Where To buy Kratom Online: Best Kratom Vendors

It is essential to buy kratom from the best kratom vendors you can find, otherwise, the quality will be poor. A lot of people don’t understand how variable kratom quality can be, but it can have an incredible impact on the experience you get from using it.

Buying kratom online is a minefield unless you understand exactly how to spot good quality kratom for sale, and understand what makes a good kratom vendor.  So you’re going to learn right now exactly where to buy kratom online, what the best kratom for sale is, and things you need to look out for.

I’ll also talk to you about where to buy kratom locally, and if it’s possible to get a good experience with locally purchased kratom in the USA, and if the same conditions apply to buy it in a store, advice which actually applies to buy kratom anywhere in the world.

To help you understand what makes a good kratom vendor, this guide will be completed by three kratom vendor reviews telling you about the top three kratom sellers in the USA right now for choice, quality, guarantees, and prices.

How Is Kratom Made And Imported?

To understand when you are getting the best quality kratom, you have to understand how it’s grown, exported, imported and sold at retail to you.

A lot of the time kratom isn’t from all the areas it says. For example, you’ll be told you get Malay, Borneo, and Indo kratom. But all three of those can be the same.

A lot of kratom is grown on the island of Borneo, right across the island. But parts of the island owned by Indonesia, and others Malaysia. So the truth is that in some instances the same kratom is sent over, where it’s then packaged up as Malay, Borneo, or Indo, even though it’s identical.

Although there are variations in this, the difference between the strains isn’t as much as you would think. What really does matter most is the quality of that kratom. What that means is that the alkaloids within it are full-spectrum and in as high concentrations as possible.

To get the best quality kratom it has to be grown well, harvested well, and then stored to create the variations in vein color It’s actually the drying process of the leaves, and whether they are stored under UV light to be dried, or natural light, or even in the dark, that more defines the alkaloid balance, and eventual vein color, then how (and where) they are picked from the tree.

Those dried leaves are then ground down into powder (for some kratom and definitely for kratom extracts they are then boiled into a resin which is ground into a powder), which is then exported. It’s then either bought through third-party importers, or for the best kratom vendors out there, it’s usually bought directly by them from trusted contacts in the regions the kratom is grown in.

Why Quality Kratom Matters

So once it’s imported, that kratom is then packaged up in the nice little air and light-resistant packages that you get in the mail.

If it hasn’t followed that path from growth to your doorstep, then you stand a strong chance of having poor quality kratom that won’t deliver a full spectrum experience at a moderate dose.

If kratom isn’t produced properly or is exposed to air, light, and heat for any length of time, it starts to deteriorate surprisingly quickly. That means that the alkaloids start to vanish, lowering its potency over time. Over a few months, in poor storage conditions, kratom becomes a virtually useless powder.

Where To Buy Kratom Locally That’s Good Quality

This problem of a virtually useless powder is exacerbated when you are looking around for where to buy kratom locally.

It’s a problem that many people of face, which is why a lot of people who have tried kratom from local stores never bother to buy it again, or they just think that kratom is something that is a bit of fun but doesn’t do what is claimed.

Local kratom is usually generic, imported en masse and just bagged up generically. Sometimes it’s even cut with other herbs powders to make it go further, weakening its potency further. It’s then bought by local retailers like smoke shops, independent stores, and some gas stations, where it’s sold at the highest markup possible.

It’s left on shelves for months on end, in the sunlight, in the heat, until it becomes almost useless. By the time you buy this rubbish it’s probably at 50% potency, and often far less because it was never rich in alkaloids, to begin with.

The advice here is do not buy kratom locally. The way to find the best kratom for sale is to buy it online from specialist retailers only.

How To Spot The Highest Quality Kratom

So now you understand the supply chain of kratom and how it deteriorates if the people involved are not scrupulous, let’s look at how exactly to spot good kratom.

Good kratom has the following traits:

  • It will be rich and earthy to look at
  • It will taste very bitter
  • A small dose (5 g or less) will have a noticeable effect
  • Around 5 g in dosage feel the full spectrum effects of that strain
  • It will be sealed well in foil, plastic containers, or lined paper
  • It will be provided to you completely fresh, airtight, and light tight

Once you’ve bought good quality kratom, the proof will be in testing it. That 5 g mark is usually the sweet spot where kratom starts to produce is full spectrum effects of the kratom is pure.

Below 5 g kratom is mostly stimulant, but around that dose pure kratom starts to diverging into the classic effects of green, white, and red kratom.

So if you have bought Red Borneo and you take 5 g and you don’t feel some pain relief, a rich, warm feeling of contentment, you don’t feel energized physically and mentally, then something is wrong.

Where To Buy Kratom Online: Signs To Watch For

So now you understand what you need to look out for to find kratom for sale that is really high-quality, let’s look at how to spot the best kratom sellers from looking at the websites, and what people are saying about them online.

A vital point is that they guarantee the quality of their kratom. A moneyback guarantee, but also the best sellers of kratom will also independently lab test each batch to make sure it has a high alkaloid profile, and they then publish (sometimes available on request) these independent lab test reports.

A good kratom vendor will have a high-quality website. It will have a proper checkout system, moneyback guarantees, it will tell you whether kratom is from, you will have a help section, these people will be contactable.

They usually offer free postage, and a great range of kratom in various formats, loose powder, capsules, and variety packs. They will have Twitter and Facebook pages, blogs, they will also be demonstrating customer service and knowledge.

But most importantly is the price. Good quality kratom isn’t cheap, and good quality kratom capsules are even more expensive.

If you go on price alone, the cheapest kratom is usually rubbish. You have to spend more to get the best. It’s that combination of the vibe you get from the website, the feedback online about the company, and the price that gives you a good indicator that they take pride in what they sell.

Top 3 Best Kratom Vendor Reviews

So now we’ve talked in detail about how to spot good quality kratom, and how to spot the top kratom vendors, let’s talk to you about the three best kratom vendors in the USA today.

These aren’t in any particular order, because they all offer high-quality kratom but with a slightly different product range. I’ve used all of these and still do regularly. These are the three main trusted kratom vendors that the majority of people have found supply pure kratom the time.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is an excellent kratom vendor, possibly the best quality kratom powder being imported into the USA right now.

They have a long track record of positive sales and feedback online, going back over many years. Just take a look online and you will see literally thousands of positive reviews about the kratom they sell with a very little negative talk at all.

They don’t sell the widest range of kratom, they sell Bali, Malay, and Horned kratom. But as you’ve already been told, Malaysia owns Borneo and so do Indonesia, so Malay is interchangeable with those other two types.

They also sell red and white Maeng Da kratom. This is a blend, not a strain, made from stronger kratom and then labeled up. But what they sell is definitely stronger than standard kratom, so they do choose the strongest alkaloid profile kratom to blend to create Maeng Da.

They also now sell nearly all of the kratom products they sell in capsule form as well, this is a new development and it wasn’t the case until very recently. The prices are quite high, about 50% more than the loose powder, but capsules offer you incredible convenience, especially if you are a newcomer to kratom or you want to dose during the day.

As you would expect, you get purity guarantees from independent lab testing, a moneyback guarantee, and you’ll get free postage in the USA.

  1. TheEvergreentree

The second best kratom vendor is TheEvergreentree. They also offer very high-quality pure kratom that’s directly imported from the regions they say it is from.

In my experience, overall the powder from them is slightly less potent than that from Coastline Kratom, but the prices are slightly lower as well, so detrimentally there’s no difference, although you may need slightly more powder to get the same effects, I’m talking half a gram here.

But what sets them apart is that they sell every single strain of kratom in loose powder and capsule form. I counted 32 types on the website, which is incredible. Also, the price of the capsules is lower than any other company selling capsules.

They sell all the main strains of kratom, and they also sell a few less popular ones, including gold maeng da kratom. I’m not convinced that this isn’t just a derivative of red kratom, but apparently it’s a slightly different drying process that produces a more yellow than red leaf vein. Trying it, it’s very much like red kratom, but it’s well worth experimenting with.

  1. BuyKratom

In the third spot, although as I’ve said not third best, are BuyKratom. These guys only sell loose powder, so you can’t get capsules from them.

But what they do sell that is head and shoulders above anyone in terms of choice is variety packs. TheEvergreentree does sell variety packs of powder and capsules, but you just get three pouches at a slightly lower price than normal. That’s the same with Coastline Kratom who offers a beginner pack of three pouches.

But BuyKratom has taken it to the next level by offering red, green, and mixed variety packs, and a kratom extract variety pack as well.

Each pack contains up to 7 small bags of different strains of kratom of that type. This allows you to do a single dose of each kratom to experience the effects of all, then you can compare and decide which ones work best for you without having to buy several large bags.

The price is great, and it’s a brilliant way to get started with kratom. If you really wanted to you could buy one of each of the variety packs for less than $200, and experience every type of kratom to find what’s best for you.

As with the other best kratom vendors, you’ll get a moneyback guarantee, everything they sell is independently lab tested, and within the USA you will get free shipping.