Top 3 Best Kratom Capsules You Can Buy [Kratom Capsule Reviews]

When we talk about kratom capsules, we are talking about convenience, and convenience costs money, unfortunately. But that convenience can allow you to experience the significant benefits of kratom around cognitive and physical energy boost, better mood, calming anxiety and depression, and significant pain relief in the easiest form. In this kratom capsule review, I’m going to tell you what you need to know to get the best kratom at the best possible price.

In simple terms, I’m going to quickly tell you why kratom capsules might be your best choice, and if they are actually worth the extra money you will pay for them.

I’ll also talk you through the different types of capsules, how to spot the best sellers, and then finish with three detailed reviews of the best kratom capsule sellers out there, based on my own buying experiences over the past five years since I’ve been using kratom to deal with back pain.

Why Buy Kratom Capsules?

As I said, kratom capsules are brilliantly convenient for a variety of reasons. They are more expensive, but look at the benefits:

  1. Far easier to take during the day. They are discreet, dose exactly, you can even take them right in front of somebody and they won’t look at you twice.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the dose. Each capsule is 500 mg, which means you never have to weigh kratom or worry about taking too much.
  3. They last longer than loose powder. You can store the more safely and easily, and as long as they are stored away from heat, sunlight, and moisture, they will last for a long time.
  4. Kratom tastes bad. Really bitter and it makes some people gag. That’s why extravagant things like mixing it into fruit juice and milkshakes are done, to try and disguise the taste and powdery nature of kratom (which is not water-soluble). Kratom capsules get around all that, they are just brilliant to take.

Are Kratom Capsules Worth The Extra Money?

Look, any kratom capsule review that’s really trying to help you has to say that they are more expensive than loose powder. Sometimes twice the price for the volume of kratom.

As you’ve already seen, you’re getting several significant benefits when buying kratom capsules rather than loose powder. This is especially better for beginners, as they may not want to deal with the taste, weighing kratom, or for people to even know that they are using it.

Once you get experienced with the effects, sure, you might want to move over to kratom powder. The best place to buy kratom capsules is almost always one of the best places to buy loose powder, because these guys use the same powder for both.

When I started out with kratom I did buy capsules as well. I’d read so much about the bitter taste, and how the various methods could leave you gagging, or nauseous, it really put me off and I was a bit anxious. I thought I would give the capsules a try to see how they helped. This was mainly because I wanted kratom for pain relief rather than getting high or dealing with be issues like opiate withdrawal.

The capsules were brilliant for me. I got some Red Bali capsules from PurKratom. 50 capsules for just $18. Over the space of a single week I experimented with them, and they really helped me with my pain. But more than that they helped with my mood, and I found I could take them at work really easily.

How To Make Kratom Capsules

When people see the price of kratom capsules compared to loose powder, just like I did they wonder if you could make them yourself.

Let me just tell you about the problems with that right now.

For a start, you’ve got to buy high-quality kratom powder, which isn’t cheap anyway. Then you’ve got to weigh it to get 500 mg per capsule, you can’t just fill the capsule right up or you will overdose yourself.

Then you have to use a small machine, a manual machine because the automated ones cost a fortune, to push the two halves of the capsule together without spilling the contents.  Doing all this can take two minutes per capsule, which if you add that up over a month, say 30 capsules per week (15 g), that’s four hours of work. What’s your hourly rate?

How To Make Kratom Capsules

Maeng Da Kratom Capsules: Just Get Them?

Maeng Da kratom is often touted as the most potent type of kratom (apart from kratom extracts and ultra enhanced kratom). But the truth is that Maeng Da kratom isn’t a strain like Bali, Borneo, or Malay. It’s actually blended kratom.

So what the sellers do is a batch test for purity then try it, and find the latest batch of Red Bali they getting is stronger than usual. So the bag that up and sell it as Red Maeng Da instead, even though it’s just Red Bali that’s a little stronger.

Or, they will mix a normal red with a stronger than usual white, just enough to make it more potent. But this will give it far more of a kick than normal red kratom, so it will be far more energizing and uplifting, rather than relaxing.

So it’s not a case of just thinking that Maeng Da kratom is the best value, so it’s the one to buy, and that’s the same for buying Maeng Da kratom capsules.

Sure, give them a try, buy red ones alongside one of the standard red kratom strains in capsule form, and see how they compare. If it is really stronger, you’ll definitely notice it, and you’ll have a great positive experience, whether you are taking them for pain relief, physical and cognitive energy boost, or to get happy.

Spotting The Best Place To Buy Kratom Capsules

There are a myriad of kratom sellers out there, mostly based in the USA because kratom is mostly legal there. So there’s a big market, especially as more and more people are using both for pain relief and dealing with the opiate crisis there.

Especially with pain relief, kratom capsules make a lot of sense, because you don’t need such a high volume to get good pain relief and a boost of positive energy. How on earth do you find out what a good kratom Seller is, do you just look at a kratom capsule review and go for it?

Over several years of trial and error, these are the key points I now look for when choosing where to buy the best kratom capsules (or loose powder, or both):

  • Must have a track record from searching online about the company
  • The kratom they sell must be talked about positively online
  • Must offer rapid delivery and realistically priced shipping
  • Kratom must be earthy, bitter, and not like dust
  • 5 g should give you full-spectrum kratom effects for the strain you have bought
  • The company will offer a moneyback guarantee
  • Kratom will have been tested to ensure the alkaloid volume is high
  • The company will be knowledgeable about kratom generally
  • They won’t sell generic or branded third-party kratom
  • prices must be realistic, too cheap is a big red warning light

So as you can see, that’s quite a list. And by the time you knock out all the people who don’t fit that criteria list, and you only look at sellers who sell powder and capsules, then the huge list of sellers out there dramatically shrinks.

kratom capsule reviews

Kratom Capsule Reviews: Top 3 Vendors

So hopefully that’s all really helped you and you now have a better idea of where to find the best kratom capsules, and how useful they can be in relation to loose powder.

The best place to buy kratom capsules for you may not be the same place as other people, so what I’m going to do here is recommend three great sellers who all have capsules for sale I’ve personally tried, and regularly use.

These aren’t really in any order, they are just three of the most popular sellers out there who offer great value for money, product guarantees, and the kratom quality is exceptional.

  1. Tropic Health Club

This company has not been around long, and I’ve only done one order from them for their green kratom capsules, just to see how they compare. They are literally just red and green kratom capsules because they are blended. They are actually a Maeng Da, although only the red capsules are described as such. The green is close to Malay in its effects on me.

Because they are aimed at the health market, pain relief and lifting your mood, they only sell capsules, and they are generic so that they are easy to buy. You don’t have to mess around worrying about which of the 20 strains to choose, you can pick red for better pain relief and calmness, and green if you want some pain relief but far more energy and enthusiasm.

The other thing that’s great about these guys, and something I’m surprised more kratom companies don’t do, especially when targeting the health market, is rebilling. You can just make a normal order, or you can set up credit card billing so that you get new kratom capsules delivered each month.

  1. Coastline Kratom

If this article was about kratom powder, and not a kratom capsule review, then these guys would be the number one recommendation for me. They have an awesome track record of importing the purest kratom powder direct from Southeast Asia.

But when it comes to the best kratom capsules, they’ve been behind the times until recently, which was always surprising. I am pleased to report now that they sell nearly all the fantastic pure kratom powder that they import in capsule form as well.

I’ve always used their White Maeng Da because it’s so potent and a fantastic hit. You’ll get hours of energy, and cognitively the boost is incredible. Now you can get that capsule form, which means I can dose through the day when I have got a particularly heavy day at work on.

Green Malay is another awesome powder from Coastline Kratom. And they now do that in capsule form as well. If you’re on a night out, it incredible stuff. Just take a dozen capsules and you’ll have energy and enthusiasm, warmth, you’ll just want to keep going. But you’ll also feel chilled, any social anxiety you have will vanish. Plus, you can top up through the night and nobody will look at you twice doing it right there in the bar.

  1. TheEvergreentree

More than 20 different types of kratom in both powder and capsule form, about double the number of capsule kratom products compared to anyone else.

You can get the rare stuff as well, Kapuas, gold vein, yellow vein, Sumatran kratom, Super Green Maeng Da, a wonderful range to try. I’ve worked my way through all of them over the past three years, and the basics are brilliant, Red Bali is a warm, smooth, pain-relieving hit, for example. If you’re looking for something uplifting, go for the White Borneo capsules, this excellent quality as well, and just 10 will give you most of the day feeling highly energized and focused.

So why not try kratom capsules from all of these three vendors, they are all the best place to buy kratom capsules from, it doesn’t really matter because the choice is very high.

I’ve used them all, and have my own favorites, so my recommendation is to just make a small order from all of them if you are unsure where to start, but I would point you to the PurKratom capsule variety pack offer you really are struggling to make a decision on whether it’s the best place to buy kratom capsules for your first time.