it’s usually the cheapest type of kratom because it’s basically widely made from any red kratom. It’s a fantastic introductory point into experimenting with red kratom because it’s low in price and rich in red kratom effects.