Best Kratom For Pain: Opiate Withdrawal & Physical Pain Symptoms

More and more people are experimenting with using kratom for a variety of pain symptoms. Physical symptoms, things like bad backs, sciatica, and even helping to alleviate the physical pain of serious illnesses that cause pain. The best kratom for pain really can help, as long as you know you are looking for.

Kratom is also being used widely now for opiate withdrawal symptom relief. Opiate withdrawal can manifest itself in physical and emotional pain symptoms, and kratom can really help to deal with that. It can also help to produce an opiate-like high which helps people to kick the habit better, more quickly getting away from pain altogether.

I’m going to tell you about my experiences with using kratom for pain, and those of people I know. We will talk about the best strains for pain, how to dose kratom for pain, how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms, and where you can buy rich kratom that is brilliant for removing pain using the minimum dose possible.

How Kratom Can Be Used To Treat Pain

Kratom is related to coffee, and that’s why at low doses it’s a stimulant. However, it’s a complex blend of alkaloids, with up to 20 having already been found in kratom.

The dominant alkaloid though is mitragynine. This is the predominant one that interacts with opioid receptors in our body. Primarily it is a partial agonist of the mu-opioid receptors. But at higher doses, the range of alkaloids starts to interact with other opioid receptors as well, the delta and kappa ones.

The opioid receptors in the body are very strongly linked to pain management. That’s why opiate medications are so potent, and why illegal opiates like heroin and opium are such powerful numbing and pain relieving substances.

So what you’re getting with kratom is an easily consumable, and relatively safe, alternative to opiates. It interacts with the same receptors and can produce very similar levels of pain relief, but without the side effects and high potential for dangerous addiction.

kratom for pain management

Which Kratom Is Best For Pain?

The problem when it comes to defining the best kratom for pain is that it can be quite a complex subject to the newcomer.

You have three main vein colors, red, white, and green. There is also gold as well, but that’s very much a variation of red that is closer to green in potency.

But broadly, the three vein colors of kratom have the following traits:

  1. Red kratom is the best for pain management. It has the best alkaloid profile to achieve this. At lower doses, it’s a stimulant, and even as you increase the dose you will still get a boost in cognitive and physical sharpness alongside increasing calm and pain relief.
  2. White kratom is not really suitable for pain management. That’s because it’s alkaloid profile means that even at high doses it still maintains significant increases in cognitive and physical energy levels, happiness and sharpness, but with very little pain relief. At very high doses you get some, alongside increasing sedation, but we are talking doses over 10 g.
  3. Green kratom is usually somewhere in the middle between white and red. It has more ability to calm and manage pain than white kratom, but it also has the ability to be more energizing than red kratom at higher doses.

So really we are looking at red kratom, or potentially green kratom if you want to function better at higher doses. Let’s say you’re going out and you want to have some pain relief and calmness from anxiety, but you still want to be sharp and happy, then Green kratom is better than red.

The truth is though that any red kratom will do. Red kratom all has a very similar alkaloid profile, and the difference in effects between the strains is minimal. What’s vital is that it has a lot of alkaloids in it, so it’s potent and needs a smaller dose.

The talking personally here. One of my favorites has always been Red Malay. I also use Green Malay as well, it just has a slightly better profile for me in terms of calmness and pain relief. At higher doses, both produce a smooth high, a smooth rush of happiness that can really take the edge off everything.

which kratom is the best for pain

Using Maeng Da Kratom For Pain

I want to briefly talk about using Maeng Da kratom for pain. A lot of people think it’s the best kratom for pain because it’s stronger by reputation. Maeng Da isn’t a strain. It is a blend of kratom. So these guys get kratom delivered and they test some and find it’s far stronger than the rest. It could be Red Bali. But because it’s far stronger, they label it up as Red Maeng Da.

Or they find it stronger, but they want to give it and energizing kick, so they blend it with a bit of strong White Borneo. Then they label it up as Red or White Maeng Da. Do you get the picture?

So technically Red Maeng Da kratom for pain should be better than standard. However, that’s not always the case, and because it can sometimes be a blend of red and white, it can be far too energizing, especially if you have anxiety or you want to chill out because of physical pain. But it’s definitely worth experimenting with alongside other red and green strains.

Kratom Dosage Range For Dealing With Pain

 So talking specifically about physical pain symptoms, what sort of kratom dosage for pain should you be looking at? Well, it depends on several factors:

  • The level of pain you are in
  • The type of pain you are using kratom for
  • Your general state of health
  • Whether your stomach is empty
  • The strength and purity of the kratom
  • The type of kratom taken

Once you’ve taken all those factors into account, you have to look at dealing with the pain symptoms partially or completely, plus, the time of day, what you want to achieve, whether you are working, all of those things factor into how much you dose, and when.

Low doses aren’t very good for pain, because you just get stimulation but very little pain relief. You need higher doses for the alkaloids to truly become agonists of the opioid receptors and dramatically regulate those pain messages.

For me, it’s always about trying to educate people, and giving them the brackets that I worked up through:

  • Low dose up to 3 g
  • Moderate dose up to 5 g
  • Painkilling dose between five and 10 g
  • Overwhelming/opiate high dose over 10 g

So you are looking at around 5 g or more to truly deal with pain. Some people dose this once, others will dose around 5-7 g, and then another top-up dose of 3-5 g a few hours later, depending on the level of pain.

It will also depend on the type of kratom. If you are using kratom extracts, real Maeng Da kratom for pain or ultra enhanced kratom, then those doses will have to be dropped, sometimes significantly.

One word of advice here, if you want to dose for pain and then top up through the day, it’s best to take around 5 g in the morning, and then top up with another couple of grams every few hours. This is more easily done with kratom capsules rather than loose powder, especially if you are out, and especially if you are working.

For me, it was about dealing with back pain. Sometimes it was excruciating, right between the shoulder blades and into the neck. As I worked in an office on a computer, it was a nightmare.

I found that painkillers, and even opiate painkillers were problematic. I found I was getting addicted to them without actually relieving all the pain. So I turned to kratom.

I did a couple of red variety packs, and I settled on pure Red and Green Malay. I obviously don’t use it every day, and I’ll talk about why not later. I found on a couple of days of the week, especially the end of the week, 5 g before work, and then top up with another 3-5 g after lunch helped me through the day, but also still kept my focus, energized, and even calmer than I am normally.

kratom dosage for pain

Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

Using kratom for opiate withdrawal pain relief is similar but different from general physical pain relief.

Opiate withdrawal can produce physical pain symptoms, so dosing for pain relief physically is no different from any other type of pain if you are suffering from physical ailments related to opiate withdrawal.

Also, kratom can help with the shivers, the muscle aches, stiffness, the spasms, the rigidness that you get as well. A good dose, 5-8 g is usually enough to completely wash away all of those problems.

But there’s another sort of pain associated with opiate withdrawal as well. That’s the mental pain of wanting another hit of heroin, opium, or even prescription opiate medication.

That pain can manifest itself mentally, and physically. Kratom can be used to alleviate that pain, without giving you an opiate high, however, you can use kratom to get high, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

But to relieve those sorts of pain, you need a moderate-to-high dose that can wash away those feelings and give you a few hours of relief to get yourself back together, and also to get some sleep and regenerate.

Best Kratom Strains For Dealing With Opiate With Opiate Withdrawal

The truth is that any strain of red kratom will do. Green kratom can also help, but it can be too energizing If you want to go out to work still though, then a good dose of green kratom will have significant relief while allowing you to focus better than a red strain will.

But again, any red strain of kratom will help with the physical and emotional problems of opiate use. The best kratom for opiate withdrawal is any red kratom, Borneo, Bali, Horned kratom, it doesn’t really matter.

Again, you could use Red Maeng Da kratom for the pain and opiate withdrawal. Just watch out that it’s not too energizing, which could be the case it’s blended with white kratom.

Now I haven’t suffered from the horrible problems of dealing with heroin withdrawal. I know somebody who has though, and they did use kratom to get off heroin. It really helped them, and although it can cause problems at high doses, even swapping a heroin habit for a kratom one is an incredible trade down in safety and life quality.

But I have been emotionally attached to prescription opiate medication, to try and deal with the incredible back pain I suffered from (although it’s far better now as I found an excellent physical therapist, alongside changing my job).

I found that swapping out opiate medication for kratom really works. So I would use the opiate medication some days, but when things were really bad, rather than popping more pills, I would use kratom instead that day. It allows complete pain relief, retains focus and sharpness, but meant I was not relying totally on opioids. Now, I don’t really touch them, I just used kratom is needed.

kratom for opiate withdrawal

Best Kratom For Opiate High – What Is A Kratom High Anyway?

I mentioned a moment ago some people who are trying to get off opiates like heroin, even some prescription medications, like the feeling of detachment, the anesthetization, that is tough to kick.

That’s often prefaced by an initial warm rush of incredible happiness and joy, a rush that send you flying and then drifts you down into complete happy detachment, free of all your mental and physical problems, if only for a little while.

Kratom has the ability to do that to a certain degree. A kratom high as possible, and it does recreate the rush of a true opiate high, but much more safely and without the high level of addiction.

The best kratom strain for opiate high mimicking is again any red kratom strain. You’ll need a high dose, 10 g or more, and for some people trying to get off heroin, as high as 15 g to recreate that sheer rush to oblivion.

But I’m telling you, that it’s great fun if you’re not addicted, and can be incredibly pleasurable. It’s more controllable than a lot of other sensors, and the drive down will be completely pain and carefree.

So Red Borneo, Red Malay, Red Bali, any of those kratom strains will be fantastic. For a variation, you could try green strains, which produces that sort of rush, but it’s more energizing, cleaner, and you’ll be able to focus and do more.

Red Maeng Da is also incredible as the best kratom for an opiate high as long as you get the real deal, which you can from any of the trusted kratom websites I’m going to talk about at the end of this guide to using kratom for pain.

Just make sure you try a smaller dose first, to make sure it hasn’t been cut with a load of white kratom. If it has, you may find it far too energizing and anxiety causing at a very high dose. If you can get real Red Maeng Da, basically stronger red kratom, then it can be an incredible experience.

best kratom for opiate high

Watch Out For Kratom Side Effects

One negative but important point to make here, because any article about the best kratom for pain has to highlight the negatives as well, is that kratom can have side effects.

Tolerance can be a problem. If you use high doses frequently, your body can get used to it, meaning you need an increasing dose. This is similar to most opiates. So make sure you only use the smallest dose of kratom possible, as few times per week as you can.

Plus, kratom can be addictive at high doses frequently as well. Although it’s less addictive than opiates, if you hammer large doses every day then within a few months you could, so make sure that you taper down as rapidly as possible, and if you are chasing a kratom high, make sure it’s only when you really need it.

For pain, it shouldn’t really be a problem because you are only using kratom at a moderate dose when the pain is really bad, you shouldn’t be consuming it every single day.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain Management

So now we’ve talked around the subject about which kratom is best for pain, and different types of pain you could be wanting to use kratom for, let’s tell you where to buy kratom that is rich in alkaloids.

It doesn’t matter strain you use as much is how good the kratom is. Kratom that is rich in alkaloids so you get the maximum bet of effects at the lowest dose is far more important than trying all the different strains because the differences are mostly very subtle.

I’ve used all of these places myself, and they have become my regular best places to buy kratom for pain because of the purity, rapid delivery, moneyback guarantees, and the fact that they all batch-test the kratom they get to make sure the alkaloids within it are high in quantity.

So this is in no particular order, is just the best kratom vendors that I’ve found over two years of using kratom for pain:best kratom for pain management

  1. Coastline kratom

This is probably the most well-known kratom vendor in the USA. They have a long track record of delivering amazing quality kratom, backed up by good customer service and pride in the kratom they sell. They also import directly from Southeast Asia, not indirectly through some import who passes on to them.

They don’t sell the widest variety of kratom, but the kratom they sell is probably the best kratom out there. They sell Maeng Da (which is definitely stronger than standard kratom), Bali, Borneo, and Horned kratom.

Just pick the red vein color variations of any of those and I guarantee you will get significant pain relief, and at higher doses complete relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms.

For pain, my go-to strain from these guys though is Red Borneo. It’s rich, a classic red kratom, and at higher doses, if you want to get high, then it is definitely one of the best kratom strains for an opiate high feeling.

You can also get Red Borneo in ultra enhanced from coastline kratom. This means a much lower dose and a much better experience. If you want a kratom high without taking 15 g of horrible powder, go for ultra enhanced because you can get the same effects for about a quarter of the powder.

They also sell most of the kratom in capsules and powder form. Especially if you’re a beginner, or you want to dose for pain during the day, then kratom capsules is definitely something to consider.

  1. Tropic health club

This is a kratom seller aimed specifically at the kratom for pain market. In fact, they only sell two different types of kratom, both blended. One is a green blend, one is a red blend, with the green blend targeted towards more energy retention and pain relief, and a red blend more towards sedation and pain relief.

I have tried the red kratom blend, and it’s billed as a strong Red Maeng Da, and that’s certainly the case. If you want to use kratom for pain relief, that’s definitely the one I would try first. They also offer a moneyback guarantee, its alkaloid profile tested, and in convenient capsule form.

Better than that, you can set up a monthly rebilling option. So you don’t have to keep ordering, you’ll just get the amount you need to be delivered straight to you every month, effort-free.

  1. TheEvergreentree

TheEvergreentree is another well-known kratom vendor. Based in the USA, they offer the widest range of kratom strains I’ve ever found, 21 when I counted them.

Although the kratom powder is probably not quite as good as some of the other vendors, the price is also slightly lower, so you’re not really losing anything. But what sets them apart is that every single strain of kratom they sell in loose powder, they also sell in convenient capsule form.

The capsules are also well priced, cheaper than most other companies that sell kratom capsules. In terms of red kratom, try their Red Maeng Da capsules for pain, they are great for dosing through the day because you only need a couple to take the edge of your pain.

They do Green Malay in capsule form as well. This is one of the few green strains I would recommend as the best kratom for pain, especially if you want to be more energized and focused, making it perfect for taking at work during the day.

  1. BuyKratom

I’ll finish this guide to the best kratom for pain by mentioning another great kratom vendor who delivers exceptional quality kratom that is perfect for pain relief and dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms.

They don’t sell capsules, but they do offer a comprehensive range of really rich alkaloid profile powder. I always get my Red Malay from these guys.

They are also a great place to start, if you don’t mind loose powder, because they offer the best variety packs. Although Coastline Kratom does variety packs, just nowhere near as good in terms of price or variety.

For a very good price, you can get a red variety pack. It gives you seven different red kratom strains for just $49.99. Each pouch contains half an ounce, 14 g, and nothing for one incredible dose, or a couple of full-spectrum doses. This allows you to try every variety of red kratom to see which works best for you.