Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Review: As Good As Quick Fix?

In this Monkey Whizz synthetic urine review, we are going to clear up a couple of areas of confusion around using this popular fake urine. You’re going to learn what’s in Monkey Whizz, how to use it (including a couple of little-known tips), and how well it works to pass a drug test, especially if Monkey Whizz can pass an intensive Labcorp test.

As well as all that, we will compare Monkey Whizz to another popular brand called Quick Fix, tell you where you can buy Monkey Whizz at the best price, and offer you a couple of alternatives that might be better choices.

What Is Monkey Whizz?

Monkey Whizz is a type of synthetic urine. If you look online people almost universally refer to it as Monkey Whizz.

But Monkey Whizz is not actually the name of the urine at all. So it’s not like Quick Fix synthetic urine where Quick Fix is one product, Monkey Whizz is the name of one product in a range that all contain the same fake urine.

The company that make Monkey Whizz are called Serious Monkey Bizzness, so more accurately you could really call it “Serious Monkey Bizzness urine”.

Serious Monkey Bizzness Products

Just to clarify things a little further, let’s explain quickly what the four products that all contain the same fake urine are:

  • Monkey urine
  • Monkey Flask
  • Monkey Whizz incognito belt
  • Monkey dong

Monkey urine is the basic product that’s dirt cheap. But it’s just a vial of powdered urine. You don’t even get a heatpad. Monkey Flask is the most popular product. It contains the same urine but premixed, and a pair of heatpads. So it’s the direct Quick Fix synthetic urine competitor. And when people talk online about Monkey Whizz, they are most of the time talking about Monkey Flask.

The actual Monkey Whizz named product is the incognito belt. This contains the same urine, but it’s held in, and dispensed through, a belt that you strap to yourself. It’s designed for supervised drug testing and is generally too expensive and un-needed for an unsupervised drug test.

The top of the range is the monkey dong. This is a synthetic penis that is used for supervised drug testing. Whether you’d be one of the few people to have the guts to try this in a supervised drug test though is something you would have to answer for yourself.

How To Use Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine

 So let’s continue this Monkey Whizz synthetic urine review by quickly running through the instructions for using it successfully:

  1. The first step is to activate the air-activated heatpad. You only need to do this about 10 minutes in advance. The idea here is to make sure that it’s warmed when you stick the sample to it. What you don’t want to happen is to put the warm sample on the heatpad and then it has 10 minutes to cool down before the heat from the heatpad builds up, as that could cause problems.
  2. The second thing to do is to get the urine up to the right temperature. You can do this easily in a microwave. Only do this for the Monkey Flask product, don’t do it for the incognito belt where the urine is stored permanently in it because it can melt the seals. Just microwave it for about 10 seconds and then shake the vial, then repeat the process until you get a temperature registering on the temperature strip.
  3. Wear two pairs of underpants and tuck the sample and heatpad safely between the two pairs. You may want to tape the heatpad to the sample for increased ability.
  4. This is a key step that many people forget. It’s also the main reason people fail a urine sample drug test when using fake urine. Just before you go into the building you’re going to submit your sample in, double-check the temperature. If it’s cooled, you need a Plan B rapidly. My advice is always to find a hot water source and raise the temperature of the sample that way.

Does Monkey Whizz Work For Drug Tests?

So the key part of any review of Monkey Whizz synthetic urine has to be to answer that key question: does Monkey Whizz work? The answer is that yes Monkey Whizz definitely does work to pass a drug test. But there is a caveat here.

Monkey Whizz is a very basic formula. It contains urea, uric acid, creatinine, it’s balanced for pH and gravity, and it does look like real urine.

So if you only face basic validity tests then you will be fine. But for more advanced drug tests, or if the sample is put under more scrutiny, you could be in trouble. If they test for the presence of anything else found in human urine other than those three main ingredients, you will fail.

Monkey Whizz doesn’t contain biocide, so you won’t fail for having a sample that contains an artificial preservative either.

But the headline here is that Monkey Whizz is good for a basic drug test. If you want more confidence, or you think you might be facing a more advanced drug test (more expensive, more panels) then you might want to look at a more complex fake urine product.

People do wonder about Monkey Whizz Labcorp tests. Look, one drug testing lab is pretty much the same as any other nowadays. They are all digital, they are all experienced, and they all read the studies and evidence online the same as we do.

So it doesn’t matter about Monkey Whizz at Labcorp, Quest, or anywhere else, it’s the complexity of the formula that really matters, and Monkey Whizz is just good enough to pass a basic drug test.

Monkey Whizz Vs Quick Fix

The main competitor the Monkey Flask product is Quick Fix. Both are premixed urine, both use the supplied heatpad to maintain the temperature. So we have to look at the complexity of the formula to see if there’s any difference between the two that would make one more suitable than the other.

Quick Fix is more popular the Monkey Whizz. It’s passed a lot more drug tests than Monkey Whizz, but that could just be that it’s been used for more. Generally, they contain identical ingredients and are balanced the same way. Some people say Monkey Whizz looks slightly more realistic than Quick Fix, others say it’s the other way round.

For me, they are basically identical, the same formulation, the same price, the same style of heatpad, and they pretty much look the same. So it’s really about availability and personal choice.

Where To Buy Monkey Whizz

So the final question to answer in this Monkey Whizz synthetic urine review is where to buy Monkey Whizz?

The first thing I would do is just warn you away from buying Monkey Whizz, or any other type of synthetic urine, from the general marketplace, sites Amazon and eBay. A lot of what sold there is bought third-party and sold with a short life, or on occasion can even be a fake product.

The best place to buy any type of synthetic urine or related product is from the company who makes it, or a great value authorized reseller.

Two of my friends have used Monkey Whizz to pass pre-employment drug tests in the past three years. Online friends, but I still trust them. They both bought Monkey Whizz from an authorized retailer. So it’s definitely the first place I recommend you check it out on.

Better Alternatives To Monkey Whizz

So at the budget end of the market Monkey Whizz (or rather Monkey Flask) is a brilliant entry level fake urine product that will pass a basic pre-employment drug test or any other type of basic drug test.

It’s very similar to Quick Fix and either of them will have pretty much the same result. The only variable you can control if you use either of these products is the temperature of the sample.

If you want more control over the temperature of the sample, and you want more complex urine that will pass close scrutiny by the lab, then Quick Luck and Sub Solution are far better choices.

Monkey Whizz costs around $39, a similar price to Quick Fix ($40 for the larger size of Quick Fix).

Sub Solution costs $80, while Quick Luck is the most expensive product on the market at $100. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck contain 11 chemical markers found in human urine, far more than in Monkey Whizz. They also look, smell, and froth like human urine, and are balanced for pH and specific gravity.

But beyond the complexity they also both use heat activator powder. This means you don’t need to worry about the heatpad failing, because heat activator powder can be tapped into the sample directly and it will then heat the sample up in a matter of seconds.

It gives you complete control over the temperature of the sample, even while you are standing getting ready to pour it into the sample container behind the screen.

The only choice you have to make is that Sub Solution is a powder, and Quick Luck is premixed. For me though, if I had a hundred dollars I would buy Quick Luck every time.

So there you go, the conclusion of my Monkey Whizz synthetic urine review is that it’s perfectly good enough to pass a very basic drug test, and if you’ve got nothing else available or you don’t care, then it’s a product that would work for you. But if you’ve got the money, always go for the best fake urine you can.